Wait, Brandi Glanville Dated Who?

Um, thoughts?

In other news Brandi flew to Miami today and Joanna Krupa was on her flight.

I seriously doubt these two will be sharing a glass of wine anytime soon.


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24 responses to “Wait, Brandi Glanville Dated Who?

  1. Erica

    Did the flight serve fish?

  2. Josie

    He said they werent dating and just “went on a few dates”. Sounds like they slept together and that was about it. At least, unlike Gerard Butler, he didnt deny knowing her.

    Brandi did say she slept with half of Hollywood. Maybe she wasnt kidding….

  3. Minky

    The only way those two will “share” a glass of wine is if Brandi douses Joanna with it. I think these women watched one too many episodes of “Dynasty”.

    I stil don’t hate Stiller. We all have questionable “relationships” in our pasts.

  4. Sari

    Stiller handled that well.

    Where does Brandi drop the names of the people with whom she’s slept? Twitter? Her books? Perhaps she should just publish the entire list (to date) in one shot?

    Kidding. They still publish Los Angeles phone books. No need.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I watched the show last night, Ben looked uncomfortable admitting that they went on a few dates.

  6. Margarett

    It does take a certain kind of courage to admit publically that you have dated Brandi Glanville.

  7. microop

    No shame. She’s someone to fuck not get serious with

  8. I wonder if Stiller understands the String Theory.

  9. Josie

    Brandi’s fame is hanging by a string…a tampon string! Lol

  10. Josie

    Brandi’s fame is hanging by a string…a tampon string!

    Poor Stiller looked so sheepish and embarrassed and was quick to point out it they really didnt date. There is a reason he never told his wife about that “relationship”. Who tells their wife about random women they banged?

  11. Rose

    Ben Stiller dodged a huge bullet. I’m saddened by Harper Lee’s passing. To Kill a Mockingbird, book and film, are one of my favorite classics.

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