Yolanda Is Taking A Beating on Twitter


UPDATED: To add this gem…


Sometimes I just want to alert you guys so something so we can talk about it. This is one of those times. Yolanda is taking a lot of heat on Twitter. Basically she posted about Big Ang passing away with the hashtag #InvisibleDisease.  All the Twitter folks are going at her pointing out that cancer is not invisible. Big Ang was physically, visibly ill on the Doctor Oz show which she also brought up. Unlike Instagram where she can deleted comments, on Twitter she can block people but the comments are still there. Click this link.

People are furious with  Yolanda. I’ve never seen anyone go from a beloved castmate to a hated one like this so fast. Remember when she thought she was great on her first season? How did it come to this?

Yo and Anwar, he's a model now too!

Yo and Anwar, he’s a model now too!


In other news, Anwar has signed a modeling contract with IMG just like his sisters. She is of course thrilled. I hope she is thrilled enough to  stop blocking his career by telling the world he has Chronic Lyme disease.

It is interesting to see her adoring fans on Instagram and her haters on Twitter. I’d like to strongly encourage you guys to be neither and just watch it all go down.

Also, in Big Ang news her funeral is tomorrow. I just really don’t want to cover all of that.


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177 responses to “Yolanda Is Taking A Beating on Twitter

  1. marywanna

    I think people are just tired of her talking about illness.

    • marywanna

      I think Yolanda is also wrong to make it her story
      line for fame. Just take a season off until you’re healthy again.

    • Meg

      People are tired of her BS. There is a very thin line between raising awareness and attention whoring. Yolanda has crossed that line long time ago. She doesn’t know when to stop.

      • Librarygirl

        At this point I am very curious as to how she plays the end game here. Yo has boxed herself into a corner. She’s going to have to either quit the show, come clean about her diagnosis, or make something up. Hard for me to imagine any of those scenarios. Other than garnering attention to herself, what was the point of all of this? I have a sick feeling that we will have no resolution here.

    • I am tired of her talking…period. She makes no sense and is totally self-absorbed. I never liked her but I just want her to go away at this point.

  2. Erica

    I have never watched an episode of Mob Wives – but it was clear that Big Ang was loved by many. I’ve tweeted a few “are you fucking kidding me with that statement?” type of tweets – but I save the real vitriol for truly evil things.

    While I don’t think what Y posted is evil – it is insensitive, self centered, and opportunistic. She’s trying to ride the Big Ang trend (which I imagine is a lot – I don’t go on Twitter much).

    She’s also wrong. Didn’t Big Ang have cancer???

    I understand why people would be so heated though – who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way shape or form?

    I highly doubt that towards the end, Big Ang would have had the ability to post pictures of herself currently on a boat, or generally looking hale and hearty as Yolanda has been able to do.

    Also – whether or not you believe in chronic lyme, I have only heard about it being debilitating… not fatal.

    • Laura

      Yes all of this! I wish there were like buttons.. Lol

    • Librarygirl

      Most illnesses are invisible, The people who are affected share to the degree that matches their comfort level. Clearly, Yo is extremely happy to over share and become the center of attention in any format.

      • Miguel

        Methinks the endgame is remission. After which, she thrives as a health & fitness guru, as suggested b4 by a TT follower.

  3. Cat

    Leave it to Yolanda to make someone else’s death all about her. I don’t toss this word around often, but Yolanda is a real cunt.

    I will respect you if you do not cover the funeral. I’m tired of the trolls coming out of the woodwork.

    • Ditto what Cat said. Love you, TT.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. Totally Cat. Angela seemed to be all about living it up and enjoying life. Covering her funeral would be exhausting and sad. And too many lickers might say stupid things.

    • captain eel

      Cat, I could not agree more. Yolanda is a vile and depraved creature, not only has she stepped beyond the boundaries of human decency, she has stepped beyond the boundaries of humanity itself, into a disgusting category of her own making.

    • Suzanne D

      Like Kathryn Edwards, cunt is one of the few words that I really do hate. I think it’s so derogatory towards women and just plain low class. Having said that, I agree with you 100% Cat. Yolanda is a cunt.

  4. Kim

    A swing & a miss! Can’t compare Lyme to cancer. To be honest, since she broadcasted her will on RHOBH, I’ve been using FFwd on my DVR during the Yolanda parts. I get the message & it’s her storyline & feel bad but I can’t watch it anymore. I’m surprised she hasn’t deleted that tweet..completely misguided, although I’m sure she meant well but I’m not watching The Yolanda Show anymore. I’m tapping out.

  5. Victoria W. Jefferson

    Miss Tamara – I don’t always get to read all of your posts. However, when you are signing with an agency, much like a professional althete, don’t they have to pass a physical?

    What is Yolanda gaining by putting it out there that the kids are also sick?

    I will mention no names…but about 20 years ago, in sleepy Indianapolis, IN a prominent family had a problem with drugs (prescription). The Mother was definitely doctor shopping & she not only was taking the drugs, she was giving them to her young children. So much so, that the kids were missing whole semesters of school. They finally did an intervention.

    In the past eight (8) years, there was a doctor who was doing the same thing to herself & her children. It got to the point where she had to take a child to the ER & once the child recovered, he told someone at the hospital what was happening.

    Yolanda Hadid is certainly a beautiful woman, living a life most of us can only dream about. Either commit her or take her off the show.

    On another note, I was researching material on Maurice White & came across a video (on You Tube) of David Foster giving Maurice White credit for his career. It was quite touching.

    • I’ve never heard of a modeling agency requiring a physical. It’s typically more impersonal. They send you out on go-sees and you either show up or don’t. If you don’t show, someone else gets the job and they move on.

  6. Kim

    Oh since Yo is the topic, I’ve been curious…she said she wasn’t wearing make up because of the chemicals or toxins (or something to that effect if I remember correctly). Don’t they make an organic make up for vegans or something?! I’m thinking with all her money, that would’ve been a possibility. Now I get that she may not have felt well to put it on or didn’t care how she looked in public, but that’s a different story. That’s a CHOICE she made then (not saying she wanted to look sickly but I can’t say either way for sure). Am I the only one that wondered that??

    • JoJoFLL

      Kim, many over the counter cosmetic lines line Clarins are plant based that Yolanda could wear.

      This is is my problem with Yolanda. Like I did with Brandi, I tried to stay out of the fray with Yolanda until SHE brought her children into the Lyme storyline and then had the audacity of blaming Lisa and Lisa of doing it.

      She’s too rich to understand what a real struggle is like.

      People deal with menopause every day without reverting to bone marrow transplants or explants.

      • Katie

        I think she knows what a real struggle is. She got into modeling at a young age to support her family when her father died. She is rumored to have met Mohammad under unsavory circumstances and while he was still married. She knows what struggle is but she did what she had to do to get ahead. Don’t knock the immigrant hustle. It is very real.

      • Katie

        Season 1 Yolanda was cool. She put Taylor in her place, treated Kim with kindness, and was pals with Lisa so I think that’s why a lot of people liked her. But slowly and surely her true colors began to show. She’s nuts!

