Dance Moms Recap: Debbie Allen Opens Her Studio to ALDC

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This week Abby is crying in her pajamas while Gianna teaches the girls their group dance. This week Kalani and Brynn have solos. If we are going to a actual competition this week, Abby can’t go anyway. I believe she has been blackballed from the competitions due to her felony charges. I could be wrong about that. We’ll see if she is actually at a competition where there are actually other dance companies participating, unlike last week.

This week Abby locks the girls out and they are forced to  rehearse at Debbie Allen’s studio. It also looks like Abby has abandoned the minis. There has been no mention of them so far. Abby isn’t letting them get to their costumes so Kalani’s mom who has a dance shop is going to provide them. The competition is in Phoenix where Kira is from. Brynn’s mom, Ashlee is also from Phoenix and those two hate each other.  The other moms are really mean to Ashlee. Ashlee says that Kalani is not as good as she used to be. I hope Brynn wins just to shut these bitches up.

At the Debbie Allen studio, Holly is totally starstruck  by Debbie Allen. So is Nia. I don’t blame them. It’s Debbie Allen!  Debbie has the two girls show off their solo. Brynn was very nervous and only does a part. Debbie tells her that her legs and feet are great but she doesn’t see the joy. She needs to work on her emotion.

Maddie arrives for rehearsal at Kira’s studio in Phoenix  to learn the group dance. Finally, the whole team will be competing. The dance moms are claiming that Abby flew to Arizona, but I’m not sure I believe it. She is not at the studio for rehearsals. Oh wait, she is there. She is sitting in the care stress eating a giant bag of fast food. I could actually use some greasy fast food today myself.  Abby says she just flew to Arizona to get her eyelashes done. I think she is back to medicating herself with something. Abby eventually comes into the studio and immediately says the studio smells bad.

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Abby has the girls run their group dance. She says it is good. Abby does show up for the competition. Maybe she is just blackballed in California. Phoenix isn’t exactly close to LA.  Kira and Ashlee exchange a ton of insults. Ashlee bring sup Kira three guys that father her three children. Kira brings up Ashlee’s lipo. Kira has a crying fit and tells everyone to go fuck themselves and walked out. This upsets Kalani right before her solo.

Kalani’s Solo

Kalani did well with her solo but the Native American music put me to sleep. I really didn’t pay that much attention.

Brynn’s Solo

We got a shot at the audience and there are not many people there at all.  But the judges are all holding microphones and one of them is speaking so it’s  an edited shotthat is was not taken right before Brynn’s dance. It literally could be from any time or another competition entirely. I don’t even see the dance moms in the audience. Okay it looks like the dance moms and Abby are seated on the right side and they packed people in around them.

I really like Brynn’s solo. It’s heavy on the ballet. Both moms think their kid won.

Group Solo

Abby has a fit over the costumes. Instead of letting the girls rehearse, Abby has them change into something worse. Now everyone, especially the kids are all riled up. Despite all of that the team did a fantastic routine. Kalani was the primary lead and Mackenzie has a small feature. You could really tell that Abby did not choreograph this dance. It was interesting and not the same old thing they usually do. The deserve a win.


Kalani won first place overall out of all the solos, duets and trios. I really wasn’t that impressed. But what do I know?

Brynn did not even place. :(

The team came in first overall out of all the group dances.


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11 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Debbie Allen Opens Her Studio to ALDC

  1. Margarett

    Coincidentally, I am stress eating a cheeseburger as I read this. I loved this show until the last couple of seasons. I just can’t figure out what the dickens is going on!

  2. Dee_AZ. @jordan1022

    Great recap TT. I wonder were they actually were in Phoenix. I was born and raised in Scottsdale it would’ve been nice to go check out the reality of what is or isn’t going on in the competition tomorrow. Thanks again for the update

  3. Jetemy

    Oy Tamara. Again with the swing and the misses. Kalani killed it! And Ashley is awful. I had my fingers crossed that Kalani would crush Brynn just to shut her up! Again she just rushed through the choreography with no breath.

    I actually thought it was a bit sad watching Abby cry during the opening scene. Unlike #felonsbybravo, Abby is showing some realness. I know she did the crime and essentially deserves what’s coming to her, but I am finding it very difficult watching this woman unravel on international television! (International because I am in Australia),

    Side note, was very sad to hear about big Ange. My best wishes to her family.

  4. Miguel

    Only just caught this episode – pretty lame, other than the Kira shade (of which I was unaware) & the smirks on everyone’s faces. Btw, Abby said on the previous episode, she wouldn’t be using the minis for now; but, may use them again in the future. They were cute, though never in sync!

  5. Xanadude

    Debbie Allen had nothing but complimentary things to say about Abby. Abby, in between stress eating in her car and taunting the producers, mocks Debbie Allen by making stereotypical gestures and accents. It’s Goofus and Gallant writ large.

    • Suzanne D

      That’s because Debbie Allen is nothing but a class act! Even though using Debbie’s studio was totally a set up, it was great seeing her again.

  6. Laura

    What is Abby on?!?!? She is really unhinged now and very mean to everyone. I honestly think she is only filming because she needs the money and has a contract.

  7. Amy

    I think Brynn did place in her age group (at one point she is shown with a medal and a trophy) just not on the overall high point for the day, Kalani won.

  8. Katie

    Brynn did win first in her age group (heard that on a podcast). She was in preteen and Kalani in teen. She didn’t place in the overall. But it’s more dramatic for the show to not show her win.

  9. Cheychey

    The moms should probably shut their holes and leave Abby alone cause she looks like she’s about to go upside one of their heads with a cheeseburger or have a nervous breakdown whichever comes first.

    • Laura

      They probably wouldn’t mind that, it would make great TV. Damn the mental health of anyone! (I cannot stand Abby, but she is breaking down).

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