Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Reading Time

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

I’m really not looking forward to recapping this mess. After last week’s episode I’d be done with this show all together if I didn’t have to recap it for you guys. Add that to the fact that the weather has been so depressing lately and my narcolepsy is back and I’m warning you in advance not to expect too much.

We are back in Jamaica where Sheree is dutifully carrying out the producers directive to inform Kim Fields that all of the ladies except for Cynthia were gossiping about some gay rumors that concern her husband Chris. Kim says that she and her husband have been happily married for ten years. She leaves it at that. Sheree says that she Googled and with a couple of the other girls and the gay rumors were all there. Kenya jumps in to throw even more gasoline on the fire saying, “We don’t care if your husband is gay or if y’all are having tax problems or whatever…or any other kind of problems…” Really Kenya? Nobody was talking about her tax problems. This is really very messy. Kenya says to Kim that she tries to portray this perfect life but everything is not perfect and she apparently feels comfortable speaking for everyone saying that they just want the real Kim Fields to show up. As if any of them are real on this show.

Kim excuses herself for the evening and goes to bed. Kenya is pissed that no one else really admitted what they did. I think when she ran in with her pitchfork poised for Kim she expected the rest of them to join in the attacks. But they didn’t. Instead, people seem disgusted with Kenya.
RHOA Nene and Cynthia Jamaica
Speaking of disgusting, we next see Porsha and her “date. Ugh. The next morning, Nene has breakfast with Kim. Phaedra arrives late because apparently it took some time to get into her Yankee Doodle Dandy costume.  I just don’t know how to describe this monstrosity of bows and oversized sun hat. Nene feels bad for participating in the gay bashing fest two nights ago. Phaedra acts like she had nothing to do with any of it. She tells Kim that Kenya did the same thing to her and we get a flashback to Kenya talking about how Phaedra married a felon. That’s really not the same thing. What Kenya said about Apollo was true and Phaedra gave as good as she got when it came to her interactions with Kenya. In this case Kim has done anything but be a bit full of herself. And none of them are innocent when it comes to that. Phaedra says she needs to chop the head off the snake. Both Nene and Phaedra are winding Kim up for another confrontation. Kim says she is not going down to that level.  Kim says she needs to go to read school. Phaedra and Nene role play. It’s ridiculous.  Phaedra jumps up and twirls.

Next we see Kandi and Todd take the Old Lady Gang do a menu tasting for the new restaurant. Aunt Bertha is not on board with the whole restaurant idea. Everyone loves everything except for Bertha. But Bertha eventually comes around.

Back in Jamaica, Kim talks to Chris on the phone and he says all the ladies have their own nasty rumors on the Internet. He suggests they discuss everyone’s mugshots.

Everyone heads out to a water fall where they have to get in the river and climb up slippery rocks. Everyone except Nene and Gregg who opt to walk up the dry path. It did seem ridiculous for them to be wading in waist high water in their clothes. Kenya and Matt the fitness pair get to the top first. Everyone seems annoyed with Kenya today.  Everyone else treated the experience like a teamwork activity and formed a chain to get each other up the waterfall safely.

Nene has a new talking head with her swollen boobs hanging out. They look painful. After the falls they take off to find some jerk chicken. Which is appropriate because most of them are acting like jerks.  I’m leaving out all of Phaedra’s sexual innuendos. Because, gross. They guys and the girls eat at separate tables.  The girls ask Kenya about Matt. She says she is just taking things one step at a time. Peter tells Matt that they have all been around Kenya for a while. Peter says “she’s beautiful people” and a bit misunderstood at time but he loves her. Matt says, “me too.”  Porsha talks about her “date.” Once again she says this one might be a keeper.

Nene brings up her breakfast with Kim and Phaedra. Nene tells Kenya that Kim doesn’t understand what her problem is. Kenya shoots back something about Nene being Kim’s therapist now. Kim says that she can’t tolerate Kenya’s disrespect. So going forward there should be no communication or cordial communication. Kim says at the end of the day, she’s not going to talk about her family or he and its’ highly unfair and disrespectful. Kenya says “Congratulations for being able to speak for yourself.” Cynthia stops Kenya and says this is how things go wrong between the two of them. Kenya tells Kim she doesn’t hate her, she is indifferent to her. I don’t think indifferent means what Kenya things it means. She comes for Kim all the time, like she has an issue of some sort, most likely jealousy. That’s not indifferent. Kenya says she can be cordial. In her talking head, Kenya says that Kim is not going to come for her time and time again. Maybe it’s the editing but that is not the way I see it. Kenya has a problem with Kim.  It’s a simple as that. Cynthia brings up the chair incident and says that she owes Kim an apology for that. Kenya does apologize for the chair incident.

