Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: “Your lack of compassion is not a good look! ”

RHOBH Soul Cycle  Lisa Vanderpump

by Guest Contributor Ben C.

It’s been a long few weeks, and I’m feeling higher than Kim Richards when she shoplifted from Target. On the bright side, RHOBH has been shaping up the past few weeks, and looks to only get better. Shoutout to T.T for keeping the radiator warm! Let her know in the comments below if you want the recaps to keep coming – I’m thinking I may need to see one of Yolanda’s fancy doctors for some fancy special vitamin IV drips to keep me going. Read on and let me know what you think…

The episode starts with all of the ladies (minus Yolanda, Eileen & Lisa Rinna) attending a SoulCycle charity spin class hosted by Kyle and Mauricio. SoulCycle is the new, hip workout for rich white people. The place is a cult, and I know this for a fact. I wanted to be a part of it so bad, I’ve applied to be a janitor there. Twice. True story. Lisa Vanderpump really doesn’t want to have any part of the workout – she asks how much money she needs to donate to skip the class all together and go home. The instructor asks Lisa to try and stay for at least 45 minutes. Lisa comments she can’t straddle anything for 45 minutes, not since 1984. Erika and Kathryn seem to handle the class like pros. I can’t stop rewinding and watching the instructor. He is living, as Erika says. “A combination of Richard Simmons, Zoolander, crossed with West Hollywood fabulousness.” Three snaps in a Z formation.

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After the spin class (which Lisa Vanderpump couldn’t finish), the ladies head to a mexican place for lunch. Nothing says post-workout meal like Mexican. They’re at a place called Frida, which I am seriously side-eyeing right now, mostly because I was just there for Margarita Monday this week. (Headspin I thought you were sick and had not gotten out of bed in four years, Ben…) Eileen and Yolanda join the rest of the ladies at the restaurant. There isn’t even time for Eileen to order her favorite dry white wine, before talk jumps right into everyone’s favorite topic of the season – Yolanda vs. Lisa Rinna. Y’all love to come after Yolanda and her lemons, but sometimes I really don’t see why. Kyle and Vanderpump straight-up start whispering in the corner like schoolgirls about Yolanda/Lisa Rinna, and are quickly called out by the table. Erika has no time for the bullshit, and announces to the group the Kyle and Lisa are whispering about the topic of Yolanda calling Lisa Rinna bipolar. Twirl on, Erika.

RHOBH  LVP, Kyle Yolanda
Yolanda defends herself, stating that she never said Lisa Rinna was bipolar. She was comparing situations – noting if you judge Lisa Rinna based on her previous ridiculous behavior (throwing wine glasses, sending threatening text messages, constantly feeling the need to label people, talking about her bush, etc.) one could say she has bipolar tendencies. Yolanda tries to shut it down by telling Kyle it’s all been worked out, and doesn’t need to be brought up again. Kyle attempts to defend herself by telling Yolanda she didn’t bring anything up, she was having a conversation about it “privately.” Privately meaning, at a table with 6 other people and a camera crew. In a talking head, Yolanda says the first thing she taught her children was to not whisper “privately” to someone else in a group of women. This totally seems a bit odd when you think about it, but I get what she’s trying to say. Yolanda tells Kyle “she holds a lot in the vault” and Kyle takes this as a threat. Unlock the vault, Yo!! Unlock the damn vault!! Kyle seems to miss the point that she is the common denominator/instigator in all of the situations involving Yolanda. Yolanda decides it’s time to move on from Kyle, and throws a jab at Vanderpump for talking about her kids. Lisa doesn’t take kindly to this and stands up for herself. All three of these women (Kyle, Lisa & Yolanda) are in the wrong, and it’s infuriating watching them circle around in a never-ending loop. Vanderpump finally has enough of the mess and walks out of the lunch. Smart woman.

RHOBH Yolanda
Across town, Lisa Rinna is co-hosting on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show. Lisa and Jenny have known each other for years, as they are both women who have been around for a really long time but no one really knows how or why. It doesn’t take long at all before talk shifts to sex (and dildos) and we find out Lisa Rinna once tried a strap-on in the bedroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s wearing it under her clothes at that very interview. Side note: I don’t think I’ve ever yearned to see a celebrity sex tape more.

RHOBH Kathryn Erika
The next day, Kathryn and Erika have lunch in Erika’s beautiful backyard, and attempt to get to know each other better. These are the first ‘new girls’ in a while Bravo actually got right. Erika admits she has a hard time having girlfriends. She blames it on a group of mean girls in middle school. She’s attributes her recent issues with women to the death of her grandmother. Erika gets upset at the topic. They were extremely close. (Spoiler alert: later in the episode, Erika’s new BFF Kathryn will tell the ladies she shed “about six tears.”) Erika’s grandmother was the one person in her life she could pick up the phone and call at any time, for anything. Kathryn tells Erika she wants to be her first official lady-friend, and that her phone line is open at all times. Conversation shifts to thoughts and first impressions of Lisa Vanderpump. Erika calls Lisa a “sniper from the side” and picks up on the fact Vanderpump basically loves to ‘play chess’ and manipulate people, all from the side.

RHOBH Kathryn
We cut to a back-and-forth scene between Lisa/Ken and Kyle/Lisa Rinna, discussing a “scolding e-mail” (as Kyle called it) that Yolanda sent to Kyle, and cc’d the rest of the ladies on. Yolanda was in her feelings one night, and decided to send out a group e-mail to everyone. It’s basically just another matronly Yolanda speech, about deserving respect, and feeling disappointed, yadda yadda – but the best line of the whole e-mail comes at the end, “Your lack of compassion is not a good look.” #slay. I’m still a Yolanda supporter (save your comments, I don’t reply to them anyway – kisses!) but with that being said, this e-mail wasn’t the best ‘look’ either. Kyle fills Lisa Rinna on the lunch with Yolanda, and Lisa makes a lot of those wide-eyed ‘I just pooped in my Depends’ look she does so well.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump inflatable swan
Closing out the episode, Lisa hosts a dinner for the ladies at her house. Eileen arrives in a long dress, straight off the rack from TJ Maxx. Almost everyone is in attendance at the dinner, minus  Erika, Yolanda and Lisa Rinna. Before lunch, Vanderpump shows off her brand new built-in wine bar built in her backyard – clearly envious of/pulling from Bethenny’s amazing home bar she saw in the Hamptons. Lisa calls for Ken to “bring ’round the ponies” – and Eileen jokes about Lisa owning a llama, not realizing Lisa actually owns a llama. Once the ladies sit for lunch, Erika’s self-appointed first “real female friend,” Kathryn, immediately fills the other women in/throws Erika under the bus on her lunch with Erika. She wastes no time (again, before Eileen can even sip her dry white wine) telling the group Erika says Lisa Vanderpump can’t be trusted. I think Kathryn’s exact words were, ‘don’t get caught in her web’. Shoutout to Yolanda when I say, it’s not a good look. I doubt Erika Jayne will be keen on making any more new female friends after this.

