WWHL With Debra Messing and Kathryn Edwards

WWHL with Debra Messing and Kathryn Edwards


In the weirdest opening of WWHL yet, before Andy gets out any of his usual routine, he let’s Debra Messing ask Kathryn a question. Debra turns to her and says, “What the fuck were you thinking!” regarding Kathryn running to LVP to tell her what Erika said about her. And laughs and rocks back in his seat going “Whhooooo hooo hooo hooo! Kathryn replied, “I’ll tell ya! I’m an honest person! ..”  Debra is being a full on bitch “Oh honey…” she interrupts….”  Kathryn stops hers and Debra turns to look knowingly at Andy where they share a mean girl giggle before Kathryn continues, ” I get thrown under the bus if I don’t say something. ‘Cause we all know the truth comes to the surface.,,,Right? So for me, I met them both at the same time. I’m not shady. I’ll say it to your face.”  Andy cocks his head and says “Okay …” And then starts is usual opening routine.

Let’s ignore for a moment that I adore Debra Messing. Let’s also momentarily ignore the fact that Kathryn had pledged to a tearful Erika to be a real and true friend to her that she could call on. Offering to take over the role of her dead grandmother and have her call day or night to talk like good girlfriends do. Let’s put aside everything Kathryn just said and think about this.

First of all Debra has been on the show before, she’s there as a fan of RHOBH. She should not be in first chair.  Not just for that reason but because it is a RHOBH show night the housewife gets first chair. Finally if Andy decides to break protocol it is because it is someone’s first appearance on the show. Well, guess what. This is Kathryn’s first time on the show. It’s LIVE TELEVISION. And before she can even catch her breath, some bitch is in her seat, and Andy and the bitch laugh and gang up on her. And the bitch screams obscenities in her face without so much as a how you doing. I would have walked off of that stage. That would have been it for me and those two could have giggled about RHOBH by their mean girls selves all night. That is not how a first time guest on any show, let alone a live show, should be treated. I feel badly for Kathryn, and she handled it with tremendous strength and civility.

RHOBH Kathryn
Oh Wait. Donnie is the bartender. To add insult to injury, Andy was just a cunt satchel to Kathryn and now he is confessing he has the hots for Donnie.

It seems like everything I have to blog about today is infuriating. Debra does one of the worst impressions of LVP in history. Kathryn says she went a bit Irish at the end. Debra said it was kind of mobster, and Kathryn said, “She was channeling Big Ang.” And Now they are all just awful people.

Oh wow. Andy plays a clip of Kim and Kyle filming a scene with just the two of them next week. They were not even talking at the time. It’s a tough scene. I just want to give Kyle a hug. Now I’m sad.

Kathryn once again tries to defend  her blabbing. She says that when she said she wanted to be Erika’s friend, she didn’t know that Erika was then going to start backstabbing LVP. Then she was in a bad place because she likes LVP so she told her what she says. Kathryn likes Erika.

Kathryn and Marcus Allen got married at OJ’s house. She is no longer in contact with him. Andy asks if she believes that he did it. She says no one wants to believe someone who they were friends with is capable of such a thing. She doesn’t even want to entertain that line of thinking. She also knew the Kardashians. Kathryn was asked to testify in OJ’s murder case. She fought the subpoena and did not testify. She and Marcus did not want to “come back for it” and they didn’t want to be around it. It was a tragic situation.  She keeps in touch with Al Cowlings.(All items gleaned from Andy questioning her).

Debra Messing has lost her mind. It’s sad. She’s completely batshit. I was thinking …hoping she was just drunk. But I am now hoping it’s menopause and she’ll come out the other side in five or six years.  But I am not longer a fan until then. I don’t even recognize her.

The poll question was do you agree with Andy that Donnie is now officially the hottest house husband?  62% said yes. Proving once again that the people who vote in these polls are idiots.  He’s no Mauricio.


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34 responses to “WWHL With Debra Messing and Kathryn Edwards

  1. I hated this WWHL almost and I mean almost as much as the one with Lala and James.. probably because I love Debra Messing so much..

  2. He’s no Mauricio????? Hahahahah!! Mmmm ‘kay!

  3. Jaana

    Andy has a crush oneeveryone, he is such a man-whore.
    I don’t find Mauricio sexy at all, he looks soft and squishy to me.
    Debra Messing has that Reese Withersoon thing about her, sweet as sugar in public, cold like ice behind the scenes.

    • Mauricio’s not bad. It never even entered my mind to think of Donnie as hot for some reason. I suppose he is.

    • I didn’t actually think Erika was saying what she said about Lisa V in a malicious way. The way Kathryn translated it to me was not the way Erika intended it. That being said I really like Kathryn, and dislike Erika due to her awful behavior on the previous two episodes. Maybe I can like her again.

      • Shae

        I think Kathryn’s version made it sound much worse than it was. Erika was definitely trying to say Lisa is sly/manipulative and controlling, but I didn’t interpret it as being malicious and indicative of her feelings about Lisa as a person. I think she likes her, she just observes that she’s calculating and is wary of it.

