Have We Seen The Last of Nene Leakes on Fashion Police?


Okay, this Fashion Police thing is bigger than I thought. I haven’t been paying Fashion Police the least bit of attention. I was so thrilled to have Nene Leakes off my screen that I literally forgot all about her for a long time. She has me blocked on Twitter so I don’t even have to see her show up on my home line (that I barely have time to look at) so it’s been blissful!  Apparently, this cast drama has been going on since the beginning and is only now exploding.

Brad and Giuliana are not Nene fans at all.  Melissa has been trying once again to keep her cast from imploding. Nene was supposed to be on the NYFW episode and was not. Not sure if she stormed off (as she is known to do) or if they just opted not to use her. Kris Kardashian took her place on the last episode. Kris was already scheduled to be on that episode because it was the NYFW one and she was there with the entire clan.  She actually chose Caitlyn as worst dressed on the show!

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I find it telling that in the video above, Giuliana and Brad are playing the game separately from the two guest hosts and Melissa. And Brad takes a subtle jab at Nene’s illiteracy on Twitter.  Then, Nene wasn’t even on the second show that aired this week.




Clearly there is a huge amount of friction on the set. And I can assure you that Brad and Giulianna are not going anywhere.

As for Nene, she is still butthurt on Twitter over everything.  There is a rising surge of Nene haters out there now. There used to be plenty of people defending her but the comments of every article I read in trying to figure out what is going on were all extremely negative.

Here is one of the people on Twitter who she clapped back to about her non-appearance on Fashion Police.


Do you think Fashion Police is done with Nene?


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66 responses to “Have We Seen The Last of Nene Leakes on Fashion Police?

  1. Cat

    I wouldn’t be surprised. She doesn’t fit that show.

  2. JoJoFLL

    She brings nothing to the show. I used to watch when it originally (back in the 1990s?) came out with Joan because I’ve always respected Joan Rivers as a true fashionista instead of some celeb or blogger who wouldn’t know some of the classics. A Birkin bag does not make you fashionable or knowledgeable about fashion.

  3. tamaratattles

    Oh I keep meaning to tell you guys, best I can tell her website is down and has been for some time. I think once the tide turned on her she couldn’t handle all the haters. I can’t imagine the seating she would need for that WLS.

  4. Rebecca

    I don’t know what Brad does so I won’t comment on him, but Guiliana doesn’t really have the right talent to be on there either. She’s always come across as very fake to me. I imagine she’d throw her best friend under the bus for a job or promotion. She looked bad on that ep too, I hope she is not sick again.

    Nene is out of her environment there. I think thug or ghetto or whatever you want to call it does well for the right audience & fashion police does not have the same audience, so Nene won’t do well there, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t be professional about her being there & Nene should also be professional outside of there. Remember Kelly’s mouth? How many job offers does she have rolling in? Be smart & shut up.

    • Matzah60

      I totally agree with you, Rebecca about Guiliana, but do believe as Tamara reported that Brad and G aren’t going anywhere. Guiliana was hired on E when it was believed that the network was about to crash and burn. The network believes that Guiliana saved E and actually brought it back from the dead. Sadly, the fame seemed to go to her head and she left after a 12 year stint with her tail between her legs.

      Bianca Del Rio would be great, Sarah K. She’s smart and witty and her segment of In Bed with Joan was a hoot. I sure do miss Joan!!

      I’m glad to finally see Nene put in her place. She is so smug and arrogant, not to mention hateful. Unfortunately, with her return to RHOA, I think we’re going to see the ladies really turn on Kenya. I wonder if Andy will keep Nene as a fixture on the show.

      • GirlMe

        Yes Biana Del Rio would kill it. I hate fashion and would watch that show if she was on it. Shes funny, quick, and the right kind of mean.

      • Spilledperfume

        Bianca would be just as good as his boy self Roy. He is just a funny, funny person. He has such quick wit and his commentary on what the other drag queens wore was hysterical.

        If you haven’t noticed I’m a huge Bianca Del Rio fan. 😉

      • Matzah60

        With good reason! Didn’t she/he win the Rue Paul Drag Race something or other not too long ago? Anyway, I’m with you. Bianca would be a great choice for the show. :)

      • Spilledperfume

        Yes, Bianca won season 6 of Drag Race. She was great. Another drag queen made a comment that he would never win so he signed up for the next season and he was the hands down winner.

        I’m really glad Lady C will be recapping the new season.

      • hannahkingrose

        I’m right there with you Spilledperfume. Can’t wait for Lady C’s recapping the new season of Drag Race and Bianca would be awesome on Fashion Police. She/he is hilarious/acerbic but still hides that heart of gold. One of my favs too.