RHOA jamaica nene cynthia

Cynthia thinks that the issues between Kenya and Kim are really more about Cynthia than each other. That might be the case. Cynthia, Sheree and Nene get together and talk about the Kim and Kenya situation. Cynthia wants to talk to Nene since she is now the group thereapist about her own issue with Kenya. She whips out a list of issues she has with Kenya. Really Cynthia? None of this is appropriate. If you have issues with Kenya, take them up with Kenya. Her issues are ridiculous. Did anyone stop to think that the reason Kenya and Matt went as far out in the paddle boat as they did was to stay out of the shot?  They were literally filming everywhere and Kenya was not in the commercial.

Everyone gets together for one last party before they leave the next day.  Of course the two Ps twerk and act ridiculous. Kenya was not at the pre dinner festivities and late to dinner.  Bob tells everyone he is hoping for a reconciliation with Sheree. I’m not really hearing that on the streets. In fact everyone is rather mystified that he agreed to go on this trip. But remember, this was the season where everyone needed a man and Sheree was still vying for a peach.

Kenya and Matt seem to get along very well. Matt gets called out for his “me too” comment and he says that he told Peter that in response to him saying it.

Kenya and Cynthia talk about the commercial debacle. Nene gives her speech about always being around and never going anywhere. Kenya gives a teary eyed apology for not supporting Cynthia more in her commercial endeavor.

If I never hear them say ” ‘mercial” again  that would be just great.

Next week: Phaedra takes the boys to Fort Dix.



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115 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Reading Time

  1. ShyGuy

    This is my message to Kenya Moore, I honestly want you to leave this show. You have ruined your reputation and will no longer get any gigs. This show has ruined you and if it’s fake please let us know. Andy doesn’t like you or respect you and I personally couldn’t work for or make money for a person who has such dislike for me. With the exception of Cynthia these women can’t stand you and I wouldn’t be able to work with women like that. Bravo loves Nene, Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi and before your get hurt again I would rather you leave this messy sh** of a show and focus on matt and becoming a mother. Let it go Kenya, this show is not for you and I’m a true fan just please move on and become better. I know your better than acting a mess season after season, let these messy hoes have this show it’s not a good look for you. Sorry about this long rant TT, I’m still dealing with the fact big ang is gone so I was all over the place.

    • Rolly

      I don’t believe she’s “ruined” anything. Most people in the business knows “reality” TV is not real. Only emotional viewers believe it’s real. TT has explained this over and over.

    • nadege

      Yes, the show is fake

    • Lurker

      I really wish people would realize that reality TV is FAKE. The producers literally tell people the order in which they show up, seating arrangements and which cast member has to deliver the gossip.

      Kenya is on my naughty list for bullying Kim.

      NeNe is a mess for acting like she didn’t do the same thing to Claudia.

      However, reality TV is all about forming alliances. Kenya was blindsided by Cynthia, Kim and NeNe. She didn’t know if Cynthia was being shady towards her.

    • Okay, ShyGuy—-

      Now that everyone is done chastising you with their oh-so-up-to-date-info on how this is all scripted…..I’ll weigh in on what I have to say:

      I got your message to Kenya . You are a fan; an old fashioned fan. What’s wrong with that? you want to see her do a little better on this show. No harm; no foul.

      I re- read your post twice. I bet you are still broken up about Big Ang. May she rest n peace and may you find comfort in your lovely memories of her.

      • Minky

        You’ve done it again Maisey. Making sense and such. Not much I could add to that.

        How ’bout I say like that bossy little woman on the Yoplait commercial: “PULL THAT PEACH!!!”

    • Viks

      Even if major players in Hollywood do know that reality is fake, she is still portrayed hoooorrrrrribly. I really do not think she will getany gigs after this, even at the moment she is not? Although her career was kinda dead before this so maybe she just feels this is her best option.

      I do wish she would get a better edit but I doubt Andy will give her that..

    • I agree with everything you said Shyguy. Kenya has serious issues.
      I don’t understand how she can act like she loves peace when she doesn’t act or say things that promote peace.

      “We don’t care if your husband is guy or you have tax issues?”
      “Congratulations for speaking up for yourself?”
      “I’m indifferent to you?”

      These are the words of someone who is deeply hurt. And hurt people hurt people. She needs to learn to love herself.
      Kenya is a mess.

    • I agree with everything you said Shyguy. Kenya has serious issues.
      I don’t understand how she can act like she loves peace when she doesn’t act or say things that promote peace.

      “We don’t care if your husband is guy or you have tax issues?”
      “Congratulations for speaking up for yourself?”
      “I’m indifferent to you?”

      These are the words of someone who is deeply hurt. And hurt people hurt people. She needs to learn to love herself.
      Kenya is a mess.

    • kym

      Kenya wasn’t doing nothing significant before the show. This show put her in the spot light. She is not leaving the show.

  2. loriflack

    Phaedra and Nene’s role playing made me cringe.