        The way Kathryn made it sound was that Erika was calling her an outright snake in the grass, maliciously.

  4. ShyGuy

    Debra was on 10 last night lol

    • Frani

      Yaaaa she was!!! Don’t usually like Debra messing but loved her last night. Kathryn is a little too full of herself. Erika will eat her for breakfast!!!!

  5. Minky

    WTF? I used to like Debra Messing too. Why does Andy do this to people? He’s not only been unseemly to Kathryn, but he also inadvertently made Debra Messing look like a raging jerkette. He could have not done any of that.

  6. Bryn

    You should watch the after show. Debra really really dislikes Lisa V there

    • Lisanna

      Do you think Andy hates her too? Because I have wondered if he does. He is nasty to her and it seems the show pushes the other ladies to take her down. I like her so much that I wish she would leave the show to get away from those bitches. It upsets me to see her treated so poorly.

  7. There is a cool middle aged lady vlogger who has nailed LVP. Would I be naughty if I posted her name?

  8. @immelza

    Will anyone at Bravo ever figure out that we just wanted to watch fabulous women, their fabulous lives doing fabulous things? As a nice easy to watch diversion from our everyday lives?

  9. Thanks for the recap, TT. I have to agree about Mauricio. #Mauricioneedstobenakedmore
    I was feeling really sad for Kyle too and actually for Kim. Looks painful. I am glad they are talking, though.

  10. microop

    I guess I am an idiot BC Donnie is the hottest (physically) to me. Then Eileen’s husband, then Apollo (what? He’s pretty!) Then Mauricio.

  11. A Little Birdie

    I agree. Donnie is not hotter than Mauricio. He’s good looking but not hot to me

  12. Puddy

    What a mess (ing)? They all behaved so badly. Andy and Deb for mean girling Kathryn and Kathryn for betraying Erika. ugggghh.. then Andy for embarassing Kathryn’s husband, by asking for viewers to vote as to whether he isAndy’s new top oggle boy? Not very nice all around.

  13. Amy V

    To borrow the graceful Teresa s words why…because she’s such a fucking lady. Andy Cohen is a “prostitution whore”.

  14. I like Debra Messing. If I were rich and famous and indulging in adult beverages on WWHL, I’d probably act just like she did. :-)

  15. That sucks about Debra. :-( I’m her #1 fan (shades of Kathy Bates). .I still watch reruns of Will and Grace and if the movie “The Wedding Date” happens to come on while I’m taking root on the couch, I grab my bottle of Chimney Rock, Ruffles ‘Original’ Potato Chips and some good ol’ French Onion Dip. MmmmHmmm!

  16. Mauricio looks like John Turturro. There is no way I can see him as sexy. Put some glasses on him & they can be twins. As for Messing, I didn’t see WWHL so I can’t really comment. But I did see Kathryn lead Erika down the “trust me” path. First off, if K didn’t like what Erika was saying, why didn’t she stop her? Why didn’t she defend LVP? Does she know LVP well enough to defend her? Erika was giving her take on LVP. She wasn’t telling stories or gossiping. Plus, Kathryn took it upon herself to embellish what Erika said. There were no “spinning webs” or “watch your back.” If you’re going to vomit out what Erika told you in confidence, at least get it right. Kathryn never stopped Erika. On the contrary, she egged her on and even finished her sentences (I watched that segment twice). Kathryn basically slithered up to Erika and said, “Trust me.” With friends like Kathryn, who needs enemies? And the BS about “just being honest” can be smelled in Japan, depending on trade winds. Out of all of the blogs I’ve been on, this is the first one that defends K’s actions. She’s a snake. She turned on Nicole, refusing to testify. Her character is set in stone in my opinion.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL. For someone who didn’t watch the show I was recapping, you sure have a lot of opinions. Are all of these other blogs you are reading that don’t “defend Kathryn’s actions” written about her appearance on WWHL, that pesky show you didn’t watch , where she is defending herself? Because that is what this blog is about.

      Perhaps next you could join us over in these comments where I am “defending Erika’s actions” by recapping a video where Erika gives her point of view on filming.


      I’m either super flip floppy or doing something called sharing the POV of the person doing the talking in the media that I am watching. You should try that sometimes.

      As for Donny v Maurico that all depends on what turns you own. I like men who look like men, not men who effeminate and look like walking wax figures. Different strokes I guess. Lids and pots….or perhaps tops and bottoms would be a better descriptor. Because that damn pinging in my ears would really annoy me with Donny.

  17. ladyoflzur

    Mauricio is hot but in a different way than Donny. Donny is definately the hottest and MUCH better looking than Mauricio. They don’t get better looking than Donny!

  18. Spilledperfume

    Will you be recapping the WWHL episode where the guests were Lala Kent and Jerry O’Connel? Andy posted pics of himself hitting Jerry in his rock hard abs and then jumping on his back.

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