The Next :15 Claudia and Karamo Meet New York


I totally missed this week’s episode of The Next :15 but I have it set up to record from here on out. Also if you missed the first two episodes they air tonight at 2 am and 3 am.  So I’m hoping after you watch this clip, you will join me on watching this  show. I think the regular night is Wednesday.

I’m not sure how long Tiffany is going to last. BECAUSE I DON’T WANT SPOILERS. I’ve already had to send at least one fool to the window licking section over this show. Can’t we just watch the damn drama without having to run in here like you have some important news?  We get it. The show is over, the TV show is what it is.  Now shut up and just watch the show with us. DAYUM.

Sellling it Claudia and Demetria with Carlos

Claudia and Demertria are tight but Demetria is having none of this show. So far at least.

That said, go ahead and talk about this week’s episode that I missed here. The description says that New York goes missing. She sure seems like she is on something.

I’m hoping she stays missing, but I don’t think she can stay away from the cameras for long. Based on this scene, I might get over feeling some kinda way about Karamo. Maybe. He does seem to be the crazy whisperer.


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16 responses to “The Next :15 Claudia and Karamo Meet New York

  1. Miguel

    Still hanging in there with you, TT – thx 4 enduring with this show!!!

  2. I have never heard of this show. What is it about? What channel is it on?

    • tamaratattles

      a) sorry I forgot to include links. (2) it’s on TVOne (yes you do have that channel) on Wednesday nights at 9 pm normal people time (e) you can read more about it here (4) you are officially using your sick pass for missing posts here. You’re lucky I have a Doctor’s note on file. (z) why are all the interns sick?

      • I know this won’t make you happy, but as your #1 fan/reader/intern I unfortunately have been unable to read a lot of your posts lately. Sorry TT work is crazy and then compound that with The Sickness… Life gets in the way. Oh Lord I feel the wrath coming now.

      • tamaratattles

        No wrath here. I want all the interns healthy and happy. I have plenty of compassion for the bout Q Fever that is attacking half the squad. It would be counterproductive to get all wrathy with you. :) I’m still hoping you will cover the next season of AHS. Or something. I miss your overly detailed 10 thousand word responses to shows. xo

      • More Tea Please!

        Is this a new numbering scheme??

      • tamaratattles

        A long time ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper, Okay maybe 20 I dunno, there was a show with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt that I loved. Paul’s character would always have a list of complaints for Helen’s character where he would say ONE blaaah blaaah blaaah and BEEE blah blah blah. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. So now I do it. Sad, but true. :)

  3. lauraannb

    From what I remember about Tiffany, she’s always been a little crazy!
    I thought Claudia was hysterical the way she handled Tiffany, aka, New York. I know I sound like a broken record, but I still don’t get why Claudia’s not on RHOA! What were they thinking?!

    • Miguel

      I know, lauraannb! I loved the way she demolished Nene!!!

    • Sunshine

      She’s not on RHOA because she did not appeal to the masses. She was loved here because she was Kenya’s friend and loved to pick a fight with NeNe. This was the only place where I saw quite the outcry when she was not brought back.

  4. I’m with you Tamara New York needs to remain missing! Heaven help us! I have to play catch up too because I forgot about the show after the first episode!

  5. Glow

    I love Claudia and I am still trying to understand the strong dislike of her by females. I love this show basically because of Claudia and her relationship with Karamo. Loving Karamo also.

  6. More Tea Please!

    I could not stomach New York back in her Flavor of Love Days. Her being anywhere near this show dissuades me from watching, even though I love Claudia! But Ill be here for your snarky commentary all day long.

  7. Rach

    We fell in love with Tiffany here in the UK this January. I will watch this show for her.

    • TT, was this filmed before CBB in the UK? She seems a bit rough here, like she hadn’t been filmed in many years. Also, I love New York but her wigs need to be pulled back a scootch. I understand she wants to hide her edges better than on her Flavor Flav days but damn, girl went overboard. It may be petty but it’s distracting me!

  8. Cheychey

    The whole show is bat shit crazy but so am I so I’m watching.

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