Big Ang Has Passed Away

Big Ang with her newest grandbaby

Big Ang with her newest grandbaby

This news is not 100% confirmed to me. And I hope I am wrong, but my sources are telling me Big Ang has died. I’m sorry I don’t have anything else to add. I just need a moment.

UPDATE:  I received several tips from sources I have never used before about Big Ang’s death. I did NOT want to believe them. But as I investigated the sources and the rumors, I was convinced. Now Entertainment Tonight has confirmed as well and there are still people saying she has not passed.  I’ve seen enough evidence to believe it. I wish like anything that I am wrong and calling this to soon, but I’ve checked the sources and sadly, they seem legit.  I’m broken hearted.

UPDATE 2:  It’s taken me all day to get on line and read the comments here. I woke up this morning incredibly sad.  I think this just hit so hard because we just got to hear from her on Dr. OZ this week, That was one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever had to make.

Around 9 last night I was contacted by multiple sources informing me that Big Ang had died.  I really felt like it was someone just making up a story based on the Dr, Oz show. I could not fathom that she would pass so quickly. Monty Brinson dies of lung cancer and  it went on for a very long time. Lung cancer is very nasty and there is usually a lot of suffering a the end.  My sources last night didn’t give details and I was too devastated to ask and frankly did not want to know. 

This morning I received more details that I have not really wanted to report. I was told that yesterday afternoon Ang was pronounced brain dead. She was left on life support so that everyone could come and pay their respects and she was given last rites. Later that evening, the decision was made to remove her from life support. There were several people who opted not to be present for that part. When those people left  around nine, they told people Big Ang was gone. That is when sources began to contact media outlets and me.  The statements that “she was still fighting” were rather erroneous, there was no brain activity at that time. Often times family struggles with brain death. The person is breathing via a machine, their heart is still pumping, you don’t want to believe it is over. She was finally removed from the machines about twelve hours later at three a.m.

I am hearing that there is a lot of feuding going on, someone called media outlets and emailed media outlets shortly have some of the family left at nine. Those people went home and told their friends and family the sad news. Supposedly, Big Ang’s family is upset with Neil  and his family who they blame for the leak of Big Ang’s death. I seriously doubt there was any ill will involved in the news getting out when it did.  What I think is despicable is that I have heard there are photos of her on her deathbed that were sold. I am not adding another photo to this post as I normally would because I’m going to do everything I can to avoid seeing that. My brain is already formulating images that I would like to get out of my head.

I’m sorry I didn’t come to the post and reseat people in the window licking section. I just don’t have it in me today. I’m sure I’ll make a post or do a recap soon. But I just need to take some time.  And frankly if you don’t believe this information or want to argue with me, I’m not in the mood today. Just take it somewhere else.


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    No! I do not want this to be true! My thoughts go to her family.

  2. kennedy

    It’s not on TMZ

    • tamaratattles

      Hi, Kennedy! You must be new, TMZ will be around shortly. Hold on to your seat!

    • tamaratattles

      Well, while I am not at all wanting it to be true. It would be great if y’all trusted me to vet sources. /SIGH in this case I hope I am wrong. But I would not put up a post saying someone died if I had not checked it out. At some point I need you guys to understand I actually talk to people involved. I’m not ROL or MTO. I actually post things I believe to be true. Imagine that!

      • Bella

        Except her rep is saying otherwise and drita re tweeted what the rep said.

      • tamaratattles

        And you know her rep who is saying this

        And you know her rep who is saying this? What is her name? My name is Tamara.

      • Margarett

        Never a doubt, Tamara! If you post it, I believe it until YOU say not to do so.

      • Cat

        The newbies will learn. I stopped going to other sites a year ago, because of so much misinfo.

        tamaratattles is the only site I trust. TT is very careful to check and double check sources.

        As far as the rep, this could be a device to give the family some space and privacy. We need to respect the family, AND Angela by avoiding snarky comments, even if directed to TT. This post should honor Angela’s big spirit and heart.

