Blind Item: Texas Will Not Be Buzzing Like A No Vacancy Sign Anymore

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Ever since that one East Coast housewife made a massive fortune selling liquor, every housewife it seems is trying to get in on the deal.  But while the East Coast housewife fully understands the business and how to keep her buyers happy, one west coast housewife is losing orders at one of Texas’s biggest retail outlets because of her attitude toward the buyer. The major chain was pleased enough with the product, which sold well but will not be restocking because the housewife did not keep her commitments to promote the product locally, because she’s too busy “being a celebrity.” She seemed to think she was doing the major chain a favor until they did themselves a favor and refused to make another purchase.

Now I’m not sure how that works other places but  around these parts we’ve got  plenty of firewater of our own. If you want us to sell yours,  you have to be nice and keep your commitments and not think that the sun rises just for you.  That might work if you want to be a “celebrity” for a bit, but it doesn’t fly with businesses in the south.

Oh, and one more thing, the East Coast housewife has a large display in all their outlets. She’s apparently, a pleasure to do business with.


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106 responses to “Blind Item: Texas Will Not Be Buzzing Like A No Vacancy Sign Anymore

  1. erikainhb

    My guess is Vicki and her wine or vodka (was it?) line. I thought it could also be LVP but I think she’s too professional for that.

  2. WhyOWhy

    Ohhh, my guess is Lisa Vanderpump. I wonder if that was what the Toms were supposed to be doing with the sangria.

  3. JoJoFLL

    East Coast: Bethany Frankel’s Skinny Girl
    Texas Chain: HEB
    West Coast: Lisa Vanderpump’s Sangria

    • Just me

      East Coast: Bethany
      West Coast: Vicki (don’t think it is LVP because Pandora and hubby handling the Sangria marketing)

      • JoJoFLL

        Vicki’s vodka doesn’t exist and Brandi’s wine isn’t available in Texas. Both LVP and Skinny Girl are both sold in the above Texas chain of supermarkets.

  4. Dee

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, raising my hand! Call on meee! Could it be illiterate blond?

  5. LVP. Blake Shelton has a song called “Sangria.”

    • erikainhb

      I forgot about her and her champs. I coukd see her be too busy being a celeb…and buying all the stuff for the house.

      • Erica

        Nah -HD was willing to go on QVC, etc. I could see Brandi or Vicki being PITAs. Lisa maybe… but not to an extreme. But if I take the word “liquor” literally – then it is Vicki and her vodka, if she got it off the ground.

        But I suck at the blind items.

    • swizzle

      I think Heather said her champagne was a limited production and sold out.

      • BGStyles Laughing

        Could limited edition be another way of saying…I don’t have the time to lend my celebrity to this project?

      • Erica

        No, I have known three or four people in the wine business around where I live (Western Washington ) At least two started out as hobbyists. One is now big enough to be distributed in locally owned grocery stores, and has been picked by some wine shops in other states, but really only the stuff he’s been doing for a while. When he adds a different grape, etc. He always starts out with a limited number of bottles. Sometimes it stays that way because he only has so many of that particular grape available to him at the vineyard.

        So very possible that Heather’s bubbly was limited. Even if they want to expand, it won’t increase the number of bottles immediately. Takes time for grape vines to grow.

  6. Frosty

    LVP. Vicki’s too desperate to make her side projects succeed, I think, not to show up.

  7. V

    Definitely LVP, she’s the only one I can think of thats selling a wine who has the i’m a celebrity attitude.

  8. ADDING – Also re: Blake Shelton’s song “Sangria” – lyrics to that song include “buzzing like a no vacancy sign”…. LVP and her Sangria. Clever, TT!

  9. run_dmc

    No way it’s LVP. For one thing, you don’t get to a place where you own numerous restaurants and other businesses over time by being too big for your britches with suppliers or distributors. For another, her Sangria line is run by her daughter and SIL who would be the ones dealing directly with distributors. I don’t see Pandora being bitchy either, nor is she a “housewife,” so story wouldn’t fit. (Plus, she wouldn’t make commitments to have her mother doing something without making sure her mother was ok with it and if she did promise that her mom would do something and LVP didn’t, LVP would be letting Pandora down too – which she would not do).

    I’m not familiar with the other west coast franchises, but this sounds much more like Brandi Glanville and her nasty hoodrat wine.

  10. DJ

    I’m going to go with Vicki. In my experience, Firewater is used more to describe high proof alcohol (Vodka), rather than a sangria. I could be wrong…. just a guess. Plus Lisa seems very professional and worries about her image. Pandora was meticulous on one episode setting up a display.

  11. Rose

    Heather Dubrow on West Coast. Bethany here on the East Coast.

  12. Spilledperfume

    I’m clueless on this one.

  13. Deb in SF

    Not sure if it’s Brandi since TT did not say “former” housewife. My guess is Vicki.

  14. Jessica White

    i just looked up locations to find Brandi’s wine on her website for unfiltered blonde. Texas isn’t listed as a state its available in.