      • Kim

        @JoJoFLL Thank you! I would wonder that every time I saw her win out make-up. So it’s her choice, not like she has no other option. That’s a far cry from her woe is me, I can’t wear make-up pity party.

        I agree with you! Maybe she had to struggle in the beginning but it’s been a VERY long time (& many millions ago) so I’m sure her recollection of struggling is far from the plight of the average Joe these days, as most of us will never experience the life of luxury she has lived. Not that I can fault her for that. Not to mention, God forbid you have a disability, she has the time & money to spend on her treatment, that alone puts her ahead of most of us.

      • JoJoFLL

        Katie, Yolanda hasn’t known financial struggle since she was 15 years old. She’s 51.

    • Holly

      Yes Beautycounter makeup is high end vegan EWG certified and is made in CA! I’m a cancer survivor so not having shit in any of my products is important. I feel bad for Yolanda, Lyme isn’t her only problem!

    • peachteachr

      I’ve been keeping up with Twitter the last few weeks. A make-up artist at NYFW tweeted how much he enjoyed doing Yo’s make-up for a fashion show. These are the things that drive us batty about her claims. On Lisa Rinna’s page support for her has been multiplying and tweeters are especially angry at Yolanda for saying, “Rinna is bi-polar.” Some growing anger at Erika Jayne for being in Lisa’s face and yelling, “Tell her who told you!”
      I don’t tweet but I love to read others who do. Even our fearless leader, TamaraTattles.

      • Minky

        She called Rinna bipolar?!!! Seriously?!!! So much for being an advocate for invisible diseases. What a hypocrite!!!

      • Now, now, now……hold on there a minute Peachtechr and Minky!

        Our dear Yolanda did NOT call Rinna bipolar. She would never do that while she is on her journey….especially with universe watching.

        What she DID say is that she would NEVER say that Rinna was bipolar because, you know, that would be wrong to put it out there. In the universe.
        On her journey.

        See……….biiiiiigggg difference.

        p.s. I bet when she goes to the zoo, Yolanda goes straight to the Bipolar Bears.

      • Minky

        Oh. Well then. That makes all the difference in the world. Nay the world, but the Universe!

        I always forget that Yolanda’s the Dalai Lama of Lyme Disease. Thus Spake Yolandathustra.

        I gotta say, you always tear it up Maisey. Totally love it.

  7. V

    Yolanda is really losing it and what’s sad is that she so self righteous she cant see that she is wrong even when she is directly called out for being inconsistent. If she was going to be sad for big ang, just be sad. why plug the whole invisible disease hashtag which had nothing to do with anything regarding that post.

  8. Nanaintn

    I actually thought the responses to Yo were mild compared to the thoughts that ran thru my mind when I read her self serving tweet. Yolanda would do well to take note of Big Ang’s authenticity, dignity and honesty. RIP Ang, you will be missed.

  9. JustJenn

    I should tweet Yolanda and tell her I had a 48 hour bug so I understand how she feels on her journey. And you know that Yolanda is such a pretentious bitch that she wouldn’t have given Big Ang the time of day in real life. Ugh I hate her.

  10. rebecca

    I hate that Yolanda has tried to co-opt Angela’s death as a way of bring attention to herself. While I am not a Mob Wives watcher, no one could watch that interview with Dr. Oz without feeling utter heartbreak for her. Yolanda would be wise to not compare herself and how she is handling her so-called illness to how Angela handled her very real illness (with true class), as it only makes her look that much more ridiculous.

    I also hate her ridiculous “invisible illness” meme. Millions suffer every day from very REAL, very fatal illnesses without making a public display of it. In fact, many do their absolute best to try not to draw attention to it (I saw this very often with my two immediate family members who suffered from cancer in the last five yars). Yolanda’s “illness” is anything but “invisible” – unless she thinks that invisible is another word for made-up.

    • Minky

      Yes to all of that. Yolanda’s acting like a five-year-old. She farts, then tells everybody about it, and then giggles and says: “I made a stinky!” #shutupYo

    • Miguel

      Yes rebecca; but Yo is bringing awareness 2 “her Lime” because we can’t see it. She films HW; can vaca; pose 4 hourly selfies & weekly “procedures;” etc. All, while looking fierce – duck face & all!!! That’s the conundrum of the invisibility/transparency of Yo’s disease/syndrome!

    • Lindsay

      Three snaps up in Z formation

    • Lisa Rusch

      Very true, Rebecca. I too have watched loved ones struggle with and die from cancer and they handled it with so much more class and dignity than Yolanda. It makes me sad that Yolanda thinks it’s her mission in life to “bring awareness” to so called “invisible disease”. Especially when she is physically better off than most people who actually are suffering from a real disease. No way would my mother or best friend be able to do all that Yo is doing during their medical struggle and I believe Yolanda and people like her actually hurt their supposed cause than help. I feel sorry for her devoted followers, they really are being taken for a ride and being taken advantage of and have no clue.

  11. Gia

    Looks like Yolanda is bleaching her hair again. I thought that was “toxic”. Can’t worry about toxic when you need to find a new man to milk. Her whole storyline has taken a very uncomfortable turn. I think it’s time to cut her lose. She’s obv mentally ill…and that’s being generous.

    • Katie

      Supposedly she is using natural henna dye from trader joes, that’s what she claims. However, henna hair dye NEVER comes out white blonde. It will always cast a somewhat reddish hue.

      • redbluegreen

        she didn’t say henna from Trader Joe’s, she said non-toxic from Whole Foods. I checked and they do have some. I doubt Yolanda’s hairdresser uses that–they all have their favorite kinds to work with and the professional dyes get the best colors. I’m sure she found out about the non-toxic stuff and decided to tell people it’s what she uses.

      • Gia

        It’s not coloured though. It’s bleached. There’s no natural way to achieve that level of blonde. Yo is full of shit.

  12. Everybody is exploiting Big Ang’s death on social media that can. Every Z-list person that ever happened to take a photo with Big Ang has retweeted their photo with Big Ang saying all sorts of of nice things as if they were her BFF since grade school. It’s so odd.

  13. Gigi

    How dare she call it an invisible illness and make it all about her!!!! I have cried over Big Ang death like if I knew her!!! That women was a breath of fresh air in a fucked up reality tv world! Big Ang never posted ridiculous selfies every fucking day how can you compare Lyme Disease with fucking cancer!!! Yolanda Foster or Hadid whatever the hell she calls herself this days needs to go away with her ridiculous selfies and all that Lyme Disease bullshit she is actually making it worse for people that really suffer from Lyme Disease. I have never met a real sick person put selfies of themselves every damn day and they all look staged. At the beginning I had compassion but it became very apparent that she is lying!!! I have cancer and for the love of God you will never catch me putting selfies of myself not even on good days!!! God this woman is infuriating and needs to go away!!

  14. @immelza

    This is Yo’s m.o. like the time Kyle said she had depression and Yo said oh no no my illness is much much worse. She’s a illinformed dismissive condescending narrisicist with no empathy for anyone except maybe Gigi.

    • VioletBlue

      Exactly @immelza!!!

