Married At First Sight Recap: Last Chance for Romance

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa’s photo show them happy together IN BED

It’s the last episode before decision day and I can’t wait to watch this episode. I know you guys have been dying to tell me things and I am thankful not to be too spoiled other than y’all still hating Ashley.  The fact that her marriage is going down in flames is not exactly a spoiler. I wish I could get these up faster but I have to prioritize according to  which show have the biggest audience here and we are a relatively small group. Those other people have no idea what they missed this season! The great thing about this show is that every season has people on reality TV for the first time. As we have seen with the housewives, it’s kind of all downhill after season one. Sidenote: I love that all the women on these shows film with no makeup when it is called for. It’s  so much more real than most shows.

Vanessa and Tres

These two seem to be picking a permanent residence. Is that a spoiler for next week? Or will we be blindsided? You never know on this show, and that is why I love it.  Tres seems a bit hesitant on the new home search. He doesn’t want them to cancel their current leases. Is he just on it for the show? We’ve always thought this was a bit too perfect the entire time. Is it just lust? Or will this marriage last?

Tres comes home with wine and champagne to woo Vanessa back to their (manufactured?) bliss.  When I blog this show, I separate the couples into the groups of text. I flip back and forth filling the details in all in one place.  I’ve just noted that Dr. Pepper wants David and Ashley to take some time away. So now, flipping back to Tres and Vanessa,  it seems obvious that Tres did not spontaneously bring the roses (not from a grocery store!) and champagne and plan a weekend at the winery spontaneously. They are all following a script the therapist “homework assignments.”  Some are just more enthusiastic than others. Vanessa says, “This is what I wanted from my husband.”  Sadly, there will be no script in the future. Will Tres continue this behavior? Or will he bail at the finale?

Vanessa and Tres enjoyed a romantic weekend at the winery. They had a romantic dinner, and a horseback ride that ended with Vanessa riding with Tres on his horse. Tres has some sort of allergic reaction to the horses and his face breaks out in hives. They cut the trip short and go home.

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley

First of all, I am on Ashley’s side regarding the Facebook messaging. If it was so innocent and about learning more about Ashley, then he would have told her about it. Also, Ashley doesn’t seem to know who the girl is. I’m not sure I could get past that. I’ve said that Ashley is going to use this as an excuse to bail, and I still believe that. But I think it is a justifiable reason to bail. That doesn’t erase the fact that Ashley did nothing to foster this relationship and is apparently going to end the experiment having never held her husband’s hand or hugged him at all. She surely has no problems hugging every other random stranger she met on the show. But I do think she will use this incident to sort of rewrite history to justify her lack of participation in the marriage.

David is back from Buffalo and Ashley says that she is ready to move forward. David apologizes for the millionth time. Ashley finally accepts his apology. Dr. Pepper arrives to chat with them about where they are. Ashley gives the whole unbelievable update. I still don’t see how this is anything other than a production intervention trying to make Ashley jealous. David gives his unbelievable side of the story. There were Frankenbites* by production in there that make me suspect.  I have issues with this whole Facebook scandal.

Dr. Pepper wants to shake them up. She wants them to go away somewhere and have fun. Is that even possible?  David gives Ashley a card that is a race registration that they can run together. Ashley gives him a apron for grilling. Well that didn’t feel forced at all. Said no one.

David and Ashley don’t go anywhere. A sign that Ashley is still refusing to stay in a room with him. Instead they go on a date to a zipline place a whopping 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Ashley’s talking head has the worst Frankenbite I’ve ever heard. They insert the words “Dr. Pepper” where she likely actually said “production” as in “Production wants us to go to this ziplining place and I’m contractually obligate to go so…we went to…”  David is still trying, bless his heart, but Ashley is checked out. On the last bridge they made Ashley hold David’s hand for the first time and told them they could not use the ropes. This is the most intimate David will ever be with Ashley. The date ends with a huge freefall jump from a tower. David gets his first kiss on the cheek after asking for it for luck. Ashely reluctantly acquiesces. They both jump. David of course thinks it is a sign they will stay together. Ashley is counting the minutes left in filming.


Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil

Unlike the rest of you fucktards, I get a huge grin on my face just seeing Sam. I’m super overinvested in this marriage.  I’ve said a lot of times this season that I see a lot of myself in Sam and for most episodes been very supportive toward her. Even in the episodes where she has behaved quite badly, I still see myself in her. So in rooting for her, I hoping to see someone who is a lot like me in many ways both good and bad get a happily ever after.

