Nene Is Upset With Her Co-Workers Again…

nene on fashion police

Nene continues to feel mistreated by her co-workers, but it’s not the RHOA at the moment. Nene was on set of Fashion Police this week and tweeted the following, “It really sucks workin on an unfriendly, unfair set! Can u imagine? Especially when u haven’t done anything 2 any1. Just why? You can only push a persons buttons for so long! I’m sure THEY will be the victims tho”

One can only imagine what traumas poor Nene had to endure. She so kind and friendly to those she works with and never expects to have her ass kissed. Oh wait. No. No she’s not.

Can we talk about the guy in the giant hoop earrings and the Addias jacket?

It surely sounds to me like she is trying to justify going off on her latest victims by saying they pushed her buttons. I am trying to get through the latest episode of Fashion Police to figure out who she is sparing with.  And while is it obvious she is pissed of about something, so far there is no more sparring than usual.  She has always seemed desparate for Brad to like her but I just don’t think he does. Maybe she asked his opinion on her cheap cold shoulder from her “leisure collection” and Brad was honest? But she refers to a collective of some sort.  I can totally see someone telling her to hurry up and change for the show and that pissing her off. But I’m just speculating.



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75 responses to “Nene Is Upset With Her Co-Workers Again…

  1. O.O

    That guy in the hoop earrings is me! (Just kidding )
    She’s probably mad because Her coworkers don’t treat her like a peer and probably treat her the way she behaves . Like trash .
    Nene criticizing others fashion sense is ridiculous . Why is she there? Why?

  2. Dracla Dunning

    Boo hoo. Cry me a river. Nene and her crocodile tears. Plain and simple Nene is an asshole and most people don’t tolerate assholes. Slowly but surely Nene is alienating her co-workers one-by-one. She is too obstinate to learn and I am loving Nene getting a taste of her own gnarly medicine.

  3. Rose

    Seems to me when the same problems follow you wherever you go then you need to examine yourself. Just saying

    • I was thinking the same thing. What’s that saying (that I’m going to mangle) that goes something like: As you go about your day, you’ll inevitably encounter an asshole. If everyone you encounter is an asshole, the asshole is YOU. Or something like that.

      Just switch “day” for “career” and it seems that this would apply to Nene.

      • joyce Carrington

        She is too insecure to do any sort of self-examination. So, she always externalizes things and accuses others of being in the wrong

  4. Bugsy

    What I can’t figure out is how she got the job in the first place.

  5. Lime Brain

    I keep trying to figure out why she is even on the show. smh

  6. Matzah60

    I have to agree with all the comments above. I used to watch Fashion Police all the time when Joan Rivers was still alive. I know Rivers was very controversial, but there were times she just made me laugh hysterically. For the most part, it’s been Margaret Chau and Nene as the ‘guest’ hosts with the three other regulars. Margaret is pretty funny, but Nene has absolutely no fashion sense, no endearing social qualities, and thinks she is at the center of the universe. I think Tamara is right about her wanting to have Brad like her, but his allegiance lies with Joan’s daughter and Guiliana who was one of the originals. I see tonight that Margaret is back, but they Kris Kardashian on instead of Nene. I think they ditched her, hence her comments. Bye Felicia; Boop… Nene would say in that condescending tone!

    • Minky

      Totally Matzah! Joan Rivers was an ARTIST! She was funny as fuck and she had a sharp, quick mind. She could say some of the most cutting things about people and the way they dressed, but make it funny rather than horrid.

      If they wanted to get anybody remotely comparable to Joan they should try someone like Lisa Lampanelli or Adele (the comedian, not the singer) or Somore. NOT Nene!

    • peachteachr

      I try so hard not to be sent to the WLS so here goes. Last week, I read in a very well thought of Hollywood magazine that Nene’s was not working out on FP. Like TT said, she’s not a nice person and she has zero fashion intelligence. To be fair, they didn’t like Margaret either. Their conclusion was that Fashion Police could not survive without Joan and Melissa should call it off. In the comments, they called Nene everything but human. She needs to pay for some fans because she’s out there all alone.
      Couldn’t have happened to a better person, imo.

      • Matzah60

        @peachteachr, I cosign your opinion. It is interesting in the extreme to me that you read an article how Nene wasn’t working out and apparently just as Nene posted these tweets. Margaret wasn’t a good fit either, but I kind of like Margaret, and she is definitely more likable and has her funny moments.

        I agree that the show should have retired when Joan passed. I cried like a baby when she died; particularly given the awful manner in which she died. My gut said that the show couldn’t go on without her. @Minky said it best that “Joan was an artist. She was funny as fuck and she had a sharp, quick mind. She could say some of the most cutting things about people and the way they dressed, but make it funny rather than horrid.” I loved George Kotsiopoulos too, but he exited right away because I am sure he knew that the show would not survive without its “Joan Ranger.”

