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There are two previous posts on this trial  HERE and HERE.  The second post is about the even jury spilt in the first trial resulting in a hung jury. The jury seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the townspeople’s sentiment which is also reflected here in the numerous comments from both residents of Quincy, Illinois and the observing outsiders.  The show was featured recently on 48 Hours where Curtis Lovelace’s current wife, his estranged daughter, Cory Lovelace’s mother, some people who knew or went to school with Curtis and about half of the jury that hung were interviewed.  I was distracted the whole show about the pronunciation of the last name as “Loveless” by everyone.  Other points of interest were that the mother of the dead woman was the one who called for a quick cremation.  Curtis’s friends seemed to be unsure of the guilt of Curtis. Though some seemed aware of the tumultuous marriage. They couldn’t say it was out of the realm of possibility either way.  They were asked if they could absolutely say there is no way that Curtis killed his wife.  They said they could not go that far.  But they also didn’t seem to be convinced of guilt. This is the problem with this case.

Wife number three was the only person who was proclaiming his innocence. None interviewed seemed to be convinced of his guilt. Though many found his behaviors after the death suspicious. The bottom line is, the guy sure seems guilty.  But there really is no evidence that a murder occurred at all.  The prosecution seems to really be pulling out all the stops, shopping around for an autopsy that could conclude that Cory died of homicidal suffocation.  A conclusion that was not reached by the person who actually did the autopsy. That person unfortunately has a shady reputation making her opinions suspect. However, the next person the prosecution asked, agreed with the original finding that the cause of death could not be determined.  They continued shopping for opinions until they got to a point where they called in Baden. Baden is who criminals call in to get wealthy, celebrity defendants off murder charges. Many people find Baden’s opinions to be a bit suspect due to his high fees and propensity to show up on cases with lots of media attention. Baden is an octogenarian who may just have been America’s first mediawhore, before mediawhoring was cool.

Will this ever end?

And then there is the second wife. After a contentious divorce she is fighting to testify against Curtis, and the defense kept her out of the first trial.  She is also the wife that led to the estrangement between Curtis and his only daughter which continues to this day.

The third wife, at least on paper, is your average small town junior league type who owns a pie shop in down. She was just merrily baking pies and raising the motherless boys as her own when her husband was arrested for first degree murder of his first wife eight years prior.  On 48 Hours  she seemed a bit obsessed with “her boys” that she has adopted and someone claimed today changed their middle names (I have no verification of that).  She seemed a bit calculating to me on TV. You may have gotten a different opinion. I personally did not find her to be very genuine. She is however, on a crusade to free her wrongly imprisoned husband whose bail is FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.

So on one side we have a prosecution that seems to have overcharged the suspect, called in very expensive medical examiners to testify to things not found at the time of death based on photographs they looked at, have no solid evidence and set an astronomically high bail.

On the other side, you have a guy who did a whole lot of suspicious things, was in a marriage where both spouses were alcoholic (the wife was also bulimic apparently) but was, in the eight years after her death, by most accounts a solid member of the community who was respected an attorney and president of the school board. Someone who his mother-in-law never suspected of foul play nor did the community at large prior to his arrest 8 years later.

To the outsiders there seems to be no case. To the population of Quincy, there seems to be a certain contingent that feels strongly about guilt. The rest of the populations seems suspicious and unsure and the prosecution did not miss a minute of time considering a retrial. It was set at the same time the first trial was declared a mistrial.

Today, I was sent THIS LINK to a fundraising page to raise money for the now bankrupt defendant. There is a lengthy explanation of the events that is strongly biased to the defense written by a criminal investigator with no employment ties to the case. His explanation of the prosecutions autopsy shopping and some of the behaviors of the second wife and her child are very telling. You really should read the link.

Go take a look at the link and then tell me what you think.  My opinion is unchanged. There is not enough evidence to prove a murder occurred. The prosecution is BIZARRELY overzealous and sparing none of the taxpayers money. It’s possible that someone is being railroaded. It’s possible that someone is getting away with murder. But for me, it’s just not possible to know at this point. Which is a terrible situation for such a beautiful town to find itself in.


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  1. Tara

    Thank you TT!! You are the best!
    I am so sick of Yo and Jax, now we can discuss a murder trial. Lord, I am morbid!