    • Minky

      I don’t doubt that Yolanda loves her children, but I think she also views them as an extension of herself. I didn’t know that Yolanda was a model before RHOBH. Hell, I didn’t know she even existed. She’s was certainly no Cindy, Christy, Naomi, Linda, Claudia, Helena, Jerry, Patti, Bianca, etc.

      Gigi, on the other hand has been tearing it up. At this point in Gigi’s career her mother could only be a liability. I have a sinking feeling that Yo never lets Gigi forget that she has her mother to thank for her career.

      As you said, Yoya, narcissism. One child is the golden one who can do no wrong, as long as she follows Yolanda’s orders to the letter, and the other two are the Not-Gigis, who Yolanda feels she has to cover for and has done so by saying they have the same illness that she does. It’s just not healthy. And who the fuck says my illness/problems are worse than yours? Aaaaaargh!

      • sandra

        Do you remember back when Gigi started to model and Yolanda said to Gigi, “This is what you were bred for.” What an odd and terrible thing to say to your child. It made me think Yoland’s marriage to Mohamed was a businee deal.

  15. iloveearlgrey

    I’m so tired of this dumb bitch.

  16. FarFromPerfekt

    I really dislike this woman and her ridiculous ‘invisible disease’ crusade. The gloves are off …The Pity Train has derailed at the corner of Suck it Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a stop at Get The Hell Over It! Fake people have an image to maintain and real people just don’t care.

  17. daintyfeets

    I don’t need to read the details of Angelas funeral. I’ve read enough, seen enough pics and I’m good not reading any more. I’ll be thinking of her, but not reading about her.

  18. gluedtothepc

    What was that thing that Britney Spears’ dad got to oversee her adult life? Conservatorship? Is that available for a person’s public image, and in reverse, because that’s what those Hadid children need about now.

  19. Ellen

    No, I’m sorry. She can’t have cancer as a part of her crusade. I was always extremely uncomfortable when she posted those dramatic IV pics and talked about fighting for her life. This makes think about the people I loved who truly fought for their lives and whose bodies took a beating from chemo in that fight. No Yolanda. You can have chronic Lyme (which mainstream medicine doesn’t recognize) but you can’t have cancer. Now go away.

  20. peachteachr

    WOW! Yolanda has dug a deep hole and she doesn’t seem to have stopped digging. I have to point a finger at Bravo, too. They saw that we HATED the does he or doesn’t he have cancer storyline with Brooks. It doesn’t look any better on Yolanda

    • Hawkmoon947

      It’s like with Brandi. They could see that she was a runaway train without any brakes and they just let the train wreck happen, because it was entertainment. They were willing to let LVP be collateral damage.

    • Queen of the Nile

      Using that poor woman’s death to get more attention for herself is so low. I can’t imagine what Yolanda’s next delusional statements will be.

  21. CoBe

    Yolanda hides behind illness so that she can order everyone around, insult them, badger them, and have them pay her bills without anyone questioning her.

    She has threatened suicide twice now, both times on camera and publicly discussed her will in order to control her children and their behaviors.

    Everyone is walking on eggshells and nobody can honestly express their opinions as they will be screamed over and guilted into submission.

    She needs to be taken off of the air for her own sake, for the sake of her children, and for the sake of everyone around her. She is unstable and this could lead to another Bravo disaster very easily.

    Even assuming she is suffering from a real, physical disease (which I don’t believe), she is still an asshole. When someone is recuperating from a serious illness, they spend their time healing, not dictating to strangers how they should react and what they should be doing FOR HER.

    She’s a horrible human being who has made a joke of the suffering of real people.

    Fuck her.

    • DejaBlue53

      This is perfect! I can’t stand to even hear her voice anymore. Or see her face. I tried to watch WWHL to see Craig Fergeson but turned it off because she hogged the whole show.

    • Gotta say CoBe——-
      Your post pretty much sums it up.

    • CoBe

      I just have to update this to express my deepest sympathy for her children. They seem like really nice kids and don’t deserve all of the shots taken at them for who their mother is.

      Their mother is emotionally manipulative and that is a very hard thing for a child or young adult to have to deal with. Can you imagine the pressure they must feel when their mother says things like she wants to die but for her children?


      Hey kids, if you are reading this, it is not your fault that your mother has these issues. It is also not your responsibility. In this circumstance, any child could benefit with therapy and someone to listen to a child who has been effectively forced to only be “sweet” or “attentive” in fear of a mother who will harm herself.

      That is too great a load for any child to bear.

      I feel you kids and I am sending you love to get yourselves through this. Seems like you have a strong and loving father and stepfather as well.

      If thoughts can send strength, I am sending my very deepest ones to you.

      Whatever the future holds for your mother, that is her life, her decisions, and her Karma. I hope you kids really really know that.

  22. Jen

    I was going to let this be. But, she needs to be mentally assessed. She’s not RIGHT upstairs. Its apparent on all of her Social media sites. If she could for one day, step outside of her invisible illness role for one day and see what we see. She would seek help and if she’s truly Ill, she would get a real full check up and all the necessary labs. Then take the Doctors direction and prescribed medicine only and focus on getting well. Instead, she’s a crazed Mediawhore. She’s Doctor shopping and running around like a chicken with it’s he’d cut off, ingesting tons of vitamins and Heaven knows what else. I’m surprised she hasn’t poisoned herself. Her Family needs to intervene. They won’t? The Ex-Husbands are probably tired of her craziness. The kids probably are tired too. I feel sorry for everyone. They’ve all resigned to it. She probably will never be well. Because, she loves the attention and loves being sick. Who FN does that?!

  23. VioletBlue

    Just need to rant for a sec.

    *rant begins*
    I deal with a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm but I don’t wave a flag. This #invisibledisease bullshit is really starting to piss me off. Now she attaches it to Big Ang – how f’n dare she. Here’s what she should be typing, #selfabsorbednarcissist
    *rant over*

    • Hawkmoon947

      I also have an “invisible disease”. However, I prefer to live my life as normally as possible and to continue to be treated like everyone else. I can’t understand why someone would act in the opposite manner: filming and publicizing her illness, taking selfies that emphasize her weakness and sickliness and writing about her treatments. These actions are not born out of a selfless desire to bring attention to a little understood medical condition. They seem more like the manifestation of a form of neuroses. She doesn’t suffer from her ailment; she glories in it.

      • Minky

        Something finally dawned on me reading you guys’ comments Violet & Hawk. I think when Yolanda says invisible she’s referring to her own looks. With the invisible nonsense she implies that people don’t believe she’s sick because she’s just that freaking beautiful/gorgeous/sexy/lovely/stunning and whatever other adjective. And that extends to the no makeup, no hair dye, no breast implants stuff. She’s saying that she has to take drastic measures to make herself look unattractive, i.e. sick. Oh! SHUT. UP. YOLANDA!!!!!

      • Minks—-
        Winner, winner, free range organic poultry dinner‼️?
        It is about her LOOKS. It has ALWAYS been about her LOOKS.

        She is a former international model of some success. And, I think a real beauty.
        But she has to face a normal aging process that is apparently difficult for her. One we all have to face.

        But she has to face it under the unforgiving glare of a “Hollywood” filter—-oh, yeah, one she signed up for, for sure. But she is finding it a little difficult under the microscope of a reality show.

