The People v OJ Simpson: Absolutely 100% Not Guilty

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This week Johnny Cochran officially joins the team and brings on Carl Douglass and Shawn Chapman. I remember Carl Douglass as someone who was very active in court for the defense. The defense begins by objection to every basic request the prosecution makes. The judges were all very prone to allowing the defense every possible consideration.  Shapiro was apparently praying for a plea deal the whole time. He was the lead attorney and it seems perhaps the only one being paid.  He is being portrayed as being intimidated by the other counsel at his table.It’s time to pick a jury.

The guy playing Cochran is unbelievably good.  We get out first look at Judge Ito and the hourglass collection.

Connie Britton is playing the hell out of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. I had no idea her book was out before the jury was even selected. Disgusting. Any fans she has made on RHOBH, and I found her as likeable as the rest of the lot there, will be disgusted all over again.

People OJ Clark

The guy playing Chris Darden totally makes me believe he is Chris Darden. Full disclosure. I kind of had a crush on Chris Darden and bought his book first. I don’t remember much of anything from the books. They are probably still in my library though. Sarah Paulson continues to simply BE Marcia Clark.

We finally meet the Goldman family. I find the guy playing Ron Goldman’s dad a bit over the top and slightly offensive to his real dad. I know his real dad was very vocal and often overwrought. But I think the family should have been portrayed with the most dignity possible.

During jury selection, the prosecution pool hated Marcia Clark. Nicole herself was seen as a gold digger. Everyone loved OJ. Marcia didn’t listen to the specialist who told her to stay away from black women.  The defense was thrilled by that mistake.

Darden officially gets third chair, Shapiro loses his lead attorney slot to Cochran. And so it begins.


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33 responses to “The People v OJ Simpson: Absolutely 100% Not Guilty

  1. Xanadude

    Those first few minutes, in the club? Yeah, I did that exact same thing to that exact same song. During my morally corrupt youth days.

  2. This was my fav episode!! the money shot for me..Marcia clarks face..”you could smile”..her facial expression …reminiscent..of AHSFreakshow!

    All those horrible feelings came back..when Faye was creating her cocaine fund! wow..

  3. DarkThoughts

    At first I actually thought that WAS Fred Goldman when the camera scanned the court room. The actor’s over the top anger was a bit much but in real life my heart broke and still breaks whenever I see him or Kim Goldman.

    There is so much here I did not know. Faye, really??? I didn’t understand the part of Ito’s wife signing that paper. It was obvious from the scene she knew people on the list.

  4. Erica

    I am not watching the show… not sure I can. Might marathon watch it AFTER the Oscars this weekend.

    However, as an FYI, Johnnie Cochran is played by Courtney B. Vance and he is an EXCELLENT actor. I know he was in the original Law and Order, but I remember him from Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and he acted the shit out of his role as the A.D.A. against Vincent D’Onofrio’s cop character (and Vincent has some serious fucking chops too).

    Also, CBV is married to the amazing Angela Bassett – they met at Yale’s graduate program in acting!!!

  5. Watching it now. Anyone else spot Patrick Laborteaux as Mike Walker, the tabloid “journalist” writing Faye’s book? Giggling (well, cackling really) over that!

  6. I am loving this series. I thought at first Connie Britton was all wrong as Faye Resnick but she is perfection. I get more annoyed with Cuba each week. He looked like a dwarf in the nightclub.

  7. Bryn

    Tamara, I have a question. What was up in that scene where judge Ito had that police officer had to sign that form with Mark Furman’s name on it. And she paused? I feel like I was missing something. What was that all about?

    • Bryn- thank you for asking..I was trying to read what it was..and the significance of Mark Furhman’s name on the list..

      • khintx

        The judge (Ito) has to sign a statement that he has no personal knowledge of the defense witnesses and thus no reason he couldn’t be fair and impartial. If he did know any of them or had any dealings with them he may have to recuse himself from hearing the case. His wife works for the LAPD and also has to sign it. Clearly she was not truthful. She had most certainly heard of Mark Furhman. He was a loudmouth who even tried to sue the LAPD. So wifey fibbed. She didn’t want to risk hubby not being able to sit on the trial of the century.

      • Erica

        Hearing of is much different than knowing. If hearing of someone was grounds for recusing yourself from a case, no judge would have been able to hear the trial because who hadn’t heard of OJ?

