Married At First Sight Recap: Finale Part 1

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley


I am so excited for tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight! It’s the finale, y’all! But it is only part one and we probably won’t know any outcomes until next week.

Unfortunately, it looks like this episode is going to be a bye week. We will probably get a little something in the last twenty minutes. If we’re lucky.

David and Ashley

We are back with the lovely couple just a few days before David finally understands what is going on in Ashley’s head. It’s something he has been wondering about, despite her making it perfectly obvious, all season.  They are out on a jog in the lovely neighborhood to which Ashley has become accustomed. It’s a very nice neighborhood. But it is worth the price?  Is that Piedmont Park? Is Ashley suddenly being nice?  Ashley claims to be conflicted in her talking head.

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo


Neil and Sam

We catch up to these two on the way home from their “second honeymoon” to Savannah. Neil is deep in thought. Sam is hopeful and we are all wondering if the consummated the marriage this time.  Neil still looks frustrated, so I’m guessing no.  Sam needs to put her seatbelt on.  And she did. She’s being very touchy feely with Neil. She is worried he is going to ask for a divorce. I don’t think he will. Unless she talks nonstop the whole way home. Which it looks like she might.

Once they get home they go on a rock climbing date. They really are trying to make Neil look undecided. He’s not.

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

I’ve never gotten a good read on this couple. I’m not sure Tres is really in this. Remember how he freaked out and almost didn’t walk down the aisle?  I would not be shocked if he bailed. But I also would not be shocked if they stuck it out.  They could go either way.  They are editing Tres as if he is going to say yes.  So that’s a bad sign.

Tres gives Vanessa a bracelet with a heart shaped charm that apparently has her new last name on it. Vanessa gives him a thank you kiss and tells him she loves him. Jewelry will do that to a girl.

The night before Vanessa seems miserable while filming with her sister. She is barely speaking. It’s like he has already told her he is done. Meanwhile Tres’ friend says he has to decide if he is “really going to do this.” Which is something I don’t think Tres decided on his wedding day. I kind of feel like he is making that decision on decision day. Vanessa is crying at dinner with her sister.

Decision Day

Well, my estimation was much too generous. Decision day starts with only eight minutes left in the show. They show Ashley and David waking up in the same be. Yet the are both fully dressed in t-shorts and bottoms and the covers don’t look slept in at all. Did Ashley bravely endure five whole minutes for production purposes?  Probably. None of them look like they were really sleeping in their beds in the scenes we saw. I’m not talking they knew production was coming and someone had to let them in. I’m talking “let’s pose in the bed for the wakeup shoot now” kind of posed.

We managed to get David and Ashley to the decision couch.  David tells Ashley he wants to stay married.  Ashley starts with “You know I think you are a good person…”  She says she really tried and she wanted it to work. But she wants a divorce. SHOCKER! Said no one.  Ashley does exactly what we said she would do. She blames David and the social media situation. David at least tells her that she is making excuses.

We will find out the fate of the other two next week.

There is a brief aftershow. Let’s see what they say.  Oh it’s going to be bullshit from Ashley. She claims she didn’t know what she was going to do until she got on the couch. Lies. David said he did the best he could. Ashley was pissed. She indicates they agreed the night before to be a united front with the divorce. She apparently wanted him to do one more thing not to make her look bad. I’m glad David didn’t give her that.  Ashley is all over the place. First she gives the scripted line of “I didn’t know what I was going to do” then she blames David for not going with her face-saving agenda. I’m over this couple, let’s move on. Ashley says that thinks David was in love with the idea of being married, not with her. I believe that.  David shares fun moments from the relationship in his interview. He says the night before their honeymoon they had a night in the hotel where they ordered food in and hid from production and got in the huge bathtub fully dressed and laughed and ate takeout.

Ashley’s interview is just her repeating that the entire time was a struggle and she never felt a connection. Which is fair. But she also never put in any effort to fully participate in the experiment. She basically wasted a lot of her time, David’s time, production’s time, and quite frankly our time.

It’s super clear from Same and Neil’s interview they are together. Tres and Vanessa are the wild card.  I’m starting to lean toward no for those two.



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15 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Finale Part 1

  1. Hopefully we will never have to hear Ashley’s monotone voice again. Also, I love this show and I hope others catch on to it.

