Kim Richards To Be Called Back to Court Over Failure To Comply with Probation Requirements


Kim Richards got off easy on her sentencing for public drunkenness at The Beverly Hotel and for her shoplifting at Target.   Her Target sentence was pretty much NOTHING other than saying she had to do what the judge in the Beverly Hotel sentence said. She received a sentence of 300 hours of community service as opposed to thirty days of community labor because Kim managed to use her foot injury to get out of the previous community labor and it was changed to 300 hours of community service.

Now things are working out exactly how I predicted when I said here, “At any rate. Basically, nothing is going to happen to her either way.  She won’t do the AA meetings, she won’t do the community service unless it involves a red carpet and she will be back in court again in 2016 to answer for it just like Lindsey Lohan did with hers.”

Well, it is 2016 and she has a new court date on June 1, 2016  according to TMZ.

Kim has been out and about in heels. She’s been photographed in multiple tabloids. She’s promoting her new Lifetime reality show The Mother Daughter Experiment that premieres next Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. As I mentioned in my original post, in January , I’ll be recapping the trainwreck.

The prosecution has apparently been notified that she is not keeping up with her probation terms.  TMZ claims the issue is community labor; however, I believe they initially reported, as I did that Kim Richards was allowed to do 300 hours of community SERVICE in place of the labor requirement after producing a note from her doctor. I take issue with the TMZ report and find it much more likely that Kim has made no (or insufficient) progress on her community SERVICE.

That said, the initial judge specifically stressed the importance of 30 days of community labor in court for the Beverly Hill sentencing saying he wanted Kim to have to fully realize some consequences. There were all sorts of legal battles over this surrounding her foot injury. Reports on the outcomes were not particularly clear because there are two cases and two judges. The first judge was adamant about labor and the second judge agreed to 300 hours of community service.  The ambiguity comes in when the note from the doctor was accepted by the second judge. His ruling was “just do what the first judge told you and we’ll call it a day.” Then he changes the requirement to 300 days of community service.  It’s possible it’s the first judge calling her back in and he wants her to do the labor.

See? Clear as mud.

Taken at Target, not jail

Taken at Target, not jail

The important part is she has to go back to court a la Lindsey Lohan and either show that she got herself together and did what she was supposed to do, or try to come up with another excuse, medical or otherwise. This did not work out so well for Lilo.

Kim is currently serving three years of probation.

CAN WE PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THE POSSIBLITY THAT KIM’S FRIENDS AND FAMILY READ HERE AND NOT MAKE OMINOUS PREDICITIONS AND DISTURBING COMMENTS? I think it is possible to give your opinion without saying things that will hurt those who love Kim. Thanks.


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48 responses to “Kim Richards To Be Called Back to Court Over Failure To Comply with Probation Requirements

  1. Scary. There is no way Kim is going to end well. I feel for Kyle and the kids, but really feel for Kim.

  2. Minky

    This is not okay. She needs to get her shit together.

  3. Cat

    All I can do is shake my head at these people. They are on a TV SHOW…They don’t think someone is going to notice what they do?

  4. Miguel

    Kim’s story has been & remains hopeless – this will end in tragedy! I hope all the enablers, incldg Yo (see TT’s previous post) are proud of their “looks” – I pray 4 those whom truly care: her kids, Kyle, her pets… Smh, I’m dreading the day TT posts on her final demise.

  5. Rose

    Kim hasn’t officially hit her rock bottom yet in her mind.

    • BeetsWhy

      You are so right Rose, as long as people bail her out or refuse to hold her accountable (looking at you judge) she will never get better. My ruling in my imaginary judge role would be 90 days in jail and the original 300 community service plus an additional 100 hours. She should not be allowed to blatantly ignore the very lenient sentence she was given without any repercussions.

  6. Does anyone think that having a new court date may light a fire under Kim to get this 300 hours done? She has plenty of time to finish it off before she even has to go to court.

  7. Zoemonster2

    Opine. Kim needs help. Not paid jobs. Kim, it is never too late. But the elevator yr on— it only goes Down.

  8. Sliceo'pie

    I’ve talked here about how I’m in AA-sober for 23 years. I think Kim still hasn’t taken the first step, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable.” I’ve watched a lot of women come & go over the years and my best guess is besides her inability to come to terms with her fatal disease -I think she still has A LOT of people enabling her. Until she falls down, on her ass, good and hard and NO one extends a hand to pick her up..she’ll keep using. I feel for her family..dealing with an active alcoholic is a nightmare. You can see the pain in daughter’s eyes.
    There’s a 50% chance my 11 year will be an alcoholic some day…makes me cry thinking about it. How do you turn a family member away? It’s a terrible, terrible disease.

    • Zoemonster2

      @sliceo And therein lies the paradox. An addict isnt ready to recover ’til he/she is (ready)

    • VioletBlue

      Congrats on your 23 years, Sliceo’pie. That is amazing!

    • peachteachr

      When one of my close friends told me she had breast cancer, her next words were that now her 2 daughters were more likely to have breast cancer. My answer was that her mother didn’t have breast cancer. I have been around alcoholics all my life… my daddy, my only sibling, and my husband. I never remarried because every time I really cared about a man after a few months it became obvious that he was an alcoholic. Guess that was my comfort zone. My 2 adult children are in their 40’s now and neither drinks more than a beer or a glass of wine. Be of good cheer, Slice, you’ve given them a great role model.

