Child Genius Recap: To Pass or Not to Pass, That Was The Question

Child genius

I’m very excited to watch this episode but I also don’t want to watch it because we are down to six kids and they are my favorite six. I’m not comfortable with any of them being in the bottom anymore! I’m on pins and needles to see what happens. Whatever the outcome it will be bittersweet. Also, I realized a couple of episodes ago that the prize is $100,000. At some point I thought they lowered it but I was wrong.

For some reason my DVR lobbed off the first three minutes of this show. Better than the last three I suppose. So my viewing starts with Adrian going to get a tuxedo for prom.  And this is where things get weird. Adrian might have the intellectual abilities of an adult. But he’s ten. And ten year olds do not need to be at prom.

Vivek’s mom is back home with the baby again and his dad is not confident in his coaching.  Sam has made a break from his parents who are both super coaches to play video games and find some fun before the oppression continues. Most of the boys are willing to goof off except for Homeslice who gives us lectures in his talking head like a 45 year old retired marine and father of two . According to Adrian, this is not the time for video games. Taylora let Chance have a break this week when she took him, with cameras, to a robotics place where he tried to put together some things while she sat in chair two feet away jabbering at him. Poor Chance. Chance got sick this week (I’d guess bladder infection from not being able to pee for the past 3 weeks without permission) and has only studied for spelling and not the second round, Landmarks.

Is it me or does the astronaut mispronounce his own name every week? This week I thought he said “Little Melvin.” In spelling, they have to unscramble a word and spell it forward and backward.



Round One Advanced Spelling

Chancellor gets the handicap of going first on top of being sick. WOW. This round is ridiculously bad. Chancellor’s first two words were exhilarate and mnemonic! I do word scrambles all the time. Eight and ten letter words are ridiculous. No one is going to do well on this round. It looks like the first half is unscramble and the second half is spelling backwards. Chance got a 7/10 which for this round is just fine, I expect. His mom is mad, though.

Vivek’s dad took him to a Tae Kwon Do lesson for his special outing. He’s a black belt!  Wow! That’s very impressive. Vivek says Tae Kwon Do makes him happy because it gives him a little extra dose of dopamine. Vivek struggled this round as well with 6/10. I’m telling you this is a hard round.

Sam is a strong speller. Some of the words they get to spell the regular way, are just long but not hard. The backwards words are shorter and more difficult. Sam got even the really hard scrambles and scored 9/10! That was amazing!

Claire has a new pretty dress this week and she has yet to repeat a hair accessory! HA! Funny I should mention that. In Claire’s piece this week, we find out that all of the girly girl stuff is more of her mother’s doing. Claire is a tomboy off camera. Claire got a 6/10 this round. She seemed in utter shock that her score was so low. I blame all the hair ties cutting off circulation to her brain.

Adrian really struggled with the scrambled words. He didn’t pass them like Chancellor did and he ran out of time. See, Taylora?  Adrian got 5/10 correct before the clock ran out. And my little homeslice is crying. I’m not sure I’ve seen him cry before.

Arnav says he is a bit worried about this round because he finds it hard. I wish we could have seen Arnav’s entire round. I have a feeling that when he made a mistake on a backwards spell he kept thinking about what he did wrong, as he seemed surprised he missed it. That likely threw him off moving forward. he got a 5/10.

At least Sam's mom is happy!

At least Sam’s mom is happy!

Halftime Meltdowns

For a lot of these kids this round is the first time they have underperformed. Arnav and Adrian seem particularly freaked out by this new experience.  During the comp, Vivek turned around to Arnav and whispered, “You can make it! You got super hard ones!”  Awww, I love Vivek. Vivek gives Arnav a sympathetic pat. What good sports they are this week.

Sam is thrilled to be on top of the leaderboard for the first time. Claire is studying for the next round through tears. Adrian is having a really hard time accepting his performance. His mother who is generally laid back lapses into Russian hoping the film won’t be used. It was subtitled. It seems like Adrian has disappointed her and this seems like a new feeling for my little homeslice. I’m sure he will do fine in landmarks. How hard can that be? He ‘s had the study cards all week.

Arnav is having the most serious meltdown. Arnav is panicking if not having a full on panic attack. He’s already predicting he won’t do well in the next round.

Round Two Landmarks

Claire is up first. I predict a lot of perfect scores for this round. Wow, except they don’t just have to identify the landmark, they also have to answer a question about its construction.  Claire did well and got a 9/10.

