WWHL With Yolanda Foster and Craig Ferguson

Yolanda on WWHL

Every time you hear this phrase, “my journey,”  drink until you think you are Ralph Kramden, then make a fist and say, “One of these days, Alice, POW straight to the moon! How’s that for a journey?” (Disclaimer: Domestic Violence is bad. We’re merely acting out an iconic scene from The Honeymooner. Save your PC whining. )

Every night when I’m getting ready to recap WWHL I open a tab with Andy’s Twitter line and wait for the photo. This time I noticed the Bravo photos associated with tonight’s show and it showed Craig Ferguson’s name under a photo I didn’t recognize. I actually had to Google to make sure I was thinking about the right late night host. I was. He looks a lot different now. Better I guess. I can’t wait to see if Andy asked him about it. Maybe he’s been working out since leaving night time hosting.

Yolanda looked amazing on RHOBH tonight. Lovely nude makeup, complete with concealer as she screamed for quite some time at Lisa Rinna. I mean that was a lot of spoons. Speaking of spoons, our RHOBH and RHOP writer, Ben C has Q Fever or something.  Or maybe he said it was the menopause. Anyway, he’s using it as an excuse to be very late on his assignments this week. Clearly he has run out of spoons. So I gave him a spoon bouquet and he swears he’ll have them in very soon. On top of being in a Lyme disease flare up, he also has opening night for his play this week. So somehow we are no longer a priority. I think I took enough links out of his chain to remind him what’s important.

Okay, the photo is up, time to go in. I wonder if Andy will ask about her makeup and hair dye. First of all, Yolanda is listed as Yolanda Foster in my TV’s show description, but Andy has made a big deal all week out of calling her Yolanda Hadid. Craig has a new show call Join or Die  where people debate history. It premieres this Thursday on the History Channel. I’ll have to check that out. If Craig is on it has to be humorous intellectual discussion.

I'm so sorry, I was pretending you were Lisa Vanderpump!

I’m so sorry, I was pretending you were Lisa Vanderpump!

Andy says that Yolanda and Lisa Rinna were at the same fashion show recently. Yolanda says that Anwar told her that but she didn’t see her. Those fashion shows are actually quite small and crowded. You are also facing half the crowd from your seat and seated in very tight quarters with the other half. I’m just saying. Have the lies already started? Even Craig jokes that he doesn’t believe her.

Andy plays a montage of Yolanda pretending she doesn’t know how to say Munchausen. Ohhhhh the poll question is whose side are you on, Lisa or Yolanda? I hope Andy puts up the real results.

Questions for Yolanda:

How is single life.? “I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still at home trying to get well.” When I am not flying off to fashion week.

How is your new home? “It beautiful, I mean it’s not completely furnished yet, but I love the space and I’m starting to get used to the new normal.”  I just wish David would give me all the furniture I plan to hijack from the Malibu house soon.

Where is the fridge? The fridge I had to leave behind in Malibu. I have a baby fridge now.” By that I mean, I have a fridge like the commoners. It’s dreadful.

Why did you change your name back to Hadid? ” She gave a long story in which she said she talked with her kids and they wanted her to use Hadid. She’s thinking of the churren.

Are you in touch with Kim and Brandi still? “Yes, all the time. Yes. They’re great. You know it’s funny that of the whole group, these are  the two that deal with the most trouble in their life…they are they really have the most  compassionate (sic) of my journey And they’ve been really good to me.”  Oh yes, your journey.

A montage of Yolanda’s um, “journey” is played.

Which bitch pissed you off the most for questioning your journey?  “Well you know obviously that was shot six months ago so, looking back, you know it’s hurtful. It’s one thing if the world talks about and doubts my journey.  Obviously, I’m sharing  my journey to bring awareness to Lyme disease and you know, chronic invisible disease in general. And that’s the purpose of my sharing I’m not sharing for a pity party or trying to get any special attention. I’m as frustrated as the disease as anybody else. But I want answers and I want a cure. ”  I should point out that when I transcribed Teresa Giudices interviews, I typed in all the times she said “you know” I am not doing that tonight. But she said it at least five times in that answer alone. Something Teresa and Yolanda have in common, the repeated injection of “you know” into every sentence, sometimes multiple times.

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

Fun Fact: Many sites that analyze speech for veracity say that use of the phrase, “you know” is a way to distance the liar from the lie. Rather than say I am using Instagram to spread awareness and not look for a pity party. She says,”you know” in front of all the important parts. FYI this is not the same as saying you know at the end of a questioning sentence which is a request for understanding.

Poor Craig. Suddenly he realizes that if he doesn’t talk about Yolanda and her health, he might as well just go home. So he asks how she is feeling now, six months after feeling. He says she looks good. Yolanda says, “See that is the problem. I wish I look bad and feel good. Instead of looking good and feeling bad.” Craig says no she doesn’t. I haven’t hit play yet and I hear the Ricardo Montalban quote getting ready to fly. But it doesn’t.