Neil is still in Vegas for the wedding. I wonder just how hard Sam tried to get off work.  Sam and Neil Facetime. Sam has gone from the sort of scary guy with the “terrorist beard” to kinda hot and super attractive to me.  It seems Sam is finally feeling similarly. Sam is blindside because she misses Neil and he says he doesn’t miss her. Neil is confused because she’s been sort of a bitch to him. Sam is either going to put up walls again, or try harder. We shall see. I am counting on the latter option. This was a great tactical move for Neil whether it was deliberate or not. But for now, Sam is bitchy about it.  Sam now is going to stew on this, blow it up, and make it emblematic of the entire relationship. Don’t ask me how I know this.  She basically hangs up on him. She goes to bed angry and alone.

Sam actually stayed at her place because she didn’t want to be alone in the new house. Sigh. That’s a bad sign. She arrives the next morning to Neil in bed  (so how long would she have been alone?) and flowers for her on the kitchen counter. Production has stepped up their flower game this episode. Neil like Tres takes total responsibility for the flowers in his talking head. But he did actually think of Sam in Vegas and brought her back a couple small tokens that show his real affection. Sam loves his gifts. They are totally her, and confirmation for her that he was thinking of her and listens to her and knows what she likes. I would have viewed these as apology gifts. Thankfully, Sam gets Neil’s intentions. All is well with my favorite couple. At least for now.  She cries and my allergies are suddenly acting up. I told y’all I’m over invested in these two. This is the turning point in their marriage.

Possibly because Neil was out of town, Sam is tasked with being the “weekend planner” and these two are going to Savannah. #Roadtrip  They go fishing on Tybee island. They are adorable. They give each other piggy back rides on the way out. Showing Sam is still not quite ready to let Neil take the reigns. But she’s getting there.  In the previews Sam says, “What frightens me the most is that he is going to ask me for a divorce. And that I will deserve it.” Oh honey, I see a great marriage between you two.

As I placed the photos for this piece, I made some notes in the comments. The decision making process for the promo pictures in retrospect is very telling. I predict that Tres asks for a divorce, Ashley asks for a divorce and Neil and Sam are the only marriage that stays intact. It would not surprise me if Tres stays, but if I had to bet, I’d bet against it. What do you think?

*Frankenbites are sound bites that production edits in to a conversation that did not occur in that conversation but may have occurred in a different situation.  As a random example, someone could have said ” I hate you” as some point during filming about anyone and it could be injected into a scene by production to make it appear it was said about someone totally different. That’s and extreme example, generally they are inserted for clarification purposes to make the editing flow more smoothly. But on shows like the Real Housewives” franchises, we have seen them used solely for production manipulation. If nothing else, they are a sign of heavy editing for some reason.


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20 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Last Chance for Romance

  1. Heavens2betsyann

    First time poster but long time reader!! Love your recaps TT!! And love, love, love this show! Binge watched the first two seasons and that was very satisfying. It’s torture for me to wait a week between episodes. Like you, I am rooting for Sam and Neil and really feel they will be the last couple standing. They remind me from Doug and Jamie from season one who let the relationship grow organically. Can’t wait until next week!!

  2. Tara

    Coming from the Queen of self sabotaging a relationship, I can relate to Sam. I really hope she and Neil make it.
    I wish I could take some of the pointers Sam has been given and or just learn from watching her. Watching her open up to this tugs at my heart. Proof that I do have one! No matter what the fuck men say!!

  3. I think Tres is falling in love with Vanessa,but sometimes she pushes him away when she looks down when he is talking to her. It is her immature way of “checking out” when they have a conflict. I hope she stops doing that, it is a bit annoying to me, so I know that it annoys Tres. I love Sam and Neil. They seem to have a natural progression to their relationship, they have built a SOLID relationship and Sam is growing to love him, she even said she likes his qwerkiness and he is becoming handsome to her. I too, think they will last. Also maybe it was too soon for Vanessa and Tres to be involve sexually, even though they were married psychologically it was just too much, too soon. Ashley and David, no hope, he is a nice guy,but she will later see that he would’ve been good for her, she didn’t give him a chance. His reaching out to the to the OTHER girl was an ego move to “feel” needed. I just began watching this show and really enjoy it.

  4. DarkThoughts

    I wish Ashley would stop wear workout clothes ALL the time.

    It’s not too late for Samm the horrible.

    Vanessa is in Love with Tres BUT has parked her issues in her own way and Tres has figured out he doesn’t want such a high maintenance fake princess. Although Tres may not know what he wants he does know what he doesn’t. And he doesn’t want Vanessa.

    I think they all break up. They need to turn the show over to Dr. Pepper 100% and get rid of the wierdo clinical guy, the sexologist, and the other one. They should let Dr. Pepper kick their butts to help them all get out of their own ways.

