Vanderpump Rules News on Reunion and Jax

Jax enjoys his oceanfront room in Hawaii

Jax enjoys his oceanfront room in Hawaii

Let’s start with the latest news on Jax (and Kentucky).  Jax had an appearance in Hawaii this past week for his felony charges as a result of his drunken decision to steal  a pair of sunglasses while there filming the show.  Somehow, Jax and Kentucky turned that into a week long Valentine’s vacation in a hotel with ocean front views. As many times as Jax and Kentucky named the hotel you can believe that they got at the very least a room upgrade for their stay.

In other crime does pay news, the judge in the case gave Jax a year of probation after hearing Jax use the defense that he drank too many mai tais to be held responsible for his actions.  I assume he also had to pay restitution to the sunglasses shop and tons of legal fees. Who knew that being drunk was a legal defense?  And who knows how long these two would have squatted in their hotel room had they not needed to be back by Friday for the reunion filming.  I can’t imagine how happy Kentucky must be spending her Valentine’s Day wondering if her man was going to be off to prison on felony charges with her left to fly home alone. #TrueLove #NewBoobies

Click through for photos from the reunion.

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I have been monitoring Twitter for news from the reunion and no one is saying a word. Kristen posted a photo of one of her shirts saying it was her mantra after the reunion,  “Don’t let stuff get to you. It will work out, it always has.” James also posted some photo about how he was wrung out after the experience.  But for the most part the gang was unusually silent. Not sure if they were lectured to keep their mouths shut or if that means nothing that dramatic went down. Probably the former.

Check out the photos from the reunion above and share your thoughts.


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25 responses to “Vanderpump Rules News on Reunion and Jax

  1. zoemonster2

    Mmmm. All
    Quiet on the pumpKids’ Western front, eh? BS. Reunion beaing taped now.

    • tamaratattles

      So all those pictures and tweets from Andy and the crew, and all the cast were just an elaborate conspiracy to throw us off? I don’t know what you are on lately, but you need to slow it down.

      • Dee

        Thanks Tamara, I can’t wait to see it! It was funny to see they had assigned seats :) I’m guessing Andy has his favorites sit next to him.

      • Matzah60

        LOL! Your have such a sharp wit. I am laughing so hard at your comment, “an elaborate conspiracy to throw us off.”

      • Zoemonster2

        I take (nor took) no substances, TT. #salacious. Also, the pump reunion was taping like we BOth wrote.

      • tamaratattles

        No, it taped on Friday. You came barreling in to say it was taping “now” the next day. Which was odd and incorrect.

      • Zomonster2

        @tt So it seems. A day late and a dollar short. Thx for the blog. Sometimes i even read b4 i comment. Too;)

  2. tamaratattles

    Dee, there are always assigned seats at the reunion. And much Ballyho is made over who gets the two prized seats next to Andy. Pinky is a given, but I expected some discussion over Scheana getting the other one!

  3. I was glad to see that James was in the 2nd row behind everyone else. Put him in his place!

  4. Thanks, TT for the update and photos.
    I am surprised Lisa allows Jax to hold Giggy. Jax might give him fleas!
    Celebrity, Los Angeles address, new boobs, a Hooters job–Kentucky is doing pretty well.
    I wonder if Lala is sitting with James. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

    • Katie

      Lala and James aren’t together, they just hooked up and he has pictures on his Instagram with what looks like a serious girlfriend now. But they are still friends and “allies” on the show. I think they faked the drama of a potential relationship to secure their spots. Their WWHL appearance screwed them up though.

  5. JoJoFLL

    I just wanted to say that I went out and bought a bottle of LVP Pink Sangria and it’s actually very good. Not too sweet, a hint of cinnamon, and kind of fruity. $11.99 at Fresh Market, about the same as Skinny Girl (from what I remember), made with Spanish wine, bottled in Italy. I’ll drink it again.

  6. Xanadude

    Someone found Jaxs’ Dorian Gray portrait and is burning it. Dude’s looking his age. Unforunately, this will effect his overnight rate.

  7. BKSweetheart

    I can’t see the pics. Must be a Mac thing.

  8. Laura

    I’m just surprised Jax is still with Kentucky.

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