      • Dee

        Thank you for sharing this information. I’m sad for her and her family.

      • Well, crap. I was holding out hope Ang would be able to beat it. I admire her dignity and humanity in dealing with her public. Puts the shame to Brooks and Yolanda.

  3. marywanna

    I read just a few moments ago that her family has been called to the hospital.

  4. Oh my gosh I somehow thought that things would improve. So sad! May she continue to share that big personality wherever she is!

  5. NONE of the MobWives were tweeting during tonight’s episode which is unusual, except for the new chick that is too young & rude to know better.

  6. tcdfw

    So, so sad. After reading she’d been given Last Rites and was with her family and Neil I just sank down. God Bless you Angela and your family.

  7. Laura

    This is so sad, praying for her family and friends.

  8. Susan May

    NO NO NO!!! Please tell me no!!

  9. Gracious

    Tragic. RIP, Big Ang.

  10. Oh NO. How terribly sad. She is out of pain and hopefully on the other side, reuniting with the treasured loved ones who went before her. God bless her soul.

  11. daintyfeets

    Noooooo! This makes me so sad. She had such a zest for life.

  12. JoJoFLL

    OMG! Heartbreaking! I can’t believe it.

  13. Miguel

    What?!? Nooooooo – I just commented on your Big Ang/Dr. Oz piece!!!

  14. Kika

    ET Online says she had passed!!!

  15. Lolagyrl

    So sad. I thought if anyone could beat this it would be her. She was fierce in the best ways. Cancer fucking sucks. Sending love to her family.

  16. Rakely

    I feel like I’m holding my breath. Please don’t let this be true. I saw this somewhere else earlier and ignored it. Why do the biggest hearts sometimes leave us so soon?

  17. A Little Birdie

    This is so sad. It seemed so fast. Prayers for her family

  18. I am gutted. I always ridicule my mother for forming attachments to housewives and such – but I adore this woman. My mum and I always dreamed of making a pilgrimage to the Drunken Monkey if we were in the US. RIP lovely lady.

  19. Miele

    This is so very,very sad.

  20. Rakely

    Her heart was huge. She was gentle and loving. Rest peacefully Angela.

  21. mary

    Very, very, sad news. I feel for her family.

  22. Xanadude

    I’m going to make her signature drink in her honor: The Big Ang is a mixture of red wine and cream soda.
    Big Ang, we are going to miss you.

    • Rakely

      I’m going to do this as well. I believe she is in a beautiful place. But I hate this- I felt like I knew her as dumb as that sounds. Didn’t we all feel that about Big Ang?

  23. ninjapanda1

    Holy shit that was fast. Fuck man.

    • tamaratattles

      Exactly why I didn’t believe my source. I thought for sure they were playing me after the Dr Oz show. Plus I didn’t WANT to believe it. But sadly, they checked out.

  24. Margarett

    This is sad news for the world which will be a bit darker without her. I am glad that she was spared long time of suffering. (Anyone who has watched people die a slow and torturous death will understand what I mean. I am not saying it well. I apologize for that.)

    I wish peace to her family and friends.

  25. Rose

    I didn’t watch her show but read your post the other day about her on Dr. Oz. This is very sad news. Here you have someone who was dealing with a real serious health journey yet we have the folks like Brooks and Yo with their make believe issues. My prayers for Big Ang’s family.

    • Rakely

      Yes, I have to agree with Rose 100%. Yolanda Foster/Hadid/Bullshitter whatever, needs to have a serious seat and shut her mouth! And stfu on instagram. Stay off tv and live through your kids. Big Ang was so genuine and special.

  26. Alison h

    Very sad. She’s very well known and well liked at many stores in Brooklyn :( it’s very strange though the tweet that put put up on her account a little while ago denying she’s passed

  27. Mzjulesaz

    Very sad. RIP Big Ang, you will be missed.