Andy played a clip of  Rinna revealing on WWHL that it was her hairdresser that told her about Munchausen. Craig is  now just rolling with the stupidity.  “What!  How many hairdresser does she have? It can’t be too hard to figure this out!”   Andy asks if it surprises her. She said yeah, because who listens to a hairdresser?  She should have told her hairdresser she was crazy.

Andy starts talking about a scene with Pinky, Erika and their husbands. He can no longer contain himself. He starts cracking up hysterically. Andy brings a level of seriousness back to his broadcast by introducing a game called, “See you later, Vandergator!” And Ferguson who had a Zombie for a side kick and two people in a horse costume frequently trotting across his stage is looking around for the exits. They play clips of Lisa Vanderpump saying mean things and they have to decide if they are cheeky or mean. They said they were all mean. And Yolanda was glad that Craig was there to say that for her. Because that is how she operates. Craig is the new Erika Jayne.

More Yolanda questions?

What do you think of your daughter’s famous boyfriend? She says which one and I immediately thing she meant which boyfriend of Gigis. But Andy quickly reminds her she has two famous daughters. Andy says you’ve got Zayn and the Weeknd. She says it’s their choice and as long as they treat her well, “it’s all good for me.” I’m sure that last part wasn’t a Freudian slip, just a language issue.  Andy says, aren’t you glad you got them and not Tyga? (seriously Andy?)  Yolanda says you can’t tell your kids who to date you just have to pray for the best.

Why do the other housewives want to believe you are faking? “You know what? They may be saying what a lot of other people are thinking. There’s such ignorance when it comes to invisible disease… ” I just can’t with this invisible disease shit. Most all diseases are not blatantly obvious. Flesh eating bacteria, mumps, measles, and leprosy are the exceptions not the rule.  Just stop.

Do you feel like you owe Lisa Vanderpump an apology for overreacting to the statement about your kids? And for a brief second, Yolanda’s face flashes deep anger and resentment. Someone should capture that. Then she smiles and says no absolutely not. She really does hate Lisa Vanderpump.

Are you back to dying your hair and painting your nails? Nope no nail polish and organic highlights from Whole Foods.

Poll Question: Whose side are you on? Yolanda 58% and Rinna 42%  Seriously?


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143 responses to “WWHL With Yolanda Foster and Craig Ferguson

  1. Xanadude

    yes, but do the famous model children who also are on their own journey with lyme disease insist on all nautral hair color, makeup, etc while on photoshoots or, you know, modeling and selling cosmetics to others? i dont think so…as recently as a month ago bella was shilling in vogue for some decidedly un-natural cosmetics line

  2. koko

    Yo did look amazing on RHOBH tonight. Notice how she kept getting the word munchausen wrong? Much like Kim couldn’t seem to say “intervention”? Is this what’s known as a “tell” in poker?

  3. Minky

    I love Craig Ferguson. Had a big crush while he was doing his late-night talk show. Just the other day I was wondering when Andy would have Yolanda on and… Hmmm? Coincidence, right?

  4. BKSweetheart

    Great post, TT. You slay!

  5. I think Yolanda definitely has something wrong in the windmills of her mind.

  6. BasilLover

    If Yolanda would only substitute “imaginary” for “invisible”…

  7. Little Dog

    By claiming that she never heard the word before she thought it bolstered her argument that she could not possibly be a victim of this hideous disease she had never heard of.

  8. Micheal

    Highlights from whole foods? Wtf?

    If there is a safe organic way to go blonde from whole foods, why would anyone use bleach?

    Is this just a stupid lie?

    • Minky

      I was wondering about that too. Her hair looks like it was done in a salon. It’s all too much to follow.

    • 25

      Organic dyes are non-toxic…but they’re still chemicals, right? I doubt they’re made of lemons, chamomile tea, and sunshine–which are a natural ways to lighten hair, and the route she might take if she actually wanted to avoid any unnecessary chemicals and heavily processed items that can be absorbed into her skin. I’m not saying she has to look like a ragamuffin to be legitimize her sickness, but her appearance never seems to take a hit, despite the symptoms she talks about. Fatigue, hot flashes, joint pains–each of those symptoms alone shows physically & makes a person look like shit.

      “It’s all good for me.”–that really is a hoot of a freudian slip. I got a good chuckle from that.

      • Micheal

        Also dyes are only used to ‘dye’ your hair. If you need to go a few shades lighter you need bleach. No amount of lemon juice will make you platinum. It can get you a shade or two lighter but for plat highlights she sat in a chair with bleach for a few hours.

        She is such a liar.

      • Also “organic” doesn’t automatically mean something is good for you.