RHOBH Kyle eyes
Eileen chimes in and finds the connection between the problems both she and Erika have with Vanderpump. She brings up the Hamptons trip and Affairgate…again. Eileen adds that Lisa Vanderpump tends to “gloss over things, and move on.” This, of course, upsets Lisa Vanderpump. She becomes more concerned about the ponies running loose in the yard, than the conversation happening at the table in front of her. Also known as, glossing over things and moving on. Lisa points her finger in Eileen’s face (“Are we good? Because we have to be real fucking good to move on..”) and gives Eileen a forced apology. It’s more of a ‘please stop talking about this and move on’ apology versus an actual sincere one. Eileen gives us the “What are you doing here without Dorinda” moment of the season – “Thank God for the ponies!” She’s pissed, it reeks of sarcasm and bitterness – and with that, she knows this is one battle she won’t be winning.



KIM & Kyle have a heart-to-heart + Lisa Rinna & Kim have words

BRANDI IS BACK (#JusticeForBrandi) …in bed with Yolanda

PLUS: pretty much all the women get in serious catfights (Kyle Vs. Vanderpump, anyone??)

Um, I cannot wait for the rest of this season. It’s like we are being rewarded for the snoozer this season has been so far. My body is so ready. Get ready for recaps 2.0!

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157 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: “Your lack of compassion is not a good look! ”

  1. Forbes List

    Lisa should really stop feeding these women in her house. They clearly dont appreciate the hard work she puts into it. Next time just drive them all to the McDonalds- cheaper and less chance for drama. Eilen and Yolanda sure know how to beat a dead horse for a sorry. A sorry is never good enough for them. They will accept no less than the soul of LVPs’ first born grandson as an act of contrition. So tiresome. Lisa must have be a saint, I wouldve errupted on them moons ago!
    Notice they are not dogging Brandi for an excuse after all the malicious things she purposefully did to them.

      • Forbes List

        Thanks. I wish Pumps would invite me to these lunches and dinner instead. i would love to sit in her sunny garden eating me free food and drinking some free alcohol while watching miniature horses frolic to and fro and maybe Lisa is polishing her diamonds or whatever it is that fancy rich people do.

        Also, ive noticed that these ladies may all have money, but Lisa is wealthy. The others are just rich. It sounds like one and the same, but there is a world of difference between wealth and rich. That could be some of the underlying animosity towards Lisa. Lisa is wealthy, adrienne is wealthy, camille is wealthy. When Yolanda was married to to Mohammed, she was wealthy. Kyle is rich, rinna is rich, eileen is rich, yolanda now is just rich. wealth whispers ( let me fly my private plane to go scope out ponies…just because). Rich screams (oooh let me see how many chanel crap i can blow my husbands money on so I can rub it in the peasants face)

      • tamaratattles

        You don’t hear LVP screaming? Really?

      • @ForbesList:

        Uhm, there is nothing “whispering” about taking a private jet to scope out ponies. On TV. That’s more like a scream.

        I get that you are trying to articulate the difference between showy new-money ostentatiousness and genteel old-money austerity, but there’s nothing “whispering” about LVP.

        That’s fine. That’s why many of us watch these shows. But LVP has to be the showiest, most ostentatious Housewife of any city. Any woman who has a different Rolls-Royce for each day of the week, orders satin blouses by the dozen, hoards exotic animals, and has a significant portion of her home set up to display a likely pathological need to aquire clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry isn’t whispering about her wealth.

    • Anne

      Yes, forget looking up “Munchausen” and try looking up “sorry” Yolanda and Eileen are ridiculous. I think LVP should have given Eileen a pound of flesh…

    • Dee

      There you go Forbes, beating a dead horse seems to be what they are all doing.

      • Forbes List

        The ironic thing is Eileen’s (allegedly) and Yolanda’s marriages are deader than this damn “sorry” horse they keep trying to beat out of Lisa.

    • iloveearlgrey

      I don’t think Eileen was looking for another apology. She as looking for AN apology. Lisa was dismissive of her each and every time they discussed it. Look how she handled that situation. She wasn’t even looking or listening to Eileen, she was busy mumbling about her ponies. That was Eileen’s entire point, that LVP doesn’t acknowledge a person’s feelings. I’ve seen LVP do it every season to someone. She’s done it to Joyce, Kyle, Kim, and now Eileen from what I can remember. Eileen was very nice about it and she wasn’t attacking Lisa. She just wanted to get her point across and be heard. I think she’s starting to learn that you won’t get that from Lisa. I like Lisa overall, but one of her major flaws is her inability to reflect on her actions and words and how they could have affected someone.

      • For chrissakes, Kathryn & Erica’s talk had nothing to do with Yolanda. Yo wasn’t there. Kathryn thinks that LVP can do more for her than anyone. She doesn’t realize LVP doesn’t give a fock about anyone except herself & her butler-husband. Kathryn gets Erika to open up only to stab Erika in the back, gossiping & embellishing shite that Erika never said. Erika didn’t mention any “spinning webs”.. Kathryn made that up. Come to find out she was a sh**t friend to Nicole also. She refused to testify for the defense. This Kathryn is a real piece of work! I think (hope) that Erika’s husband throws her out of the house next week.

      • tamaratattles

        Again, iloveearlgrey, Thank God someone sees this. It’s like I’m in the Twilight zone.

      • What exactly did Lv do to Eileen? She was asking abt her life. Eileen is the one who put her and her now husbands affair out on public last yr when she was having dinner w bg, Lr and Lyme head. Thats just human nature to want to learn more abt the affair ( esp women). I wild be all over that lol. If it was such a secret Eileen shld have kept her mouth shut. These women are way to way to sensitive. I liked Eileen last season but since she’s gotten more comfortable w the cameras she’s gotten more bitchy. Have u not noticed how she’s such an ass kisser this season. She’s way to team Erika and its so over the top w it she looks stupid. Good lord i must have been holding that in. Lol

      • Sackem

        …. Um…. I think there is a cultural difference at play here too.

        A Kid Who is Part of the Empire [Not talking Star Wars. Talking The British].