    • nadege

      Yes, someone needs to do Phaedra when she have a hard time answering questions with Angela’ s lawyer and she have the nerve to laugh at kenya, for not having a husband while she lost her husband to prison twice.

    • nadege

      Betty these two boys are spending half of their lives without their father and phaedra is the same age as Kenya, so that means she is getting old too. Phaedra was known for hating children tha she was using him,so that they can’t testify against each other.

      • Forbes List

        maybe im always looking for consipiracies but cant help but feel like allegedly Phaedra is grooming those two little boys to be better con artists than she and Apollo were. Everyone is always like awww look how cute Aiden is. Just gushing over him. Like they gushed over his father too. IMHO he is a handsome little boy, but the things he does are no different than any child his age. Its like she is teaching him how to use his cuteness to get out of trouble. awww the poor widdle puppy peed on the rug. but thats ok, he is a cute puppy. This time phaedra gonna get it right, she gonna train them from the ground up show.

      • tamaratattles

        Along that line when I went to pull Nene’s photo for the WWHL Post, her son whose Instagram is something about King Brentt #eyeroll, she is claiming he is about to make his big debut into the “industry.” Just what we need another illiterate Leakes. It seems like he hasn’t been consistently educated in several years. I’m sure he has a lot to offer.

  3. Spilledperfume

    I missed a lot of the show so thanks for the recap.

    On a separate note, any word from Ben C?

  4. nadege

    Pheadra can teach kim how to read kenya, yet she is having problems reading Angela proving that the book about her is false.

  5. Hmmm Kenya better be careful she doesn’t end up a pariah like Brandi then not be asked back! I agree with the poster below Kenya should leave the show! When she came on I was excited to see what she would come with and I always want to root for her but it’s been too much increasingly worse behavior every season! This goes beyond women not being to get along because Kenya does not trust women! The one friend she made on there and probably in her entire life sorta turned her back on her so she has all kinds of feelings about it! Notice how Cynthia remains critical of her now; it’s ok that Nene didn’t climb the falls but Kenya she has a problem with her athleticism! Bond over what? I hope Kenya gets the help she deserves!

    • This all could have turned out quite differently had Kenya shown up to the commercial meeting or at least call and say she couldn’t be there. The way Kenya is treating Kim is way beyond anything that makes any sense unless it is just pure jealousy. Even then Kenya is no longer in the HS lunchroom and should act like and adult.

    • I don’t agree with people here saying Kim F has done nothing to Kenya. Please! She claims she knew Phaedra prior to coming on the show. Need I say more? She wanted to blame Kenya for that guy’s behavior in Miami. She’s constantly making snide little comments about Kenya. We all know it was production’s idea for Kim and Kenya to work on the commercial together, but Kim didn’t want to share it with Kenya.

      She’s been antagonizing Kenya from the get-go!

      • Well you do make some good points but her behavior is so acrimonious! You don’t think her behavior is getting worse?

      • getreal2014

        Kim has been shady from the start. When Glen acted a fool Kim told her husband that Kenya was being messy, for throwing a violent guy off the boat? But she also said that she left because she felt unsafe. So which is it? She felt unsafe and wanted to stay that way? She sat with her husband and trashed Kenya’s project. Kim cried when Phaedra said, “You’re missing your husband…” but when Kenya said the same thing Kim’s nasty answer was “When I want to bounce, I bounce…” two different reactions to the same observation. Kim is nasty and are venomous. Sheree, & the two P’s google her husband and laugh at him being fruity and she says nothing, instead she goes on an IG rant against Kenya. Kim said Kenya brought her on the show but she liked the other ladies more. Who says that if someone supposedly helped you to get a job? Kim is Phaedra 2.0. Kenya isn’t the one who needs help, it’s the other ladies who constantly do wrong and never take accountability for their actions. None of Kim’s former co-workers reached out to her on social media when she accepted the job on RHOA. I see why now, she’s a nasty POS and everything about her is fake.

      • ItsMe

        Kenya has been coming for Kim as well. From saying Kim was actually older than her actual age on lake Lanier to calling her a confused prostitute. Kenya isn’t innocent

      • To be fair, she DID look like a confused prostitute…

      • Minky

        All of their behavior regarding how they talked about Chris was wrong. Prior to that episode I felt that Kim was being weird and I realized that her place on this show is one where she doesn’t fit in. I started out really liking Kim, and defending her dedication to her family, but progressively she became more and more unbearable. I still don’t like Kim, but I feel that talking about her husband was wrong. They should have said something to Kim personally.

        Something is really off about this whole situation. It seems like there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing. When Kenya first came on the show, and she had her issue with Porsha regarding the Miss USA/America thing, I thought Kenya was being uppity for no good reason. I hated Kenya and felt sorry for Porsha. We have since seen Porsha’s true self and it’s not pretty. Did Kenya immediately see in Porsha what the audience was shown only later? We’ll never know.