Vivek flew through the round with a perfect 10/10!  So he is safe from elimination! YES!

Chancellor pass on several questions, much to the dismay of his mother and got a 5/10. He is still in jeopardy for now.

Sam got two questions about Muslim culture and his Lebanese father beamed with pride at his pronunciation and knowledge. It was a heartwarming moment. Sam got another 9/10. YES!  Claire and Adrian both had looks of concern on their faces about Sam.

Adrian got a perfect score!  10/10.

Arnav really needs a perfect score. Why do his parents clap with their fists? HE GOT A PERFECT SCORE! YES 10/10 Way to make a come back. But now I am worried about who is leaving.

Sam came in first and Vivek came in second! YAY!

They only sent one kid home this week, and sadly it was Chancellor.

The good news is that there will be ten episodes, I though there were only eight.  Next week it looks like Sam falters a bit and we have the dreaded judges review of an answer. This season it is one of Claire’s answers. She is worried she could go home.


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20 responses to “Child Genius Recap: To Pass or Not to Pass, That Was The Question

  1. Pitypat

    I had to change the channel during the spelling, it was too hard on me!

  2. Dee

    Tamara, love the recap. It seems like too much pressure for these little guys. I love seeing how they support each other!

  3. Nicole S

    Is it me or is Vivek the cutest little thing?! He always responds as if his answer has a question mark after it. His dad seems like a nice guy. I’m rooting for Vivek.

    • Nate Dogg

      Yes I’m rooting for Vivek too, he’s so sweet. I thought he was sweet when Arnav was upset and he tries to make him feel better. I laughed when he said he likes Tae Kwon do because he gets dopamine lol I love smart kids! Thanks for the recap, I don’t know anybody who watches this ☺

    • Vivek’s facial expressions are everything.

    • The FIST CLAPPING. This has been making me crazy(ier). At first, on an earlier episode, I noticed his mom fist clapping. I wondered if maybe she had a finger injury or something, until they showed the mom AND the dad fist clapping. Except it isn’t really fist clapping, it’s more like dainty wrist clapping.

  4. Realityjunkie

    I, like you, adore all the kids left but i was giddy that Sam took the top place. He’s such an adorable little boy who just wants to do “boy things”.

  5. Margarett

    I like all these little smarties, but I love Sam.

    This stuff is hard! Is it just me or is there a low percentage of “American” parents? I don’t mean citizenship. Does this say something about our attitude toward education, competition, or intelligence?

  6. Spilledperfume

    I haven’t watched this show but it sounds good and the kids sound really cute. I will have to watch it on demand.

  7. KidsRkids

    Im with you TT, its to hard to see any of these kids say goodbye. Chancellor is a delight and certainly bound for greatness.

    I have to say it again, though, Adrian’s dad brings him down. I worry every time when he “shows up on his white horse” to change little Adrian’s study strategy, he is NOT a help.

    I guess from here on out it will be a heartbreaking experience,

  8. zoemonster2Zoemomster2

    Smart kids are easy. It’s the *street-smart* plus *smart kid* who ‘ll take you on the wild ride. #truth

  9. Deborah

    Why don’t Arnav’s parents clap with their hands??? Drives me nuts!

  10. Nancy (the other one)

    I love Vivek. He is so sweet. Who am I kidding? I also love the rest of them. Next week’s elimination is going to be very hard on my daughter and me. We are completely hooked.

  11. VioletBlue

    I’m going to have to watch it again! I never noticed Arnav’s parents clapping with their fists, lol!

  12. Lawstangel

    My hometown girl Claire is still alive! I like all of them though. I feel sorry for Chancellor and that mother of his who has to keep reminding us of the sacrifice she is making for him.

  13. Still laughing at Constandanipple. Sam is really going to the bell tower. Kid has major anger and victim issues. When Claire was mortified and crying her way to her seat, he offered a high five, she did not acknowledge his or Chance’s offer and Sam got really pissed. Creepy. I was shocked at the one Indian kid who is not Vivek slapping the water bottle away from mom. I loathe kids like that.

    The host guy gets in my nerves. He mispronounces words and he does that thing wherein a person does not pronounce the last consonant of a word. I’d speculate that these children are twice as smart as he is.

    I don’t care for the spelling a word backwards thing. What does that prove? Then again, I don’t find spelling to necessarily equate to smarts anyhow. But we’ve had this discussion before. :)

  14. wristly

    The wrist clapping mystery is driving me crazy. Someone please figure it out and tell me!

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