        And I am always entranced by the “invisible” aspect of her oh- so- precious- malady she never fails to mention.
        Yes, Yolanda, it is invisible.

        YUP……I’m pretty sure if she suffered from the Elephant Man disease and all of its attendant disfigurements she would not be in the forefront of its “awareness”. Yeah, that kind reality might be a little harder to face publicly

        I also think witnessing the global success of her beautiful children models gives her angst that she only knows how to channel into sympathy.
        I wish she was braver. Not only for the cause….but for herself.

      • Lisa Rusch

        Exactly Hawkmoon. Many of us here either have had loved ones affected by cancer or some other type of chronic illness and or pain or are going through it ourselves and therefore, we know better and can see through Yolanda’s behavior. What really gets me is her reaction to someone who points out her inconsistencies. I cheered when LVP pointed out that Yolanda (who can’t walk or talk or read or think or do anything but post selfies) that just a year ago she was literally running around Beverly Hills for their Scavenger Hunt yet is telling the world she hasn’t been able to walk for over a year and there was film to back LVP up and yet Yolanda blows that off and says anyone who questions her or isn’t in full support of her is ignorant. Well my dear Yolanda, what about all the highly educated people with advanced degrees within the medical community who have come out publicly refuting your claims? You can’t shriek that they are ignorant too can you? What really bothers me the most is how her misinformation and quack medical advice she is putting out there could really end up hurting someone. I feel so badly for her children and her mother for the way she has manipulated them. Most people would Never do that to their kids or parents. Personally, I would want to Protect my kids and parents from being scared about my health and do everything I could to reassure them, not spend every waking moment scaring the hell out of them.

  24. So Anwar is a model now? Hmmm interesting! Very interesting! We all have to deal with our karma I just grab the popcorn!

  25. Ricky Lee Jones

    It’s so disgusting. Yo seems to glom on to real diseases like AIDS and cancer and tries to draw a parallel to this BS Chronic Lyme thing she’s made up in her head. I don’t wish harm on anyone but Yo really needs to be careful of karma as it will come back ten times on her.

  26. Spilledperfume

    It’s understandable if you don’t want to cover Big Ang’s funeral.

  27. Rose

    Unbelievable! That is disgusting to take the death of someone who just died of cancer and make it all about her. I never watched Mob Wives but Yo has no shame equating Big Ang’s passing to her illness.

  28. Yolanda made her storyline ..she just took a swipe at Cancer patients..this woman is not a kid who just has a “gumball mouth”..watched my Dad pass away from Lung cancer..hardest experience in my life…he lost weight and hair and his ..it’s just brings up that experience for me…when Yolanda decides to express her ignorance about Cancer being an #invisibleillness!..I have family and friends that have Breast Cancer…not so invisible..Yolanda..time for your weekly colonic! stooge

  29. She just needs to dig a hole and get in it. No one care anymore. I don’t think what she is doing is healthy for the true Lyme Disease suffers. How she is going about this marginalizes it to such a large degree.

  30. Tara

    Does Yo have Lyme disease or Chronic Lyme? Neither? Damn! Does she even know? What she is blessed not to have is fucking cancer. Which is very visible.
    CoBe is 100% correct, this is a way to manipulate everything and everyone around her. It is always about what they have or have not done for her. This could possibly get very ugly (uglier than it already is) if it continues to play out.

  31. Bella

    She deletes everything on ig…I posted pretty much exactly what I posted here (that you tamara agreed with, before calling me a troll for doing it on IG #hypocrite) and it was erased and I was blocked within a few minutes.

    How did it come to this? People don’t take kindly to someone faking an illness and then using someone else’s real illness to relate to their fake one. It’s gross.

  32. Bella

    Did you see Tila tequila bashing big ang asking why people are upset over her and she doesn’t deserve sympathy?

  33. VioletBlue

    Bawahahaha Minky! That is perfect!

  34. VioletBlue

    I don’t understand why so many in the Lyme community are followers. If someone was exploiting my medical issues in that way I would distance myself so fast! I wouldn’t want people to think being f’n crazy was part of it!!!

  35. tamaratattles

    UPdated to share a twitter that someone on Twitter shared with me.

    • Minky

      DAFUQ!!! What does Yolanda “get”? I hope the only thing she gets is her ass handed to her. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but she’s a damn, evil fool that should be muzzled.

    • Miguel

      Hey TT, I still haven’t gotten over Bella, Molly, etc – any advice? Their comments hit a nerve at a time when we were grieving a fresh loss…

      • Bella

        Oh my lol. I’m sick of being accused with the rest of them. Get your facts straight–

        1. I said what I saw on angs twitter just hoping that *maybe* it was true and big ang didn’t pass away, and it wad possible the new sources did some cruel joke kind of thing. I also clarified that reporting what seemed to be a fake death at the time to get hits, A LOT OF SITES did that is disgusting. I should have clarified more I meant not TT at all. Certain sites just took it and ran with it.

        My other post was before TT did her update number 2.

        I didn’t attack her or make mean comments against big ang ever. I even apologized to TT that I meant nothing against her.

        Yet you guys still harp and twist my stuff into theirs.

      • Cat

        Bella’s own words:
        Agreed. It’s quite disgusting. We’re supposed to not believe family , but believe TT and her sources she’s never used ? .

        I think it was known that she’d taken a turn for the worst, which is why a few sites like this one didn’t retract and could say “see I’m right.”


        Bella, in your comment on the other post, you called TT “disgusting”. And implied that she is a liar.Now in one of your comments above, you give the hastag #hypocrite.

        These are attacks on TT’s character. You need to stop. Yes, you can voice your opinions, but attacking someone’s integrity, especially in their own “home” is tactless, tasteless, and wrong.

        I also suggest you read the commenting rules. In particular, #1,2,3,9, and 10.

        Once again, you are turning a post about illness and death into your own attack forum. In my world, that makes you a troll. Stop. Now. Please.

        Oh, and I will now take your suggestion from your other rant and “fuck off”. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a troll is to not feed it.

      • Bella

        Yes cat-which I apologized for, I should have worded it very differently. That was ALSO BEFORE her second update. I never actually thought whether her sources were wrong or not that TT would use big angs death the way other sites did. Once again I’m sorry for that.

      • Cat


        That was AFTER your “apology”.

      • Bella

        Cat– I apologized again in another post and again…. now read this carefully bitch– before her update. I have clarified many times since I made the post you copied and pasted that I very much should have worded it differently.

        I stand by claiming someone is dead for hits the way some did is HORRIBLE. Exploiting illness all that crap. I in no way in that post meant TT as one of those people. It was badly worded. A mistake on my part.

        God you’re like yolanda after rinna at the recent BBQ. If it offends you THAT much that I didn’t believe the sources and cried and hoped they were wrong… get a hobby

      • Cat

        #troll #hypocrite #cunt.

      • Dee

        Cat, very well done. Thank you.

    • Erica


      To passively aggressively imply her pain is greater than someone with cancer.. I have no words. All I can remember is hearing my grandmother scream “Let me die” when I was 15 and she was living with us during treatment. Damn. Now I am crying.