    • Gabriella

      Brad was once Rachel Zoe’s assistant, until he wanted to be a stylist in his own right.

      • JoJoFLL

        Brad Goresky is an A list stylist. Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, and many others. He also has impeccable taste.

    • T

      I agree about Giuliana! The show isn’t the same without Joan so I don’t tune in on a regular basis, but the times I have flicked the channel and caught a glimpse, all Giuliana has done is say, “Oh my God,” cover her eyes and shake her head. She brings NOTHING to the show! They should just put this show out of its misery.

  5. Rose

    She’s falling off the slippery slope!

  6. Wow that twitterverse is something else!! So why did Nene block you Tamara if you don’t mind me asking?

  7. DarkThoughts

    It’s a fashion show not a how to dress, look, and act like a clown show. That witch has no business on ANY fashion platform.

  8. rebecca

    I wish the title of this post instead read “Have we seen the last of Nene Leakes?” That would be a wish come true. How she came to be viewed as someone with knowledge of fashion (or anything, really) is beyond my ability to understand.

  9. cjbomb

    If people keep not wanting to work with you on a regular basis, perhaps they aren’t haters….perhaps it has something to do with you….

  10. Spilledperfume

    Melissa needs to replace her. She doesn’t add anything to the show. She’s a mess.

  11. SaraK

    I want Bianca DelRio on Fashion Police. Much needed addition

  12. LuLu

    In all honesty, Marlo should be on the show instead of Nene. I know she isn’t as famous, but she definitely carries alot more credibility when it comes to fashion sense. Heck Nene didn’t even know anything about fashion until she met Marlo. Besides, Marlo is hilarious!

  13. Alessa949

    Anyone else noticed she misspelled Giuliana’s name as “Giuliani”? Wonder if that was intentional…

  14. Margarett

    I,too, would love to see the “last of Nene”. I’m amazed that she has had the success she’s had. I liked her for a season or two of RHOA. Then she forgot her raising, and became too full of herself for my taste.

    As for “Fashion Police”…what in the world were they thinking!?!

  15. Bria

    After the stunt she pulled out with RHOA, showing up in mid season, I have to hold my breathe for a short while. Nene reminds me of that friend you don’t invite to your party but shows up unexpectedly.

  16. Margarett

    I haven’t seen Bianca, but I think a drag queen is a genius idea! The show without Joan is crying out for some humor as well as some genuine fashion knowledge. Also, good taste would be welcome, and Nene certainly doesn’t add that.

    • tamaratattles

      Perhaps Nene and Margaret Ho was their way of pushing the drag queen concept before going full drag queen.

      • Margarett

        Maybe so, that makes sense to me. (That FP would have a “trial run”.)

        Hope you’re feeling better/lighter today. Yesterday felt pretty dark.

  17. Nene brings ratings, or she used to. She generates chatter, emotion, controversy. We think she is a ridiculous choice, but the show has never been strictly about fashion. Back in the day, Joan was controversial because she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, call people out, go for the laugh. There isn’t a substitute for Joan, the show has jumped the shark, and I wish they would lay it to rest. I love Brad, loathe Giuliana, respect Melissa, and miss Joan. It is painful to see Nene on there, because it seems like she is the butt of their jokes, and she is only now realizing it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I almost (almost, but not really) feel sorry for her. But no one wants to be pitied, least of all Nene.

    • sandra

      Nene is the butt of their jokes? I don’t see that. Why all the hate for Guiliana?

      • Sandra, I didn’t state that very well. Should have said that Nene is aware of their (reasonable) disdain for her, and watching that just makes me uncomfortable. It’s not fun to watch. Another poster (Jane, I think) said, “There’s room for a snarky fashion/celeb show, but the participants need to know about fashion AND be snarky.” I agree with that. Also, re: my dislike of Giuliana, I exaggerated. Loathe was too strong a word. She is interesting, and I think she has a good handle on fashion, sort of…but she rubs me the wrong way. That’s not a bad thing, and I guess I enjoy disliking her.

  18. Gabriella

    I’m just amazed that they put Nene on that show in the first place.

    • T

      Their (Fashion Police) casting choices are often questionable – Lisa Rinna was a dire choice.

      I’m not a Kardashian fan by any stretch of the imagination but Kris does present well whether she’s on Fashion Police or E! News (or even her own chat show, which I actually thought showed promise – she was a great interviewer and seemed to make her guests feel very welcome … she was a lot better than a lot of the others out there).

  19. Miguel

    Just happened 2 catch Nene peddling her clothing lin on T Home Shopping Network – she seems deflated, like she knows her 15 mins r up. Perhaps, she could beg Claudia for a spot on the next season of The Next 15!!! How sad, Nene was once a fan fav (like Jill on rhony); nevertheless, she did it 2 herself over the last few yrs & is unable 2 win anyone back. Next time, think b4 u speak & watch ur THOT alliances!