  2. quincygirl

    Very well written – thank you! Despite what you think, I am a good source and I have my information correct. I spent a lot of hours in that courtroom, and yes it was emotional for me. I have seen that family torn apart. Those boys… sigh. My heart breaks for them. One was friends with my son and it is just so sad. They cannot socialize with any of their “past” friends anymore.
    You can ask DOB! He knows me well :) I am his source on things too. He confirmed the middle name for me last night. I even questioned him to see if the adoption was even truly legal. ? It just seems odd to me. I think Christine (wife3) was happy to have Curt as a homecoming date in high school as they were, then they broke up and they moved on. And she was a little jealous of what Cory had for what could have been hers. The family, the reputation, the money. That is why everything is …..HERS. She doesn’t strike me as genuine either. For someone who is proclaiming her husband innocent, she needs to step back right now and stay off camera. There are a weeks long with of interviews with her on called “for better or worse”.

    • Willis

      Yes, Quincygirl was so emotional in court that SHE started boohooing so much that Cory’s family had to console HER–like they had nothing else to worry about. She doesn’t know as much as she wants you to think she does. Everyone in Qtown thinks they know what the boys want. They have no idea and it’s no one’s business. Protecting those boys from the crazy rumors is a job in itself.

      • quincygirl

        Willis, You must have have me mistaken for someone else. I never boohoed in court. Lol And the crazy rumors are on both sides. There is nothing I said that was based on “rumor”. My opinion was given a couple of times which I stated those a head of time. But other than that they are facts.

  3. Patti

    I’m usually very pro prosecution. He may very well be guilty. But I wouldn’t sleep comfortably with him being convicted on what they are showing.

  4. Spilledperfume

    The link doesn’t work for me. My guess is that it’s my phone.

    Thanks for the heads up on 48 Hours, I will look for it on demand.

    • spilled- works on my iPhone 5 fine.
      I won’t relay site name b/c I think there is a rule.

      • Spilledperfume

        Thanks Calipatti, my phone is old so I’m not surprised it didn’t work for me.

        There is a rule against links so I wouldn’t expect anyone to leave one. I am careful of that as well. In the meantime I’m stalking my cables on demand option until the 48 Hours episode shows up. I find these posts really interesting.

      • tamaratattles

        SP the link rule is bent a lot in TRIAL posts. However, learning how to Google is something that could keep you endlessly entertained.

      • Spilledperfume

        Trust me, I Google everything. That’s the only way I can keep up with some of the housewife shows since I’ve never watched any of them before this season.

        I watched the 48 Hours episode today on demand.

      • quincygirl

        What did you think?

      • Spilledperfume

        The third wife gives me the creeps. There is something about her that rubs me the wrong way.

        My heart breaks for those kids.

      • Allison

        I know you werent asking me, but I hope you dont mind if I answer. I watched it OnDemand this afternoon as well-I think, more likely than not, he probably smothered her. But that’s not what you convict with. I cant get past her hand/arm placement. I feel like maybe the first ME doing the autopsy may have missed something. On the other hand, the prosecution can find a bunch of ME’s to agree with them if they look hard enough. His 3rd wife bothered me with the “my kids”. Something just rubbed me the wrong way with that, and I didnt find her likeable. Something about him bothers me too-but that doesnt a conviction make. He may very well get away with murder. I am really glad I am not on the jury and have to make that decision.

      • quincygirl

        Yes, Allison I agree. The initial ME was ruled incompetent, since she has been banned from doing any more autopsies. When she referred the second person they had the same findings, it didn’t ring true because the hands were never talked about. That’s why the Detective dismissed it and wanted to move on to the next on. The 3Rd ME said it could have been seizure, but I believe it was later ruled out. So he kept going til he got someone that took the time and actually looked at it and listed all the details, the cut above lip inside and out, the hands, the redness around the mouth, the liver, the rigor all of it. The first one was Dr. Turner. I liked her.. she was very thorough. She actually had an explanation on everything . Even though she had the hand placement wrong on 48 hours, she was right on I believe. One hand was up by closer to shoulder the other by breast area. She also said in trial that she was smothered while asleep, no struggle. No defense wounds on Curt. Nor would it take much to do it.
        Wife 3.. yes, good observation. Something there. The whole “she loves the kids” thing and she adopted them… so she can call them that, nope not buying it. She is disrespecting Cory, but always saying that. And people who jump to her defense are just as bad as her. It would be different if she acknowledged Cory in a loving way, but it’s more like it’s inconvenienced her, if it wasn’t for her death she wouldn’t have “blissful marriage to Curtis”. She should respect the boys blood line! No matter what.