      Also to grant herself special powers or strength because she got knocked up – FUCK HER. I’e struggled with some conditions – nothing fatal (LIKE HER) but exhausting. Imagine this – I keep going and I’ve never given birth!

      I’m so fucking tired of the breeders who hold themselves above those of us who don’t breed.

      I’ve never been so tempted to create fake Twitter accounts just to put her on blast!!!!

      • Erica

        Oh…. and how she made her children responsible for whether or not she lives or dies in 140 characters takes some talent. Disgusting piece of shit.

      • Minky

        Yes to all of what you said Erica! She’s using her children as a human shield!

        That Yolanda. Just when you think she’s finally gone too fucking far…

    • Us Mommies…OMG…Okay I am jumping up and down and screaming fuck you to my mac book again.
      Yolanda, there is no ‘US MOMMIES’. There is only your own narcissistic, arrogant, bullying, delusional self. You belong on American Horror Story, not RHofBH. You are not the beautiful organically dyed blonde general of the Invisible Disease Fellowship leading your army on their journey to wellness or Mordor. Please, find a charity, go shopping, write a children’s book, chain yourself to an endangered red wood tree–anything besides this bull shit.

    • Cat

      Shame on us cancer patients for wanting to live.

      • I know right? … how selfish… especially those among us who are terminal.. I hate her so much… I have a chemo day friend (we go every Friday) she was diagnosed in October, nothing is working she told me She just want to live and garden and shower!… I have a longer prognosis and I desperately want to drive again… this monster goes on and on about what exactly?.. misinformation, and some self-pity journey….sigh.. glad you are doing well Cat!

      • Cat

        Hang in there. Don’t you ever give up. And that goes for your friend, too.

        I was lucky. My doctors never told me I was terminal, or inoperable. Not until the treatment shrunk the tumor to the point where they WERE able to remove it.

        I have a friend who was told she was terminal, too. They did some new treatment that involved diet. It was pretty extreme. Nothing but liquids for several months.

        But, it worked. She was recently told she is “no longer terminal”.

        My point is, you never really know. I hope things turn around for you, and your friend.

  36. Toonskie

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a moment, first of all I think it’s presumptuous to declare that she is not ill. Nobody knows that for sure, it’s possible she doesn’t have lyme anymore and has some other illness. In watching her speak, I do notice that she trips over her words quite a bit and it doesn’t seem fake to me. She was not like that in the first two years on the program.

    I think Yolanda may be getting some bad PR advice from someone, I don’t think she sits around and constantly posts and someone has to be taking all those pics..they aren’t always selfies.

    At any rate, unless your life has been touched by a chronic illness…you can’t really know what she may be going through. I have a sister who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, some days she is fine…and others she can’t walk and if you touch her she would scream from the pain. You can’t make blanket statements that oh someone looks fine and call them out as a liar or a fake regarding their illness. If you want an example, look at people with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Would you be calling them fakes while they were in remission??? Well some probably would, and wrongfully so.

    She may think she is doing a good thing, or perhaps she is so caught up in keeping a job on that idiotic tv program that she is willing to do whatever it takes to stay. All I know at this point is I’m tired of all of these programs, tired of the way Andy pimps people for ratings. We all know the whole thing is fake, so maybe we should just cut Yolanda some slack here because she’s just doing the job Andy and Bravo want her to. Stop watching the show, stop following her on social media. After all, we’re the ones feeding the beast by watching this garbage on TV and keeping Andy and Bravo in the “reality” tv business.

    In closing, Yolanda is no more of an attention whore than anyone else who signs up to be on these shows, so I can’t really dislike her any more than any other of the criminals and social misfits Andy and Bravo exploit on a daily basis. At least she has redeeming qualities.

    • tamaratattles

      When you come on a website and decide to preach to the people, you should probably know something about who you have jumped into the pulpit to talk to. Because I’m pretty sure you are about to get your ass handed to you by a whole lot of people here.

    • Xanadude

      Sweetie, if your comment is long enough that you need to include an “in closing” paragraph, you may want to edit for brevity.

    • Lisaj

      Sofa king kind of you to speak for those of us with invisible disease, I hate that saying, I’ve got Chiari Malformation that’s progressed too far for treatment which BTW is a brain decomposition surgery, google it, you’ll love the pictures. I also just 3 weeks ago got diagnosed with breast cancer and am going in for a full body MRI and CT scan tomorrow morning to see if it’s spread before I undergo my mastectomy Thursday. I’ve had MS for 8 years. You know who knows this? Me, my doctor and my husband and now whoever reads this, somehow I’ve managed to make it through life without begging for pity, attention or sympathy. Idk if this will get published, I’ve been getting screened a lot lately but I’m sure it’s for making snarky comments not being a know it all C&nt like yourself. You and people like Yolanda make me sick.
      And PS Yolanda, I don’t want to die nor would I put that guilt or pressure on anyone I loved. Suck it to you both

      • Hey LisaJ—–
        Guess who else knows it now!!!??!

        And, thank you very much….it is now mine to OWN.

        And own it, I will. I will send you my best thoughts, my strength and all of my good thoughts and every positive wish I have.
        And, oh, for what it’s worth……..that is pretty powerful‼️
        You are no longer here alone.
        I have always enjoyed your posts. I remember reading them all.


      • Lisa J.,I agree with the amazing-Maisey, who has quite a way with words. That is, you are not alone, you have a voice, a place to vent, and a place to be heard. Prayers for you, and for the tough road you are facing. xoxo

      • Minky

        You know what else can be invisible? Strength. Especially emotional strength while enduring difficult times. Be strong Lisaj. You came to the right place to vent. I wish you all the best. XOXOXOXO :0)

      • PiaPill

        I don’t post here much (too scared of TT to be honest ?) but read here regularly. Want to say, I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers! When/If you ever feel like your strength is waning and are close “to the end of your rope”, then just grab onto “my rope” for more strength. There is power in numbers! Take care.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh Piapill, come on in, the water’s fine!/evilgrin

      • VioletBlue

        Exactly, Lisaj! She pisses me off big time. Not sure why people with Lyme disease are mot outraged as well.

        I “outed” my medical issue last night and regretted it. But now, because of your bravery, I won’t ask TT to remove it!

        I am sending positive vibes to you and wish you well. Thank you for sharing such personal stuff.

      • Cat

        Good luck with your surgery. Prayers for health and strength on the way.

      • tamaratattles

        Lisaj so sorry to hear about all of your health struggles. A lot of people here feel like suffering in silence is somehow honorable. I’m not one of those people and I hope that you have people you can share your emotions and fears and hopes with. In my opinion, there is no valor in suffering in silence. I whole heartedly agree that Yolanda is at the opposite pole and has made it her whole life to yammer on about every detail. Generally, one should avoid either end of the spectrum. That said, it’s not my place to push feelings about a situation I am fortunate enough not to have on others. I am sharing out of concern for you specifically.

        On to more trivial matters, WordPress is being a bitch lately. I am supposed to receive all comments to my gmail inbox. That has not been happening until sometime in the week hours of this morning when I got most of a two day glut. There are still posts whose comments I never received, random posts are being moderated for no reason I can discern (though the most common reason is a typo in one’s name or email address). I also was asked to fish something out of the WLS recently and there were random comments in there. Also, when I write a recap it will start a d d i n g one letter at a time until I save reboot and start over until it happens again. Generally this will fix itself. Apologies for the inconveniences.

