Nene Leakes Addresses Rumors of Unprofessional Behavior on Fashion Police, The View, Wendy Williams and More

nene on fashion police

So while I was doing some recapping Tuesday night and trying to sneak in watching The People v OJ Simpson, B. Scott, owner of entertainment site,, was on the phone with Nene Leakes, catching her for an exclusive interview fresh off her latest meltdown.

Be sure to check out the full interview at because is loaded with tea. I don’t want to step on anyone’s exclusive so I’m just going go give you a tiny taste and we can chat amongst ourselves after you check it out.

On rumors she’s a diva on the ‘Fashion Police’ set: “‘Fashion Police’ has really disturbed me. For people who know me, I’m a worker bee. I work my ass off. I really enjoy working. I’m not one of those people who’s lazy. I’m a go-getter. I’m a hard worker. I’m not one of those girls looking for a man to take care of me. I enjoy having my own coins. I enjoy being independent. To have someone consistently putting out a bad report about me, I feel like it’s coming from someone on the inside — and I’m sad about that.

This is a point that I can agree with Nene on. She is a hustler. She has a very strong work ethic. Unlike a lot of housewives she fought to stay on Dancing With The Stars which is the most physically demanding celebrity reality show there is.  She also did two grueling winter break stints on Broadway and we never heard a thing about her professionalism there that I recall.  There was the RHOA scene with the beleaguered costume designer, but I’m sure he has worked with plenty of different types of personalities. But even as I was giving kudos to Nene for her first Broadway role, she was trashing every single person on RHOA as well as Sherri Shepard who go the same role as she did. Sure she shows up to do the work, but she belittles everyone around her.

I do think she shows up to Fashion Police serious about her job. The problem is her social skills suck. If she ever had a shred of humility, it disintegrated as soon as she felt like she had won something by being the sole survivor of the originals on RHOA.  She seems constantly worried that she will be outted as an imposter and hugely over exaggerates, and outright lies about things like her financial situation and her perceived “status” in Hollywood.  She’s a big fish in “black reality.” Make no mistake that Bravo and VH1 have gone to great lengths to segregate the housewives franchises and reality in general for exploitative reasons. When this sentiment is expressed to Andy Cohen he makes it seem as though there is not a single black woman in all of NYC, LA, or Orange County suitable and willing to do the show.  Apparently there are no white people in Atlanta or the Potomac either. Don’t even get me started on Potomac.

Nene Leakes on Glee, What Happened to Her Hello Kitty?Nene feels like a couple of small roles on two of Ryan Murphy’s shows basically playing herself,  puts her on par with Whoopi Goldberg who has EGOT status.  Or makes her on par with Raven Simone who has been working in Hollywood since she could walk and has had several of her own syndicated shows. Go check out what she said  to B. Scott about her treatment on The View.  She’s very straightforward in identifying the race of all the women on the panel. She’d fit in great on RHOP where race and etiquette were their only two topics last time I watched.

On what it’s like being on ‘Fashion Police’ amid rumored tension: “It’s very weird. Let me tell you what happens — when you arrive on set, everybody goes to their dressing rooms. When they say ‘come out’, everyone comes out and sits on the couch. There’s no talking, no communication, nothing.

My dressing room isn’t even on the same side as everyone else. They have my dressing room way on the other side from everybody. So I don’t even see them.

I just come and sit down. Whenever they say, ‘Come and sit down, NeNe’, I come and sit down. I don’t move until they say ‘Wrap!’ and then I get up and leave. They don’t talk. No one talks between moments, really. There might be a little casual chit-chat like ‘I like your shoes,’ or something but no conversation. It’s really weird.

My understanding is that the situation is so bad, the slant I read was that Nene tries to hog all the air time, that Melissa has set a timer to insure everyone has the same amount of time to speak on air.  Unlike shows like The View and The Talk, it’s not a conversational setting at all. Melissa Rivers literally calls on people as if they are her students. Then on things like best and worst dressed of the event, she sort of gives “the correct opinion” at the end. That worked fine when it was Joan Rivers making the proclamation of truth but for some reason it doesn’t flow as well for Melissa.