      • @okmegk

        I was just talking to my hair stylist about going/staying blonde while pregnant the other day (I’m five months knocked up) and she basically said that blonde is the absolute toughest to do with “natural” or organic dyes – it doesn’t end up looking like that, and everything besides highlights or lowlights involves getting RIGHT to the root. And blonde involves bleach, basically, no matter how you look at it. I just went brunette once the little bugger set up shop in my uterus to not have to deal with it. In this case, I believe Yo is full of shit (as she is on many other fronts.)

      • Sam

        I’m pretty sure she wants us to believe she is a natural blonde who just highlights her hair. With organic whatever.
        I started following her on Instagram to see what kind of crazy shit she posts. The people on there kissing her ass, saying how grateful they are to her and how wonderful and brave she is are legion. And nauseating. I’m guessing that bunch was burning up the phone lines voting that night.

    • Dee

      Michael, this AM, Whole Foods asking same question. She said platinum highlights?! What about rest of her hair? After reading Tamara’s other post (Christine Staub), she needs to leave her children out of this discussion. She reminded me of someone who needs to bring a cast of people with her to state her truth

    • Matzah60

      Yes, Michael. A big stupid lie. That highlight job had to cost her @$200 bucks in some very upscale salon.

      • Dee

        Thank you Matzah, I wondered at the cost. Even Kim Kardashian with all her money couldn’t keep up with the maintenance of platinum. I wonder what Yo’s natural color is.

      • Spilledperfume

        Yo’s roots are really light so she was probably blond as a kid. I was blond when I was very young but my hair gradually got darker as I got older and my roots are much darker then hers.

  9. Jo

    Yolanda’s reasoning for going back to Hadid is bullshit. After my parent’s divorce, my mom remarried but she thought she should keep her name because it’s her children’s last name. We told her she should do what she wants, but we appreciated her talking to us about her choice. If Yolanda cared about having the same last name as her children, she could have kept Hadid, or hyphenated or something. The Foster name was a better title to her at the time. Yolanda and David are done, and her daughter’s have become incredibly famous. It’s not about her kids, she can go back to Hadid and ride on her daughter’s coat tails for even more attention. I used to really like Yanda, oh well!

    • Welcome Kris Kardashian 2.0 because she was going to do the same lol!

      • Lawstangel

        Are you kidding? As annoying as Kris may be, she is the mastermind behind all of the kids deals. She is the one that got the reality show for them and then as time went on she added the products, etc. She may try to act their age, but she is no dummy.

      • Lol I’m not sure Yolanda is a dummy either! I don’t know if it may be preconceived notions on my part but I see a bigger purpose in a number of things she does now! Her carrying the name Hadid makes me wonder if she wants to get back into modeling since her daughters are household names now! Let’s face it she is stunningly beautiful just like Eileen

    • Gabriella

      Yep that’s what I thought, just riding their coat tails now they are famous.

    • Agreed. Usually a mother does that if her children are still school age young kids. Hers are adults. I call bullshit for her reason. She wants to make sure she is known as GiGi’s mother. By the look of Anwar, he is next in taking on the modeling world. She wants to make sure to be associated with Hadid.

      • Sliceo'pie

        While it’s not quite the same thing –I’d say about a little more than 1/3 of the mother’s at my son’s school have the same last name as their children. Most don’t bother changing their name when they get married. There are also a handful of kids who carry both parents last names.

      • Bella Hadid was on stage at the Grammys also.

  10. O.O

    Organic highlights ? Ridiculous! No such thing ! This woman is full of horse manure . It’s also clear that she’s back to her Botox and fillers.

  11. Shawn

    Her daughter has Lyme? Why is it ok for her to dye her hair, wear nail polish, makeup and get her lips injected? There is no such thing as “Whole Foods natural hair dye” Even whole foods Dye has Phenylenediamine or PPD..petroleumas in gasoline rubber chemicals etc.
    Yolanda looked at herself in the monitor constantly!

  12. Erica

    Poor Lisa Rinna. And Yolanda’s answer about the hairdresser had an air of condescension. Wouldn’t have been surprised if she had said “She believed a servant?”

    I don’t know about you – but my hair person usually knows his shit. People tell them everything! He once knew more about what happened on my Dad’s poker weekend than I did – because two of the poker player’s wives also go to him.

    I am actually thinking of this as a more valid source of gossip now! LOL.

    • amisteree

      I agree, Erica. Yo always has a tone of condescension when she speaks. Every utterance has a patronizing quality to it. I think she has a superiority complex–and utter disdain for anyone who differs with her view. Truth is subjective for Yo- she uses fuzzy logic or degrees of truth. This way, she can never be wrong.

      • David Foster must be so happy and relieved, where as poor Mohammed–she’s the mother of three of his children and she is using his name again. Trapped forever.