    • tamaratattles

      a) STOP JINXING MY CHANCE FOR LOVE…errr… I mean Sam’s chance for love! and TWO) the sexologist just followed me on Twitter. I keep trying to tell y’all that the folks on these shows read here. But I still find it hard to believe. Just a heads up. :) Thank God that happened late in the season after I already spouted off all my opinions. :)

      • DarkThoughts

        TT, I am a former window licker section rider of the short bus, did ya expect any less of me?

        P.S. I make Sam look like a fluffy cute kitten who is high on a mixture of Reisling, Xanax, and Wellbutrin. And in my 40s I finally found my “Neil”. Never lose hope cuz you never know…Love might be lurking right around the corner.

      • Tara

        FyI I always say “everyone needs a little, most need a lot, of TT in their life” Proof that Erika Jane reads TT.

      • Nice review TT- You (like Sam ) seem to be letting your hair down lately?… and Sam has been practicing her sexy car seat poses!. Lets hope that this isn’t for the cameras? On the other hand she recovered surprisingly well from Neils “I don’t miss you” misread. I didn’t even have to FF that part! There is no longer any doubt that Neil is blessed with some Asperger DNA- It’s a simple concrete question after all and he gave a literal answer…makes sense to me. Someone tell Neil that when a chick asks if you miss her- just say “yes, hun”. Imagine if she asked “do I look fat in these jeans?”…argh….never mind!

        As for Ashley and David…all I can say is that I believe David- he wasn’t cheating. The reason I believe him is that his explanation is even more sad and pathetic than trying to two time Ashley- and that’s just the David we’ve come to know!. Can’t they just let Ashley off her leash early?

        Tres and Vanessa…it’s always been just a cliche romance…like a hallmark card- nothing personal to it. Tres has no doubt been getting some reality tv star attention from the ladies so that’s the trump card…confirming poor Vanessa’s self fulfilling prophesy. At least there’s that Fleetwood Mac song…”,,,players only love you when their playing”!

        My neck hurts and I’m grumpy.

  5. Stephanie

    I also think all but Sam and Neil are doomed. Ashley has always had 1 foot and 3/4 of the other foot out the door. Tres is not in it for love and marriage imo.

  6. Gapeachinsc

    I want Sam and Neil to make it as well! He’s a real cutie and I believe they compliment each other quite nicely. I understand Sam all too well and want her to be brave!! I don’t want her to have regrets later if she doesn’t stick it out. They are by far my favorite couple. I will be crushed if they don’t make it. I don’t know why Ashley signed up for the show…from the very beginning it has been apparent she wasn’t in it for the long haul. And Trey – I don’t trust him at all. He just doesn’t seem genuine to me.

  7. Whitney

    Hi Tamara! Great recap and I love stopping by daily for my cup of tea! I’ve lurked for a while, but definitely wanted to post about this episode.

    This episode had me also tearing up for Sam and Neil. They have come a long way. I do feel that something just isn’t quite right with the Tres/Vanessa relationship, and some of their issues seem to be more manufactured than genuine. Ashley and David, well … I’m not sure they actually ever stood a chance.

  8. Rose

    Vanessa is very immature. Rightly she has high expectations of marriage, but many are very superficial in my opinion. I think she will bail and even though she’s very high maintenance I think Tres will stay. Sam and Neil will make it. It was very telling that she is more insightful than I thought when she said she fears he may leave because of how she treats him. I believe Ashley and David will make it. I still see them being the Jaime couple from S1 with little attraction and a bad strained relationship edit. On the Unfiltered episode airing after the show David said they kiss and cuddle.

  9. Free

    I came across this blog after trying to find out where David and Ashley went zip lining. If you know where they went, please tell me. In the meantime, I really enjoyed reading this blog. To throw my own 2 cents in, I am also all smiles about Sam and Neil. She has really opened up and made herself more vulnerable which in turn makes you like her even more. Neil seems patient and committed and he is winning her over..Maybe even won. Ashley and David? I think that UNLESS he is a pathological liar(and I don’t think so), that Ashley is using the FB story as an excuse to get out. Its also possible that Ashley is lying about something too. She is too quick to come to a verdict about David. OR she has gotten burned in the past and never healed the pain. I don’t agree with you about David. Actually, I don’t think he should have apologized. When he did apologize, Ashley thought he was admitting she was correct to begin with about him being the liar. She just was needing to be right and that concerns me. And David is nice. I like him, but he needs to get some balls. To be clear, he did own upsetting her for whatever reason and this can be a strong gesture, but I still feel like he needs to stand up for his needs more. It will eventually backfire. I have no idea what Ashley will do. Your prediction…. (David of course thinks it is a sign they will stay together. Ashley is counting the minutes left in filming.)…made me laugh. Still, the producers of MAFS always try to pick clips that will mislead you on purpose. Trey and Vanessa? I think Vanessa has been more willing to feed her fears, than her commitment to this marriage. I hope she grows up soon. Its harder for me to read Trey. I like him and thing he wants things to work, but is unsure if he can make Vanessa happy. Husbands do want their wives to be happy and if we don’t think we can win in that endeavor, its going to go downhill. I