What I suspect happened with Nene is she came in thinking she was the Queen of Sheba and quickly found out that LA doesn’t give a damn what she has to say about fashion and she is there for comic relief. Margaret Cho knows this about herself.  She has no ego. Comes in tells her jokes, takes her check and goes home. Nene thinks she is in a place to argue with Brad! She couldn’t be more wrong. She needs to sit there in her rayon HSN jumpsuit and smile and clap for Brad no matter what he says because he has the most fashion credentials in the room.  Also, if you say horrific things about gay men to everyone who will listen on national TV including your boss, most gay men will not find it cute and will not want to sit with you at lunch.  There will always be gay event planners who book Nene or Porsha for events, but they are no more representative of the overall opinion of Nene than the gay men cast on RHOA are reflective of the very large and varied gay male population of Atlanta.  Nene generalizes from her bubble that the whole world feels about her the way that her RHOA fans do.  She’s ventured out into the real world and found things to be quite different. I honestly think she is surprised and confused.  Her funny faces and finger snaps are not really appealing to Brad and others on the facing sofa. Allegedly. So I hear. I don’t profess to speak for Brad.

But Wendy is still standing..

On her feud with Wendy Williams: “I have never had a problem with Wendy, let’s be clear! I have never had a problem with Wendy. Every week on her show she began speaking negatively about me. When her show first started out and it was doing well, I bought her a bag. Not to brag about what it was or to make a big deal out of it — because no one knew until she brought it up and started doing this sh*t.

If she spoke to me today, I would speak to her. I don’t hold a grudge. I want to support Wendy. It’s not in my heart to not support another successful Black woman, but that’s just how it is right now.”

Nene is delusional when it comes to Wendy Williams. It was another case of biting the hand that feeds her. Wendy simply pointed out the stupidity of Nene finger painting an Hermes bag (real or otherwise). Nene doesn’t know she is looking like an idiot when she looks like one because Andy Cohen laughs and laughs at all of her stupidity because he is exploiting it for his own financial gain. What she should have does was pay attention to Wendy.  Nene thinks that Wendy Williams wants or needs Nene Leakes support!  Wendy Williams has longevity in the business and is not working for some white guy in a big office in NYC. She is at the helm of her own show, and her own businesses and makes her own decisions. From her multiple talks shows (she has a new show on BET very similar to Fashion Police and it’s her show) to her clothing line to her comedy shows, her acting gigs on Broadway, Dancing With the Stars, movie parts, and  producing movies Wendy Williams has done it all first. Nene should be praying for Wendy to give her some guidance. If anyone should be Nene’s role model, it’s Wendy Williams. Wendy knows exactly how to behavior on her show to stay true to herself and still appeal to the masses. Instead, she does shit like this! 

There is a whole lot more bluff and bluster by Nene a B. Scott’s site. She goes in depth again about her mistreatment on The View, she has a lot more to say about Wendy Williams, and Fashion Police. It’s a lot. Come back and tell me what you think after you go read it.


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30 responses to “Nene Leakes Addresses Rumors of Unprofessional Behavior on Fashion Police, The View, Wendy Williams and More

  1. Minky

    In the photo of Giuliana and Nene, Giuliana looks super uncomfortable. SMH.

  2. More Tea Please!

    Poor Nene, so misunderstood. She needs to audition for a Muppet part. Maybe the Atlanta Puppetry Arts could use her in a show. No costume or script is required; she comes in character!

  3. Nene Leakes vs Wendy Williams is rather like Godzilla vs Mothra.

    Can’t really pick a side. Let the two gorgons destroy each other!

  4. Erica

    I am sure that the Fashion Police set is VERY uncomfortable. I gave it up after Kathy and Kelly left. I adored Joan – still pissed that the Academy left her out of the In Memoriam, and the red carpet hasn’t been the same since she left. I actually enjoyed Kelly for her eye and opinions (no formal training necessarily – but been aroud the business her entire life, and I actually appreciated her aesthetic. Kathy’s acerbic wit (and work ethic) was the closest match to Joan – I get why they picked her. I also admire Brad (from his Rachel Zoe appearances and his show) and Margaret Cho has that amazing quality of clearly being a softy but a ball buster at the same time. Even tho most of the blame of the show having these struggles should lay on Melissa’s shoulders as the producer – I’m even willing to give her a pass because of the devastating loss of her mother. (I still question Guiliana and her qualifications and her comments that started it all – I tend to believe Kelly and Kathy’s accounts)

    But it is not supposed to be a job benefit for Nene that everyone kisses her ass. She IS a hustler and a hard worker – I admire that. But to walk in and complain that your “dressing room is across the hall” etc. is a totally spoiled rotten bitch move. Anyone with a brain knows that this would be a difficult assignment in the best of times just simply because Joan is gone. Again, Nene is a hustler and hard worker – but damn, probably not any more than Kathy Griffin, and if she had issues – why wouldn’ you accept the fact that it would be difficult?