      • cc101

        so true. Every time I have ever read Yolanda’s blog I always feel as if I am being lectured. You know like she is ‘up here’ and I am ‘down there’. Thank goodness we have Yolanda to school us all on how to behave. Even prior to all the Lyme stuff that is totally the vibe I got from her.

    • Lindsay

      Hairdressers know EVERYTHING, duh!

    • Lime Brain

      Erica, your post gave me the shits and giggles. It reminded me of the HWoNY episode where Sonja was getting the gossip from her facialist about Luanne and her predilection for short French men.

    • Lime Brain

      I just had a horrible thought. What if Yolanda is changing her name back to Haddid because she is shopping around a reality show about/for her and her daughters? I doubt her daughters would have a choice about going along with it.

      • Maybe I’m over thinking this. But isn’t it illegal to take somebodys name after u have divorced and remarried? Kinda like adoption when the child’s biological parent as to sign a permission thing for his kid to be adopted by another man. Maybe her babies daddy signed something lol. But bravo needs to rethink her next contract. Imp there’s something really wrong w this woman.

      • tamaratattles

        Um no. First of all she never gave up the Hadid name she just added Foster. She’s always kept Hadid because of her kids.

      • Erica

        Illegal? Um, no. You do realize that we aren’t in the dark ages – a woman’s last name doesn’t automatically change upon marriage. Her ex doesn’t OWN the last name for God’s sake. Even if she’d dropped it when she legally changed her name when she married David Foster, she can legally change it back to Hadid without any input from anyone.

        You could go down to your local courthouse and apply to have your name changed (first or last, or both) if you wished… without benefit of marriage even!!!

        That is how we have someone legally named “Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop” in the world. Yes, that is a real person. He has been arrested multiple times in multiple states – and that is what they have to call him.

  13. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    That excuse about reverting to Hadid is the biggest pile of BS yet. As if her kids would care now they are grown up. She just needs to attach herself to a famous name now she no longer has Foster.

  14. Dee

    Love the Kramden reference. To the moon Alice! She looks much better. Poor Craig, did he get a word in?

  15. Invisible disease, organic hair dye, journey, why would anyone believe a hairdresser…Sorry, I need to call 911 because my head is exploding. Is anyone besides Erika having anything to do with her on the show? Such fucking bullshit. Thanks for the recap, TT, but I feel guilty you had to watch that arrogant bitch. Invisible disease—I’d like to grab her by her organically dyed hair and force her to look in the microscope at the tumor cells I see at the hospital. Fucking bitch.

    • amisteree

      Go girl. Amen.

    • amisteree

      Something about her just stirs up violent impulses I didn’t know I had…I need to step away from the housewives.?

      • Exactly, amisteree. I have to fast forward her, most of the time, because I end up cussing at the TV. It scares my cats!

      • amisteree

        lol, Lisamia, “cussing at the TV.” You’re better than me. I’m a rubbernecker. Fast forward…then rewind, watch and cringe.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Me, too! I dont know why she irritates me so badly. It must be the arrogance coupled with that platinum teflon — she’s like an evil Wonder Woman, telling blatant lies, and having direct questions bounce off of her magic bracelets.

        There’s something inherently rotten inside. What would be fascinating would be a montage of that face that occasionally comes out in spite of her control. It’s scary!

    • sandra

      Yes, lisamia! Perfect comment…if Yolanda makes you that angry I know she is waaay in left field because, you are the sweetest person on here. I respect your opinion.

      • Thank you, Sandra! <3 <3 <3

      • Dee

        Sandra, I agree, if LisaMia is upset I don’t feel so bad for my own anger at this woman. It is just as Tamara and Psylocke predicted months ago. Now a book on her journey?! Ugh

      • Minky

        You have a way of putting things in perspective and getting to the heart of the matter Lisamia. My mother looked great when she had her cancer and also right after surgery. She forbade us (me and my dad) to tell anyone precisely because she feels that people are mostly horrible and they love feigning pity over someone else’s misfortune. That was her choice, and hers alone to make.

      • Thanks, Minky and hugs for you and your family. <3

  16. lauraannb

    What a waste of Craig Ferguson. He’s so funny & cute, but it was all about Yoyo.

  17. TD

    Good thing the drinking word was not “universe”.

  18. T

    Actually, organic hair coloring is a thing and I know because I use it (Natulique).
    Everything else that comes out of Yo’s mouth is a lie though.

  19. Spilledperfume

    I love Craig Ferguson so I couldn’t wait to see this show. I was disappointed we didn’t get to hear him talk more.

    Did anyone else watch? One viewer wanted to know if Craig was still married because she thought Yo & Craig made a cute couple and when Yolanda heard the word married she immediately shifted in her seat to move away from Craig.