  28. Bella

    There was a statement released on her twitter she’s still alive and fighting in the hospital

  29. BigDaddyMike

    I wonder why NOTHING about it is on TMZ yet…

    • Bella

      They put a story up, which is what big angs twitter also said, from her rep. Which is that she’s STILL fighting…

    • tamaratattles

      Because they have no idea what is going on? How is it that you people believe TMZ when they have stolen my posts so many times and made shit up on other occaisions? If it happens in LA believe them. They have good sources there. If it is east coast? They steal from me as much as ROL.

  30. Micheal

    Her twitter has a statement saying it isn’t true.

  31. VioletBlue

    I admit, I couldn’t watch the Dr. Oz interview as it was too sad. I’m grateful that TT covered it for us and I was just beginning to “digest” the not-so-good news. Then this. I’m in shock at how fast this happened. Many mixed emotions. Poor Big Ang. I feel bad she didn’t get to see her grandkids grow up. I hope she is resting in total joyous peace.

    • VioletBlue

      Oops – I’m not sure what to believe.

      • tamaratattles

        Stick around and it will all become clear.

      • VioletBlue

        I meant no offense to you, Tamara. It’s just that as I finished posting my thoughts, I saw all these “she’s still alive” posts and I reacted to them like “Oops, I over-reacted.”
        It’s sad no matter what because this announcement was coming at some point. I don’t think anyone was ready for this even though we kinda knew deep down.

  32. She will truely be missed. Fly with the angels Angela.

  33. Matzah60

    Whether Ang is alive or her soul has departed, I hope she made some peace approaching the end of her life. I hope she is able to say goodbye and I love to you to her children and grandchildren and that her family, in turn, can make peace with the end Ang’s life here on earth. Godspeed, Ang.

  34. Lisaj

    No words. Peace to her family, RIP.

  35. Dawn

    This literally took my breath away as I casually glanced at this page while watching tv. Prayers to her friends and family. Too soon?RIP Angela

  36. TT, I’m so very sorry. Love to you and Banjo.

  37. Spilledperfume

    This is so sad. May she rest in peace.

  38. Kika

    TMZ says she is still Alive!!!!!!

    • HonAGilmore

      Even ET is backing off the claim that she already passed. I think in these times that it is better to be right than to be first.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes they do! I hope you remember that later when you say “But TMZ said..”

      • @immelza

        Listen guys TT would never post about someones death unless she was 1,000 % sure and checked everything out. This is TT’s livelihood and she is a very kind and empathetic person and would never do a post with such seriousness without the proper confirmation. Sorry for my tone on such a serious post but I was hasseled on Twitter and I have hardly any followers so I know TT must be getting hammered. Cancer sucks and I hope Angela had a peaceful passing surrounded by her family and friends.

      • Molly

        @immelza yes, she would report someone had died when they hadn’t. Bobbi Kristina, for example. Its OK, it happens. Just admit it, retract it, make it right, whatever.

      • Molly

        She died at 3:01am. Now its true.

  39. Wallace

    I so hope that her husband was with her and there was forgiveness and closure. Big Ang was such a great breath of fresh air in the reality world: unique, bigger than life, always authentic.

  40. She was always my favorite. RIH Big Angela

  41. 25

    God bless anyone whose close family or friend goes so suddenly. It feels too soon to me; I can’t imagine how her family is holding up. But as another commenter said, I hope it saved her from any pain. Such a loving matriarch.

  42. StubbyG

    T, do you know when she was on Dr. Oz? It’s just messing with my mind that she was “on” tv a few days ago and passed away this evening. I am not questioning that she passed away, it’s just difficult seeing Ang not so ill a few days ago and then passing away today. Thank you in advance!

  43. RIP, Angela.
    What sad news!
    I was hoping that Big Ang would pull through. Prayers ? of healing and strength to her family and friends.

  44. Rach

    Her spokespeople have confirmed that she’s still alive.