    • tamaratattles

      Has the zombie apocalypse begun at your house? Save your brains, Forbes!

  2. susan

    Great recap thanks. And break a leg my friend

  3. Thanks, for the recap, BenC. I was #teamPinky from the moment she went to the soul cycle event in pink heals, so we will have to agree to disagree on most of what went on. Kathryn was brazen, but I think Erika deserved it. Erika is clearly on a mission to take apart LVP for Yolanda. Again, I have to say, why is Yolanda even there. She hates all these women except Erika and they don’t like her. The argument between Eileen and Lisa was depressing. I kept thinking their inability to understand each other was a cultural thing. Lisa is too British to get what Eileen is trying to say, and Eileen keeps trying to change her. They will have to agree to disagree too, I guess. :)

    • Johnny

      “Too British” lol. As a Brit, I’d say that LVP understands Eileen’s point perfectly and simply isn’t going to let her get the upper hand. She won’t give Eileen an apology that appears sincere or isn’t coupled with a qualifying statement for one simple reason – she doesn’t want to.

      Is Eileen desperate for an apology? No. Is LVP really struggling to understand why she should apologize? No. This is a power struggle – Eileen wanted to bring the queen down a notch or two to secure her position, and LVP refuses to cede any ground to her. The affair conversation or general discussion is completely irrelevant to what’s really going on, and LVP spotted it for what it was instantly – Eileen needs to get much smarter if she wants to make a power play at LVP’s expense.

      • I didn’t see it that way at all, Johnny, but maybe I am naive.

      • Sylvia

        Totally agree. Eileen is way out of her league with LVP and her acting like a petulant school girl makes her look even worse. And, no class at all to bring the topic up when she is invited to a lovely sit down gathering with the girls in LVP’s gorgeous yard. I don’t care if production told her to do it then, it was almost pathetic to watch. She reminded me of a bantam hen trying to stand on tippy-toes to the mother hen and tell her off – not gonna happen and now she has the wrath of LVP to deal with.

      • Minky

        I can see what Johnny is saying. But I don’t necessarily think Eileen is going for a power play. I think she’s just trying to keep her name in the mix. That being said, Eileen is too laid back to be able to do a power play well. Being uppity won’t work here.

      • Ruralruth

        Hear hear Johnny. As a fellow Brit I can say you read that accurately.

      • Shae

        Exactly, agreed completely. I think what is bothering Eileen is that Lisa knows damn well why she was upset with the conversation and that she was just seeking to sort it out so they could resolve it and move on. Lisa’s “apology” then and now made sure to convey that she doesn’t think WHAT she said or asked was inappropriate at all and that Eileen is being petty and overemotional by even broaching the issue. If you apologize, you first concede you were wrong then express remorse. Lisa debated and dithered on what Eileen was even upset about, then apologized for “asking too many questions”, and “trying to get to know her” which isn’t even the issue- it was what she asked and what she persisted in saying, in the setting in which it occurred.

        Then when Eileen tries to clarify that, she claims to be the victim and “oh, I can’t seem to say anything right”. No, you just refuse to say the one thing that makes sense, “I’m sorry I pressed you about those personal issues/topics at the dinner table when you were clearly uncomfortable. I didn’t realize”. She def realized, and she def understood Eileen the umpteen times she clarified herself. Lisa is WAY too smart not to understand what she did and what Eileen was saying. She completely manipulated it to look like Eileen was in the wrong and she was just hapless and innocent. I say this being a huge fan of LVP, but you gotta call a spade a spade. She knows exactly what she’s doing and Eileen knows it….which is why it’s still rubbing her the wrong way. She doesn’t appreciate the manipulation, it’s not about the “apology” anymore.

      • tamaratattles

        OMG! THANK YOU, Shae. I was beginning to think that everyone in here had drunk the Sangria. Not only should Lisa have simply apologized for being a cunt in the Hamptons AT THE TIME, her heartless comments about Eileen being “overly emotional” when she was fully aware her FIL who was beloved by MANY in this country had recently passed away. And she had other family members that were very ill, and she was grieving the death of her sister. Eileen instead of getting any slack from LVP was peppered with questions about her marriages including the one to her husband whose father had just passed away. Lisa has never given a sincere apology on ANY season of this show. She doesn’t believe in apologies.

      • MissMissy

        Eileen isn’t into power plays and manipulation like LVP. She wants to feel understood and goes to great lenghts not only to explain her feelings but also to try to explain on behalf of others. She doesn’r get that this is just futile with a most of these women.

        People don’t like feeling manipulated. Lisa is a master manipulator and seems only to enjoy being recognized as such when it’s by someone like Tom Girardi (alligator comment) who she thinks means it as a compliment. If it’s anyone else calling her out (Kyle/Faye – chess game, Brandi – using people, Erica – attack from the side), she is offended, exasperated, incredulous. She only wants yes men like Ken around her. Eileen won’t be like Kyle and move on knowing she’s having her strings pulled.

      • Vix

        Spot on Johnny!

    • pocketbooklover

      Eileen had the chance to shut that conversation down in the Hamptons and didn’t. She’s a grown woman and all she had to do was change the conversation, say ‘I don’t want to talk about this here’, any number of things but she didn’t. When she explained to LVP how she felt, LVP apologized. Then Eileen brought it up again, LVP apologized again at dinner the next day. Now we see the third time she’s brought it up. I really liked Eileen last season, this one not so much. All I’ve seen her do is carry tales from one person to the next and try to provoke LVP over something she could have easily stopped.

      • Shae

        While I do agree Eileen could’ve put the kibosh on the convo in the moment, I do understand that sometimes people get awkward in situations like that, when they feel uncomfortable. Myself included. I often wish I’d handled things differently in the moment when people upset me, so I get why Eileen might’ve been caught off guard and thought Lisa would just catch on and stop asking as she was clearly uncomfortable.

        But you have to admit, not a single one of the “apologies” lisa made addressed the real issue. Every one insinuated Eileen was being nuts. Sorry for asking you too many questions (with a giggle mind you), sorry for trying to get to know you, sorry for asking you about your life, etc.

        None of that even acknowledges she was out of line for asking about Eileen’s “affair” at a dinner table where the convo wasn’t exactly appropriate. It’s like when someone says something really offensive to you and their apology is “well i’m very sorry you feel I was nasty to you”….actually, you were, so how about being sorry for being nasty, not for me perceiving it that way? lol

        It’s how people make apologies, but turn it around on the other person at the same time while failing to actually address the issue at hand. Super shady.