  6. Lime Brain

    Thanks for the recap! I stopped watching this show a long time ago because it hurts my ears and Phaedra grosses me out. So, I’ll stick to reading about them.

    Best line was Chris telling Kim to discuss their mugshots. That made me chuckle.

  7. Crazy in NC

    Just a reminder: Nene has health problems, and Gregg is just old. I assume that is the real reason why they didn’t participate in a strenuous physical activity. We don’t want anyone to get any more blood clots or anything.
    I like that Kenya acted like a grown woman when apologizing to Cynthia and Kim. It’s a good look for her. I also love how Kim completely ignored the idea of “reading” Kenya.

  8. More Tea Please!

    Kenya was consumed by the Green Eyed Monster, Phaedra was a disgusting gross pig, Sherree was the wind-up doll for Production, and Nene was in full-on Muppet mode. What a mess of a show.

  9. JanM

    Hmmmm I think that all of the women have secretly agreed to not fight amongst themselves and allow Kenya to over react like they all used to . It’s odd, I just wish Kenya would have caught on to this new plan, because unfortunately she’s not coming across too well.

  10. Siohban

    This is how I think Kim Fields thinks: my business ain’t your business. Everybody has problems, I am not telling the world my problems.

  11. I’ve made it to the jerk chicken scene..the gang up on Kenya is reminiscent of the old Teresa gang ups.The NeNe Phaedra “read” practice session was painful enough. Unwatchable. Sorry you had to recap this slanted bs TT.

  12. Kari

    Is Oliver a paid actor or does he genuinely like Porsha?

  13. I’m done, I can’t take any more of Cynthia. Kenya has been the same since day 1, we all know what to expect from her. But Cynthia is the fake of the fake…. I’m done with RHOA!

  14. Xanadude

    So, the men all got high off that HUGE joint – did the ladies toke up, too?
    And the flashback to Kenya telling Phaedra to get an AIDS test because her man was in prison -implying gay prison sex- again shows her history of gayshaming.

    • What gets me is the ludicrousness of even asking the question if Chris, a man who is married to a woman and has two children with her, is gay or not. And that nobody seems to see that.

      “Gay” is more about who you fall in love with and less about who gives you an erection. They can go together but not always. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Chris likes to get with men on the side. So what? Doesn’t make him gay.

      It’s all rooted in the homophobic standard that any man who has ever touched another man is tainted and therefore “less than” and not a “real man”.

      At this point I can only shake my head with disgust at all of these gossiping women.

    • Micheal

      No wonder some black men are on the down low. This ‘shaming’ is BS. Also, what if he is bi? It is no ones business if he is married with kids but before hand was with a guy (not that I know, just would explain rumours).

      Fuck Kenya is messy as shit this season (the other ladies too on a lesser scale).

  15. “He suggests they discuss everyone’s mugshots.”


    • Minky

      Chris does make a pretty good point. At least half of the cast have been arrested at one point, for one thing or another, but somehow that’s never considered gossip worthy among the group. Hmmmm?

  16. peachteachr

    Don’t hate me for jumping the gun in this comment but I don’t have the stuff on digital playback or whatever y’all view at will. Did Andy just link Nene to the gay comments last week with video? I don’t think she liked it at all. What did y’all see?

  17. Minky

    Oh boy! So much wrong-ness.

    At this point I would like to see more of the Old Lady Gang talking about food and less of the others. The reunion’s gonna be a bloodbath.

  18. My opinion has not changed ….. Kim’s on the wrong show. She looks uncomfortable and really struggles to find her lane. Cynthia is a flip-Flopper and a fake. Peter looked high the entire trip. Sheree is playing the role of good girl-scout.

  19. nadege

    Betty Yeah, i feel bad for them boys and that means phaedra is getting old too since her Kenya are the same age.

  20. Sunshine

    I think that most of the group had a good time on the trip. Phaedra does need to calm it down with the nasty talk and behavior.

  21. TD

    KENYA I HOPE YOU READ THIS: Kenya please leave the show and try to work on starting a family possibly a child and marriage. You could price getting a reality show with you and Matt so that we can follow you through your pregnancy and hair care line company. Plz. Cynthia was never your friend and when NeNe wanted her off the show when they fell out she needed someone a story line and she linked up with you. Phadera hates Kenya and has since Day 1 because she knows Apollo would risk it all with her to sleep with Kenya he even made up a fake story line and Karma bit him in the azz with that 8 year bid. Phadera is so nasty at heart. NeNe is NeNe she will continue to smile in your face and get behind the scenes and read/rip you a part. She is a brand new white woman. Now that you are actually happy enjoying yourself with your new man and new dogs that Matt got you, the lady’s been taking so many digs at you. You are their scapegoats. Please try to pitch a story line. If Stevie J and Joseline can get a show and K Michelle so can you. You will continue to ruin your reputation. I was once your biggest fan but even this show has me questioning your motives. The show is editing and making it look as if you are jealous of Kim and I’m smart enough to see Kim takes digs too but the show edits her out because they want you to be the vilian and they would never try and tear “tootie” down.Get off the show! NeNe took a break because she knew it was damaging her brand which was smart! She now comes back nicer and faker than ever.