  2. microop

    Well I wish David the best. He might find a woman after this.

  3. Lisaj



    • DarkThoughts

      I don’t like David’s ideas of what love is. It sounds stunted, fantastical and clingy. He is better off getting this divorce. She really did do him a favor.

      There is a book I read 15 years ago about the 5 different languages of love. Vanessa and Sam from what they’ve shown don’t speak any. They are mute. Neil speaks at least 2 and Tres 3.

      I’m predicting divorce 3, love zero.

      Sorry TT, I know you are pulling for Sam.

  4. MzKRB

    See I think Vanessa and Tres are still together and they are trying to show an edit to make it seem like they have a difficult decision because despite some natural reservations and personal issues, they seem like a good couple. David and Ashley were a lost cause the minute they came on the screen.

  5. AprilTea

    I love that David remained a gentleman. If he wanted a divorce, he had enough integrity to not say it on national tv because of Ashley’s feelings toward him. Some may find it strange but that is what a respectful person does on tv when you know the other is indifferent. Now that is what you call respect. He could have gone off and on and on, but he refused to do that. I think that he continued to talk about being in love and what the good times were because this is not the platform to bash a woman who is not in it to win it with him. Sometimes positivity covers up hurt. He knew she wasn’t going to say yes. Also, he has a CAREER to protect! Making 6 figures! But she only made herself look bad by trashing him about that social media situation and his positive comments about her. She thinks he’s delusional. Just imagine how the interview would have gone if they both said no. They would have been finger pointing. To keep it calm, just go in opposite directions and watch who does all of the negative talking. Hey, Ashley! It seems like she was wanted to bash him before he bashed her first. Not one time has he spoken negatively about her on the show.


  6. I’m glad to be done with Ashley. David def let her save face and not tell her “HELL YES I WANT A DIVORCE YOU PRUDE DISRESPECTFUL BYTCH” lol. I think Neil and Sam and Tres and Vanessa are vying for the spin off

  7. I don’t see real love between any of the couples. I see playing house (Tres and Vanessa), desperation (Neil and Sam) and just plain nastiness (Ashley). I think that the group of experts needs to be replaced with people who actually know what they are doing for future shows. I am thrilled that Ashley did not agree to stay with David…she is a waste of time.

    • Also should have added that if Neil and Sam did not consumate their marriage then they should not agree to stay married. What if they are not compatible sexually? I could not live with a nutcase like Sam who is pushy and obnoxious and Neil is very introverted and hard to read. I can see why these two could not find a mate in the traditional way.

  8. Peter

    Well, we all knew the fate of David and Ashley before last night. I’m just glad that David is free now and has a chance to find true love.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the other two couples. I think that the show started with Ashley and David because they knew how it would end. The other two will provide more suspense because they are a tough read. I think that Sam and Neil have a chance but I think that he may have suffered a little too much in the beginning. Vanessa and Tres seem to be physically attracted to one another. However, I am just concerned that there would not be enough substance there for it to survive.

  9. jrleaguer

    I always got the feeling that Ashley’s thoughts were, “I have a bunch of student loans to pay off and blowouts cost a small fortune, so, yeah, I can do this for six weeks.” David will hopefully be able to find someone worthy of him.
    Tres and Vanessa had heat from the get go. While that is a good quality, when it the ONLY thing, it does not get you through the tough times. If they do stay together, I give it about 2-3 years unless they put in some heavy duty work.
    Sam and Neal….I am really pulling for them. I thought that Sam was vile at first, but she has made a true effort and did a 180 in a pretty short amount of time (6 weeks is not that long). I think the fact that Sam now sees and admits her flaws and that Neal gives her the space to be herself and nurture her at the same time that she has realized what a great guy she has been matched with and has opened her heart to him.

  10. Rose

    They should have just made the show 2 hours as it dragged on and on. All season I’ve thought Ashley and David were the Jaimie and Doug from S1….she had no attraction to him and the smoking was a huge issue. You can’t fake attraction and my issue was always David was so desperately needy. Sam and Neil will make it. Tre and Vanessa only have physical attraction, no emotional connection and horrible communication. I still believe Vanessa will want to stay and Tre is going to jet.

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