      • Eileen is in desperate need of a story line. It makes me crazy, because there is the great one right in front of her: her work. I want to see how this beautiful woman does what she does.

      • tamaratattles

        Have you missed those scenes? Please, let me recap them. Eileen brings the ladies on the set and Eileen demands to read Eileen’s part out loud. Muchlike she did when Eileen had the party to read once of Vince’s scripts at her house last season. LVP who is so very desperate to act does this EVERY TIME. It’s happened TWICE this season alone. I’m not sure LVP will ever be invited back to the Y & R set.

    • CoBe


      I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      There is no misunderstanding.

      There is merely Eileen intent on nagging an apology out of LVP and LVP refusing to give one she doesn’t mean.

      It is very clear that LVP believes that there is nothing she can do to have this group of women treat her with respect and dignity.

      I agree with her.

      There is just not much redeeming about any of them anymore.

      Erika is still a beautiful prancing pony in my eyes, but the attacks on LVP are unforgivable. Funny she says LVP “comes from the side”, but it is Erika attempting a takedown from behind. Had Erika been upfront about her misgivings with LVP TO LVP, I’d have at least respected her. Instead, she sneaks around repeating BS from her best buddy Yolanda.

      Rinna does Rinna really well. My only issues with her are that she apologizes WAAAYYY too much and goes off the deep end every so often.

      But I think these are due to her passion and impulsivity, not born of any malicious intent.

      The rest are just a bunch of assholes and I don’t think I need to explain why to anyone who has watched the show.

  4. swizzle

    Why on earth can’t LVP just offer a sincere apology to Eileen? It’s bizarre. Time for Eileen to drop the subject because she’ll never get what she wants from Lisa.

    • Sabrina

      So many of the above comments are correct about Eileen and LVP’s discussion, – but even more basically, I don’t think LVP owes Eileen an apology. The original questions appeared to me to be driven by a desire to get to know Eileen better, and while I would not have asked about the time when Eileen and her husband got together, it is all out in public and well enough known. It appeared to me that Eileen is embarrassed about it, felt LVP, in asking, implied criticism, and took it that way. I don’t think she intended that. She certainly did fumble her answers to Eileen last night and would have preferred a more straightforward reply but think many of the strategy points mentioned above also apply at this point.

      • Shae

        I don’t think the questions were intended to offend either, but regardless of intent, if you upset a friend and they come to you telling you they were upset by it, I would think you would be truly sorry for the error. Intent or not.

        I don’t think Lisa meant to offend Eileen at all, but it’s very telling that she won’t give an inch on acknowledging that Eileen has a point and her feelings are valid- whether Lisa shares them or not.

  5. Kevin

    “Kyle seems to miss the point that she is the common denominator/instigator in all of the situations involving Yolanda.” Thank God and Hallelujah to that!!! I am giving you total praise right now Ben, because you literally took the thoughts right out of my head!!

  6. I am not crazy about LVP, and I know that this show is semi scripted, but I just found Eileen’s behavior at the dinner to be rude. She was a guest, and she started the argument by making some sketchy connection between Erika and her own issues with LVP. I found Eileen to be disgusting, and much attention seeking and although LVP could have handled it differently, I think she was right to stand up for herself. Eileen looked like a fool. Its very hard to out manipulate LVP and Eileen should have known better than to start with her. This whole issue is over LVP asking too many questions? Really? How stupid is that? Rather than cause major drama, couldn’t Eileen have told LVP she did not want to answer all of her questions? I don’t live in BH and my friends do not all have too much smoky eye makeup and plastic surgery, but if I go to someone’s home for dinner, the last thing I am going to do is start a fight with the host or hostess. It’s just RUDE. Eileen acted like trailer trash, imo. And Kathryn is pretty disgusting too. I happen to like Erika so far, and I think she is a pretty sharp cookie. LVP is a side sniper. Look the woman is one of the most manipulative housewives in all of the franchises, and she does it extremely well. She makes snide remarks and manipulates situations and no one knows how to respond to her. Erika will be the one to take her on and win. Its not wrong to point that out what everyone else knows.

    • Erika (with Yolanda pulling the strings) may be the one to take on LVP this season, but she won’t win. None of them will depose Pinky until she (or Andy) decide she’s done with the show. The attempted take down of LVP has been a primary story line for several seasons.

      • Minky

        If I were Pinky I would do something about Kyle. And I mean DO SOMETHING. Every time Pinky is in a pickle it seems to somehow have been caused by Kyle, at least indirectly.

    • Shae

      I think Eileen was rude to persist that way, but as it turns out, her “sketchy” connection was right because that’s exactly the incident Erika referred to when describing her feelings about LVP to Kathryn.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Actually, during the show Erika herself said she thought LVP was manipulative because of how she handled the situation with Eileen. Maybe Eileen and Erika have discussed it and that’s why Eileen made that connection. Either way, she was 100% right because Erika listed that as reason #1 and Lisa’s response about Yolanda’s kids as reason #2 why she thought LVP is a “sniper from the side.”

  7. LisaPat

    Thank Ben !! I don’t condone or appreciate anything regarding Yo’s “journey” but I think she has every right to call Rinna “bi-polar” since she was accused of Munchausen. I am pretty sure that Rinna IS bi-polar, addicted to mood-altering Adderall and that Yo has Menopause-fueled Munchausen. LVP is working my nerves this season, but for Eileen to bring up the line of questioning AGAIN forced me to side with LVP. GET OVER IT EILEEN, as the late, great Big Ang would say.

    • Minky

      I would have loved to see Angela deal with this group of phonies. In addition to being sweet and sincere, Angela was very, very smart. I think she would have made mincemeat out of all the most offensive situations in BH with a big smile, a hearty laugh and without being hated by anyone.

  8. All of these women, without exception, are coming across as raging bitches this year. Menopause anyone?
    I don’t particularly care for the producer driven story lines, but they are entertaining, and continue to reinforce that these women will do anything for fame.

  9. Cat

    Sounds like a “normal” episode, for a change. I’m glad.

    And I have to say, the best part of your recap was your “shameless plug” of your play, at the end. I wish I could see it! Which character do you play?

    (We SO need a “Daily Tea” post, so you can talk about this. Maybe I can get my L.A. friend to go?)

  10. Jaded

    Exactly how I see it. You read my mind!

  11. Dee

    BenC, so glad to “read” you again. Welcome back! Where you been? We missed you. Great recap! So much going on, my head is spinning. Why did Eilene bring up old news again? Didn’t Lisa V apologize? Are they running out of story lines? Crazy!
    Kathryn really screwed up, ErikaG/ErikaJ is not going to be happy.