      • wow..thank khintx….that explains alot..gee..the most I did see was mark furhmans name..thank you!

      • I also hypothesize – wouldn’t that mean that the judge..who is her husband..would connect the dot that mark furhman is with the LAPD…so clearly he did not read his form

      • tamaratattles

        He asked her about the people on the list. She lied. At least on the TV version. This is not a documentary. There are many invented scenes because no one knows what went on behind closed doors with any of these people.

      • Lapd is thousands of cops there is the possibility that Ito’s wife didn’t know who Furhman was. I had a couple friends that were cops during that time for 20 Yrs and they hadn’t heard of him.

    • tamaratattles

      I am not sure if they really have to sign a paper or if that was manufactured to make the point, but Judge Ito’s “significant other” worked on the police for with Mark Fuhrman which could be considered cause to recuse oneself from the case due to a bias or connection to the case.

  8. KTina

    Faye must be cringing at her portrayal but I’m absolutely LOVING it! She was Nicole’s best friend? What a creep.

  9. Would You Like Some Tea???

    If anyone has a chance, look up F. Lee Bailey (played by Nathan Lane on this show), cross-examining Mark Fuhrman. It’s on YouTube. Bailey and Cochran ran circles around the prosecution. Clark didn’t see it coming.

    I’m also glad they showed OJ snorting cocaine. Race was a major factor in the “not guilty” verdict but so was rampant drug abuse and debt. The restaurant where Goldman worked was believed to be a money laundering operation for drugs. Goldman’s former coworker Michael Nigg quit his waiter job to work for another restaurant connected to drugs one month before the murders. Nigg drove a new Mercedes and lived in a high end condo off his waiter salary. He too was murdered during the trial. In fact, three connected waiters were murdered and another two went missing during this ’94-95 period. I’m not saying OJ is innocent, but there was a lot of shady drug dealings going on between all of the parties. Nicole’s sister Denise also dated mob syndicate Anthony “The Animal” Fiato. He flipped and became an informant. He had lots of victims and enemies and even testified at the trial.

    Regarding Robert Kardashian being unemployed at the time of the murders, that was by choice. When he separated from Kris K. and she moved Bruce into the family home (while still married), he quit working and cut her off financially. This is all in their divorce documents. She said that he quit working and turned down job offers in order to decrease any alimony and child support orders.

  10. Cat

    I feel sorry for the Goldman family. They had absolutely no say in this program.

  11. Again, I love Cuba in anything but this. He doesn’t show the scary size of OJ or his handsome charm. I thought I was paying close attention in ’94’ but I missed so much. Poor Marcia, a prosecutor is supposed to be a bitch. This thing turned everything on it’s head. Everyone had an agenda, as poor Ron and Nicole biodegrade. I hate them everyone who got him off. Every person who helped that butcher walk. I hope Ron and Nicole are in every dream they have for the rest of their lives.

  12. Xanadude

    The use of the Batman Villainntilty camera angles during the Faye Resnick scenes was inspired.

  13. Ooo, ooo, I just saw a commercial with the Rock. He should have played OJ. Perfect appearance. I don’t know if he can act but he is the perfect look.

  14. I’m really enjoying this. Yes, Cuba is miscast. Yes, Travolta is a campy queen. Yes, the Kardashian kids are totally unnecessary. But this is so entertaining to me. I remember the Bronco ride & the case but I didn’t follow it closely at the time. It’s so interesting to see what was going on in the background (even if a lot of it is made up).

  15. marc

    I read the book & remember that Judge Ito’s wife had quite a contentious time witg him as she was Mark Furmans superior & he specifically mentions her in the tapes that played in court while he was working with a screenwriter who was recording him for research purposes…

  16. One way OJ could make some tiny amends would be to donate his brain to the “football player head trauma” question. A tiny shred of atonement.

  17. JoJoFLL

    I am absolutely LOVING this.

    Faye Resnik is amazing!!!

  18. Xanadude

    Two other notes:
    Does anyone just wince every time Schwimmer says “Juice?” it just sounds weird. I realize its OJs nickname, but its still so odd sounding. It may be the new drinking word for the series.
    Cuba Gooding Jr. has now played OJ and Dr. Ben Carson. I’m just going to let that one sit there.

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