        A good luck with your medical care and upcoming surgery. xo

    • Rubbishhousewife

      Multiple sclerosis is diagnosed with a clear set of criteria, met by objective tests such as MRI, lumbar puncture and objective assessment of disability progression. “Chronic Lyme” is a made up disease used to sell treatments to self obsessed people who can’t accept that the menopause is happening. Not comparable.

    • VioletBlue

      Well, Toonskie – my life has been touched by a chronic illness. It’s called Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasm. It’s a rare blood cancer. I’ll spare you the details as I don’t take naked selfies or squirt coffee up my butt, so my story is boring compared to Yolanda’s.

      I watched my mom struggle to take her last breath. She died from “invisible” lung cancer, but also had breast cancer. Those last three days of her life in ICU is not something my mind is willing to erase. I didn’t post any photos of that either so you’ll have to trust me that it sucked big time.

      My dad died when I was ten, I don’t really remember him except for the last week of his life and the funeral. He died from “invisible” brain cancer.

      In closing, I would like to add that I have also buried my 3 siblings. I guess you could call them invisible diseases. Heroin overdose, AIDS and complications from Agent Orange.

      Sigh. Sorry everyone. Didn’t mean to hijack a good Yolanda bash, lol.

      • Cat

        So sorry, VioletBlue. You will find much support here. Sorry for your losses and struggles.

      • Meredo

        @VioletBlue, I am so very sorry to hear all that you’ve been through and are still dealing with. A very big hug to you and heartfelt positive thoughts sending your way. Stay strong. Meredo XO

      • VioletBlue

        Thanks Meredo, and also thanks to Cat, for taking the time to acknowledge & respond. Often times I’m super paranoid to post that personal stuff because I know it bugs people, or I feel like no one cares to hear it and I don’t want to bum people out, but Yolanda just hit a nerve!
        I truly appreciate both of your heartfelt messages!

      • Lisa Rusch

        I am so very sorry violetblue for your losses. I completely understand how you feel as I too lost my mother to cancer a couple of days before Christmas 2014. She had Leukemia and Non-Hodgkins Lymphnoma. Watching her die was traumatic to say the least and nothing like what you see in the movies. For weeks I couldn’t close my eyes without the image of her suffering from her “invisible disease”, at the very end. What is with the tweet about cancer patients want to live and Lyme patients want to die? Is this her saying that the pain and suffering of Lyme disease is so horrible you just want to die and can’t fight, but it’s a walk in the park for cancer patients? I’m beyond stunned by this declaration of hers. What a self-absorbed, self-righteous, ignorant fool. She has just insulted every single person who has or has had cancer and their loved ones. I am in no way claiming Lyme disease is easy but to compare this to cancer is just insane and unfeeling.

      • VioletBlue

        Thank you, Lisa. My condolences to you as well. Yes, that is exactly what Yolanda is saying. It is so hurtful to so many people. I honestly don’t think she cares how much she is offending people. She, the one and only Yolanda #NotSoInvisibleSlime, is the only one who matters, well, except for her kids, but even that is questionable to some degree!

    • Cat

      I am SO tired of these damned trolls. And I am tired of responding to their accusations of TT and the commenters here.

      So here is a partial copy/paste of a comment I made on the other post, to another troll. Because, I am still recovering from my “fucking journey”, and it’s just too hard for me to type.

      Here it is:
      Yes. I know very well what it’s like. A lot of us do.

      And others have faced similar life and death illnesses. And sudden losses of loved ones.

      That’s why a lot of us are here. We found comfort and distraction here. We found a few laughs here. We found support here. We found FRIENDS here.

      Your attacks and accusations of this community are not welcome. You are shitting in TT’s home, and our home away from home.

      Stop. NOW.

      • Miguel

        Thank u 4 this, Cat – I so admire u & the countless others whom have been brave enough 2 share their life & death struggles! Wishing all their hearts desires!!!

        Btw, I have resigned myself 2 ignoring the righteous & delusional – 4 who can argue w/ crazy? Trust me, u’d do better 2 go w/ ur instincts & avoid what I’m now calling “the invisible 4.5.”

      • Cat

        Thanks. I have. I realized I was feeding the trolls. Maybe if I stop, they will seek food elsewhere?

    • Suzanne D

      RA, MS, MG, and other diseases mentioned in further posts are NOT invisible. When Yolanda and her Fake Chronic Lyme crowd talk about ‘invisible diseases’, they are referring to a disease that doesn’t exist. NOTHING shows up on any labs, CT scans, MRIs, etc. Nothing.

      Prior to having a Lyme titer, it was diagnosed with abnormal labs such as elevated WBC and increased SED rates, in addition to symptoms. MS flares show up on MRIs. There is a test for MG. Same for RA. These diseases aren’t ‘invisible’ just because there is clinical evidence that they are present. Yolanda needs to sit down and STFU. Chronic Lyme Disease is not recognized by the CDC or AMA for a reason. And all the ‘doctors’ and ‘specialists’ that ‘treat’ this ‘invisible’ disease are quacks who have been sanctioned by state BOM and the AMA. Yo’s doc lost his license to practice in his state and moved to Washington. He also says that Lyme Disease causes Autism. Another disease that isn’t ‘invisible’.

  37. kim Bruce

    So much of the attention Yolanda is getting is negative, which carries over to her disease. Public is getting tired of hearing about Lymes. How can she justify her reasons for incessant posts, selfies, and attention-seeking ways if it reflects negative feelings about anything Lyme related? People admire, respect and care for those who quietly suffer. Every human will suffer at one time or another, so what makes her suffering more important? Strong, admirable people suffer in silence; weak, pitiful people complain and shout their ills for all to hear. Yolanda, you would do much more good for the Lyme Disease Cause if you would step off your soapbox, and live your life quietly, with grace and strength. Open your eyes, your heart and your mind, and realize your actions are having the complete opposite reaction you had hoped for…..it’s not too late!

  38. Sosueme

    Dear LisaJ

    What Maisey said … I think you are very brave and here’s more powerful positivity coming your way.

  39. Micheal

    THIS! If it was so easy to plat blonde, why would anyone use bleach at a salon and pay 300+ bucks? She is full of shit.

  40. Rubbishhousewife

    I’ve got a real, objectively diagnosed by real doctors, “invisible” illness. It has changed my life and expectations for the future beyond all recognition, and the diagnosis was the single biggest blow I’ve ever had in my life. But I’m lucky, very lucky, because it’s NOT FUCKING CANCER! The comparison disgusts me, it is so insulting to anyone who faces a terminal prognosis. Don’t presume to speak for me, Yolanda, I am appalled by your selfishness.
    As for holding her children responsible for keeping her from “jumping”…. ugh!

  41. Rubbishhousewife

    Probably should have re read the rules before dropping a great big f bomb…..sorry! Brain fog by proxy?

  42. Lime Brain

    David Foster must be sighing a huge breathe of relief that he’s disentangle himself from this woman. I feel sorry for her children. They are stuck with her.