        Peachteachr, “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person” are sentiments I share with you. I have tried to find something redeemable about Nene, but she has such a dark soul and has said some very hateful things to others that I just can’t get past that.

    • jb44

      I don’t even like Kris Jenner, but she was so much better than NeNe. Nene has no fashion sense and it clearly shows. Her attempt at humor fails miserably. I hope to never see her again on FP.

    • misery chick

      Hey Matzah-so George K left FP and wasn’t let go? I could not find out WHY he left, just that all of a sudden he was…GONE!

      Really enjoying your comments today ?

  7. Thanks for reminding me that I have to tweet Melissa Rivers again to BEG HER to stop giving Nene space on Joan’s couch….

  8. Nene disagreed with Brad and told him so about the tribute costume Lady Gaga wore.
    Nene considerate a runway design she said was horrid. It was a tribute costume to Bowie.
    Brad ignores Nene but she keeps talking to him. Don’t think Brad wants her talking to him, he was tense with her.

    • Minky

      Eeeek! Good Lord! She’s acting as though she wants to get fired. Is she just stupid or something? My stars!!!!

    • Lime Brain

      I got the feeling that he’s afraid of her.

      Nene makes me miss Kelly Osbourne. Sigh.

      • I also had the feeling Brad really dislikes Nene and was struggling to keep his anger or disgust in check.
        I think ( he feared) his control was on a short leash.

    • swizzle

      Brad is respected in the fashion world. It must kill him to share the same air as Nene. I’d be rude to her too. She has zero fashion sense and she’s not funny. How did she get on this show.?

  9. Seems to me tweeting about them is not going make them like her. My thought is she’s really not a peer and doesn’t really belong there in the first place and they must REALLY be hard up and settled for her. I mean if they could get somebody really good, wouldn’t they have by now? Could be nobody else worthwhile even wants the job.

  10. redbluegreen

    That person in the hoop earrings looks like a woman with short hair to me.

    • Where the 3 people, including ear hoops lady, Nene’s glam team?

      • redbluegreen

        It is DEFINITELY a woman. There’s a photo of her on nene’s instagram from 5 weeks ago doing nene’s hair in the same outfit. She doesn’t even look like a man, she just has short hair which a lot of black women do.

  11. Minky

    Oh poor widdle baby. I guess it’s just Nene against the world. I hope Brad and the others gave her the ice cold shoulder. First with her problems on “The View” and now this!

    I know there are a couple of current and former teachers who comment here. Did you all have “DOESN NOT WORK AND/OR PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS” as a thing on your report cards for your elementary school kids? We did here in L.A. in the 80s. I have a feeling that Nene got that on her report card too. And no stars either! Just a hunch.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Lol. I think of that saying ALL the time when I think of Nene.
      I’m astonished she’s on the show when there are so many talented people out there who can comment articulately on fashion. This is who they pick?
      For Nene the height of fashion is a pair of ripped torn jeans, a ripped sweatshirt circa Jessica Beals in Flashdance and Fuck Me Hooker boots…And I’m gonna listen to what this woman has to say about fashion?

  12. marc

    After everything she has said & done regarding the gay community I cannot fathom that any of her colleagues have any regard for her or her fashion commentary

  13. Sari

    Brad is definitely not feeling Nene.

    I imagine she’s doing that obnoxious, “Yaaaas hunny! I love my gays! I love my queens!” bullshit on set where she’s turning human beings into caricatures based on sexual preferences.

    It’s disgusting.

    Furthermore, she has absolutely no business being on that show. Aside from not being able to make intelligent offerings about fashion, it’s confusing. I watched her criticize Taylor Swift’s hair… The ramen-noodle-glued-to-forehead look wasn’t that long ago, Leakes.

    I hope her stupidity in being vocal about the chilly atmosphere on set has guaranteed that she won’t be welcome back.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. What an ignoramus!!! How she got a seat on a fashion show is a mystery. Her hair-do’s should be called “The Mishap” or “Nene’s Shame”.

      • Sari

        I think she got a seat because she was one of the few who would take one after the scandal and mass exodus last year.

        Plus, they needed diversity. That likely shortened the already small list of willing participants considerably.

  14. Spilledperfume

    I used to watch that show all the time when Joan was alive. I loved her sense of humor. Nene is out of place and doesn’t belong there.

  15. Toddy

    “U haven’t done anything…” Precisely. What credentials does Nene have? I’m sure there is all kinds of resentment over a co-worker who doesn’t know jack about fashion. She has such a high opinion of herself, to be so out of her league. I’d keep my mouth shut.

