WWHL With Nene Leakes “I Don’t Think Chris Is Fruity!”

WWHL With Nene Leakes


Before I even watch this episode there are some things right away that are odd.  Andy didn’t double air it by tacking it on to the RHOA episode.  I’m not sure the episode was live. I could have sworn I saw ads for it during RHOA. But I just pulled the photo and Andy says it is live, and Andy is a very truthful guy, so maybe we will find out about Nene’s disappearance from Fashion Police on this show.

Gregg is the bartender and Andy starts right off by acknowledging Kelsey Grammer’s birthday. Why the hell would he do that? Kelsey has been terrorizing one of “his favorite” housewives for years?  The shade begins before Nene can even speak. It certainly looks to me like Nene spent some of her off time getting fresh boobs. I know this because in her new talking heads, and on this show, she has them thrust out for all to see. I’m not feeling this trend with middle-aged women putting their tits on a platter on TV. It is possible to get fresh titties and showcase them in a manner that doesn’t lend itself to counting their veins and stray nipple hairs. Nobody wants to see all that. Well, except Andy, the gay guy with the boob fixation. I swear Andy is more mesmerized by boobs than most straight men I know. Ha! I had the DVR paused and the minute I hit play, Andy makes a comment about Nene Leakes “breastesses” and she cups and juggles them for his viewing pleasure.

Andy compliments Nene’s hair. I must say this is one of her better wig attempts. And then Nene shimmies and it looks like we are going to talk about middle-aged boobs some more. Oh joy.


They show a clip of Kandi and the Old Lady Gang and then ask a question about…..KENYA.  Because that is all Andy ever talks about on this show. If this continues, Nene will be livid.  Nene says at first she didn’t think that Matt was the right one for Kenya but she was at Kenya’s birthday party and she thinks Kenya is feeling him. I realize a lot of us here have jumped the Kenya ship but I will say that Kenya and Matt have traveled together outside of filming and have quite the relationship documentation on Instagram. Given Kenya’s track record with men, and the demands by production to couple up this season, I understand the side eye. But I feel like this relationship is real. Now whether it’s a fun diversion for now for Kenya or a happily ever after we will see. But he does seem to be at her house a lot.

BTW, I am now convinced the show is live.

Andy plays a montage of gay shaming claiming that it was not just Kenya. Yet, Andy thinks it’s all pretty hilarious. Despite evidence played to the contrary, Nene claims she was not a part of the pile up on Chris. She is blaming editing saying that something happened on the bus in Jamaica that was never seen on the show.  She says she, Phaedra and Porsha had a little run in with Chris on the bus and that is what they were talking about. Chris apologized to them later. Really? What did he do? Was he humping Gregg? Because if not, it is no excuse for the first insult to every guy on this show to be gay related.  She says that Chris was at her home for the Superbowl. She doesn’t think he is gay. Because she doesn’t invite gay people to her home. Okay she didn’t say that part out loud but it seemed implied.

At this point  Andy reads some of Kim’s epic Twitter rant last night about Kenya:

WTF kind of time traveling “source” are you that you can make me married to someone diff when you did your ONE ep of #LivingSingle? I’ve told you keep my family out of your unimportant #irrelevant mouth. As I said in #Jamaica, my husband’s industry calls him by his professional name only… My husband gets the utmost respect for who he is as a performer AS WELL AS a dedicated #husband a #father…Whereas you have no industry let alone one that calls you. Magical to me that #fake is actually what is SO desperately desired. #RHOAA good #marriage is work, work we love; we are both on our 2nd, so we know how to be out if it’s not the right fit, for any reason. #RHOA Shame on anyone who continues to try to tear down #marriage and #families, especially in the name of #storyline. #RHOABTW, I have NEVER “come for you” in my life. #TRUETOMYSELF#FAMILY#MARRIAGEMATTERS#RHOA

It seems Kim can read just fine. As long as it is on the Internet  and not face to face.

Next we move on to the ridiculous scene where Nene and Phaedra role play Kim and Kenya. Then Andy plays a greatest hits montage of all the shade thrown this season for Nene to rate. Because, who cares?

Nene talks about Sheree what we call here “the carrier pigeon” this season. She says, ” I was shocked that she Googled to see if he was fruity.” Le sigh.

Questions for Nene?

Nene was asked if she believed Kenya’s apology to Cynthia. She said no. She was rolling her eyes the whole time Kenya was talking.

Why did you laugh and join in when the girls were talking about Chris but then turn around and kiss Kim’s butt acting like you were appalled by the conversation?  Nene says that she loves a good laugh and the things Kenya was saying were really, really funny. She will laugh at anything. But, after a while she thought it was going a little bit far.

RHOA Cynthia friend contract

Is your relationship with Cynthia stronger than before? Is she your BFF? They are a work in progress. She’s a really good friend. They have undeniable chemistry blah…blah…blah. I’m almost as sick of the BFF thing as the word ‘mercial.  Why do these women act like they are in middle school. Do grown women really go around trying to attain BFF status with someone?