    • Yes, but if she breaks the prenup, he’ll end up footing her medical bills forever (or until she remarries some poor schmiel).

      • Lime Brain

        In this case, it just might be worth it just to get a swift, clean break from her. Make a deal with her and the money he spends on her medical bills, he’ll save on lawyers fees.

        She’s going to have to stop all this medical voodoo in the near future so she can hawk her book and peddle whatever it is that she’s going to foist on the public as a magical cure.

  43. Tara

    There is a cure for Lyme!!

  44. That selfie with the glasses is worth a thousand menopausal words and sums it all up for me, lol. Has she officially taken back the surname Hadid?

    • Minky

      That’s the photo where she was asking her IG followers what she should do about her hair. She looks like Albert Einstein after going on a mercenary bender.

  45. natalie

    I am sure her grown children would be fine without her. Some children really don’t have anyone.

  46. jen

    That comment is so wrong for so many reasons. Yolanda really needs professional help.

    • Lily

      Indeed, Jen. All frustration with Yolanda aside, she’s said some things that are universal red flags.

      It’s one thing when despair sets in to ask ‘is this all there is?’ Or the ‘to be or not to be’ question of whether one should soldier on. It’s another thing when an obviously depressed woman begins to get specific about suicide. TWICE now she has mentioned ‘jumping’ while filming. The first was when she was still in the Malibu house, and sounded like an impulsive statement. The second time she said she would have ‘jumped’ by now if it weren’t for her kids. That time she was in David’s condo. Yesterday’s tweet stating Lyme patients ‘want to die’ reads more like Yolanda saying ‘I want to die’.

      People with disease (mental/physical/combo) face an uncertain landscape, and it’s normal to question if one is capable or wants to look at 30 or 40 years of living in a diminished capacity. Most of us with diseases have asked ourselves if we can keep on keepin’ on. Most of us just do, without casually tossing out grim scenarios of our own suicide.

      When a sick person (with whatever she may have) begins to get very specific about how they would leave this world, and then repeats it, then it’s time for those closest to her (?) to consider that she may not be kidding.

      I may find her arrogant and deceptive, but I don’t want to see the lady hurt herself. If she’s saying these things to strangers (Lisa and Eileen are relatively new ‘work friends’) what is she saying in private?

      Her tweet yesterday was bizzare. All Lyme patients want to die? Cancer patients have it easy because they’re sometimes terminal? What an terribly odd thing to think, let lone broadcast.

      The spokeswoman has spoken, and she’s starting to really scare me.

  47. kendrawm

    Ugh, I just can’t even with her. My mom had an #invisible illness, I have no memories of her being 100% healthy. But she never complained, she had good days and bad days. Even her worst days she wanted no pity and wanted us to carry on. It was not our job as children to keep her alive, happy, healthy. We were children, even as adults she would never put that weight on us. I just cannot watch Yolanda, she is disgusting. People will kill for 1/10th of the money she pisses away on her cryo treatments and her vitamin IVs and everything else, just to help pay a few bills while they are out of work seeking treatment and trying to get disability payments in between appointments with doctors. She needs to take a seat, put some pie in her pie hole and STFU.

    Every now and then she does lose it and you see her true colors and I have no doubt her hatred to Lisa, which she tries so hard to hide, is because I am sure Lisa knows where all the bodies are buried thanks to her friendship with Mohamed.

  48. Pip

    I like Yolanda. I always have. She was kind of over the top with the “My King” stuff, but she seemed sensible and likable to me. I don’t know what to think of this. I don’t understand people who post pictures of themselves when they are ill. She says it is for awareness, but it does seem like an attention ploy.
    Maybe she IS nuts… I dunno.
    Her son is about the hottest thing ever though, and I feel like a creepy perv saying that.

    • Erica

      Pip – good thoughts. What also scares me is that she is now giving responsibility for whether she lives or dies to her children. I’m probably not going to be good at explaining this – but I did have a friend who made some suicidal comments about at the level of Yolanda. Ones that might not rise to the level of calling 911, but still might make you pause (or jump in to reassure the person, etc. which may be the reason they say stuff like that).

      I was bothered enough to seek out advice – my psychology professor only taught part time, and was still in private practice.

      The FIRST thing he said to me when I told him what was bothering me was “YOU cannot be responsible for her well being. Do not let her give you that!” He said it was a way of not feeling guilty if she did decide to do it – even though they’d be dead, the person doesn’t want the guilt or the responsibility of taking their own life. Its twisted, but you are talking about people not in their right mind.

      He also talked about that it is too great of a burden for those left behind – and he was saying this as someone who lost a sibling to suicide. Sometimes there is nothing we can do.

      So – stating that her being a “Mommy” (barf) is the only reason she is alive, that puts a tremendous strain on her children. How are they supposed to really transition to being adults if they are afraid that untying or cutting the apron strings would mean their mother would literally die?

    • CoBe


      What you have posted is SO important.

      I believe all of these suicidal threats are how Yolanda keeps everyone — ex-husbands, castmates, children — in line.

      None of us now if she will act on it. I tend to believe not. But, if she does, it is not because of anything anyone else did or didn’t do.

      And, if she doesn’t, those poor children are going to have to find a way to make their own way without ACCEPTING that threat.

      Now, if only her ex-husbands and castmates would listen to that same advice.

      • Lime Brain

        The problem with her castmates (and probably some of the crew) is that some of them already had to deal with a suicide on the show. Taylor’s husband.

  49. Bella

    Looks like she’s just as ignorant as the people she complains about.

    There’s no cure for cancer either. If cancer patients do go into remission, it can very much come back. And you think it’s over after that? It’s not. Still have appointments, scans and complications/side effects/pain that doesn’t ever go away. The scare alone of it coming back.
    Yes there’s lyme brain, but we have chemo brain.

    And us non “mommies” still have loved ones and close friends that we continue on for and do everything to protect them from the truly horrible things cancer does. And yes have to worry they’ll someday understand what it’s like from the patient side.

    I often times am glad it’s me that’s sick and not those closest to me. And I also feel horrible, not because of what it does to me, but because of what it does to them.

    No matter what the disease/illness is we all suffer, we all have days of wanting to end it. But you don’t concentrate on that. You push through, for those who love and support you especially. Kids or no kids.

    She needs mental help. The amount of people who ask her for advice is scary. She could hurt someone should they follow

  50. Bella

    Oh and also, not all cancer patients look like they have cancer. Some don’t even lose their hair. I’m pretty sure most people with a disease/illness recognized or not, has doubters.

    But the thing is, you don’t berate them and not accept sincere apologies. Be thankful they don’t know what it’s like, and explain it to them. There’s so many better ways to do it than the poor me shtick.

  51. I’m not a doctor and don’t know much about munchausen, sorry Lyme, but I am qualified enough to diagnose that she is one sick bitch

  52. There are a couple few things that bother me about what Yolanda is doing if I may rant a bit here.

    1. I don’t like the fact that she somehow thinks it’s cool that she’s been to 106 doctors and has had all this treatment to find the cure for whatever it is that she has. That alone sends up firecracker flags. Not to mention that if you cannot get out of bed for years then how the heck did you see all of them? See it’s the inconsistencies that boggle the mind.