  22. Channelingyonce


  23. Channelingyonce

    I, for the life of me, will never understand the hatred these women have for Kenya. EVERYONE said something about kims husband being gay, yet kim gets on twitter and clowns Kenya. Cynthia clearly was dead wrong for denying their friendship once nene got back in the picture, but once again kenya is to blame…phadra has beeb inappropiate with her dressing, her language towards the other husband, yet kenya was wrong for doing it to apollo…yet THE BIGGEST bully on this show is nene…and her gayshaming and bullying gets television gigs and crowned queen of atlanta! I just dont get it!!!!!

    • GirlMe

      I don’t get it either. Especially after alot of her meddling seems production driven. Kenya was wrong for making gay seem like an insult, but others participated to.

      I really like Kenya inspite of others not. She’s playing her role as the villian. Every show/movie/story has one. She will never get recasted as the boring one. Kim and Cynthia are fighting for that one. Or the sexy one thats Porsha. Smart one Phaedra(gag) she seems to be recasting herself as sexy one (double gag). Transitioner: Kandi. Or the Hero, that used to be Season 1Nene until Nene recast herself as a villian hence the tension with Kenya. There can only b 1 villian. There is noone playing the Hero role on RHOA now. We’re not rooting for any1.

      There is usually only 1 character type per show. So when these women switch roles, they kick themselves out of a job. Sheree was the fun one until she recast herself as the ?? She wasn’t hatable enuff to be a villian, she was indescript.

      Anyway, Kenya is playing her role very well. Wish others saw these shows for what they are. This is true for every show. Like Sex & City had defined roles. Etc. (Sorry for length had to explain this to my Mom. She gets so worked up).

      Hero = Lisa V.
      Smart = Eileen
      Villian = Brandi temp. Lisa R.
      Fun = Ericka
      Transtioner: Kyle
      Boring: Yolanda

    • Matzah60

      @Channelingyonce I don’t get it either. Kenya brought up the ‘rumor’ about Chris. The other women clearly joined in, but feigned amnesia when Sheree brought it up. Sheree may sound more sane and educated than Porsche and Nene, but she has a mean spirit and an ugly soul from my vantage point. I think TT said that Sheree starts to show her true colors now when she realizes on this episode that she isn’t getting a peach.

      Kenya brought up her in her blog which was a Q and A and stated, ” Including her husband (referring to Kim) coming for me every episode calling Matt “a mutant I found off the street.” Let the record show he came for me first, and I didn’t send for him.” Kenya also said that Chris appears one way on air and another behind the scenes. Nene said the same thing on WWHL this evening in reference to the way he came after the women on the bus, a scene that was not aired on the show.

      As for Cynthia, when Nene dumped her and degraded her on the reunion, Cynthia formed a new “BFF” alliance with Kenya. Clearly, Cynthia used Kenya to afford herself a friend on the show and someone with whom she could film. Denying her friendship to Kenya, not just saying that they weren’t BFF, was done publicly, was mean, and Kenya justifiably felt blindsided and rejected.

      No reason to show everyone sitting around the table smoking a jumbo doobie. I’m not opposed to marijuana and actually think that it’s less harmful than alcohol, but it’s still illegal and it just made the whole pack of RHOA look more pathetic than they already are.

      The return of Nene and Sheree was a big mistake in my opinion. I dislike both of them intensely.

      • Miguel

        Still, Andy will shove Nene, Sheree, Cynthia & the 2 P’s down our throats; while demonizing Kenya & 2 no avail! Although I am enjoying rhoa less & less (actually, skipping thru most of it, after reading TT’s post), I still like Kenya more than the whole lot put 2gether, incldg Andy & production!!!

      • Matzah60

        Lol….love the “including Andy and production inclusion.” I agree. Phaedra seems like a pervert to me, twisted, and a liar to boot. I will never forget that scripted rant she made at Kenya during the reunion about a sperm donor providing Kenya with sperm for a pizza. So ugly and low down. Lest not we forget how Porsche dragged Kenya by the hair across the floor at yet another reunion. Nene’s hate and shade are constant. No one ever remembers or brings these things up including Andy. They only bring up all the wrongs of Kenya. The hate for her Kenya by cast, Bravo, Andy, and production are intense.

    • getreal2014

      Agree with everything that you’ve said.