      • Allison

        @Quincygirl- I was so glad they showed an artists rendering of her arm position-it was sort of how I pictured, but that really helped. I know the boys swear they saw her in the morning-but the amount of rigor cant be explained then. I realize that each person is different, and there are variables that contribute to the speed of rigor, but not that much rigor in this case.

        It doesnt bother me that Curt lacks scratches etc-if she was asleep, intoxicated, she wouldnt have been able to thrash and fight that violently. That ME was ridiculous, gnashing his teeth to explain shy she should have had more mouth damage had she been smothered. Ugh.

        Wife 3-ah, good old, blindly loyal wife 3. I dont know much about their history, if it’s already been described, I apologize. She strikes me as probably pining for him for years and when he paid her mind, she was like a groupie, swooned, and even if he chopped up puppies in her presence, she would be so proud and gush over how he swung the axe. I realize she adopted the boys, but in this context, “my kids” makes my stomach turn. So disrespectful to Cory and her family. She’s doing him ZERO favors by doing press, and should probably STFU. She’s not a sympathetic or very sincere figure and it definitely reflects on him.

      • quincygirl

        The timeline is nearly impossible in my opinion also. And I agree with everything you say !

  5. Reads like a obsessed Detective and DA’s office.

    Seems unethical for Prosecution to shop around for a MD to say what you want him to say after several told you otherwise.

  6. Dracla Dunning

    After reading the criminal investigator’s findings, I would have reasonable doubt and could not convict. It would take some very strong evidence to sway me.

  7. Dee

    The actions of the detective are suspicious.

  8. Sam

    Hmm….it certainly does not seem like there is enough here to convict someone. I’m not even sure there’s enough to strongly suspect this guy, at least not based on what’s been made publicly available. The second wife certainly is strongly biased and even if she knows something, I am sure they could easily discredit her as a witness considering they had a bitter divorce. I’m wondering if there is either some anecdotal or circumstantial evidence that really leads them to believe he did it, but is inadmissible in court, or if perhaps this detective has a vendetta against him for a personal reason. I’ll have to look for the 48 Hours episode as I’m now intrigued.
    As an aside, my dad was born and raised in Mississippi and has some Lovelace cousins. We always pronounced it “Loveless”, so that’s the only way I’d heard of pronouncing it up until recently.

    • quincygirl

      Funny you say that, it has always been pronounced Loveless, but the 3rd wife has now changed it to LoveLACE! We have no clue why or when but it’s now changed. He has never corrected anybody up til now either being in the public eye.

      • interestedperson

        I plus all others that worked with him in northern IL have always and only known him as LoveLACE

      • quincygirl

        That is interesting – going to school here. And having always being in the public eye, he was always LoveLESS. (no pun intended) His kids even go by LoveLESS. He would introduce himself at school board as Curtis LoveLESS. Wonder why the difference?

  9. Sam

    Oh, one other thing….I know we can’t post links but for those interested when I googled Curtis Lovelace the first thing that popped up was a link to the full 48 hours episode.

  10. SashaV

    I am with you TT. Based on what I have read here and watched on 48 Hours there is reasonable doubt. If I were on the jury I could not convict.

    I do think that the position of the body in full rigor (according to the original ME) is very suspicious though Re time of death and I suspect he may have done something. The kids seem unreliable as they were not questioned about seeing their mother that morning until two days after her death. Not sure their memory is correct. It will be interesting to see what a new jury decides.

  11. This blog is better than most crime blogs I visit TT. If we all ever get sick of reality tv, I hope you make the switch – great recap – even for those not following the case!

    I missed 48 Hours – will watch asap.

    The lingering question is why case was re-opened then pursued with such zealousness, I think.

    If he pleads out, I hope they require a confession.

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve done A LOT of trial coverage here, Tess. I cut way back when Court TV disappeared and HLN stopped doing live coverage. I miss those days. Much more intellectually stimulating than breaking down a Munchausen patient’s 2200 word rambling manifesto. :)

      • quincygirl

        We were just talking about Court Tv today, of course it was the talk about OJ trial. We have come so far! Yes, Quincy is beautiful. Our historical homes are gorgeous. We have awesome restraurants, If you ever get to town, DOBrien and I will treat you to lunch. haha Of course, he will have to buy, he might be famous some day with all this coverage.

