Shah’s of Sunset’s Jessica Parido’s Boyfriend Charged With Rape

Shahs jessica and thug rapist



The last Shahs of Sunset show we saw aired last summer but filmed way before that in 2014 if not 2013. It’s been forever since we have seen this show and by the time the show airs people have gotten married and divorced.  And by people I mean Jessica and Mike. There has been a lot of drama since Jessica filed for divorce in November of last year. Especially she  wasted no time before hooking up with some dude they were calling Chris.  Chris was supposedly lavishing very expensive gifts on Jessica, which apparently was the main attraction.

Unfortunately, “Chris” hasn’t come by money legally. Allegedly,  He was out on bail facing nine felony counts including grand theft and passing non-sufficient funds checks exceeding $950  until yesterday when he was arrested for numerous instances of violence against his ex wife. The last attack was reported by ET to have occurred on February, 8th.

SHahs Jessica and thug


“Chris” Shubaralyan  was charged on Thursday with forcible rape, stalking and first-degree burglary.  He was also charged with  two counts of injuring a spouse, two counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and three counts of criminal threats. His ex-wife also had a restraining order on him at the time. For the rape and domestic violence charges he is looking at more than 25 years.

The last photos of Jessica and Chris together were of their trip to the Sundance Festival in Utah. She wrote next to the above photo, “this is a man” which could be interpreted as another jab at her soon to be former husband Mike.

Somewhere, Mike Shouhed is shitfaced.


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34 responses to “Shah’s of Sunset’s Jessica Parido’s Boyfriend Charged With Rape

  1. therealdeb

    So much drama, so little time…

  2. pfffttt

    Chris sure is ugly.

  3. Theresa

    I can’t say she traded up. WTF! He’s a rapist, (ex)wife beater, stalker, thief, criminal and ugly as all fuck. This chick has no taste. I wonder what has happened in her life to devastate her self esteem that she changed herself so completely for Mike. I’m wondering what she changed for this twat. I may not be the hottest, sexiest, richest, etc., but I am 100% me take it or leave it.

  4. Frosty

    She sure can pick ’em!

  5. This saga just gets sadder & sadder.

  6. Spilledperfume

    What could she possibly be thinking? That is not a man.

  7. SB

    I guess she has a thing for ugly jerks.

  8. Matzah60

    Sad, even tragic. She seems to like the ‘bad’ boys. I guess some would say she doesn’t have a good picker, but consciously or unconsciously, Jessica chooses these males she chooses to call men. Low self-esteem surely plays in to her choices. Like @Theresa said above, I don’t know what happened in her life that caused that “devastated her self-esteem.”

    My mom always used to say that one doesn’t know what goes on behind closed doors. What may look or seem wonderful may just be a mirage. This girl has lost herself and keeps trying to find happiness through the men in her life. I wish she would stop looking for a guy and try to find out what’s wrong in her own life. Sadly, I think she will be on the hunt again for a new ‘boyfriend’ to fill whatever void she has in her life.

  9. Erica

    Oh my God. “this is a man” no, it is a piece of shit.

    She’d be better off with a commitment phobic drunk (Mike) than this guy.

  10. Dee_AZ. @jordan1022

    Wow wtf happened to her.

  11. Kim

    So is she trying to have the same eyebrows as her boyfriend?? >:D

  12. hannahkingrose

    If by “this is a man” Jessica means that a man lavishly spends money on her then I guess she got it right. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that he got it illegally or that he is a felon with a restraining order on him from his ex for obvious domestic violence. Nor does it matter that he’s a thief and was out on bail. As long as there is money, fame or attention, Jessica can look the other way just like she did with Mike knowing full well he was a lying, cheating, commitment phobic p.o.s. before she married him.

    Jessica appeared to be a fairly normal person when she first met Mike but had to work so hard to get him to marry her. I think by the time he finally proposed, she felt like she deserved whatever lifestyle, fame and limelight she was able to get. I do think something broke in Jessica and I think that Mike’s shoddy treatment was the catalyst for the change.