  24. Home

    I don’t know if Kim will be back…maybe Oprah will pick her and Chris up for a reality show. She is just not cut out for RHOA! I’ve been saying this all season. I really feel bad that she agreed to do the show and I’m sure does do..but will we see. Kenya will be back..she has nothing else ($$$) going on…her next story line will be how she is overcoming her mother’s cruelty and babies. I don’t think she is all that into Matt but I guess he is better than nothing! (shrug) Phaedra needs to decide if she wants to be a hoochie or a Christian. Her sexual innuendos are really getting OLD! I don’t know why the ‘weed’ scene was necessary…but oh well…smh.

    • nadege

      How you know she got nothing going for herself when you know nothing about her life.

    • Reading Beads

      I sincerely hope Kim Fields leaves the show. Boring doesn’t come close to describing her contribution. From day one, my impression was she felt it her place to inject some class into this show, almost as if she’s above this. Those long done child stars have high opinions of their star status, those ‘body of work’ references are tired.

      I did check her iMdb, she is very old news. TT referenced Kenya’s jealousy, I agree to a point. Production has pitted Kim against Kenya to a degree though I think Kim has her own jealousy issues, come on now, nobody can discount Kenya’s beauty and in her good edits, a witty and intelligent woman. Kim is just dull.

      Kenya’s gay bashing (all of the gay bashing by the women) was disgusting. I have seen Andy Cohen do exactly the same thing to Kevin Spacey, almost as if he wrote her lines. Andy, and to a point, Kenya, both seem to take issue with men keeping their sexual preferences private. Andy outed Kevin Spacey on WWHL, Kenya did the same to Chris. Have to say, my first impression of Mr. Fields was definitely gay man playing the straight husband. Chris comments on Matt (long body, long arms, short brain stem and head, after first interaction on camera) definitely smacked of jealous gay man.

      Whatever, this show has hit an all new low and with Cynthia attempting her mean girl thing to boot, I’m reading TT’s recaps and jumping ship. Can’t watch this drivel, RHOBH right behind them with the Yo Freak Show.

    • tamaratattles

      I was struggling so much to pay attention to the program and not work on my mental grocery list are think about places where it hasn’t been raining for 40 days and 40 nights that I completely missed the weed scene.

    • Miguel

      Oh, oh – I forgot Kim in my list of rhoa cast! Think that proves the point that she is pretty useless, given I even mentioned Andy & production…

  25. Lisaj

    That was painful to watch, don’t EVEN try to handle WWHL. As soon as you provide proof of two miracles attributed to your actions, I’ll be promoting you for sainthood for blogging this drivel.

  26. Laura

    Will someone please tell Phaedra her tongue belongs in her mouth and quit sticking it out. It’s gross.

    • lauraannb

      I yelled the same thing at my TV. Phaedra, put your tongue back in your mouth!
      Geez, Louise….she’s a piece of work….

      • Spilledperfume

        Did anyone else hear Phaedra say that she almost let the black kitty out when one of the women mentioned how short her dress was and how it became even shorter when she was twerking with Porsha and the fire dancers or am I the only one who was lucky enough to hear that?

      • Rain

        Spilled, I definitely heard her say that and I saw it, too! If anyone was standing behind her when she was ‘dancing’ they got an XXX show. She’s just nasty – makes my skin crawl and when she sticks her tongue out… ewwwwwww!

  27. 25

    I can’t get a read on whether or not Kim is being phony. What I do know is that I’ve liked Chris from jump–he seems to be an involved father, a doting husband who defends and supports his wife, a pretty funny guy, and quite frankly he’s been the only redeeming character of the season. I don’t know anything about his past, these rumors, or whatever evidence there is to back them, but there’s 2 core issues at play IMO–the homophobic stereotypes, and the racist stereotypes. Oh LAWWWD, there can’t possibly be a good, faithful husband & father without something being afoot. The only good husband/father of the tens of RHOA castmates has been Kroy.

    It’s a real shame that Kim, who obviously didn’t watch last season, decided to buddy up with Phaedra & Nene. It almost seems genuine, because she’s not even bothering to fake a closeness with the other stooge in spanx. Porsha is too dumb for her.

    It could not be more obvious that production is feeding lines & steering conversations, since the women & men have been separated for half the meals on this “couples trip.”

  28. Oh well

    I think Bob came on the trip as a favor to keep Sheree in the show. Bob knows Sheree and his kids need that income so he did her this solid. It became obvious when Bob said he will carry Sheree s purse as long as she puts money in it. Outside of RHOA sheree has never really been a serious breadwinner.

  29. zoemonster2

    I’m not watching this season of #RHOA either. It is NOT because NeNe left. I quit watching cuz even last season was boring. The season before that, mild entertainment. I have always called that show * the screaming HWs *

    I glance at it on reruns. But it’s off my calendar in life.

  30. susan

    I would rather poke out my eyes with chopsticks than hear another screeching argument. Volume low; forget to turn it back up.