  16. It was painfully obvious that the chemistry between Brad and NeNe was anything but bubbly. I think the powers that be thought that she would bring the funny…….but in honesty NeNe is not comedic funny she is sarcastic funny and that does not work for this show. But most importantly, she is clueless about fashion and no one wants to hear the opinion of an ill spoken guest when she herself has NO FASHIONS. How dreadful.

  17. ShyGuy

    Let’s be real, nene is not a good fit for this show and the dynamic and chemistry between these people are just off. Nene thought as she would say that white Hollywood would be all over and in love with her and that’s just not the case. And btw nene if every job or gig you get there’s a problem (Rhoa, The View, Fashion Police) it’s likely the problem is you.

  18. On Twitter there’s a hilarious side by side pic of Beyonce & Nene. Both of them have similar blonde wavy hair and each with similar pose & camera angle.

    Beyonce’s pic is captioned “Chanel” while Nene’s is captioned “GreatValue”.

    Enough said. #DEAD…

  19. Sunshine

    I guess this is just one of those come bash NeNe post. Warms my heart when I see a group come together for one cause.

    • Cat

      If you are a Nene fan, by all means, express your opinion. You may be all alone in your view, but you have the right to speak up.

      And if you look at other Nene posts, you will see that often, our comments are very positive.

      It all depends on Nene. So…I guess SHE is the one warming your heart. :)

  20. Cat

    They need to stop booking her for these shows. She is always awkward and out of place. She doesn’t fit in, and that detracts from the topic of the show. It also affects the timing of the others on the panel.

    Stick to scripted reality.

  21. It’s not bashing if it’s true. NeNe has zero fashion sense but her shoe game is tight. Perhaps she can find a gig representing a shoe line. Oh wait, she had one and blew that too! She can’t act’ can’t interview, doesn’t get along well with others, can’t design…this woman needs to regroup and reevaluate her life choices before she ends up on the sad end of a “whatever happened to…” segment.

  22. Grandmalou

    Although I’m not a fan of Fashion Police I looked for and found this episode. I wanted to see if there was any negative energy between the cast. Nene was the only person who seemed negative. She was loud, childish with those inappropriate facial expressions, and all around boring. The good thing is the other members were boring as well. Nene’s makeup was all wrong. Her face was a deep brown that didn’t match her neck or shoulders and that pink lipstick on those huge soup coolers is so yesterday. The outfit she had looked cheap and unflattering. It still amazes me that she was even considered for this job as clearly she has no fashion sense. The only thing she’s on point with is her shoes. Bottom line Nene is not a likable person and perhaps she’ll feel more accepted back in the stables????.

    • Spilledperfume

      I checked her twitter account after reading this post and she has a picture of herself in that outfit next to a picture of one of the HSN models wearing the same outfit from her line of clothing on HSN. I had no idea her clothes were sold on HSN. I watch that show all the time and I’ve never seen her. Guiliana’s clothing line is sold on HSN and she does really well.

      I should probably add that if I saw her on the show selling her clothes I would change the channel.

    • Grandmalou, I agree with you about how Nene comes across on the show. She clashes with everyone. But I don’t get the “she’ll feel more accepted back in the stables” remark.

      • Dracla Dunning

        My take on that stable remark has to do with Nene’s Mr. Ed teeth and generally behaving like an all-around horse’s ass, but it could also have something to do with her feet being the size of hooves or that Nene is often on her high horse. It seems to me that she often looks a gift horse in the mouth and if her attitude doesn’t change her job opportunities will be as rare as rocking horse shit.

  23. Lindsay

    I love Brad, loved him when he had his own show, and wish it was back on the air. Now, there is a real stylist that I can take advice from and listen too.

    Nene Leakes, umm, nah, not a fashion designer , nor a fashion-nista!

    And btw, who thought it was a good idea on her PR team to have her put this on twitter, because, please she does not run her own twitter account. Pulease!

  24. That’s a guy with the hoop earrings? For sure?? Damn! Well slay brother!

    • Spilledperfume

      I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman but I didn’t think women shaved a part in their hair so I think it’s a man but I could be wrong.

    • redbluegreen

      It’s definitely a woman, there are more photos of her on Nene’s IG. Is it that shocking when a black woman has short hair?

      • LOL!!! Nope but I’m glad I didn’t make the distinction or even question it originally as a commenter because I’m sure I would have been crucified!

      • tamaratattles

        No, it’s not shocking for any woman to have short hair. It’s just the moon shaped part that is not normally seen on women. At least it’s not something I’ve seen That coupled with the clothing choices seemed to indicate a male to me. There’s nothing wrong with being you, but in this case the gender was ambiguous to me. I had no offensive intent.

  25. Who else is on that horrid show now?

  26. Kevin

    Oh Poor NeNe! My heart really goes out to her, poor thing. She is such a lovely, sensitive, delicate wallflower who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Who couldn’t get along with NeNe Leakes?!?!—Said no one ever

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