  12. @immelza

    Did they ever try for a change of venue for the trial? It seems to me to be a waste of tax payers dollars to keep trying this in this town where there has been so much press. Thanks for keeping this updated TT.

    • quincygirl

      Yes they did, it was denied. They felt they could get an unbiased jury. The press wasn’t all that much until the last month before the jury started. A lot of that was because it was a lot of prelims.. walk in, walk outs. And not all of them was in our courthouse, they were at where the Judge is from, about 90 miles away? So not a lot of press. It really got big 2 weeks beforehand! When we heard 48 hours and Dateline would be there!

  13. Allison

    Thanks for the heads up on the 48 Hours episode-watching it right now. @Quincygirl-I appreciate the insight and interesting perspective you have on this. I find with many news stories, there are several layers to them-what’s reported, what isnt, what the locals know, what the inner circle knows, etc and you don’t often get a look at all of them.

  14. Allison

    Also-amazing how much the daughter looks like her mother.

    • quincygirl

      Yes, uncanny how much she looks like her. She is a beautiful girl and I feel for her. She has been dealt with a lot. I feel like in the beginning she was protecting dad, now she has a mind of her own and now she doesn’t know what to believe. She is not allowed to speak to her brothers. The 3rd wife stopped all that. Makes you wonder why.

  15. Interestedperson

    I personally am tired of peoe stating wife 2 is the reason the daughter and Curtis dont have a relationship that is not true, he was very much an achoholic and the only reason he isnt drunk now is that he is in jail he was a controlling and mean drunk to boot

    • tamaratattles

      Oh hey, wife number #2 ! We’ve been waiting for you!

      • interestedperson

        I know for a fact that he was very controlling with wife 2, he told her what to eat, drink and wear how to do her hair and who to talk too. He was a very hard person to please for all of his families.

    • Allison

      What caused the estrangement between Curtis and Lindsey? Was it her testimony or was it there before that?

      • quincygirl

        Don’t know, they were all a family for a while. Then became estranged again before he was arrested. (timing is, wife and curt was married 12/13, daughter was questioned by cop 3/2014, wife started adoption process 5/2014, curt was arrested 8/2014)

      • Allison

        @quincygirl thank you, quince-I’m just trying to wrap my head around all the players in this-so it sounds like there was trouble long before. What is Lindsey like? Good student, ever in trouble, was she close to her brothers before all of this? I know you dont like, live in their basement or anything :-) but you definitely have a very unique perspective and are part of those layers I talked about. What’s the general feeling towards wife 3?

      • quincygirl

        Allison, Wife #2 and Curt had a volatile relationship. His alcohol played into that from what I hear. I don’t know a lot of details. I just know it was an interesting divorce according to our crime writer here in town. I do know he was a mean drunk and was not secretive about that.

      • Allison

        Thank you so much-I’m sorry if you’ve already answered these questions a million times-after the 48 hours episode I have more ?s about things they didnt really touch on, and it helps having the whole entire picture. Is Wife 2 still living in town? Has she been quiet about this?

      • quincygirl

        I am not a basement dweller, but the overall feeling was that they were all close. They all supported each other. They have been through hell and back. And the overall feeling of #3, is not far to what you have already said. She has her supporters for sure. I know the “my kids” comments rub people the wrong way. I think if she would be more respectful to the memory of Cory with it, maybe it would come off more softer. For someone who wishes to stay out of the limelight, she is enjoying it I believe. There are many more ways to try and vindicate your husband instead of coming off so brass. On the 10 year anniversary of Cory’s passing, did they celebrate Cory at all, did they honor her? did they speak of her? Because I know our newspaper did a big article on wife #3 on the 10 year anniversary of her passing, which I thought was in bad taste. It could have waited a day or the following weekend. And even on that day knowing it was the 10 year anniversary, her words weren’t very honoring of Corys’ passing. It was about her and how she is handling it. She just comes off very cold to me and very calculating.

      • Allison

        @Quincygirl I was determined to watch the 48 hrs episode with an open mind-I’d read a lot about the case here, but felt I needed more information to formulate an opinion on his guilt/innocence. I appreciate your patience with all of my questions! That’s gross-the 10th anniversary bit-and after watching, I have an opinion. Will you try and attend the retrial in May?