  12. CoBe

    The very best thing about Erika is how she made it okay to use the word “cunt” again.

    Because there is no better word to describe Yolanda.

    God, that woman knows how to suck the fun out of life.

    Eileen is not getting the heartfelt apology she wants from LVP, because LVP doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. I don’t get all of the people saying that she should hand out an apology that she doesn’t feel. LVP DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG, DOESN’T FEEL LIKE SHE DID ANYTHING WRONG, AND IS NOT GOING TO GIVE OUT A FAKE “HEARTFELT” APOLOGY for something she doesn’t feel culpable for.

    If you want a fake apology, go to Kyle. That’s her specialty.

    Kathryn is just disgusting and as much as I disagree with Erika having brought up malicious gossip, I loathe Kathryn even more for not sticking up for someone she pretends is a friend and then throwing Erika under the bus.

    Kathryn would have had the moral high ground had she simply said “I haven’t noticed that about LVP” even if she had then brought the info back to LVP and the group. Instead, she encouraged Erika to go on with all of these negative things, pretended to agree, and then stabbed Erika in the back.

    She’s gross.

    Rinna is still herself — sometimes irritating, sometimes funny, but always Rinna. I like that.

    • Minky

      I just can’t believe that email thing. Pressed much, Yolanda?

      I think maybe Eileen is overreacting. She’s not so much angry that Lisa brought it up, but maybe because it’s true, and/or because she’s in a difficult place with Vince. She might be under the delusion that if she forces Pinky to take it back then that’ll fix it. It won’t.

      • CoBe


        Methinks Eileen has been rolling around in the shit with her new bestie, Erika.

        I think she is going to get a harsh wake up call.

    • Lawstangel

      @ CoBe- you have seriously drunk the LVP Kool Aid….. I do not dislike her but she is, without a doubt, just as devious as the rest of them in her own way. As far as the Yolanda issue, I do not think anyone (LVP or Kyle) did anything wrong. Yo is overreacting, because she is not in control of the narrative. She has no storyline so she has created one based on her attempt to try and take down David in the divorce. I was happy to see Kyle challenge Yo, she is no paragon of virtue.

  13. Pip

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, therefore I haven’t read your recap, Ben. However, I did read the first paragraph or so, and yes, PLEASE, continue to recap this. I always need a place to vent about these hens. Plus the recaps help me to remember details in the episodes that I have forgotten about.
    I will be back after I get a chance to watch!

  14. Spilledperfume

    I’m not a Kathryn fan and the way she threw Erika under the bus at LVP’s house is one of the reasons why.

    I’m looking forward to next week, I want to see who Tom Girardi throws out of his house.

  15. CoBe

    By the way, I’m shocked that nobody bothered to do a damn thing for LVP for her fucking birthday. I mean, how hard is it to pick up a card at the gas station?

    Had LVP dared not to prance around and do cartwheels for any of them, they’d be bitching about it for the next three years.

    • Shellbelle

      Yo brought LVP flowers and LVP brushed it off with a comment about not celebrating her birthday or something like that. Then she bitched about not getting a card. She needs to make up her mind– if I tell my girlfriends I don’t want to celebrate my birthday, then I’m not expecting anything from them.

    • I felt the same way CoBe. LVP brought that up in one of her solo screen times. I wish she had said what she said there to Eileen.

  16. Harrison

    erika is the snake shes trying to take LVP down because she wants to be the star, it started when she noticed the discord between LVP and eileen in the Hamptons since that point she got very chummy with elieen she then tried to make out to yolanda that LVP answering one of kyles questions then shutting it down was her talking bad about her children and now shes tried to get into Kathryn’s head. lvp is no angel but erika just reeks of fake and contrived bullshit

    • Sabrina

      Precisely- every adjective she applied to LVP describes Erica herself to a T! It is clear Erica is a long- standing friend of Yolanda’s and the two of them are actively pursuing Yo’s goal of bringing LVP down. Yolanda could not accomplish it alone, so brought in a partner, replacing Brandi as she maneuvers to the goal- who happens to be an interesting/intriguing person- until you see beneath the surface of the rattlesnake at work.

      They are deliberate , conniving and undeterred. Each of them will work this from every angle that occurs to them- and Erica’s comments about her lack of female friends makes a lot of sense in this context, too. She trusts just about no one, and unfortunately Kathryn played straight into her hands.

  17. Sharon

    Very good recap Ben! I missed you last week :)

  18. I stopped reading once you encouraged Erika to twirl on & don’t understand the hate for Yolanda.

    • Kay

      Quite frankly, I agree. He likes all the people I hate and vice versa. Id rather hear TT’s input but Ben C writes and snarks like a champ & I’m here for it!

      • Minky

        I like Ben’s recaps. He reports the events and tells us why he’s rooting for. What’s wrong with that? Ben can tell us who he likes. I don’t like Brandi, Erika or Yolanda, but you gotta admit they do bring the noise.

      • Minky,

        You are right. Yolanda, Erika and Brandi do bring the noise.
        Then again……so do farts.

      • Kay

        We don’t like the same people and there’s also nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has to agree with everyone. I believe I said I enjoyed his snark and his writing despite agreeing to disagree character wise. I mean, he likes Brandi. Why are you worried about who likes who?

  19. Kay

    EVERYTHING ELSE ASIDE, as a born and raised southern girl and just someone with all-around good manners, I would NEVER EVER speak to my host like that when she is feeding me and pouring out her alcohol for me. Just, never. I like Eileen but that was horrifying. Nevermind how petty it was in the first place. That adds another layer to the shamelessness of that entire conversation. Not a good look indeed.

  20. Tara

    Correct me if I am wrong- Rinna stated that someone told her that Yo has Munchausen, correct?
    Or did she say Yo has it?

    I find Yo to be very manipulative. If Rinna would not have said anything and Yo found out, would she be pissed? I think so.

    As far as LVP and Eileen, if LVP isn’t truly sorry then why fake it? I do understand Eileen’s point, damn it was made very obvious by LVP’s actions and words last night.

    I wanted to like Erika, her sass was magnetic but it is obvious that she …I don’t know the proper phrase. LoL

    We are under a tornado watch-warning. I am avoiding my family. Please someone kidnap me and my 10 yo son. I will bring wine and he has his IPad. We will be good, I promise!!

    Great recap Ben. Although, it may not have been the best way to tell TT you are not bed -radiator ridden;) LoL I would love to be able to see your play. Hopefully there will be links on your Twitter so we can see you in action??