    • T

      Hahahahahahaha did she really? I expect she’s holding out for someone with a bank account to match the likes of Rupert Murdoch or James Packer … she’s probably furious that Jerry Hall and Mariah Carey beat her to securing those pots of gold.

  20. CoBe

    Things that all occurred last week:

    1. Yo changing her name to Hadid, which signifies a finalized separation agreement (I think it is just as likely David made it a term of the contract as that Yo had a “heart to heart” with her children about this)

    2. Yo’s sudden recovery, also signifying an agreement

    3. Yo’s announcement that “she will write a book” (notice how she says she will do it in the future, although she is currently shopping it), signifying agreement

    4. New pants, which means she got some money

    • sandra

      Yolanda Hadid Foster, she kept Hadid when she married DF so, really she just dropped Foster.

    • peachteachr

      I, too, believe that Yolanda changed her name back to Hadid because David Foster insisted she do so. I also believe she now realizes the fame is with her daughters who are Hadids.

  21. Lindsay

    I thought for a minute that it was going to be Craig Kilbourne and although I like Craig Ferguson, it got me all excited! Wth ever happened to that guy?
    Also, Yo DEFINITELY DESPISES Lisa V. Why? It must have to do with Mohammed…would love to know more about that…

  22. Amy V

    Fernando Lamas coined the marvelous phrase.

  23. Tara

    At first I thought Yo may have a mental issue, now I wonder if she is just manipulative female.

  24. Pantaloons

    Tamara, I donated to your pill fund a few times. Here lately you delete my shit. I am more of reader than a poster. But imma gonna post this. Yolanda took a dump on the spoon analogy that a woman with SLE wrote a long time ago. I too suffer from systemic lupus. We know Yolanda is is full of shit, and it makes it hard for those like me who go thru hell…hell. It’s not a party Don’t dis the spoon theory for the rest of us who rely on it to explain to those in our icky lives what it’s like to have a auto immune life sentence. It’s not very cute and you seem more empathetic than that. Thanks.

    • CoBe

      Pantaloons, I don’t think TT has “dissed” the spoon theory. She has rightfully pointed out that Yolanda is using the theory in an attempt to manipulate others.

      Yolanda notFoster has set back people with chronic and autoimmune issues twenty years. It is people like her who make those of us with them doubted and dismissed.

      I find her 100 times more disgusting than any person who has questioned a diagnosis.

      At least people who are questioning are honest.

      Yolanda is not.

    • Judilu

      I have never read T question the spoon theory..she questions Yolanda. It seems to me that Yolanda picks pieces of different diseases and clings to them: Lyme, Autoimmune-Spoon theory, compared herself to her friend suffering ALS , Cancer etc… she is just so steadfast in trying to make everyone believe that she is so ill and suffering. In reality, really ill people hate to call attention to their disease and just want to live, unlike this tcrazy and vile woman who has self-appointed herself a spokesperson to this disease.

      • MaryC

        Yes, exactly! That is what makes me suspicious of Yolanda. I lost both my mom and my aunt to cancer. My mom would barely admit to being sick even when she looked bad. My paternal aunt didn’t tell anyone she had terminal cancer. My point is that Yolanda seems to get off on the pity. The constant conversation about it. All the multiple instagram pics. The way she shows up looking like crap only to make an announcement that she has to leave. This includes the reunion and at least one WWHL episode.

  25. silky

    Andy should have asked her if any of her real doctors had suggested Munchausen Disease to here (or her husband) before.

  26. natalie

    “Invisible disease” reminds me of “The Emperors New Clothes”.

  27. Donna

    I am a great-grandmother. When I was a teenager my friend used hydrogen peroxide to lighten her hair.

    • Spilledperfume

      I tried that as a teenager and it wasn’t pretty. You need to have light hair to begin with but if you want to get the results Yolanda does you need to have your hair done professionally.

      Does anyone remember Sun In? I don’t remember how it was spelled but it turned your hair orange as opposed to blonde. All of my friends used it myself included. We would spray our hair and then lay on the beach to lighten our hair. I was embarrassed when I went to get a haircut and the first thing the hairdresser said was did you use Sun In because my hair was orange.

      • I remember Sun In. :) My sister and I had orange stripes for months!

      • Minky

        I’ve definitely done the DIY highlights a la Clairol, L’Oreal, Sun-In, peroxide, etc. My hair has been every color from blue-black, to maroon, to really bad home-done highlight job. I’ve used regular and “all natural” and “organic” products.

        I am not a professional hair dresser. And it showed every single time I did my own color/highlights. Your hair will never look as good as Yolanda’s does without a professional’s influence or without good quality products. Michael is absolutely right. To bleach you need a damn bleaching agent. Bleach of any kind, but especially the type that produces Yolanda’s results, is a toxin! She needs to cut the crap. Pronto!