      • Addiction is hereditary – however it often skips a generation or 2 when kids are exposed to the ugly side of addiction (violence, watching your parent/grandparent lay in vomit and piss the bed etc) so they consciously avoid or are turned off by drinking. It can then present in later generations who are unaware they carry a propensity for addiction. I’m 4 years sober, but I worked with a psychiatrist who specialises in mindfulness. (Aa is not big here in Australia)

    • Slice:

      Congratulations on 23 years! That’s wonderful. I know it’s not easy.

      I wish Kyle would get herself into Al Anon. (If she hasn’t already. Perhaps she has and just hasn’t discussed it on camera. It might explain some of the family discord if she’s started to get healthy/stop enabling and other family members haven’t) But if she hasn’t, it would help her tremendously.

      As for Kim, I was and remain a fan. I hope she gets through this and gets healthy too.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I have often yelled at the TV-“Kyle, go to Al Anon!”. I think she would find some relief and a support system-a group of people who truly understand what it’s like to live with an alcoholic-friends can be supportive but they don’t really understand.

      • I recall Alanon being mentioned by Kyle or in her presence, her reply was she tried it. Was not for her. I’m not quoting.

    • Lisanna

      AGree with every word you said. And I am 31 years sober in AA. Kim is surrounded by enablers and purveyors of misplaced compassion. It has kept her sick and down for most of her adult life. When I first started watching the show she reminded me of the wetbrains we sometimes see in AA. I have often wondered if she is not brain damaged. I think jail would be the best medicine for Kim.

    • sliceo’ pie, I have trouble believing Kim is honestly “on track” with her AA meetings.

      I guess it is possible she has walked into a public meeting on time, passed her signature card forward and sat there for 1 hour. I struggle with that picture as it relates to Kim.
      As you know there are ways to cheat on a signature card.

  9. JustJenn

    Maybe Kim has caught the Lyme disease from Yolanda and her Lyme brain made her forget all about her community obligations? I’m sure Yolanda would be willing to get her a doctor’s note.

  10. Kari

    Does anyone think that going to jail for a month or two will straighten her out????

  11. Lisaj

    Kim I wish you the very best. I also send out love for all who know and love Kim, mostly kyle and Kim’s children. Please don’t take anything personally, send love from afar if needs be but never ever give up hope. I watched a show where a lady went to rehab 24 times BUT at the 24th try it stuck. It’s never too late until we are no longer breathing.

  12. Lime Brain

    I can’t help it, but I like Kim. I’m hoping that now that she’s had some time to grieve after Monty’s passing, she will start doing her community service.

  13. Jaana

    I love you defensive you are of Kim Tamara ??

  14. therealdeb

    Kim needs to be taken into rehab, court ordered. Not a place she can check out of and not a place where all her family can maybe smuggle crap in to take the edge off of her. she needs intensive inpatient therapy for at least a year. She has been done zero favors by her family and that makes me very sad.

  15. LisaPat

    Out of respect for TT (not Kim’s family) I will refrain from making ominous yet accurate predictions about the outcome. Kim is stricken with the Triple Es. I said from Day 1 that she would not complete 1 hour of community labor and/or service. Entitled. Enabled. Elitist.

  16. @immelza

    I wish another Hollywood person or maybe a former child actor who had some of the same experiences could become Kim’s confidant. I think she had a terrible childhood and at the least never really had a childhood. I really hope she finds her way.

  17. JoJoFLL

    I don’t care what her family reads but if they don’t stop enabling Kim, it’s going to be bad.

    Tick, tock.

  18. there is an actor that helps former child stars. i don’t remember his name, but he was the son on the donna reed show. i don’t know in what capacity, but he has helped former child stars, as he was one once.

    • Paul Petersen. His foundation is called “A Minor Consideration”. I think their scope is more towards current young performers, but I do think he does try to help grown child stars. I remember him trying to help Gary Coleman and Dana Plato.

  19. ZenJen55

    Kyle is unfortunately suffering the consequences when one stops enabling an addict and the rest of the family dont. It divides the sides, all the while the addict sits on the sidelines looking smug. Losing Monty probably is causing a backslide. And to be positive I hope not and wish her well…

  20. Shae

    I can’t with this. I just got word another friend I made while in recovery in florida has passed from this disease and I’ve had it up to here with it. Nobody is helping Kim by going easy on her and letting her wiggle out of the full consequences of her actions.

    I really hope somebody cracks down on this and she might have a prayer of hitting a real bottom she can pick herself up from. No guarantees, some people just never get it, but she certainly isn’t going to get better with the legal system coddling her. Prayers, as always, that she gets it. It’s incredibly hard for me to watch at this point.

  21. Kim has a disease. A real one.
    While I find her personality vexing at times, she deserves our pity. I hope she turns this around for her and her family.
    I am pulling for her.

  22. I really hope Kim will come to the place where she can admit that sobriety is more than giving up alcohol. Until she gives accepts accountability, gives up all drugs, and addresses her demons, nothing will change.

  23. And of course the moral of the story we learned from Lindsey Lohan is that a select few just don’t have to accept the consequences of their behavior. Kim can always leave the country (as long as it’s a country that will let her bring Kingsley without quarantine).

  24. So Flo Girlie Girl

    You know when you think about it… reality shows (ANDY) have some culpability in this as well. It is salacious viewing for them, so they’re actually part of the enabling. They feel soooo sorry for her… yet they won’t pull the plug, because she brings in viewers. Where else can you pull years of bullshit and yet keep your job.

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