    • Amy

      Rinna said she listened to someone say Yo has Munch and had no idea what it was so didn’t really respond. Then she went home and googled it and was horrified that she hadn’t spoken up in support of Yo and/or shut the conversation down
      Yolanda scares me.

    • Dee

      Tara, thanks for info on tornado warning. Looks like East Coast. We were wondering why it was so dark out.

  21. Mexlech

    Although I love the recaps is there anyway TT can purple pen them? I am a fan and love to read your opinions!

  22. peachteachr

    That Erika Jayne is a piece of work. She was just as foolish looking at the soul cycling event as the guy leading the it. She’s a snake. Maybe if Yolanda likes her so much, she could learn to speel Erika’s name correctly.
    The email cc’d to all the ladies is indefensible. You have to hand it to Bravo for milking the email for all it could ever be worth.

  23. Lucy

    So what did you guys think of last weeks episode when Erika’s husband was so rude to her during dinner with the Vanderpumps? I don’t care if he is a hot shot attorney ….I wouldn’t let him talk down to me like that & try to,pass it off as he is the boss, Oh well?
    I also think it seems like Eileen is memorizing a script from production this season. She seems so wooden like acting in a bad soap opera,lol.

  24. Dee

    Hi Ben, I went to Twitter to draw attention to you, your recap and play. Obviously I don’t know what I’m doing so I only got Tamara’s attention/ire 😉 That works for me :)

  25. For me, the best part of the whole episode was when all the ladies READ Yolanda’s email to Kyle, and she threw them in the mix for good measure. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything good about production, but that was pretty funny. I could watch that over and over.

    I don’t know where I’ve been, but when did Kyle become Yolanda’s target? Evidently, Lisa R bowed and scraped long enough, and Yolanda let her off the hook, and she had bigger fish to fry anyway…or at least, try to fry. Maybe it was when she realized she couldn’t get through LVP’s bullet proof vest named Mo, so she has to pass her frustrated Lyme Brain onto someone, and Kyle is an easier target? I don’t think so, but good luck with that one, Ms YoYo. I also noticed Yo was doing pretty dang well with her 60%? (I know this number is liable to fluctuate on what mood Yo is in that moment) functioning Lyme Brain until Kyle stood up for herself, and Lisa walked off. I could see that brain function plummet to at least 40% (I’m guessing now, I’m not a professional percentage brain function expert like Yo, but I could tell by how she shut up and nervously rubbed her hands) in a matter of seconds, and that Lyme Brain saved her more loss of face for the day. Whew, that was a close one. Fortunately, her Lyme Brain revived itself/herself hours later…kind of stealth like…just her and her phone together again, and it/she was very, very articulate. I’d wager her brain function was at least 65% by now. I’d go higher, but I want Yo to have plenty of wiggle room in my mind. She needs it because I KNOW she’s not right in the head…I just don’t know WHY…but then again, I don’t know if she does either.

    • Sweet T

      The women reading the email together was the best part. I could imagine them reading it to their husbands when they received it and calling each other to discuss it. I also enjoyed the tone Lisa rinna had during her reading. she wasn’t having it.

  26. Hi, is it just me or did you not recap episode 12? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on this blog. Please help? Thanks! Keep the recaps coming, by the way. They are great±

    • Sweet T

      To answer your question about whether or not we enjoy your recaps the answer is yes. The recap of episode 12 was sorely missed especially since it was the first good episode

  27. Queen of the Nile

    LVP’s home is so beautiful and she prepared a lovely event for the ladies … the table, the flowers, the food, the setting … and Eileen’s rude behavior was simply trashy and inexcusable. I’m not sure what’s happening with her. I think they’re all intimidated by – and very jealous of – Lisa. I’m also disliking both Erika’s and Kathryn’s insincerity and gossiping — ugh.

    And don’t even get me started on passive-agressive Yolanda. I’m so tired of her contradictory stories and that no-makeup, dirty-hair look at every get-together. Someone needs to create a special brown eyeshadow called “Yolanda-Lyme” and sell it on shop by Bravo. You know … for those hangover days you want to leave early from work…

    • Sweet T

      I’m surprised so many people talked about the Eileen vs lvp confrontation. It’s so boring I don’t even want to give my opinion (though I guess that is an opinion).

      To me the worst behavior on the show was Kathryn. She purposely went to Erika to get to know her, understand her and be the friend she can call in the night when she has a problem. Then she goes right back to everyone and brings up the whole conversation. Not in a positive light “I got to know her, she was close with her grandmother, had a hard time after her passing, etc” but instead said she let out six tears when talking about her grandmothers death making it dismissive like she doesn’t even care about her little old grandma.

      Then the don’t get caught in her web comment. To me, it is very different than saying someone is calculated. A web implies lies whereas a sniper means they get you when you don’t even know they are there. Katheryn is a dick.

  28. I’m beginning to get a weird “Weekend at Bernies” vibe with Ken.
    He seems to be sittin’ around bored a lot.

    I think pretty soon Lisa might put him on a dolly and wheel him into events in little matching outfits with Giggy.

  29. Gracious

    So happy to see a RHOBH recap. Missed not having one last week.

  30. susan

    Eileen didn’t back away from answering the affair questions because that would make it appear she’s ashamed of their behavior. LVP pushed because she thinks Eileen’s affair and breaking up a marriage is unconscionable. And she had to put that out there in her own special way.

    • run_dmc

      LVP hardly thinks that. I don’t think you’ve been watching her all these seasons if you think Eileen and Vince having an affair before getting married would bother her. If that kind of thing did, she’d hardly have kept Schaena on at Sur.

      • Jim

        I think you’re right run_dmc. Lisa looked titillated by Eileen’s affair story not judgmental.

      • susan

        LVP considers Scheana young and dumb with a barely developed brain. Eileen is an intelligent, accomplished woman that should not have broken up two families because of lust.

      • tamaratattles

        Do you know the families that were broken up? Please tell me about them. Ia it Betsey the mother of the boys that practically live with them when they are not away at school? Is it Betsy herself? Is it Jon? Please share in detail the nature of Jon and Eileen’s marriage as you know it to be. Please. I’ll wait. Susan. Who was lusting exactly? Really. I am breathless with anticipation at the breadth and depth of your knowledge of Eileen’s family.

  31. Jim

    On the “later this season” segment, old man Girardi stands up at the table and tells someone to leave. The table occupants appear to be Erika, Kathryn, Rinna, Ken and Lisa. The editing makes It seem that he’s asking Kathryn to leave but if you look closely, it looks like he’s gesturing directly at Lisa. I can’t wait to see what that’s all about! That old man scares the living crap out of me.