      • janet

        Yolanda had a base color and highlights. In the episode where she hadnt colored her hair for a long time, her roots looked grey or at least the ash tone of blonde about to turn grey. Thats not going to look good with highlights or have dimension. Not a pretty color and looked cheap, so she looks much better now. I think Yolanda is not someone who is very exacting about being real truthful. I think her dropping Foster is perhaps a telling sign of how she feels about David now. I sorta get it though, I dont know if I would want to keep the last name of someone I was disappointed in..

  28. JustJenn

    I was so disappointed that Andy didn’t ask her one hard question. They poured in all night on Twitter, yet nothing.

    And there is no way in hell she won that poll. No way. What gives, Andrew? The one time I want you to be cunty…sigh.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s become increasingly clear that Andy is only cunty to people whose Bravo check is their primary income. Those who have their own money, and/or fame will be treated with kid gloves. Andy has two currencies, money and people who might be able to give him even more attention.

    • cc101

      I couldn’t decide if either a) the poll is rigged or b) people are just not that into Lisa Rinna because based on al the polls I read support for Yolanda is extremely limited.

  29. BGStyles Laughing

    Both Andy and Craig were giving Yolanda little shots, which went over her head.

    • tamaratattles

      Craig definitely was tossing nice nasty jabs here and there. You could tell the exact point that he realized what he had gotten into and just decided to play along and be mortified at the poor treatment Yolanda is getting for her invisible disease. As someone on the other end of a long bout of anxiety and depression, I can tell you it was not invisible. I still haven’t recovered my house which looks like it’s two steps from being a hoarder house. I went to a nephew’s wedding dragging my ass in a pair of black pants because trying to find a dress that still fit after all the weight gain and shoes that matched and the whole drag was impossible for me. Believe me, it was not invisible to the family and friends at the wedding who commented on it a great deal. For awhile I found nothing off about Yolanda’s sick selfies and healthy selfies. That’s sort of how MENOPAUSE does. It can make you crazy and leave you wondering wtf is happening to you especially when no doctors even bring it up as the cause for all the new symptoms. It could certainly drive someone to Munchausen. I’m just saying. But it’s not invisible.

      • Minky

        That’s kind of where I’m at right now, and have been for some time. Yoga pants, sweat pants, granny pants…and that’s about it. My issue is not menopause, just a deep sadness that I’ve decided, for my own reasons, not to medicate. I also have Hashimoto’s but the meds don’t seem to do much (skin and hair issues that refuse to be resolved). I have no idea when I’ll get my groove back, if ever. As TT sez: Le sigh. :0(

    • Spilledperfume

      I loved when Craig told Yolanda that you’re not allowed to put babies in the fridge. I wish he got to talk more.

  30. iloveearlgrey

    Yolanda is a nasty piece of work.

  31. peachteachr

    If looks could kill, Kyle would have been dead in last night’s episode. Check out the look Erika Jayne gave her as she left the table. I think Yolanda wants to displace LVP and Erika wants to take Kyle’s place.
    Why was Erika yelling at Lisa Rinna to “tell the truth” when in the last episode she didn’t seem to think truth was more important than having a good time? I watched part of WWHL but I’m done with Yolanda’s manipulative lies. Just admit you are a woman of a certain age and menopause is a bitch!
    Oh, Lisa R was tweeting up a storm again last night during the show. I gave up during WWHL because there were 272 new tweets after 5 minutes.

    • Shae

      Yolanda was unbearable here and on RHOBH. She was clearly confusing munchausen and munchausen’s by proxy, refused to listen to anyone, was making no sense…just irate. Get over yourself, calm down, and speak like a civilized human being.

      • Sweet T

        It really pissed me off that daisy read the wrong definition. I would have corrected her at the dinner table. It’s not about her making her kids sick (though it sorta is). The main thing is her making herself sick. She totally missed the point (that she wasn’t going to listen to anyway. But still!)

  32. @immelza

    Andy hasn’t figured our that having a housewife and real celebrity (unless they are a housewife ‘super’ fan) doesn’t work. While Andy drools over the HW the legit celebrity just sits there watching the clock and thinking if now is the time to fake a heart attack.

  33. Josie

    Thanks for a craptastic interview Andy.

    Does Yo have Lyme, Chronic Lyme (which has nothing to do with Lyme) post-lyme? Also, what the hell happened with the Q Fever she got from her pet goat sucking on her chin 30+years ago which caused a “low grade fever” throughout her life?

    If she got her support settlement from David and she is writing a book then her remarkable recovery cant be far behind.

  34. WhyOWhy

    Can one of TT’s associated in Los Angeles just “come across” Yo at the salon? Someone needs to get to the bottom of this box of lies!

    • Minky

      Haha! Okay, sure. :0)

      But for some reason I have a feeling Yolanda doesn’t go to the salons in my hood. And Los Angeles is HUGE! Even just a place like Santa Monica, or BH.

