Nene Leakes Continues to Rant About Fashion Police!

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Some blogger did a piece today similar to the posts I made about Nene’s drama with Fashion Police last week, HERE AND HERE. Based on the title seem to have drawn similar conclusions that there is trouble in paradise for Nene Leakes on the Fashion Police set. First of all, despite leaving the blog name off the author’s name is there so I suppose that site will be blowing up, thanks to Nene. Kudos to the blogger!  Way to draw attention to negative press. And there has a been a lot of negativity surrounding Nene lately.

Her behavior regarding Kim Fields’ husband which she seemed to have no problem with on WWHL until callers kept calling her out on it, has turn some of her more avid fans. It seems her gay male fans are finally opening their eyes. Right now the only stories out there about Nene are about her gay bashing on RHOA and her denials on WWHL and her problems on the set and subsequent disappearance from Fashion Police that was oddly not brought up by Andy on WWHL. The comment sections for all of these stories seem to be full of Nene bashing. In fact, the only place where she is getting her once ubiquitous unintelligible asskissing that I have seen is on her Instagram account where she can delete the negative comments.

RHOA nene fail


Nene’s block finger must be getting tired. I read a comment here the other day that tried to suggest Nene doesn’t do her own tweeting. Oh but she does.  They all do.  Some of them give access to assistants to tweet about product, but the ranty rants are all the housewives.

And Nene just did an epic meltdown rant in third person on Instagram!  Just what I need on a slow rainy day. Thanks Nenester!

neneleakesY’all need to cut this shit out with all these fake ass reports! Nene Leakes has been nothing but professional and nice to EVERYONE on the set of Fashion Police! I am seeing way too many of these little bullshit ass blogs! She’s NEVER a diva! She’s hired to do 10 of the 12 episodes let’s be clear. If there are any problems, they are not from Nene Leakes! Let’s get these reports right ok”

Oh of course.  None of the problems on the Fashion Police set could possibly be about Nene Leakes!  She made it terrible clear she is the utmost profession in her previous rant about people not treating her properly on set.  It’s just like that time that the cast of The View didn’t treat her properly on their set.  Why didn’t that 70 year old woman stand for Nene! The nerve of her! And did you see the way Raven Simone looked at her funny! How unprofessional! Poor Nene.  You know it reminds me of that time the therapist treated her so badly on RHOA. Or that time she was just trying to support a charity event and everyone was so unprofessional she had to storm out. Why must Nene suffer such treatment everywhere she goes? It makes a profession woman suddenly talk about herself in third person. There is nothing about that that would make her co-workers dislike her! She’s Nene Leakes! finger snaps

NeNeLeakes  @NeNeLeakes I’ve been nothing but professional & Kind 2 @GiulianaRancic @margaretcho @MelRivers @mrbradgoreski & EVERY1 on Fashion Police these blog better stop NOW

NeNe Leakes (@NeNeLeakes) February 23, 2016 Please do no make me say more! Let’s clear up the false rumors NOW

Wow. That sounds very threatening. We have a saying down here in Atlanta. A hit dog will howl. Oh it sure enough will.  And please, Say more! Clear up those false rumors. Tell us who is treating you badly this time! Tell us!


RHOA Nene bri of frankenstien

It’s been over three hours since her rant across Twitter and Instagram (I didn’t bother to look at Facebook, Because, Facebook) and none of her four co-stars have jumped in to tell us what a joy Nene Leakes is to work with. And a couple of them at least have tweeted since she tagged them. Perhaps they have her blocked, or perhaps they are just tying to find the right words to express her level of professionalism as clearly as she has done herself on Twitter lately.

You know, you would think she might mention in all of this that she will be on the Fashion Police couch again next week for the Oscars. Or reporting live from the red carpet or something, so we could all mark our calendars. So far she hasn’t mentioned that. I’m sure it’s just an oversight. That or the NYFW episode and the Oscars episodes were the two she is not contracted for. But gee whiz willikers! Those are the best two episodes. That would not make any sense!

Please leave a kind word for Nene in her time of victimization.


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37 responses to “Nene Leakes Continues to Rant About Fashion Police!

  1. Cat

    And…the race is on! Who will meltdown first? Nene, or Kanye? Maybe they will go down together? After all, misery DOES love company.

  2. Shirley

    lol !! Leave Nene alone! Shots fired by TT

  3. TT, Please. No, don’t want to leave nene a kind word or any word. We are good?

  4. Sequoia

    Something nice… um. Ok. Nene Leaks never fails to meet my limited expectation of her behavior.

  5. newjerzeyboy

    I don’t know if Nene is being a bitch on Fashion Police or not, but I do think she brings absolutely nothing to the show. She can’t outwit Margaret Cho or Brad Goreski and she really has no fashion sense. She needs to go back to RHOA and hope they want her to stay.