  10. Chris

    Love this show, have watched all episodes of each season, just have to comment so you know their are viewers out there. Your recaps are great. I am truly amazed with myself and my change of heart toward Sam. I thought she was the absolute worst in the beginning and now I am having trouble remembering why. Is it just good editing or has she really done a 180? If Ashley gets any sympathy at the finale I will scream and if David still says he would want to be with her he is just crazy. There is a lot to be said about just wanting to be in the company of the person you are with and even David cannot say it is comfortable let alone enjoyable just hanging out with Ashley. I would give anything to see an unplanned production moment between them, is there ever a fun, normal conversation? a joke? some laughs, anything?

  11. CoBe

    My thoughts:

    Vanessa and Tres: I think they’ll stay together because their families expect them to and they think it is the right thing. I don’t think they are deeply in love or will ever be, but sometimes it’s just easier to stay.

    David and Ashley: I’ve already stated she has some serious problems. I’m surprised the psychologists didn’t catch it. I predict she will lay the blame for the entire thing at his feet, if not blame him for even worse. I doubt she went into nursing to help people, more likely on the hunt for a wealthy doctor (and the fact that she couldn’t find one stupid enough to take her on means she had to go on . . . a reality show).

    As to cheating, well, I don’t understand how it could be called cheating when there hasn’t been any relationship between them AT ALL. It’s a business transaction that never went further than a paycheck.

    Neil and Sam: Am I the only one rooting for them NOT to stay together? Mostly because I absolutely adore Neil and feel like he deserves someone who can make him happy. Sam is a user. I have not seen her once care about his feelings, besides actively trying to devastate him.

    Until she has her personal problems ironed out, she has no business torturing others with her problems.


    Good luck to all of the couples, but I think it’s really important to remember that sometimes “losing” a relationship is not a bad thing. I don’t understand the “rah rah rah” mentality that if they remain married, they will be happy. I don’t think that in any of the cases (except for Neil, who seems like he is pretty much happy whatever life brings him).

  12. Peter

    As always, nice recap Tamara. You are spot on that Sam and Neil have a good chance. I like them as a couple. They complement each other well. They had their struggles but that is what marriage is about. You struggle at times but when the going gets rough you hang in there.

    As for David and Ashley, I think that they should and will move on. Even though she seems to be over the Facebook thing, there just does not seem to be enough there to keep them moving forward. It is painful to watch these two.

    That leaves Tres and Vanessa. I really thought that there was a chance here but I really now think he is in it for the promotion. I may have been hoodwinked here and wanted to believe the fairy tale. The fact that he wants to keep their individual places is not a good sign at all.

    Can’t wait for next week’s finale It should be interesting.

  13. pcinkc

    I know everyone is gaga over David but in my opinion, he is a manipulative dishonest prick. This whole “feel sorry for me” campaign is very tiresome. Just read his twitter comments. Poor me. I love her. She is withholding her affection. I try and try but she just won’t let me in. My Father died when i was 7 so she should be nicer to me. I’ll never give up trying to get her love.. She wants some space, so i’l just write her 10 notes and call her several times a day. She’s pretty cold, but she was right about the FB date. He didn’t think he would get caught. Poor, poor David. I know you, David.

  14. Thanks for the recap! I hope all three couples make it, but I know Ashley and David have a slim to none chance of making it about 1%. I think Tres and Vanessa could make it. I did understand his reasoning for not breaking the leases, Vanessa was trying to get a heads up as to what he wants to do. And if they give up the leases and don’t have a place to stay after the experiment would be stupid. Neil and Sam, I think have the greatest chance because at least they tried. I wish all of them the best!

  15. The problem I have with this show is that the experts are matching up introverts with extroverts and expecting there to be some sort of magical balance. I think that happens only if the two people are seriously attracted to each other and have a history together; not so much with perfect strangers. Ashley’s problem (besides not being attracted to David) is that she’s an introvert. She’s quiet, enjoys time alone, and after being at work/school all day she needs that time to be alone to settle. David is very extroverted and seems to need to be around a large group of boisterous people and to always be talking and doing things. It’s overwhelming even under the best of circumstances. If Ashley were matched up with someone like Neil, I would bet she would have adjusted better and given the marriage more of a shot. I think she knew from Day 1 that this would not work.

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