    • Molly

      Its disgusting and irresponsible to report something just to be first when it isn’t true. Keep swearing she’s dead just to save face, that’s no less gross and disrespectful. You had Bobbi Kristina dead long before she actually passed too. Someone is either effing with you, or you went w new sources for the scoop. Her family is saying she hasn’t passed!

      • Shellbelle

        @molly- BK was dead when TT reported that she was. Her heart may have been beating, but she was brain dead and on lifesaving machines to keep her alive.
        You must like the taste of windex, if not, you’ll learn to like it. To quote a housewife, why don’t you get off her jock?!

      • Molly

        Actually, she was NOT DEAD when it was initially reported on this site. Not semantics, either. She was not off life support. As far as the windex-please. Being a sycophant isn’t becoming to anyone. She’s human, folks, and makes mistakes. Maybe her source was jumping the gun. Whatever. Fact is at the time posted, it was inaccurate. And the drama- people here are “gutted” and crying and devastated- that’s just-weird. Her children and husband and family being “gutted”? Absolutely. A nameless faceless person watching TV and reading a blog being THAT upset is weird. Its sad. She was young and it’s tragic. But all the high-drama hand-wringing and condolences to TT (and one to Banjo??!!) is so beyond bizarre. Read a book. Go to a park. Make a donation to the American Cancer Society. Anything that will keep people from being ” gutted” over someone they have never ever met.

      • @immelza

        Listen Molly many people’s lives are unfortunately touched by Cancer. After you nurse someone from diagnosis to death ( which is as horrible for the patient as the caregiver) maybe you will understand why people feel sad, crying and reaching out for comfort even if they only knew someone on TV. How dare you even believe that anyone would think that you are the voice of reason! You are a person lacking empathy which is a major character flaw. Actually I sort of feel sorry for anyone who deals with you in person as you have no interest personal skills. Shame on you for judging anyone on how they choose to express their grief. Obviously you can’t even admit that this has affected you because here you are trolling posts and expressing your unwanted opinion. Oh and after you Google empathy go Google brain dead …. the person is dead, gone and if kept alive by machines is simply a vessel that will eventually fail, no one survives brain death. Go troll somewhere else.

      • daintyfeets

        Molly, I didn’t know Elvis. He died and I mourned and cried for a month. I didn’t have to know if to mourn his passing. Why are you in attack mode and disrespecting people who feel they have lost “someone”. Who cars if her last breadth was at 10 pm or 3 a.m. people who “loved” her were devastated. My mother didn’t know President John F. Kennedy but I remeber her crying for days. From the moment the shot was fored, to the announcement of his death, through his funeral and for days after. Go God’s sake chill out.

      • Cat

        Molly, you are heartless. I pity you, and anyone who has to come in contact with you.

      • CanadaCat


      • Beckster

        Why aren’t you in WLS.. Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

      • Molly,
        I think this subject has touched a nerve with you. You have every right to disagree and voice your opinion. Likewise, Tamara can make and enforce her blog rules as she sees fit. It is “Tamara” Tattles, right?
        I take issue with the incredibly offensive way you have mocked the community here. Isn’t it more disrespectful to belittle your fellow human beings for expressing sadness and grief? What business is it of yours to mock the intensity of their feelings? Shaming them is nasty, bullying behavior. If someone mentions feeling “gutted,” who are you to challenge that? Calling them weird and dramatic is heartless. If people here are lucky enough to feel a connection with each other, please honor their vulnerability, and quietly excuse yourself.

  45. aw crap… why does my heart hurt so bad on this?… she was truly one of my faves and her attitude and spunk and that huge heart was something I admired so much. May she rest without pain and I pray for comfort for her family,friends and all those she touched.

  46. Mable Lean

    Girl, if you’re wrong, this will be the second time in less than a year that you have INSISTED that someone was legally dead when she wasn’t. You pronounced Bobbi Kristina legally dead about two weeks before she actually was. If you’re correct this time, the date of her death should be reported as the 17th of February.