  6. Nene you have some nice shoes

  7. Elizabeth

    I’m drinking and these pictures of N are scary!

  8. vonnie

    NeNe believes in herself regardless of what anyone else thinks. She creates her own reality #delusional ?

  9. MySharona

    All I can say is “Lord help us all”

  10. vonnie

    NeNe believes in herself regardless of what anyone else thinks. She creates her own reality #delusional ?

  11. Dracla Dunning

    In an effort to say something kind, Nene’s nose looks good in each photo TT posted. I appreciate the hairstyles, too. Thanks for the laugh.

  12. Rose

    And the cards from the House of NeNe fall down….

  13. Minky

    Goodness! Why all the Nene hate? She’s just being professional. People can’t deal with her because they’re just jealous that they can’t be her. Especially the people who have been in entertainment and television and fashion for DECADES. They’re NOT professionals. No ma’am! Just a bunch of amateurs, at best! Nene can’t help it that she’s arrived and everybody’s coming for her.

    And Nene’s done the very most professional thing any professional could ever professionally do: Make multiple posts about how professionally professional she has been. Strong emphasis on the “has been”.


  14. Margarett

    Say something nice? Uh…bless her heart.

  15. Toddy

    I like Braway Nene. That’s all I got.

  16. Sunshine

    Well Ms. Cho just gave her a nice little shout out.

  17. Speaking in the third person is ridiculous.

    Maisey would never do that.

  18. Dee

    Awwww, bless her pea picking brain! (Um didn’t she start this?)

  19. peachteachr

    As I use to tell my children when they were little and usually in a meltdown, unfortunately you sometimes get what you’re asking for. Where is Nene on that financial gift to the girls in the school in Detroit cause God knows they could use it? Uh huh, you can’t put that out in the universe and be “somebody” especially when you are in the public’s eye.
    It could not have happened to a more deserving person.

  20. Lime Brain

    She showed some class by not asking Andy to smell her new boobies, unlike a certain other Atlanta housewife.

  21. LisaPat

    Yes Nene the world is out to get you. You are a victim. Everyone is jealous. Joan Rivers isn’t really dead. They just faked her death to get you onto FP so they could torture you. E! is in on it too. Keep fighting for your rights, Nene. Maybe things will get better for you.

  22. bria

    Nene please hold on tight to your boobs because this heat surrounding you may cause them to deflate #loosing$?

  23. NeNe you were really right to pick and jazz up the Tardy For The Party song from the old man guitar teachers songs for Kim.

    That episode was the last time I remember laughing or liking you.

  24. Justagirl

    I’m a first time commenter but a long time reader of TT. I’ve watched most of the episodes of Fashion Police that Nene has been on, simply because I love fashion and like to see the clothes. There was definitely something going on during the Grammy awards episode that made it seem different than past episodes. It was very clear that if Guiliana and Brad liked a particular dress, Nene hated it. It became very obvious that she was determined to piss the others off. She literally made a fool of herself more this episode than on all the other episodes combined. Her actions just made her look sad and stupid. I’ve never understood Nene being cast for this show, but I assumed she would prepare better than she has (learn more about the designers, their history or asthetic, etc). But apparently that was me expecting way too much. I think at the beginning of this show (after Joan’s death), the other members of the panel were trying to teach her and were more patient with her lack of knowledge about fashion. It became very clear to me last week that they are over her and couldn’t care less about trying to hide their feelings…. Unless she has an iron-clad contract to appear on more episodes, I would bet we have seen the last of her on FP, thank God!

  25. DarkThoughts

    TT, I request you always use the Bride-of-Frankenstein pic of Nene every time you mention her. It is the BEST pic of this Fashion Police arrested fool.

  26. @immelza

    I think NeNe needs to hire a PR person being on her own is not working and why do grown ass women refer to themselves as She? Isn’t that someone else’s sctick?

  27. jrleaguer

    Nene being on Fashion Police makes as much sense as Kelly Osborne did being on the show. Neither one has a decent sense of Fashion…but they both have police records.

  28. Jaana

    Awww poor Nene. Finding out what Hollywood is really like right? Younare supposed to be the funny black woman with the one liners, never for get or pass your place, sweetie. You are not being hired for your acting skills. I notice that she hasn’t been calling herself an actress so much in recent months. No wonder she crawled back to RHOA.

    • Sylvia

      I actually enjoyed watching her way back when and she was funny and almost likable. Now, I mute or change the channel because she has become so loud and rude and self-absorbed I just can’t deal with her. The facial expressions that used to be funny have now become clownish and the finger snapping juvenile. She is a joke with huge boobs and a husband who has dyed his hair black, probably at her instructions, so when he is groveling behind her he doesn’t look so old.

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