  5. StubbyG

    I do like that Nene is always “hustling”, but I do feel she has this sense of superiority that is just too much. She is past seeing that she has a personality issue that is causing others to react to her in the way they are. Nene is so used to her husband giving her so many accolades that it’s possible that she expects it from everyone else. Sometimes it’s hard to see when you are the jerk, it’s easier to assume it’s everyone else.

  6. Dracla Dunning

    Nene will never learn because she is a know-it-all, hard-headed dufus. She should just suck it up, learn from her mistakes and move on instead of ranting and giving interviews. I could not believe she blew her chance at a daytime talk show that would follow Wendy. What a lost opportunity for an uneducated, uncouth illiterate. When she was riding the wave of popularity her unattractive behavior was accepted because she was the draw but she has lost her shine and some of the protection around her. People who have supported her will jump ship rather than go down in flames with her because they want to continue to work and aligning themselves with her is like the kiss of death.
    No one wants to work with an asshole and Nene is an asshole.

  7. Sunshine

    I get so amused here. More entertainment than I can handle.

  8. Nisha S

    My view is nobody is the victim all the time. NeNe plays the victim ALL the time. She has had several falling outs with peoe several different people on RHOA, the View host, Wendy Wiliams, and now Fashion police. Yet, she says she never had a problem with anyone. NeNe just because some producers are using you to boost their ratings because you are originally from a popular reality show does not mean everybody that disagree with you are against you and hate you. It also does not mean those people that hire you like you, it’s called show business and they are trying to boost ratings. At the end of the day you are a loud mouth act that will boost ratings. It’s everybody else and it’s never NeNe. She have fell out with some of her close friends before becoming famous (Marlo, Sheree, Kim, etc) yet it’s all of them and not her. You don’t come close to Raven Symone or Woopi’s money so why would they be jealous or hate you. Everybody is not hating some people are telling you the truth.

    Stop playing the victim and take some ACCOUNTABILTY of the advice in this article. Because Hollywood will kick you off your high horse, chew you up and spit you out.

    Like the article up top said, Wendy Williams is not tape dancing she is producing and getting tv contracts for shows extended out until 2022. NeNe on the other hand, every check she makes is unpredictable and she waiting for gigs.

  9. JustJenn

    You’re right, TT…her social skills do suck. Nene can be likeable in rare moments, but most of the time when she doesn’t have a script to work with she is very hard and uncomfortable to watch. Sadly she thinks that she’s great and doesn’t need and counseling so it looks like this is the Nene we’re stuck with.

  10. loriflack

    …her nose is getting bigger, too.

  11. Larry

    I thought her comments on The View were fascinating. She classifies people by race and whether they’re nice to her. And apparently she couldn’t be bothered to learn the nice white one’s name, though there are only, what, 5 hosts.

    I think she has a point about how she wouldn’t get hired as much if she were demanding, but that’s only one aspect of being a diva. She’s probably casually dismissive (again, 5 hosts she can’t remember one) and doesn’t get how that won’t make friends.

  12. I’m sorry………who is NeNe Leakes again?

  13. sandra

    She changed her story about the picture of her house, and the lack of furniture.

  14. natalie

    I love Nene! She is fun to watch and actually spills real tea. Wh

  15. ShyGuy

    Thank God for B. Scott asking what everyone has been wanting to know. And he and Kenya are friends so he already knows everything we want the answers to.

  16. Cheychey

    I stopped watching fashion police after Joan passed because it became rather boring. I have to admit that the only reason I tuned back in again was to see what direction Nene went with it. Where I love Margaret Cho on her comedy shows I do not care for on this show. But I actually do like Nene on here. She is not a fashion expert by any means but she is kinda funny and is not afraid to share her opinion about the clothes. I like the show having people that are not just fashion experts giving their views on what people are wearing.

  17. Manic Monday

    I live for that purple pen of your

  18. Cat

    Ha! “I don’t hold a grudge.”

  19. Billie_bee

    I stopped watching Fashion Police once Nene was cast. I’m not sure how wearing capri track pants and a white T-shirt/wife-beater, gives her any kind of fashion cred. If that was what I was looking for, I’d be taking fashion advice from Kanye…

  20. Crazy in NC

    I may never agree with you on certain topics, but I LOVE how you treat other bloggers / make sure everyone gets their clicks.
    Now to go read the interview…

  21. Not that it matters because this chick is delusional but when the whole Kathy Griffin debacle happened she also complained about people at E releasing information about the employment situation.

  22. beth

    wonder what happened between Nene and Whoopie – they were friendly at one time, weren’t they?

  23. Call me petty if you want but I enjoy watching huge egos melt down. She’s sinking her own boat.

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