    • Molly

      Mmmhmm. Even reputable news sources are retracting their original “she’s dead” report-a mob wives producer as well as her family are all saying reports she has passed aren’t true. But you won’t see a retraction here just like you didn’t with BK. She’ll just keep insisting its true until it is. Its just so hurtful and disrespectful to Ang, her family and her friends. This here’s some cold tea, ya’ll.

      • RealE

        It’s actually been reported on Ang’s official Twitter that she has passed. Ya know, the same one that hours before said she hadn’t.

      • Mable Lean

        According to the latest reports, she didn’t die until about 3 am this morning, NOT last night as Tamara insisted and others FALSELY reported. Even in the case of the terminally ill, it is callous and unethical to report a death BEFORE it’s actually taken place.

        As you mentioned earlier, there wasn’t even a retraction for her false death report on Bobbi Kristina Brown. Her sources are either imaginary or full of shit. There’s no wonder that she believed Brooks’ fake cancer story too.

        Chile, please.

      • Molly

        And that’s the issue. She’s spot on with most things, just not life or death ones, that’s all. I don’t expect a retraction just like BK never got one. It’s just irresponsible reporting.

      • Dee

        Molly, I hope you get the help you need.

      • Beckster

        please Tamara, reserves seat ASAP in the WLS for this lady. She needs to take a seat.

      • Margarett

        Indeed! Those hateful bitches are on my last nerve. Apparently there is no point in reasoning with that poster nor with her cohorts because idiots!

    • “Legally dead”? What is illegally dead? If this is the news that TT has confirmed and reported than she is merely doing her job and reporting what she vetted herself. Either way, it does NOT call for an accusation of reporting something illegal.

      • wistful

        @Merilyn. “Legal death” means that a doctor has declared her dead, which means that she is officially recognized as such (though modern medicine has created a lot of grey area as far as what constitutes death and where exactly doctors should be drawing the line). There is no opposing term.

  47. ? fly with the Angels Big Ang. We will miss you!

  48. I am sick to my stomach, heartbroken and I just don’t want to believe this, though I know if I read it here it is gospel. The Grim Reaper has been working overtime the last few months it seems. Enough already. Ang, wherever you are, God Bless and Godspeed <3

  49. RealE

    I have never commented before but just wanted to inform everyone that there has been an official release via Ang’s Twitter that she has passed at 3:01am (ET time I imagine) so there is no need for questioning the validity of the claim.
    I didn’t doubt the news from Tamara earlier. I’m sure it was not easy news to report and it sounds, unlike other sites, that she actually fact checked and therefore did not retract.
    My heart goes out to Ang’s family and friends.

  50. Sunshine

    RIP Big Ang. She made that show bearable for me.

  51. hannahkingrose

    OMG, for some reason I feel like someone close to me has passed. I know that sounds strange but I’m sitting here crying. She definitely was one of a kind. There’s really nothing else to say but rest in peace Big Ang. I for one will miss being entertained by you. Prayers for her family and friends.

    • Cat

      Right there with you. I was just about to post the same thing.

      This hit me really hard. I was so hoping the new treatments would work.

      • hannahkingrose

        You know Cat, people want to argue over whose sources are right and what time Big Ang died. Who the fuck cares really? I was thinking exactly what Tamara posted about her being on life support and just waiting for all family to make the decision. But as I said WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTER? She’s passed and isn’t that what this post is supposed to be about…a place for us to express our feelings and send our condolences? Geez people can’t you ever think about what is really important for once instead of just right fighting? I give up.

    • sandra

      hannahkingrose, Everything you said. It truly is heartbreaking.

  52. Bella

    Tamara- I meant no offense in questioning you. I also don’t go by tmz. I was going by her verified twitter account…No need to be rude.