      • quincygirl

        I don’t believe #2 is still in town, she might be. And she has been very quiet.

      • quincygirl

        I doubt it happens in May, they are taking up “donations” now to pay for his new counsel. He submitted a request to have his transcripts for free since he was broke, but they were just denied today, because his old lawyers haven’t “formally” quit. So they looked at it as he already had representation. And he has already announced he has new counsel.
        I will be going at some point. It is hard to tell I have a full time job, my software is just down today – so I can’t do anything on it. LOL
        I went a couple of times last trial, I watched some interesting testimony. I saw some of the photos. I am sure it won’t start til July-ish!

      • Allison

        May did seem a bit ambitious-I’m hoping some new evidence or testimony comes to light between now and then-it would be a shame to see a guilty man walk. It’ll be interesting to see if the prosecution plays the same hand or tweaks it a little bit.

      • quincygirl

        wife #2 has just been interviewed – there will be a link posted soon, maybe Tamra can paraphrase later! Cant wait to see what she has to say!

    • Bbb16

      Hmmmm…Well then kinda interesting that he and daughter started to reunite after wife #2 and she initially had such fondness for wife #3 and stating how she loved her and was happy to finally be a family again. I’m sure he had a part in strain but all seems to revolve around timing of wife 2.

    • quincygirl

      Nobody has ever questioned any of that – But the question is – would she testify at trial #2?? She could seal his fate?

  16. Bbb16

    This is all so very interesting. The information provided by investigator who is now involved only poses more reasonable doubt. I’m not sure how the second detective can request that the ME not do reports when they were paid for their opinions but he didn’t like their opinions so kept shopping. I also can’t help but wonder if wife #2 was the catalyst to reopen this. In addition, the prosecutor is tied to a couple of questionable cases in Illinois that have gained much scrutiny. I fully believe that Curtis may be guilty but there is definitely reasonable doubt and I can’t imagine how a jury could find otherwise. Also, regarding the daughter and Curtis and his new wife. It seemed as if they were patching things up after second wife and she was moving back in and showed much affection for her new step mother up until the time of detective Gibson reaching out to her in March 2014. Did Curtis and Christine get wind of this and then sever ties with her?? Timing seems all a bit suspect??

    • quincygirl

      That is what I have my sinking feel about also. There is an obvious feel about Wife 3 and the timing of daughter being alienated again. I do believe the detective questioning her started the alienation of their family. According to their family wife 3 is the reason daughter is not allowed to have a relationship with her brothers. As they are not allowed to be in contact with their cousins, etc. Mostly Cory’s side.

  17. quincygirl

    Ok i just read the interview with wife #2, and here it is in a nutshell, she cannot discuss what was discussed with the detective knowing that she might be called to testify, but her and Curt started dating months after Cory died in 2006 and got married in Puerto Rico in 2008. He spent nearly $400.00 a month on Vodka and that was the cause of their problems. In April 2012 he reconnected with Wife #3 on Facebook and started to talk with her, which sounds like it caused some problems. Curt filed for Divorce in December 2012 and they were finally divorced Sept 2013. Him and Wife #3 were married 12/2013.

    Gomez (wife #2) said she never initiated contact with Quincy police about her ex-husband, but did say investigators contacted her. She declined to say when that contact occurred or whether Lovelace ever talked with her about the death of his first wife. She said she couldn’t speak on those issues because of the possibility of being called to testify in the second trial.

  18. tamaratattles

    Here is DOB23’s latest interview with Wife #2

    Things that stuck out to me. She’s very pretty and brunette.

    “Gomez said she never initiated contact with Quincy police about her ex-husband, but did say investigators contacted her. She declined to say when that contact occurred”

    Many in town told me that she went to the police (after he was arrested?) and was adamant that she wanted to testify.

    ” or whether Lovelace ever talked with her about the death of his first wife. She said she couldn’t speak on those issues because of the possibility of being called to testify in the second trial.”

    I don’t think the prosecution will be able to get her in the second time, her testimony has already been excluded as unfairly prejudicial. Since she claims he was always drunk, pretty much anything he ever said to her could be excluded.

    Gomez stopped and cried when talking about her former stepchildren. “My heart goes out to all of them,” she said.