    • Sylvia

      And that’s why Erika is fearless. He obviously is enthralled with her antics, her looks, everything about her and with his power and money and social standing, she can basically say anything to anyone and get away with it………except him….the time they were at David and Yolanda’s talking about David’s upcoming trip to the Vatican she spoke when her husband was talking and he quickly put her in her place and she was silent.. she’s a very smart cookie … some far-fetched way she kind of reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith – she just played her cards better..

  32. run_dmc

    1) What in the world is the bug up Eileen’s behind around the questions LVP asked her? Eileen herself has talked about how she and Vince were married to other people when they met. It’s kind of a sinfully delicious story – something right up LVP’s alley and really the only thing even half-way interesting about Eileen – so it’s not surprising for her to ask Eileen about it. She just thought it was something fun to talk about and since EVERYONE and their mother knows it happened and Eileen and Vince have now been married forever, there was absolutely no reason for LVP to think Eileen would be upset by simple questions. It’s not like LVP took a billboard out on Sunset saying Eileen’s a cheater. Sheesh. LVP probably thought Eileen was joking when she first said it upset her so much.

    2) If Eileen really was upset (which I don’t believe for a second she really was; she’s desperately seeking a storyline), all she had to do was tell LVP right then and there “this is a sore subject still; i know it shouldn’t be since it’s common knowledge and Vince and I have now been married forever, but it is, so can we drop it.” LVP would have dropped it. Case closed. Instead, she passive-aggressively “acts” as if she’s really so bothered and needs to “address” it so LVP can give her an “apology.” Not only is this storyline fake, it’s worse – it’s boring. And, there is no apology warranted. Nor should there be one forthcoming.

    3) Ericka is hysterical and not in a good way. She tells Kathryn when LVP is not there to defend herself that LVP “is a side sniper” seemingly not realizing the irony that doing so – particularly after asking LVP and Ken out to dinner to get to know them – is actively stabbing LVP in the back. My thinking is that Ericka did not like one bit how fawning her husband was to LVP at the dinner and how he snapped at her in front of LVP and Ken and this is the green-eyed monster rearing its head in Ericka.

    4) So tired of the theme of LVP being “manipulative.” Every single person on every single one of these shows is “manipulative.” Heck, every human being at one point or another is “manipulative.” We all work in some fashion to get at least some of our needs/wants met by others. LVP just gets grief because she is just so much smarter, elegant, wittier than the other women around her and says everything with that mellifluous British ahh-ccent.

    • People continuously have called LVP manipulative in some shape or form. Adrienne, Kyle, Camille, Brandi, Faye, Kim and NOW Yolanda, Eileen and Erika.

      No one else has been given this adjective as much as LVP, and this is NOT a coincidence, darling!!

      • Not a coincidence, She’s very, very, good at what she does on the show.

      • run_dmc

        Again – didn’t say she wasn’t manipulative, just said she’s smarter at it and that the other manipulative women around her who are incompetent at it are jealous of her skill. Yeah – a group of women/people all saying the same thing (particularly to each other and thereby reinforcing each others jealousies) can still be a gaggle of jealous women/people.

  33. So Erika keeps carrying news to yolanda but doesn’t expect someone else to return the favor?? Bullshit!! Who wants to be friends with that? She accuses Vandy of all these things when it actuality she is the viper! I’m not surprised she doesn’t have female friends! So I guess in her circle of male friends they never try to tear each other down, they all tell her to pat her puss and blow up her head?

  34. Lisa looked amazing without makeup! To me she looked 10 years younger! If she weren’t wearing the eyelashes I’d barely recognize her!

  35. Jaana

    I honestly can’t understand how so many people can’t see how competitive, condescending, coniving and manipulative Lisa van der Pump is.
    (I am almost sure that is the correct spelling of her name)
    She is no angel and always weasels her way around the cast, especially behind the scenes.
    She gossips a lot and is always in someone else’s marriage and relationship.

    • SO TRUE! When will these ladies wise up? Brandi is a lot of things, but everything she said about LVP’s manipulative ways were TRUE. Kyle has simply decided to ally with her when it’s convenient and Lisa isn’t at her throat.

    • tamaratattles

      It is amazing. Are you American? Because I blame the pink wool going over their eyes so eyes is literally her accent. And they seem very impressed with her lovely home. Which they might need to enjoy quickly. Because, huge judgment. Major.

      • Jaana

        No I am not American lol. I like Lisa, but I hate the way they worship her and she can never apologise to anyone and I hate people like that. I avoid people like that.

      • tamaratattles

        I’m telling you, we are weird about a British accent. It’s something in our DNA. It’s also why idiots sleep with James on Pump Rules. It’s some sort of genetic affliction. If LVP was Leah Black from Miami housewives everyone would hate her.

      • Dee

        Tamara, is this major judgement coming soon? Sorry so slow I just saw your response.

    • run_dmc

      Please, please, please name for me one woman on this show who isn’t “manipulative and conniving” and all the other words you used to label LVP. Is it Yolanda who is using an illness – and her own children’s health – to gain air time, sympathy and possibly an alimony settlement? Is it Kyle, who is trying to get her toddler daughter a modeling contract through this show and uses her family trauma with substance abuse only when it suits her? Is it Lisa Rinna who is, by her own account, a “hustler” who is also trying to get her daughter’s some Hadid-type modeling contract? Who would that be? I’ll wait. . . . .

  36. JustJenn

    Erika’s wise words about LVP were almost the exact same words Brandi used about her in Brandi’s failed take down of LVP. And who is the friend they have in common? Hmm.

    Yolanda is so jealous of LVP. LVP has the life that Yolanda wants…lots of her own money and a husband who absolutely ADORES her. Yolanda is at best arm candy. It’s harsh to say, but true. No amount of imaginary illnesses is going to change that fact or force a man to stick with her.

    • Jaana

      Yolanda is in no way jealous of Lisa. She just wants the rest of you to see the Lisa that we see.
      Yolanda SLAYED them all at that dinner without any makeup, I am sure she will have a ton of suitors when she is ready to date again.
      Yes Lisa’s home and restaurants are richly decorated but I honestly prefer Yolanda’s life. She is always taking European vacations, has three GORGEOUS kids that are on top of the nodelling world right now. Plus she isnt broke. Lisa inherited her restaurants from an already rich, already millionaire Ken. I think Yolanda is okay. She isn’t jealous of LVP. Maybe you are.

      • JustJenn

        Of course I’m jealous of LVP. She’s got a dam near perfect life. Except I’m not jealous is a hateful, all consuming way like Yolanda is.