  15. rebecca

    I believe it’s Bethenny Frankel and HEB as the East Coast and Texas retail chain, respectively. I know that she did an appearance at an HEB here in Houston last year. My guess for the West Coast housewife is Heather Dubrow. I can see her being a celebrity as way more important to her than meeting commitments to the “little people.”

    (p.s. vodka can only be sold in liquor stores here in Texas and I am not aware of a major statewide liquor retailer.)

    • Minky

      I can totally see Heather pulling a move like this. Brandi’s a contender but isn’t she too desperate for money to act that way?

    • Laura

      I went to that signing with a friend, Bethany was not very nice to her fans..

    • Sliceo'pie

      It’s funny because I see her the exact opposite -I see her working her bum off to make the product successful. Both Heather and Terry seem like Type A personalities – I see them doing whatever is necessary to make their brand successful (as long as it’s tasteful). Both of them are taking full advantage of their 15 minutes.

  16. Tha Riddler

    OT: is Ben C okay? I’m waiting for his RHOBH recap because they are so entertaining! Hope he is feeling better soon.

  17. Tara

    I hope it’s not LVP- but, Vicki’s Vodka doesn’t exist (I don’t think), Brandi’s wine isn’t told in Texas and you can only by Heathers online or at the winery itself.

  18. Sharon

    We know it is definitely Bethanny for east coast and thinking Heather for west coast. I would say Brandi except that TT didn’t say former housewife or maybe she didn’t want to make it too easy for us :)

  19. I can’t see being LVP, unless she put the Toms in charge of Texas–scary thought. I am guessing Heather.

  20. Rach

    Lisa Vanderpump is the west coast one I bet

  21. Weirdiskate

    Well LVP and Pandora were suppose to do wine tastings at different HEB locations in August, possibly they didn’t show, I am leaning towards her

  22. Weirdiskate

    LVP was suppose to do tastings last August at HEB locations, maybe she didn’t show? She’s my bet

  23. CanadaCat

    Brandi. I think she was just promoting in Texas.

  24. Legalmind

    I am thinking the Texas chain in Spec’s and the housewife is Brandi…. Or LVP

  25. Josie

    I believe this is famewhore Brandi. Unfiltered Blonde tweeted that they would be in Texas back in October. They just started selling there.

    Pandora and her husband run the Sangria part of the business and she is not a housewife. Also, the blind says this person is not a business person. Would Vicki be that stupid when it comes to business? Heather maybe.

    Brandi. Final answer.

  26. Dee_AZ. @jordan1022

    I’d say Brandi

  27. Kim

    After a little online research, it has to be LVP unfortunately. She’s the only west coast housewife selling “spirits” in TX. I thought this line was spearheaded by Pandora..? Tsk, tsk, dropping the ball, Pandy, not good for the brand…

    • Laura

      I should’ve read your comment before I left my own! Lol

    • swizzle

      If LVP didn’t fulfill obligations, it’s not Pandy’s fault. No one wants to meet Pandy. I’ll bet LVP was supposed to be making appearances and did not. It may not even be worth LVP’s time to make those appearances, but seems like she might have let Pandy down…or they’re all just throwing in the towel on the sangria biz.

      • Kim

        I went to HEB’s website, the only mention of LVP sangria appearance says Pandora & her husband in Aug 2015. Doesn’t mention Lisa once. On the show, Pandora seemed to be leading the meeting with the Toms. Of course Lisa was there but Pandora had all the stats. I’m sure Lisa is involved & does plugs, but this looks, to me, like Pandora’s baby. Maybe I’m wrong but all the info I’ve found points to Pandora.

  28. Laura

    It’s LVP sangria and the grocery store is HEB. The only housewives wine you can get at HEB is Skinny Girl And LVP sangria and HEB loves Bethany she actually shows up to signings and promotions for stores. Hi from Texas y’all.

  29. Not Andy Cohen

    I can’t wrap my head to believe it’s Vanderpump. Me and a few friends dined at Sur on a Sunday evening (anyone that goes to WeHo knows it’s a busy day) and I saw her exit out. Right before she did, someone called her name and it was a domino effect; she stayed about 10mins to take pictures and talk with the entire section of the restaurant that we were in. She took pictures, let people touch her dog (not Jiggy), and even hold him. I’m not saying she can’t be a diva BUT I don’t even like sharing my French fries let alone someone grab my dog lol. It’s just hard for me to believe she has an attitude or “I’m a celebrity” persona because from what I saw and experienced, she seemed very down to earth and gracious. This all happened this past November so I’m not talking about years ago.

    May I say, I was quite surprised to see her son Max bring out our dinner. She really has his ass working lol.

    • Josie

      Pandy and hubby runs the show for the Sangria. I can see them wanting Lisa to make appearances instead of Pandy.

      How DAAAARE LVP not go??! She only manages two restaurants, has two TV shows, Stop Yulin and various other charities. She drove miles to get the doggy with alopecia and one damn ear for adoption. THE NERVE! The Sangria is only is 20+ states too. Slacker!

