Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty Banned from All Big Ang Memorials

Mob Wives Drita and big ang

While Neil is calling the shots on Big Ang’s memorial service and it seems her mob ties also have a hand in things. According to a New York Daily News source, “It’s a bigger story than just them not going to funeral, as it’s a higher-up mob order from the mafia code of a blood feud. Brit and Karen are being rejected because of the sins of their fathers that ratted out other mobsters.”  Allegedly. The article was brought on by the blond chick’s mom calling the news outlet to let us all know she was also uninvited. It all feels like a publicity grab  by the blond chick’s mother.

“Mob Wives” stars Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano were banned from Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s visitation service on Saturday due to the past actions of their crime boss fathers. The two stars, along with Fogarty’s mother Andrea Giovino, were told not to come to any of Big Ang’s memorial events this week, including Monday’s funeral, because their fathers each infamously cooperated with authorities to turn in other mobsters more than 20 years ago, Giovino tells Confidenti@l.

Big Ang Dr Oz 2

This just reeks of a publicity grab to me. I know I just said I wasn’t going to cover this stuff, but it is kind of maddening that people would take someone’s death and use it as a reason to call up a news outlet to say that they were not welcome. The mother goes on to say that Angela treated Brittany like a daughter. Please. Angela met the kid during filming and was nice to her because that is what Big Ang did.

Also note how “the source” called the blond chick, “Brit.”

I finally mustered the courage to check Drita’s TL there is a photo there of her sobbing in her care after leaving the funeral home. This is all so very sad.


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22 responses to “Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty Banned from All Big Ang Memorials

  1. Laura

    I didn’t watch the show so I don’t know all the ins and outs of the characters, but even if you’re disinvited to the funeral events for whatever reason why call the news? Just let the family grieve. Publicity whores are disgusting.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Nothing like taking the death of a beloved person and making it all about yourself.

    This mob shit is stupid. I mean who would ban someone from someone else’s funeral?

  3. Cat

    I don’t know. Maybe it IS “appropriate” to ban them? I mean, didn’t Angela have very strong feelings about the “rats”?

    I do think it’s in poor taste, though, to call the “news”.

    • Tulsateacher

      She sure did have a thing against rats Cat. She has “omerta” which means “code of silence” tattoed on her neck and she lived by that code. I’m sure there were a lot of wise guys at her memorial. Karen and Brittney didnt need to be there and neither did Brit’s big ass mother.

    • Lindsay

      She went to jail instead of ratting so I would say so!

  4. Lisaj

    KG is persona non grata in a lot of places. This isn’t about anyone but saying goodbye to one of the kindest people on reality tv, wtg blonde chick to make yourself even more unpopular.
    Rip Ang

  5. LisaPat

    Wow. Good scoop TT. I wondered why I saw Renee, Drita and Carla in photos but no Karen. Some friends of mine paid their respects to Ang and had their phones taken. I don’t blame security . I think it was nice that they allowed fans in at all. A couple other people I know showed up later and they were told it was too late to get in line because they were past the cut off point.

  6. Ok I don’t watch that show so I’m confused by the reason to be disinvited? Is Neil from a mob family? Why would he care if someone cooperated with authorities?

  7. Ang always stuck up for Karen with Renee and said ‘you don’t blame the kids’. She wouldn’t have banned anyone :(

  8. Minky

    This is ridiculous. The poor woman is dead. Why? Just, why?!!!

  9. Miguel

    Still can’t wrap my head around Ang’s passing!
    Why is Brit the twit & her mom trying so hard 2 take center stage, like Molly, Bella, etc. Still saddened & will miss u, Ang – wish u peaceful slumber sweet lady!!!

  10. LisaPat

    Karen Gravano is at the funeral today!!! She must’ve defied the OGs. She looks like she is just waiting for someone to say something to her.

  11. Lindsay

    I swear I saw Karen Gravano in the photos of the crowd outside the church…

  12. Dittysbaby

    One name that is not being considered here, Victoria Gotti. She and Angela were friends and she most likely didn’t want to see Karen as well.

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