  20. Anastasia_Beave

    She is terrible on that show (and was on NYE, but that’s another discussion) . I’m still confused as to how she’s getting these jobs in the first place.

    • peachteachr

      Me, too, Anastasia. Why won’t Fashion Police lie down and accept that they are dead? It really was the Joan Rivers show and she’s not there any longer.

  21. Queen of the Nile

    Nene was horrible on Fashion Police — she kept contradicting Brad (who IMO is the only credible one on the show) and she loved that hideous bridal monstrosity that Beyonce wore. I hope they don’t ask her back.

    BTW … I don’t follow Twitter — what did Brad say about her illiteracy? What shade!

    • tamaratattles

      Nene is borderline illiterate which is why she relies on a handful of phrases she has stolen from other people. On her Twitter she constantly says things like “wit” for with and a whole boatload of other things. In the video above Brad says “Nene doesn’t have to be drunk to drunk tweet.” If you had ever read her tweets you would catch that shade.

      • Minky

        Oh my goodness! I thought that Nene went to college when she was young? If that’s the case then there’s a good chance she’s in your WLS right now.

  22. Patricia

    I had to stop watching Fashion Police because I just couldn’t stand Nene on the show. I like the other hosts, especially Brad. Nene adds nothing to the show – she’s rude, loud and interrupts conversation. The limited knowledge of fashion that she has, shows in the way she dresses and speaks. She’s awful! I did see Kris Kardashian on the NTFW episode and she surprised me. I enjoyed listening to her and found her comments insightful. She brings an older point of view that still is in tune with younger people. I’d keep her and can Nene.

  23. Cheychey

    I would like to see Mrs Lawrence on the show. She is witty and knows her way about fashion. She did that show with Bevy and Derek J. Heck they could bring Derick along and loose Margret cho. The show would be a hoot. But still be people who actually know what they are talking about. this is really not the group for Nene. I liked her on Glee. Heard she did well on Broadway but I watched her on this and felt a disconnect between not just her but several of the hosts. They mesh well together.

  24. ZenJen55

    Guiliana does have a masters degree in Journalism and she graduated from the BARBIZON school of modeling!

    Now giggle….

  25. Jane

    The show needs a revamp. There’s room for a snarky fashion/celeb show, but the participants need to know about fashion AND be snarky. That knocks out Margaret and Nene. Melissa is too nice and her personal style isn’t there… First, a prarie wedding gown, then this week the enormous mouth. Think of how much fun they could have had with the kanye show, but they had Kris on and it was all unicorns and butterflies. Joan had great segments… Starlet or streetwalker, to name one. They have name the celebrity, it’s like fashion charades and no fun at all

  26. Lime Brain

    I’m williams Nguyen to keep Margaret Cho for now. She’s growing on me and she does come up with some funny one liners. She also seems to be trying to dress better, also.

    They just need to replace Nene with somebody with real fashion experience so poor Brad can have a real conversation/debate about fashion, Margaret can make the jokes, and Melissa and Guilianna can do whatever they do.

    It can’t be that hard to find someone with fashion knowledge that wants to be on the show. They don’t need a big name. I’m sure there are plenty of Project runway losers that would love to do the show. Elena would be a hoot. I’d like to stare at Demitri on my tv screen. What about getting the blonde girl that was Rachael Zoe’s assistant before Brad was? She was pretty snarky and it would be funny to see her working with Brad again. Though Brad probably wouldn’t find it amusing.

  27. Lime Brain

    Damn autotype. That should have read, I’m willing to keep Margaret Cho.

  28. J

    Please explain WLS!?

    • tamaratattles

      LOL The WLS is the Window Licking Section where people can read here but aren’t allowed to comment. Some people are overly paranoid about going there and there are many misconceptions. Most people in WLS never have comments so up here. The last person I put in said horrible things about Nene Leakes and at the same time disparaged multiple minority groups. It’s not so much about people’s opinions but their level of vitriol or annoyingness. :)

  29. Manic Monday

    I used to watch Fashion Police until they casted her. I tuned in for one show because of the guest and I like Margret Cho. Nene seems out of place there and fake. She should reconsider going back to RHOA because I highly doubt she can carry a talk show by herself. IDK who would be her guest when she has burned bridges in many places.

  30. I blame Fashion Police not NEhe. Why would they hire her when she has no sense of style at all. Marlo tried to help her out and teach her how to dress, but I see she has forgotten everything Marlo taught her. She is to loud, ghetto and ignorant for any show but the RHOA!*

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