    • margroc

      Sorry, but we cannot blame our behaviour on how other people treat us. The fact remains that she allowed Mike to treat her badly so whatever was broken, was broke before she ever met him. This girl needs to spend some time on her own. Living alone, going out with girlfriends, trying to find out who she is and what she wants or she willl end up in the same relationship/different man again and again.

      • hannahkingrose

        margroc, I didn’t say she or I get to blame her behavior on Mike or anyone else for that matter. I said it was the catalyst. It is what first showed that she was broken and wanted her piece of the pie no matter the cost. I agree she needs to find herself but I hope she has some help finding that complete person. Just hanging out with friends isn’t going to stop her from wanting the spotlight and her willingness to put up with whatever to get it.

  13. Cat

    So, his criminal activity lands him a spot on a TV show. Who’s next? Will Charles Manson soon be on TV? And which show? Maybe Top Chef? Will Padma have the nerve to tell Manson to “Pack your knives, and go”?

  14. Wow she is really ambitious huh? I don’t even understand this nonsense! Like others are saying she may need to find herself a therapist or something! You changed your entire life for one man and fell into the arms of another so quickly? Something is wrong! Now I’m wondering; we never saw Jessica’s parents on the shows and why was that?

  15. I’m sorry Tamara if I’m breaking any rules but I was just checking out her online store and wondering why it says 0% of your first order with a specific code! That must be a joke!

  16. JoJoFLL

    I don’t know if her makeup artist is a genius at contouring or she has a lot of fillers and botox or both but she looks very different here.

  17. cavex2

    Is this considered to be a Felon By Bravo by Proxy? :)

  18. Sara

    And we thought Mike was bad. Damn girl

  19. Josie

    Damn, she sure can pick them! Not attractive either. Did she read Phaedra’s book “How to Choose a Felon For a Mate”?

    Lock him up with Juicy Joe and Appollo and we’ve got a show. “Felons by Bravo”.

  20. loriflack

    Yeah, when I look at him I think, awesome genes, great Dad material…not!

  21. Interesting. She’s made her Instagram private now. She must have so many of us ragging on her.

    • tamaratattles

      Not us. We don’t condone trolling people’s Instagrams and Twitter accounts here. And why you would feel the need to “rag on her” is pretty damn despicable. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  22. More Tea Please!

    She is a lost soul…maybe this jerk is the wakeup call she needs to take charge of her own happiness.

  23. Shae

    She really knows how to pick em, huh?

  24. KTina

    It’s called having low self esteem. Girls like this tend to pick men that are over protective, jealous, hot tempered and verbally and/or physically abusive. It stems from her childhood and never feeling good enough.

  25. jen

    She needs therapy. Bad. Like a live in therapist that follows her around and helps her make healthy decisions over and over till she can do it her self.

  26. jillgabi

    Did you know she is a survivior of lukemia from when she was a teenager. Read the article in People. It made me have even more respect for her. She became a nurse as a decision from the care she received. I feel bad that she fell for that scum Mike, who was copping a feel of MJ at their Sabot dinner, at THEIR home. Then to see her with this loser, I don’t get it. I hope she takes a break from men and take some time for herself to heal and grow from this chapter.

  27. Angela white

    What is her EX HUSBAND! Protecting her image for she clearly doesn’t mind looking like a gold digging tramp. Which. By the way is not a pretty girl at all. You can scrape the make-up off with a troul. We know you were hurt blah blah blah. Put on the big girl panties and GROW UP!.

  28. Thavy

    I think Jessica was secretly having an affair, but only due to Mike cheating on her in the first place. How can you trust someone to not cheat on you, if they were capable of doing it to you intentionally in the first place. The trust is gone. For Jessica and Mike to remain together, there will be endless baggage and fights like you’ve seen through out the last season. I don’t think it’s healthy. And for Jessica to find healing like any typical women and move on is by dating. that’s how most women deal with break up and infidelity. I don’t think you guys should go so hard on her. She was obviously in love to marry him, but grew out of love after Mike fucked up. Mike on the other hand is blind and he thinks everything will be okay and is willing to take her back but at the same time it’s easy for him to say that but he fucked their marriage up.

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