        And I’m sure there will be tons of suitors lined up for Yolanda once she gets her alimony..err I mean when she’s cured, just as long as they don’t watch Bravo or know how to google.

      • tamaratattles

        LVP is a lot of things, Jaana, and one of them is extremely manipulative. But Lisa runs those restaurants, Built them, staffed them, trained the staff, selected the trees and got them all on a very popular TV show. Not Ken. She also runs a fairly successful spirits company which deals directly with buyers (poorly) and makes appearances (or misses them) and allows her daughter several titles on each of her businesses for which she does very little while she plays with jewelry and other baubles online while hanging out with her husband. Much like Nene Leakes (in so many ways actually) LVP is a hustler.

      • When it comes to just LVP minus her friends, I LOVE her. Her lifestyle, her humor, her charm, her work ethic! There’s a lot to love about her. It’s just the way she treats her friendships [and employees] that I don’t agree with. Call her a lot of things, but a jealous person I don’t think so. Competitive, definitely, but LVP has built an EMPIRE for herself and solely for herself!

      • Josie

        Yolanda good. LVP bad. Got it.

  37. TEAM YOLANDA/ERIKA/EILEEN with a side of Kyle. Yolanda is still the greatest Ice Queen ever even while being tragically fake sick. I’m totally going to start saying “_____ not a good look.” Yolanda, Erika and Eileen are SLAYING the girls this season!

    • Jaana

      Team Yolanda! Hahaha

    • run_dmc

      BTW – the “. . . – not a good look” is a well-used 80’s phrase. Feel free to revive it, but that’s where Yolanda got it from (not surprisingly was in her heyday). It’s not new. (From someone whose formative years were also in the 80’s).

      • CoBe


        I know, right? For some reason, I just don’t think anyone should be able to use the phrase “not a good look” unless they are wearing parachute pants and a banana clip.

        The good thing about being older is that the youngsters think you are creative when you go back to the “olden days” for fashion/trends/ or phrases.

        “So just look at them and sigh . . . and know they love you”

  38. Suzy

    What’s wrong with TJ Maxx? I love TJ Maxx… ?

    • tamaratattles

      I had the exact same reaction. Lots of designer clothes to be found it you hunt there frequently.

      • Miguel

        Just got your blind post, thanks to your previous comment (to which I couldn’t “Reply.”) I know – still gnawing away at that bone! Thanks so much, Tamara!!!

  39. Lime Brain

    Great recap, Ben! And I was so disappointed that you didn’t recap last week.

    I think everything has been pretty much said that I can’t really add anything to it. Except that I don’t understand your love for Yolanda, but I respect it. It’s nice to get a different point of view.

    I also want to say that I’m really starting to like Katheryn. Yes, it was a “cunty” thing she did to Erica and she could have handled it better. But at the same time, she realized she was being recruited for team Yolanda and she wasn’t going to be a part of that. I’m going to give her a pass for that now.

  40. Pip

    Vanderpump looked like Melania Trump while they were having the garden lunch at her house.
    My head is spinning after this episode. My quick thoughts-
    Erika doesn’t have and hasn’t had girlfriends since Jr. High because mean girls hurt her feelings? That’s ridiculous. I am sorry but I don’t trust women who don’t like other women (and I don’t trust ANYONE who doesn’t like animals… Not that that has anything to do with this show, but I just had to get that out):
    And Kathryn is an asshole. I do not like her so far and when she twisted Erika’s words, that pissed me off.
    Eileen doesn’t always pick the right time, true. But I love her. I get her.
    And I will always love LVP and Kyle, but Kyle has REALLY stirred the pot this year. I’m actually liking Kyle a little less.

    • Kay

      We saw 2 minutes of a possible hour long conversation. You can’t say Kathryn twisted her words when you didn’t hear the conversation in its entirety. Keep this in mind as you watch. It changes a lot of the perceptions for me.

    • Shae

      I don’t know, I get it, that age is formative and if you’re bullied or betrayed it leaves a lasting impression. I can’t blame someone whose early experiences showed them girls aren’t to be trusted, scheme and are mean for continuing to believe that into adulthood.

      It’s easy to believe that when it’s been your experience. Erika went on to say she seems the same behavior in grown women as well, so why should her view change? I don’t blame people for forming opinions based on what they’re experienced, only if they mistreat people themselves as a result. that’s not ok. But she’s trying to form friendships with women, and says she does have a handful of women she trusts, but not many at all.

      I respect that.

  41. Margarett

    I’d like to tell these women to only talk about subjects that won’t offend anyone…perhaps politics and religion!

  42. Josie

    Yo had turned Erika against LVP even before she started the show. Nothing to do with the Hamptons. Remember when she asked about Brandi even though she never watched the show?

    Glad LVP now realizes that Tom wasnt being playful when he called her an alligator from the side (via her blog). Yes Lisa, you were getting insulted to your face at dinner.

    Eileen was open about the Affair at lunch with Brandi and Lisa last season. Hell, she is the one who put it out there! Getting wine thrown in her face and getting called a homewrecking whore on twitter for weeks by Brandiloons traumatized her.

    Eileen is feeling shamed. Anger is misdirected at LVP for the word affair. When two married people leave their families for each other it is an affair. Own it. You didnt do it capriciously. No one cares and you just give Brandiloons amunition by acting like it upsets you. Enough.

  43. Horse.
    Eileen bearing it.

  44. Lime Brain

    Something I just noticed while watching a repeat of Tuesday’s show. When they were arguing about Rinna putting Munchasuen out in the universe and Yolanda put bipolar out there also, Lisa’s parting shot to Yolanda before she left was that she’s always defended Yolandas kids and she never called Bella an alcoholic when she got her Dui, the town drunk did.

    Whoa! It left Yolanda speechless. That was a cheap shot. I guess this must be the reason the producers bring the town drunk back to film with Yolanda.

    Maybe that email was really meant for LVP.

  45. Katie

    Eileen trying to point out that LVP is highly dismissive of others feelings was great b/c she really was the mirror of truth. However, it’s obvious that if Eileen needs friends who are emotionally available, LVP is not going to ever be that person. I feel bad for Eileen.

    • run_dmc

      I think LVP, like many of us would, are dismissive of others feelings when those “feelings” are histrionic and made-for-tv storylines, not real feelings. Plus, LVP and Eileen are not really friends. They hadn’t known each other before this show. If Eileen looks for reality tv “friends” to be the ones she turns to for emotional availability, she’s got more problems than I thought.

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