Has Porsha changed from her first season?  Absolutely, she used to be the first lady, and praying and she couldn’t even go to the strip club and “now she a Queen of the THOT!”

Does Kim Fields fit in with the cast? No not really. But I like Kim.

What was your first reaction seeing Sheree and Bob together? She was shocked. So was everyone.  As, I’ve told you guys production had them all couple up this year and Sheree needed to do something to stay on. Enter Bob, who has never met a TV camera he didn’t like and has a vested interest in keeping food on his kid’s table, lest they return to cheese product squares on white bread again.

Who of the housewives were not too happy to see you in Jamaica?  She was really surprised that Phaedra and Porsha didn’t give her a warm welcome.

 I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY! My sources told me all along that NO ONE knew Nene and Gregg were showing up in Jamaica. Even most of production who was told at the last possible minute. Now during the season airing we find out that Cynthia knew and did not prepare her BFF, Kenya.  And THAT boys and girls is the issue between Kenya and Cynthia. I knew it was not the commercial stuff, because that was scripted.  Kenya would have been at the meeting if it was her call time. The script called for her to be unable to attend that meeting to set up the conflict between Kenya and Kim which seemed to come out of no where until a few episodes into the season.  Cynthia hid the return of Nene from everyone, including Kenya. THAT is why Kenya is so salty with Cynthia. Then when Cynthia blatantly flip flopped, Kenya’s anger spilled over into her contrived scenes with Kim.

Would Donald Trump make a good president?  She says he probably would. She’s not voting for him. She likes him as a person.

Have you talked to Teresa since she was sprung from prison? Yes, Teresa invited her to one of her events but she couldn’t come because she wasn’t in town.

RHOA Nene Green Screen January 2016

They played a game where Nene had to answer questions based on other housewives shows. She got almost all of them wrong because she doesn’t watch.  OTOH it’s hard to get them all wrong when guessing randomly. I’m just saying. She did know the names of LVPs swans though.

Andy says he is getting tweets saying he is being shady to Nene and others saying he is not calling her out for the “fruity” comment. And just like that polite Nene is gone and gutter trash Nene appears claiming it was Kenya who said fruity.  It’s like she has forgotten she said it again ten minutes earlier on this very show.  Andy does say, “You’re kind of missing the point but it’s okay.” No Andy, it is not okay. THAT is the point you keep missing.  Andy says they are all going to talk about it on the reunion a lot.

Nene is fired up and Andy says, “The point is, you all used it as an insult!” Nene says, “SO?”  And ONCE AGAIN Andy doesn’t explain it to her.

A caller is on the line and before she can even get her question out Nene asks the caller if she said the word “fruity.”  Nene is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know when to shut up.

The caller asks about Phaedra always talking about God when she is so …. (the caller searches for a word , Nene offers “ungodly”) the caller goes with floozy. Like a floozy!  Nene takes a long sip on her drink. Gregg shouts out take another sip before you answer! Nene blows the question off and we are out of time.

The Poll Question: Is Matt the one for Kenya? 51% no.  Nene says Kenya is not pregnant she just had a cocktail with her on her birthday. Not to mention Kenya herself has denied it. Kenya is 45 years old, I seriously doubt she will carry her own child anyway. This is the biggest bullshit rumor that one urban site has ever perpetuated, so um, I guess kudos to them.


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26 responses to “WWHL With Nene Leakes “I Don’t Think Chris Is Fruity!”

  1. Not my style, but I get some woman like implants.

    But I just don’t get why they want them to look so OBVIOUSLY fake.
    She looks like she has 2 bowling balls on her chest.

    And in Nene’s case——-Gutter Balls.

  2. Cat

    I like your epiphany. Great tea! Makes sense, too.

    Nene needs to be straightened out about the gay remarks. Shame on Andy for not stepping up.

    • Cat

      Oh, and if Andy really wants a boob, I have a spare I am willing to donate. I don’t want/need it. It gets in my way now.

      • Spilledperfume

        Cat, Andy actually has a boob of his own. He has one of Tamra’s (RHOC) implants in the Clubhouse. I don’t know why he has it but one night 3 of his guests were playing with it, putting in their top etc. He told them to be careful with it. The three young women were from How To Be Single.

  3. Is it just me or is Nene wearing mismatched boots? One looks like it goes over the knee and the other one looks like it stops a few inches below the knee.

  4. JanM

    Hi TT, I’ve been waiting for your recap on this. I feel like Andy was quite perturbed with Nene. I thought her behavior towards the end was very odd. She kept missing the questions, than laughing really hard. It seemed like there was a lot going on between her and Andy.

  5. cavex2

    Do you make poor Banjo watch this shit too?? I love you and thank you for watching it and recapping it for us. xoxo
    Ugh on the NeNe boobs…

  6. DJ

    Ne Ne would look so much classier if she zipped the dress up a couple of inches. I actually like the dress, hair and shoes, but hanging out of the dress is not a good look. I don’t get middle age women trying so hard to be sexy. I’m 5′ 5.5″ and 109 lbs, so maybe that’s why I don’t get it. I like being petite.