    I wanted so badly for this to not be true, I’m heart broken. Big ang fought a hard battle with nothing but dignity and grace. She had a big beautiful spirit and an even bigger heart. Rest in peace.

  53. sarcasatire

    She passed away at 3AM this morning. Any posts or blogs about her death before then were erroneous.

    Entertainment tonight was the FIRST one to erroneously post about her dearth last night at about 11ish. Her family posted on her page that it was false. Some people printed retractions… others just bided their time. I guess everyone was right… eventually. But not at first.

  54. Rach

    It’s a sad state of affairs that people are posting about her death before the family even issued a statement. She passed away at 3am and sites had posted before then that she had passed. Someone close to the family must be leaking info to the press. Very sad. RIP Ang. My thoughts are with her family.

    • Suzanne D

      Sadly, it had to come from a friend of the family who was there or knew the family had been called back to the hospital because she wasn’t going to make it. Some people will do anything, including selling his own soul to the devil, for a quick buck.

  55. Molly

    Exactly. But I think TT will stand by her poor source and insist it was correct last night, family and retractions be damned.

    • Bella

      Agreed. It’s quite disgusting. We’re supposed to not believe family , but believe TT and her sources she’s never used ? .

      I think it was known that she’d taken a turn for the worst, which is why a few sites like this one didn’t retract and could say “see I’m right.”

      • Lynn

        Molly and Bella….
        Since you have such issues with TT why don’t you get the fuck off her blog and shut the fuck up!
        I grow tired!

      • Blooshter

        Seriously?? Can you both stop. People are here as a tribute to ANGELA, not to see you score points.

        RIP Angela, i am truly gutted.

    • Bella

      Lynn, dear, it’s a blog. People can have opinions. Given a death was falsely reported, there’s bound to be some negative comments. It’s not a light situation. Don’t read our comments then

      • Molly

        I have zero issue w TT. Her blog is well written and entertaining. I have a problem with irresponsible reporting. Death is as real as it gets. This blog is widely read, by many of its subjects as well. I’m sure it was annoying and hurtful for her family to issue statements saying she’s still with us when they should have only had to focus on Ang. Its terrible she’s gone but maybe a blessing it was so quick and her suffering wasn’t prolonged. Lynne-settle down. No need to be a pitbull.

      • Housewivedout

        Hi Bella and Molly. I feel like I should welcome you because you must be new here. 😉

      • Molly

        No, I’ve been a reader for a long, long time. Just don’t post. But thanks for the welcome!

      • Sam

        Enjoy the window licking section. I hope you have a nice supply of Windex.
        Poor Angela, this is so terribly sad.

      • Dee

        Bella, Molly, please read the commenting rules. They are enforced.

    • Ktina

      Why don’t you just get off the site then. Give it a rest already. The woman is dead and you’re arguing over a few hours.

    • Miguel

      OK MOLLY, TT has qualified her statement!!! What do YOU want – a prize, applause, a plaque/statue/ovation? Whaaaaaattttt??? Please move on – for now, we’d like to honour a woman who brought joy to so many lives, including mine, if you don’t mind?! If that’s too much, I’m sure you can find a TT-bashing space, where your macabre righteousness over someone’s passing (including BK’s) will be applauded! In the meantime, you and those of like minds, please, please, in all sincerity, F-off!!!

    • Molly, why are you not in the WLS yet? You come off as a bitch and also as stupid. You clearly have no education in the field of medicine. Brain death is legal death in any state. TT was correct with Bobbi Kris and now with Ang. Sad, but true. May you never have to learn this the hard way with one of your loved ones. Please STFU and take a seat, now.

      May Ang RIP & prayers to the family.

  56. I can’t believe it! That was so so fast. RIP Big Ang. Please don’t send me to the WLS…. I read it on TMZ but I had to come here to be sure it was true. There was something about that women that was so magnetic. So sad!

    • Allison

      How sad. Hopefully her suffering was minimal. I really hope she and Neil worked things out on some level, I read he was with her. He did seem to love her.