  31. bria

    TT, sorry to hear about your narcolepsy. As always I was waiting for your recap. Last night episode left me speechless, I sat on my couch for 2 hrs wondering what game the producers are playing. I feel sorry for both Kenya and Kim because both women have great potential beyond this show but caught up in the big joke. Like some commenters have stated, Kenya needs to drop off this show . It’s ironical how Kenya will think for a split second these women are her friends. Am proud of her for apologizing to Kim but it’s time to exit out the train. Nene is back on a mission.

  32. In the picture above with Cynthia, Peter, Nene and Greg, both Cynthia and Peter look like the Cat that just ate the Canary. That sad and pathetic frown/pout both Nene and Greg are sportin’ really says it all, to me anyways. It must be so hard for them to have to walk ‘behind’. Hehe!

  33. Cat

    TT, I’m sorry recapping this shit is so painful to you. I for one, would not be broken up if you stopped recapping these shows. I don’t watch them, anyway.

    I am just here to support you, your work, and the friends I’ve made here. Because, cult. :)

  34. Marie

    We know that Kenya and Kim has a working history prior to this show. Could it be that there was animosity pre-RHOA.
    If we recall, Kenya and Kim’s first meet on that show was not cordial.
    Kenya gives the producers ammunition to ruin her reputation. I understand that for it is tough for actors of a certain demographic to get work in “Hollywood”, but why is she on that show?
    I don’t believe Kenya is jealous of Kim. I think there is more to the story. If having a husband and children is something to be jealous about, then the world is full of angry women.

    • Marie

      excuse my typo/grammar mistake above.
      lol, I would write a correction, but it’ll be a re-write.
      note so self: do not read TT while at work because I can’t pretend to work and engage in juicy gossip at the same time hahaha

    • Rolly

      Agreed. I’m buying the whole “jealousy” of husband & kids. Even though Kenya wants both, she doesn’t want Kim’s specific type of husband or her exact type of kids. Phaedra turns my stomach. She’s really living up to her Head Doctor persona. She’s in heat like a rabid alley cat. I’m not surprised the whole effort given to “dethorne” Queen Kenya at all. Each of these chicks have bad behavior issues but only Kenya is hated. Hypocrisy. Cynthia is always loyal to her paycheck. That’s been proven. Didn’t watch WWHL because I can’t stand Andy any longer & I gave up on Nene seasons ago.

  35. Sylvia

    I can’t watch it anymore. I can’t take the screaming and the …there are just too many reasons, but I do follow the excellent recaps on here and give major kudos to those who do continue to watch.

    I really liked Claudia and I continue to wish the best for Kenya, but the others make me cringe. Even for a so-called reality show, they are an embarrassment to anyone in their breathing area.

    I almost wish Apollo would get an early home release so he could stir the pot. Anything to just make Phaedra shut up. She has gone beyond disgusting….who on earth would ever use her funeral services if they saw her on this show? Or, her attorney – lol – services?

    And, no words for Porsha. She has gone beyond pathetic.

    WWHL? Nope, Andy isn’t even fun to watch anymore. He has gone way too far with his contrived show. Too bad, because I seek tv entertainment for the same reasons as many others – to forget for an hour or so the day to day struggles of real life……, I’ll continue to change the channel on Sunday nights to The Walking Dead instead of RHOA :)

    • tamaratattles

      Sylvia, your comments gave me a great place to mention that last night TWD was Trending at #1 on Twitter, #RHOA was about six or so, and sadly #DowntonAbby was right BELOW #RHOA. I am a huge Downton fan SO PLEASE NO SPOILERS! I unfortunately don’t get to watch that on weekends that no one dies and nothing blog worthy is going on. I’m quite a few episodes behind.

  36. Louie

    First time poster (and long time lover of this blog) and hope this doesn’t land me in the WLS but…
    There’s been a lot of disgusting behavior on this show, from physical altercations to wild accusations to outright bullying… but the worst is every time Phaedra talks “naughty” and does that open mouth smile sticking her tongue out looking like a horny anime character. Brings the bile to my throat each time.

  37. Yamoah Asiedu

    I enjoy your recaps TT. Thanks for keeping the flag flying despite your narcolepsy. Hope it gets better.
    Just a few thoughts on this episode
    Kim was wise to not be drawn into having a huge ugly argument with Kenya. She knows her own mind and that’s not her style. Good for her. I’m glad she’s comfortable with herself.
    I don’t know why articulate, committed to her husband and children, self disciplined and quiet is considered boring. She’s alright by me.
    Kenya is so childish and spiteful. Such an unpleasant person despite her beautiful appearance. She operates from a position of hurt, rejection, being defensive or jealous. All four are her default setting. I find her antagonistic and hostile. When/if Matt eventually realises how awful she really is just a matter of time.
    I hope that Cynthia and Peter’s marriage is in good shape. They looked happy and relaxed on this trip. Fast forward to February 2016 are they still?
    Porsha, as ditzy as she portrays herself, seems to really like Oliver. I hope he’s not using her to be on TV.
    Nene and Phaedra delivered some funny lines. Gregg looked good.
    Kandi and her family’s scenes could have been edited out. It would not have made any difference.
    If Bob and Sheree get back together, this would be unexpected and amazing. Sometimes couples get back together after hating each other! Would this be a first in RH history?