  7. TT – Awesome recap. I totally agree with your epiphany…

    I also thought that Kenya, being put in a bad position of having been shut out of a possible opportunity to produce a commercial, only to be expected to follow direction from the competition was insulting to say the least. Real friends don’t put you in a position like that…at least not on purpose.

    Cynthia is a dimwit who just didn’t get it. She jumped full force into NeNe’s wagon without batting an eye.
    I noticed that she kept bringing up Kenya’s name….must be the guilt ! She’s more focused on Kenya than she is with her own husband….NeNe will turn on her soon…she just wants to get her feet positoned back into her RHOA job.

    Phaedra – for the love of God, she needs therapy. She is still hurt by the Apollo & Kenya storyline. I’m still waiting to see if she can go ‘1 episode’ without trashing Kenya….

    Kim – you are on the wrong show girl ! You look so uncomfortable hiding behind those kids and your husband.

  8. In the last picture of Nene, she is looking like The Bearded Lady again.

  9. Christian

    I agree with your epiphany Tamara. It occurred to me yesterday that Kenya was probably just really pissed about Nene randomly showing up.

    I know when I’m upset about something in a group-setting, I tend to walk away with my boyfriend and vent to him while trying to stay away from everyone else. This way it’s not *completely* obvious that I’m upset. I’m sure when she was “paddling off to Cuba/Mexico” she was probably explaining to Matt why she was upset that Nene is there, having gotten no warning ahead of time. And running ahead of everyone through that waterfall thing was probably to stay away from them while fulfilling her group-filming duties. I didn’t even begin to consider the fact that Kenya was probably slighted that the woman she referred to as her “best friend” (for whatever reason) was so busy trying to get Nene to like her again that she didn’t take a moment to warn her that Kenya’s worst-case scenario (I imagine) was about to happen. Surprise (andrea bocelli – sorry; lyme brain)!

    i’m not feeling the gap between nene’s (alleged) new boobs. but i’m also gay. first time commenter, daily lurker. thanks for all the tea!

  10. Miguel

    Sweet tea, TT!!! Love the middle school analogy – remember the friendship contract? The years have passed & there’s been no maturity. Perhaps, that’s what’s making the RHOA storylines annoyingly cyclical / repetitive; like the mostly outdated soaps?

    The writings on the wall, Bravo – ur RH franchise may crumble, if you don’t fix it & Andy’ll be left with three (like, Days, Y&R, B&B)! Even then, it won’t be RHOA/P!!!

  11. Matzah60

    Great deduction, Tamara. It makes a lot of sense that the only person to know about Nene’s return was Cynthia and she didn’t share the news with her now former BFF. I never even heard of BFF until I started teaching in a new school district in 2004. It’s such a juvenile term.

    I think it’s very ironic and perhaps Karma that Cynthia fake cried and threw her former best friend, Kenya under the bus, denying their friendship for the most part and talked about it being a ‘work in progress’ only to turn on the TV for WWHL and find out who she thought was her BFF once again denying it. Nene responds to Andy’s question as to whether she and Cynthia were BFF’s again and Nene responds much like Cynthia did to Kenya; “They are a work in progress. They are really good friends.”

    Besides Kenya, I used to like Cynthia a bit, but she has shown her true self this season. She is not a good friend, not loyal, considerate, and rather unlikable. I wonder how Cynthia feels now that she no longer has either Kenya or Nene as a BFF. Karma’s a bitch!

  12. Josie

    Really Nene, other than Gregg no one wants to be assaulted by the sight of those boobs. Geez. Pardon me while I get some eye bleach….

    Do gay men love boobs or do they know that women like to be complimented on their boobs?

  13. Sigh how come most of production didn’t know Nene was coming? Did she pay for her own ticket and lodgings? I honestly can’t keep up with it! They strive to create all this conflict at the expense of people’s reputations! Somewhere Carlos King, Andy Cohen and Mona Scott are sitting at their round table trying to devise their next evil plan! I’m looking forward to your Next 15 recap Tamara!

  14. My Mom had a housecoat that looked exactly life this (minus the boob gap) in 1974.

    Not sure how you do it TT. That last ep was sickening, no way could I tune in to WWHL!

    NeNe? The thirst is real.

  15. More Tea Please!

    Andy has zero balls, make that Negative Balls, for not putting Nene in her place for her homophobic attitude.

  16. Bria

    wow TT did I ever tell how you much I love your recap. my family & colleagues are wondering why am so invested in this mess but I can’t rationalize it . It’s like eating junk food, knowing it is not good for you. Thank you for clarifying the conflict between Cynthia and Kenya. I couldn’t understand Kenya’s childish behavior but I can imagine her anger. I hope Cynthia will focus on her husband and get him straight for commenting on Porsha’s huge behind.

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