  57. Home

    TT as usual you were on POINT! She has indeed died…she was probably dead who you announced it but you know it can take hours to make unpleasant announcements. I am VERY sorry to hear this…prayers going up for the family…may she forever RIP.

  58. izmeagain

    So very sad. RIP Angela.

  59. I am so sad. How can someone be on Dr. Oz Tuesday (thank God I taped it) and dead less that 48 hours later? Big Ang was my favorite on Mob Wives because her sweetness shined through and she was a peacemaker. Also very funny. She made me smile and laugh. I wish this weren’t true. Thank you Tamara for alerting us last night so we could send love and light her way.

  60. Lala

    I find it very cult like that you must 100% agree with the author of this blog and never question her or her “sources”, even when times of death are being given out. I’m glad she “vetted” her sources and I’m doubly glad she’s not in charge of vetting anything important…

    It’s terrible news, regardless of the timing, she left behind a lot of family and friends who adored her. Very sad news all around.

    • CanadaCat

      Many of us have followed TT for years so we know she is usually the first to know many major events, plus she’s pretty good at calling it. You must be new here, Lala, so take a seat, darling!

      • Lala

        Aren’t you adorable stealing her signature come back! I’m not new here dear, bless your heart (did I get that right? Is that condescending enough?) but again, find it odd to have such an over the top reaction to questioning a news story when several other news outlets were disputing it, and they were right. Very strange to see posters grovel and apologize for questioning someone, who was wrong.

      • CanadaCat

        STFU “Lala”.

    • Cat

      Your comment has me seriously pissed off, Lala. A cult? Really?

      Go back to Twitter, with the other twits.

      • Lala

        Why would you be pissed off? What do you call a following of someone where no one is allowed to question anything, ever? I read this blog weekly, but the reaction to questioning the author last night was odd to me, she basically said it doesn’t matter what any other news source says, or family member or PR, I am right, end of discussion…except she was wrong.

      • Cat

        Yet you, and Molly, and other unfeeling vultures are being allowed to take over a post that was supposed to be about someone passing, NOT nitpicking about a timeline. that’s why. Was THAT clear enough, bitch?

    • Matzah60

      Well, it seems I missed out on this mean rhetoric, by @Lala and others. Just so you know, Lala, no one has a gun to your head and if you don’t like the blog or the writer, get the fuck off and find another site that is more in line with your thinking. Better yet, since you are all-knowing, you should start your own fucking blog.

      • Minky

        Hey Matzah! I just got here and I can’t believe it. Had my own hospital drama both last night and this morning. So I had not time to check what was going on. Looks like it was bad. Real bad. And you usually don’t cuss! AAAAAH!

        This post should be about saying how you felt about Ang and wishing her well on her journey to where/whatever is waiting for us all after the lights go out. Not this! SMH.

      • Matzah60

        Hey, Minky. I hope everyone is okay on the home front and you are okay as well.

        I know I don’t usually curse, but these two commenters seemed to log on to the post only to bash TT. Their words were so hateful, not to mention, they were relentless no matter how many others begged them to stop. As you said, the post was supposed to be a platform to memorialize Ang’s life and to share kind thoughts. So, I guess I just went ballistic and decided to tell them to eff off. Sure felt satisfying.

  61. JoJoFLL

    Please guys, shut up.

    • AKA Riley

      Thank you JoJo…my feelings exactly. And may I ask, does it really matter what time she died? She is gone and we , like many others, will miss her. Seems tacky to be arguing about anything. Really.

  62. Tamra

    I was hoping Ang would some how beat the cancer. She was such a BIG personality. She was the only reason I watched Mob Wives. Big Any will be missed.m

  63. CanadaCat

    That’s so sad. I don’t watch Mob Wives but I did see Big Ang on Celebrity Wife Swap and she was a hoot. RIP Ang, you were bigger than life.