    • tamaratattles

      Yamoah I get your point about Kandi, but it would have made a big difference to Kandi as she only gets paid for episodes she appears on.

      As for Sheree and Bob, that is all bullshit. They are not together.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @Tamara this is the second or third time that you’ve responded directly to one of my comments on your blog. This makes me very happy. I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat!! As for Kandi and her appearance fee, does she really need it!? You don’t think the Whitfield’s are back together? You’re usually spot on about most things RHOA, so if you say they’re not, they’re not! Btw, I think you’re ace.

    • Spilledperfume

      Cynthia was on WWHL recently and when asked about her marriage she said that things were better but they weren’t good. (I’m paraphrasing.)

      I hope that things continue to work out for Kenya and Matt.

  38. Nene and Phaedra’s little role playing skit was sooo not funny. All I saw was Nene and her veneers, braying like an ass, and Phaedra looking incredibly stupid, while awkwardly spinning around in her red, white and blue, Ms America Pie personna. I kept hoping she’d fall on her donkey ass, but I was left disappointed. Meanwhile, Phaedra, head snake in charge over all things Kim Fields, is trying her damndest to get Kim to chop off the head of “snake” Kenya. Um, okay. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the snakiest of them all? PHAEDRA IS. If Phaedra could have already chopped Kenya’s head off, she would have already done it (figuratively speaking of course…and maybe literally too, but it’s a lot harder to hide a dead body, than to do, say, fraud) but since she CAN’T, she has to sow her seeds of discord all over Kim, in order to try and get her to do it. Ms Fields needs to continue taking the high road because if she really falls prey to Phaedra, and her divisive advice, she will be the one taking the fall. Just like all of Phaedra’s victims do.

  39. Matzah60

    TT, I loved your comment about Phaedra dressing like a Yankee Doodle Dandy or something like that. I couldn’t stop laughing. The outfit was preposterous. Does she buy her clothes in the pre-teen section because clearly they don’t fit her. The outfit she wore the last night in Jamaica was excruciatingly short. If I didn’t know she had two buys, I would have sworn she stole that our of her daughter’s closet and rammed it over her head, but couldn’t get it past her hoochi.

  40. Glow

    Honestly, I don’t know why I continue to watch this show considering how I feel about the show and the ladies. First, why did Nene have to come back? Why is Cynthia acting like one of Kandi’s lipstick vibrators kicked in when she talks about Nene being back her life? Explain this to me, like I’m a six year old, how does one who walks out of therapy become the resident therapist?

    I have to say I am enjoying Sheree and her penchant for spilling the tea. She’s definitely keeping it real in that respect. I can appreciate that but feel she needs to be more precise in her delivery. Is it my TV or is Phaedra fat as hell? Nothing against full figured ladies but Phaedra seems to be in denial judging by her choices of attire and that she seems to have forgotten how to simply walk into a room. What’s with the constant prancing and exaggerated walking? To that she has now added the laughing with her tongue hanging out and constantly implying in mixed company that her kitty is on the loose.

    All I can say about Porsha is she seems to paying attention….to something. Didn’t she make an effort to backtrack out of proclaiming herself the Princess of Thotlandia by referring to herself as the ex Princess of Thotland?

    I have to say I am still Pro-Kenya. I totally get her. I want her to win. That’s not to say I don’t want to call her up and have a heart-to-heart sometimes, but I am not mad at her yet. I do wish she’d take a different approach with Kim since everyone wants to be protective of Kim.

    I really think Peter has been affected by the Peach and Bitch comments because in better days I believe Peter would be all over Cynthia about reclaiming her place up Nene’s ass. I have always liked Cynthia but she is rubbing me all kinds of wrong at the moment.

    To all this I will add that although I am happy with The Next 15 , I am still pissed that Claudia Jordan is 15no longer a RHOA. And that Nene is back

    • Miguel

      You’ve said a mouthful, Glow – I agree with it all!!!

      • Minky

        I am also disappointed in Kenya. I keep hoping that this was all a huge misunderstanding and that she can turn it around somehow.

        This seasons Peter is not that same Peter that we enjoyed watching in seasons past. Cynthia can do whatever she wants but part of me feels that Nene is setting her up. Again.

  41. Manic Monday

    I think i enjoyed reading the comment section more than the show. Thank you all.

  42. I watched 5 Seasons of Downton Abbey over Christmas and New Year, lol. Really late to the show – love so much! I’m behind on this Season too. Hate that it’s ending. :(

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