  35. Toonskie

    I watched this entire thing with a puzzled look on my face I’m sure. I liked Yolanda at the beginning of her time on RHOBH, ok I found her a bit obsessive about telling her child to diet and watching her fuss over eating a piece of cake made me gag…but she was ok. Now I don’t get it at all, what the hell happened? Is she afraid she will lose her gig on RHOBH so she’s stepping up the drama and all the while protecting herself in her illness?

    Poor Craig Ferguson, he sure was a good sport having to help Yolanda out during the entire show.
    He drew the short straw LOL. Andy, I won’t even discuss…I’m still pissed off that he just let all the gay bashing on RHOA slide. Nothing he does surprises me anymore. Ick.

  36. The mere sight of this woman makes my head hurt. Such a victim mentality. Ugh!

  37. Why do people keep telling me things they know I know if they know I know it before they say I know it?
    Very second handed.

  38. Tara

    There is a cure for Lymes, correct? Why is Yo always stating she is looking for something that has already been found?

    • I believe there is a cure for the Lymes that regular people get. But someone like Yolanda has the ultimate, worst case of Lymes that ever existed and that will ever exist because Daisy said so.

      I really am trying not to think harshly of Yolanda but she is not doing any service to those who are suffering from any disease invisible or in your face. How is the fact that she had to see 106 doctors and still wasn’t cured going to help someone like me who can barely afford going to one?

      • Tara

        Also, if someone is in a bed as much as Yo states she has been, would she not lose muscle tone? I don’t care how genetically blessed you are, your muscles would begin to show serious signs of atrophy.

      • Josie

        I think because not one of the 106 doctors she saw worldwide was a psychiatrist. Her Journey should definitely include a visit to one. ?

  39. swizzle

    The name of Craig’s new show reminds me of Drunk History (I think that’s the name). If you’ve never watched it, check it out. So funny. Some celebrity gets drunk and recounts an event in history. While they are retelling the story, other actors act it out including the drunk dialog. One I watched recently had Henry Winkler acting out one of the scenes. The show is a hoot.

  40. Lime Brain

    I’m still waiting for Yolandas blog. Is it late because she is to ill to write it, or is she to busy partying in NY while shilling her book?

  41. I don’t like Yolanda.
    But the venom here is just mind-boggling to me.
    I’m not an idiot. I’m a long-time reader here.
    I am familiar with the “regulars.”
    I’m wondering what has happened in my brain that I can’t share this opinion about Yolanda with you all? Have I gone mad?

    Please. No snide remarks. This is an actual question I have. Because usually when ONE PERSON is disagreeing with the vast majority that “one person” is crazy and seeing things the wrong way. Can it be?

    • Keep it moving

      Nothing wrong with your brain, at least not based on what you wrote;)

      People have different triggers and different emotional investments. Could be the hypocrisy of the kids thing, the inconsistency or lying, personal experience with illnesses, the selfies/who does that???, all of the above and the list goes on. None of it is “wrong”, including the ones who just scratch their heads and hope it stops.

      Personally, I follow it because the second I read TT theory on divorce/ brain issues it got interesting. Prior to that my thinking was suck it up, it’s menopause. Or Yo and Shannon (RHOC) are having different but equally annoying allergic reactions to lemons;)

    • CoBe

      “What happened in my brain that I can’t share my opinion about Yolanda . . . ”

      Firstly, you just did.

      Secondly, your fear is imagined. You have worked yourself up with a belief system that includes “usually when one person is disagreeing with the vast majority, that “one person’ is crazy and seeing things the wrong way”

      You have assumed that other commenters are “venomous” by stating their beliefs, yet you want to give yourself a pass for your own beliefs by stating that anyone who disagrees with you is only doing so to remain “in the group”.

      The problem is in your own mind.

      If you were to have a problem later on, that would be the time to deal with it.

      This may be something you wish to explore within yourself next time you have this same irrational fear. You are entitled to your opinion and others are entitled to theirs.

      Neither opinion should be discredited or mocked either because it is in the majority or in the minority, even a minority of one.

      But disagreements are a positive thing. They challenge preconceived notions and bring up other aspects that one may not have thought about. This is a positive.

      If someone is pointing out flaws in your belief system, they are HELPING you. If you are demanding that nobody point out the flaws, you are HARMING yourself.

      • tamaratattles

        What about bloggers? Can bloggers have opinions? I’m asking for a friend.

      • CoBe

        (In Oprah voice)

        YOU get an opinion!!!!

        YOU get an opinion!!!

        You get a BRAND NEW opinion!!!


      • tamaratattles

        So how much of an opinion?