    2. There are people asking her for advice and I’ve seen some tweets of her responding. She is not an expert. Sure I have had migraines for over 40 years and I may tell someone I know a lot about them BUT I am cautious on giving too much advice since I’m not a doctor. And yes I’ve read some books and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express but I’m still not a doctor.

    3. She is trying to say that her battle is more significant, more awful, more painful than pretty much anyone else with any other disease in this world. If Yolanda wants compassion, she should try to give it out first before demanding it from others. And just on a personal note, I have several mental/physical issues that I would say could be classified as invisible diseases. My second husband had colon cancer. I’m still here. He’s not.

    4. The only REAL time I ever seriously thought about suicide was when I was going through menopause after my hysterectomy. Talk about feeling and acting crazy…yep that was me. Look back on it now and say WOW.

    Thank you for letting me rant.

  53. Sylvia

    I don’t think Yolanda is nuts or crazy….not when she has so articulately seen to it that her future is forever secured by the mega divorce settlement she no doubt will be getting. And, because of all the negative and adverse publicity her being on the show and on social media has done, the sooner David gets rid of her the better so that in itself was smart planning on her part. Every time she opens her mouth and/or posts a picture with an IV, he must wish it was already over so no one connects him with her.

    I think everything she has done these past few years was with one goal in mind – her future security so she can play at having a tv show or whatever she wants to do and have the money cushion to fall back on if it goes nowhere. She’s anything but dumb.

    She is already changing physically and when the divorce is final, watch for an unbelievable remission of whatever it is that she has at that point.

    I don’t like her for a variety of reasons and as someone with a debilitating respiratory disease that doesn’t show unless I am choking and coughing and wheezing, I really resent her.

    She’s smart enough to have pulled it off for the most part, but ignorant enough to have included diseases and ailments in her rantings that have hurt so many people suffering with things she knows little or nothing about.

    I’ll bet she had never even heard of Mob Wives or Big Ang until something was said to her and then she was off and running with her stupid, insensitive comments.

    I have no doubt that there is something wrong with her….definitely ‘something’ and I do believe she has researched it enough and talked about it enough that she now totally believes the drivel that she spouts. And, she’s enough of a drama queen to make other people believe her as well. well, some people.

    I remember the days of long ago when if I wanted a day off work I would show up with hair uncurled, no makeup and some concealer here and there to make me look like death warmed up as my grandmother would say…to the point I would be asked to go home :) That’s why I LMAO when I saw Yo with the brown eyeshadow under her eyes…..us gals knew those tricks in the 60’s – we just did it better.

    I can’t watch her any longer because I resent that she has made light of illnesses that truly affect people. People who might not have the wherewithall to even get any medical help because they don’t have the money or maybe they suffer from mental issues that keeps them from explaining what’s wrong with them.

    I do believe in karma…someday Yo is going to be faced with the major realization that when you throw out negative and dark into the universe, it always comes home.

    I appreciate the excellent updates and recaps.

  54. Lime Brain

    Just wanted to post a warning. If you go to the bravo page to see this weeks preview, don’t scroll down. In the around the web stories there is a picture of Big Ang in her hospital bed with her niece saying good bye.

    I didn’t expect that and I didn’t want to see any of those pictures. Like someone said before, you can’t unsee it. I’m so aggravated right now.

    • Thank you for the warning, Lime Brain Nguyen. (Lol —only you and I get that. I can be so juvenile in the middle of a stressful workday.)?

      And posting such photos?? A very Andy Cohen-esque move.

      He is a real charmer, that one.

      • Erica

        Was just about to post a similar warning. It didn’t bother me, but I knew it would others.

        But, it wasn’t Andy (even if he was in charge of Bravo anymore).

        It is one of those ad generator things that direct you to other “similar news on other websites”. I don’t want to mention or cite what website it was.

  55. Frosty

    I’d assumed with Yolanda that her fights on the show were only real-ish, but this? Why on earth would she tweet something so fucking ignorant and insensitive- their two situations are in no way comparable. Someone needs to take her phone away.

  56. Xanadude

    So, because I had to go do an HR refresher course and it is on my mind, does this mean that any contract signed by the model children who have Lyme subject their employers to reasonable accomodation laws under the ADA?

    • Minky

      That’s a very good question. Any models in the house who can answer?

      Modeling at the level done by top professionals looks like a very demanding job in many ways. They can’t gain weight and they have to be on time and camera ready no matter what. In addition to that they fly all over for runway shows and shoots at a moments notice. Especially an event like NYFW. I think of the women who do that as the olympic athletes of the modeling world. Would an athlete get any accommodations? How about a fire fighter or a paramedic?

      For regular folks, while your employer shouldn’t be callous, you also can’t really use any condition as an excuse to get paid to do nothing. You have an obligation and responsibility to fulfill to your employer, who in turn has placed his trust in you that you can get the job done well and in a timely manner. It stands to reason that if you have any health issues they probably consider it your responsibility to regulate them and be on top of your own medical situation.

    • Sweet T

      When you work as a model you are represented by an agency but are treated in as freelance – no healthcare, pension, benefits, etc. so I don’t think they have to accommodate you in any way. If you are a super model, you can make demands.

      But for any ADA benefits you would have to have a real illness recognized by the AMA so……

  57. anne

    I think Yolanda is basically mid-lifing. she sees her beautiful young children being the hot young things and she’s getting old. she has Lyme Disease I guess, I have no reason to believe she doesn’t. but I’ve known many people who have Lyme Disease and man, it’s affected her in an inflated way. speaking of inflated, it is probably her breast implants exploding that is the problem. she is not the brightest bulb in the box, but she preaches and postulates…..she does not know the definition of “bi-polar”. it is careless and dangerous to just casually toss around that “label” she’s such a ridiculous foolish condescending hypocrite

  58. I am so anxious to see how this all unfolds on the reunion. Obviously, she’ll blame her many many (many many) inconsistencies on her Lyme brain, but I hope lil Andy calls her out and doesn’t back down. It seems like he (and some of the other women) are afraid of her- which I don’t get. Maybe they felt she was “powerful” before because of her marriage & his (I guess) A-list connections. But that’s not an issue anymore, so I don’t know why anyone would be afraid of offending her or pissing her off- especially after her ridiculousness this season.

    What I’m AFRAID is going to happen, is that she’ll realize she’s in too deep and will bow out 15 minutes in, like she did at the last reunion, and she won’t be held accountable for her idiot behavior.

    She’s right about being sick, but it’s not the Lyme disease. This woman is just sick in the head! I’m annoyed with myself for ever liking her- because I totally did the first season she was on the show. I actually thought she was the rational one. I guess that makes me an idiot too!

  59. Tina Smith

    How dare Yolanda compare her Munchausen to cancer!!!! Trying to use a real tragedy as a comparison to her fantasy illness is just sicker then sick. Then try and attack her cast mates to desert from her looney tunes makes her look even crazier. Yolanda needs to just shut the hell up. Stop posting, tweeting posting selfies. You have done quite enough Yolanda. Just stop!!!!

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