    Some have claimed that she was the reason for the estrangement between Curtis and his daughter which happened shortly after Curtis married wife #2

    “Adams County court records show Curtis Lovelace filed for divorce on Dec. 19, 2012, citing “extreme and repeated mental cruelty” by Gomez. The divorce judgment was finalized in his favor on Sept. 27, 2013.”

    Don’t miss the whole story

    • quincygirl

      The lawyer in him came out when he filed for divorce, in Illinois you don’t have to have a reason to file. “NO grounds” is completely acceptable. A couple of lawyers was hired and fired from what i heard. Anyway, the divorce proceedings were going all the way up to the day before his indictment 8/26/2014. Even though his divorce was final 9/2013. It was nasty and drawn out. Back and forth for months afterwards. In the long run, she dodged a bullet.

  19. smallishtowngirl

    Just want to point out that there are conflicting reports as to if the body was in full rigor mortis when found. The first detective says no and the deputy coroner says yes although he did not report it at the time. I am not sure what the actual coroner reported.

    • quincygirl

      She was in rigor ??is all and within 2 hours they had to cut her shirt off of her. That sounds pretty close to full rigor.

      • tamaratattles

        what are you talking about? who would cut a shirt off a dead person? where is this documented?

      • quincygirl

        They testified to it.. they had to cut it off of her within 2 hours due to being in full rigor. They took her to the funeral home… Detective Baird said they had to cut it off due to being in full rigor at that point. Either Baird or Hamilton did it once they removed her body from the home.

      • tamaratattles

        So now you are saying a DETECTIVE cut the clothes off a dead body that was not a suspicious death? You say so many odd things and then swear you hear the testimony in court. Within two hours of what? I thought she was in “full rigor ” when the cops arrived according to the people who saw photos that you put so much faith in. While RIGOR starts in an hour or two, Not 12 as the prosecution would have you believe. It is completed by 12 hours. So according to their theory with the body being in full rigor why the hell would a non suspicious death have her clothes cut off?

        I really wish I could get you to understand your constant commenting in these posts is most distracting to the facts of the case. Reliance on your recitation of facts from the court room was blown within your first two or three comments here. Clearly you really want the guy to be dragged through the streets and hung in the town square The rest of us are more interested the actual facts about what was presented in court.

      • quincygirl

        I don’t know who held the scissors, but the detective testified to that, yes! It’s not me saying odd things and pulling them out of my butt, it was handled this way. The detective met the coroner at funeral home where they had to cut off her shirt because she was in full rigor 2 hours after original phone call is what he said. So that would be about 11:30am.
        I don’t think at that time they were treating it as a “suspicious or non suspicious death” They were just doing the examine. This isn’t like any other case, we have already come to that conclusion. I have merely tred to fill in holes. Do I think he is guilty? YES. I think they DiD a crap job of investigating because of our “Good ol boys” club. Yes. Half of Bairds testimony didn’t make sense because he didn’t ask what (to me) he should have asked, or talk to kids sooner, or talk to others, or follow up at all. So yes when I hard that he was a part of “cutting off a shirt” it was a little odd to me. I didn’t realize he mon lighted as an ME.

      • Allison

        I feel like clothes would have to be cut off of someone in rigor-especially since the joints are too stiff to bend?

      • quincygirl

        Yes they do. I believe she was wearing a sweatshirt. The testimony from the testimony from the detective was “we had to cut off her shirt due to her being in full rigor”. Around 11:30-12:00 by the is time. They said they moved her body to the funeral home around 11:30am.

    • Smallishtowngirl

      The prosecution argued that she had been dead and was in full rigor when found. Det Baird testified that her body was still warm.
      Those are the conflicting statements I was referring to.
      4 hours later is a different topic.

      • quincygirl

        Yes, the detective had conflicting testimony. Even the EMT said she was cold to the touch. At first Det.Baird said she was Cool to the touch then said she was warm. Very confusing.

  20. usmc

    Is it possible that Curtis was having an affair ( with his second wife) while married to Cory..

    • tamaratattles

      Interesting, I felt like he was cheating with #3 on #2 which explains her wrath. Sounds like they found each other on FB while he was married to #2. Cheating with #2 ON #1 makes since two. I think #2 said something about not dating him until after his wife died which seems an odd thing to offer unasked.

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