        Say someone posts that they are lusting after the twatty dishwasher on PumpRules. Which of the following am I allowed to say.

        a) ew.
        b) Is it the borderline pedophilia or the tremendous likelihood of getting an STD that turns you on?
        c) Well, I suppose there is a gag worthy lid for every nasty diseased pot. Serial killers have fans on death row.
        d) Please do shut up I am trying to eat lunch!
        e) all of the above.

      • T D

        e) final answer.

    • Dee

      Becalm, have you read Tamara’s blog from a while back that predicted all of this. Tamara, can you help with the link?

      Tamara, have you heard an amount Yo is asking for from David for spousal support?

      • tamaratattles

        I’m pretty sure she has read all of that, Dee. My understanding is that she believes Yolanda is telling the truth, that she has Lyme, that two of her kids also have Lyme, and that from Q fever to sick selfies it’s all true and we are terrible people for doubting her. And we are not allowed to point out the fallacies in her thought process.

        I could be wrong, but that’s usually the situation.

      • Cat

        You are probably right. I went through several past Yolanda posts, but could not find any comments from every1becalm.

        If that is the case, I kind of get it. I still haven’t publicly admitted that Brooks was faking. I just can’t bring myself to say it, even though it’s probably true. Personal reasons.

        I do get tired of the group bashing, though. This week alone, we have been called ass kissers and cult members. So, even the group is not immune from attack.

    • Cat

      Every1becalm, I don’t like Yolanda, either. And I’m not afraid to say it. You shouldn’t be afraid, either. You have just as much right to your opinion as anyone else.

      But, I’m missing where you were attacked. Where is it?

      This Yolanda thing is irritating to me. I still don’t think she is “faking”, but I do think she is in denial, and is now attention seeking. It’s one thing to seek out support. But sympathy? That rubs my fur the wrong way. So does including her children. Finally, the sick selfies are too much for me. They are completely staged and posed. Ugh.

      With so many out there dying from REAL major illnesses (Monty, Big Ang), someone like Yolanda is bound to make people lash out.

      Again, I DO believe she has an illness. But she’s playing it up for the cameras, and that is so WRONG!

      Anyway, I hope you see you aren’t alone. We may disagree on our views on Yolanda. I don’t know. But that’s OK.

      If I see an unprovoked attack, I usually try to come to defend the commenter. I don’t like trolls. Trolls on this site deserve a little slice and dice.

      So, I will have your back next time.

      • Well.. I was actually questioning my own sanity — not anyone else’s. I just have a hard time believing she is faking any (or most) of this for financial gain or any other selfish reason.

        I think Yolanda is pretty capable of getting attention on her own without feigning illness. I myself have (had) an “invisible illness” that made it nearly impossible to leave my house. It ended up with me getting LESS ATTENTION.

        I did not like Yolanda in previous seasons. I thought she did those of us who were sick a big disservice because I barely left my bed. There was no way I could have filmed a reality show. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY! So this year.. It has been more real to me that she is sick ALL of the time. I assume this is because her disease has gotten worse. Not for any other reason.

        My post was only written because it actually worries me that I happen to disagree with almost everyone here.. Kind of like the “one person” who thinks OJ is innocent — surely they must be crazy, right? I’m asking you “Am I crazy?” Because surely crazy people do not realize they are crazy, right? Maybe I am a smarter brand of the typical crazy? A more self aware crazy, if you will?

        (No.. I haven’t been attacked about Yolanda before.. But you guys do realize that you all tend to attack the one who doesn’t agree, right?) I try to voice my disagreements without being disagreeable. It’s how I’ve stayed out if the WLS – for the most part.

      • Thank you Cat.
        Meow meow.

      • Cat

        Again, I don’t think Yolanda is faking illness. I just think she’s in denial about the real issue. I think it’s some kind of vitamin deficiency, from the Master Cleanse.

        As for the theory about her planning this for money, I have not agreed with that. But I haven’t disagreed, either. I said I would wait to see how it played out.

        Because I just don’t know.

        As for name calling here, I try to avoid it. But, if someone calls me a name or someone else a name, just for disagreeing, I may fire back. You can see that on the Big Ang thread. As I said, I don’t attack. I defend.

        Personally, being called crazy wouldn’t bother me. Because, I am. :)
        But an ass kisser or cult member? No. No way. I am an individual, and can think for myself. And I would rather have NO friends than let someone manipulate and use me.

        And, you’re welcome. :)

  42. Lime Brain

    I woke up in the middle of the night after this episode of WWH to catch a few minutes of Craig Ferguson’s Join or Die show. The topic was “Worst medical advice”. Some of the choices were Having all your teeth removed to cure headaches, putting leaches on you, and going through your eyeball while your awake to have a lobotomy. All I could think of while watching this was how many of these things did Yolanda try and if she could have topped those choices.

    That was some shade Andy was throwing at Yolanda for having Craig there the same night. To bad Andy didn’t have the balls to bring it up.

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