    • I agree, Not Andy Cohen, I can’t see LVP or Pandora dropping the ball on the sangria. First and last, they are about making money.

  30. tamaratattles

    There is a lot of misinformation being posted on these comments that is KILLING me. Some of you believe the storyline used to give offspring a storyline. Others don’t read the other comments for the correct information. I have another blind but this is so painful to watch I may just figure out how to write it as a straight post. Which brings me to another point, some of you are other places trying to convince me who it is. I had the source and wrote the blind. I know who it is. My only other hint is to go with the CLUES in the blind and not random thoughts in your head about the personality of the HWs involved.

    • JoJoFLL

      I got tired of repeating that Vicki’s Vodka doesn’t exist and Brandi doesn’t sell in Texas. Heather’s method champagne was a limited run.

      • tamaratattles

        No one reads the comments. They are just commenting. They barely read the blind. You would think if a blind had a title you didn’t understand, you would start by figuring that out. Or read the other comments. Or something. But no.

  31. Cat

    Ew. I don’t think I’d buy wine from ANY housewife. Who knows what kind of cheap production standards they use?

    If a winery does not allow the public to tour their production area, I avoid it.

    • Cat, most HW have absolutely nothing to do with the wine. The winery buys their name.
      Tre tried to and her wine went no where as with a few others.

      • Erica

        Good point – although I got the impression that the Collette methode champagne wasn’t as desperate of a money maker as some of te others are – more of a fun thing because Heather does love her champs and her Coco! (If I found out that the Dubrows really were good friends with the vintner, I wouldn’t be surprised.) They also never gave the impression that they were in charge of Collette methode champs – and so I didn’t think they were the asshat in Texas.

        But then… I REALLY suck at Blind Items! Really haven’t enjoyed them since Ted Casabanca on E! did them!

  32. Colonel Mustard
    In the Indoor Basketball Court
    With Botox

  33. Big Momma

    I don’t think it’s LVP. I saw her at Whole Foods and she signed autographs and took pictures for 2 hrs straight. She was about to take a break when it was our turn but she noticed my friend was pregnant so she continued on. We stayed for a while longer and she never stopped. The point is I think she’s too smart of a business woman to do something so unprofessional to her distributors. My guess is Vicki

  34. cavex2

    I think it is Vicki. Since you mentioned “firewater”, I assume that would be liquor and not sangria.

    • Laura

      You can’t buy hard liquors in grocery stores in Texas. So Vicki’s Vodka is out. The major Texas Grocery chain is HEB. The only housewives wine they sell is Skinny Girl and LVP Sangria. Not Brandi’s wine. My money is still on LVP. The stores don’t want her daughter doing an appearance, they want (and probably contracted for) the person’s whose name is on the bottle, which is LVP. I can see them parting ways with LVP if she didn’t do her appearances. And like I said Bethany does do appearances for HEB I went to one in Houston a few months back.

  35. Spilledperfume

    I think the person who connected the Blake Shelton song Sangria to the title was correct that it’s LVP. I never would have gotten that.

  36. Xanadude

    Y’all – she said retail outlet, not grocery store.

    • LizHolgolightly

      Well now that you say retail outlet, I’m confused. I’m from Texas and my mind immediately went to HEB and LVP sangria. Bethenny is obviously the East coast housewife but now I’m confused about the other one

      • Laura

        HEB is considered a retail outlet as is SPECS, those are the only two retail outlets that are Texas based that sell alcohol (I believe). My money is still on LVP and HEB. I could be wrong though! :)

  37. Lime Brain

    I think I just used up my last two working brain cells trying to remember this.
    Didn’t Vicky and Tamra have a wine of the month club? What happened to it? Is it still in business?

  38. Miguel

    Hi TT, I’m relatively new here & not sure about the blind items. I keep coming back 2 this one, hoping u’ll post the answer. Is that how it works; or do we wait 4 the tea 2 spill? Please, please let me know, as I’m busting at the seams! Thanks so much for your great work with & sacrifice in analysing the myriad of reality shows!!! I absolutely love your forum, contributors & community (for the most part – exceptions, u know who u are)! Much love & blessings 2 all!!!

  39. Xanadude

    All I can say is the West Coast HW needs to update her product’s website, because it currently lists a retail chain that does not sell the brand anymore, for reasons discussed above.

  40. CanadaCat

    I was so wrong. I thought about the personalities of the HWs before TTs clues (sorry, TT). Shame shame on LVP for behaving in such an unprofessional manner!

  41. she

    LVP, sangria, Specs.

  42. More Tea Please!

    Xanadude, you said LVP sangria is now avaialble at World Market in Texas. I assume the door to HEB has stayed closed? Oops.

    • Xanadude

      HEB was never a factor. There are no HEB stores in the city of Dallas proper :) There’s an HEB owned Central Market, but no HEB stores. It was never HEB.

      Read the latest VPR recap for an unblinding of this. :)

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