  64. JustJenn

    I’m heartbroken that Big Ang lost her battle. She was such a positive person right until the end. In a world full of Yolandas be a Big Ang. Rest In Peace, Angela.

    • misery chick

      Awwwwww, love this-“don’t be a Yolanda,
      be a big Ang” sorry, I’m paraphrasing…what a nice way to put all of this into perspective ? ? ????

  65. AmberKnows

    RIP Big Ang. May you be resting in peace in heaven with family and friends. Heaven just got one hell of a barkeep.

  66. RIP Angela. You will be sorely missed. To those of you that can’t resist debating/arguing about the correct time of death etc., …exactly how many spoons of Bitch did you have this morning???

    “Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.” Author Unknown

  67. DutchTulip

    My sincere condolences to the entire family of Angela Raiola. I called her… Angie.
    I loved to see her on my TV screen… she always made me smile!! She will hopefully have that same effect in Heaven!!

    Whatever has transpired over the past 24 hours… let it be known that Tamara Tattles was Ang’s biggest FAN!

  68. loriflack

    Thank you Tamara for posting about her before she passed.
    It allowed some of us to express ourselves while she was still on this planet.

  69. I want to offer my sincere condolences and prayers to Angela’s (Big Ang) family.
    I pray that they continue to support and hold one another up, at this difficult time.
    The issue at this moment should not be about “time of death” and who did or didn’t
    report it first. This moment should be about prayers, support, love and empathy for
    her family. The non important issues can be saved for another time and day. Big Ang’s
    death is a red flag reminder for us to love, live each day as though it is our last, because
    tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Death is known for coming like a thief in the night
    with no warning…..Big Ang was able to say her goodbye on Dr.Oz…again Ang did it her

  70. tlcory

    Very sad! I’m not sure about others but when I read a post on here I believe it, I’ve never gone searching to see if other sources say the same thing, I have total trust in TT.

  71. Sammie

    I’m so sad to hear of Big Ang’s passing, her personality was so much larger than life and she taken too soon from her loved ones. I hope they have comfort in their memories and find peace in their love.
    All the drama is just noise now. I hope her family is spared the intrusion on the timing, who said what, when, why etc.

  72. French

    So very sad, condolences to her family & friends.

  73. Susan

    I find it appalling that photos of Ang’s final hours in the hospital have been posted on the Internet. Who sold the photos to the media? I’ll remember her from the beautiful and strong woman known to love. Bless you Ang.

    • Lala

      That is terrible, I’m guessing someone on the hospital staff or at least that’s what I am hoping, it would be awful if it was a trusted family member or close friend. Such a horrible thing to do.

    • loriflack

      Yes, you are correct about that, Susan!

    • Shellbelle

      Her niece posted pictures on her IG account and they were picked up from there. There were several pictures and 1 was incredibly distasteful… I’m surprised it hasn’t been removed. Well, maybe it has but the media has since picked up on it.

  74. Katiealex

    Tamara I rarely post but read you religiously. I only come here for the REAL scoop and know that you never post shit. Thank you for being dedicated to your job and values. Most of us know that you are as good as it gets.

  75. tbk

    @katiealax Ha! Just came on to say the same thing.
    You rock Tamara.

  76. peachteachr

    It is almost impossible to be alive and not know Big Ang. I didn’t watch the show but I “know” Big Ang. I hope she has a big fabulous funeral that fits her personality. Psalms 34:18 says, “God is close to the brokenhearted.” I hope her family is comforted. RIP Big Ang.

    • My prayers go out to big Ang family. She was the reason I watched the show. Ik exactly what her family is going through bc I just lost my mom to cancer 5 wks ago. This disease needs more att I don’t wish this pain on anyone. Rip Big Ang.

    • marc

      Beautiful quote & truly appreciate your post . Rest in peace Big Ang you were the most sincere & loving person on reality t.v past / future & present

  77. Twilly

    I hope she went peacefully and without pain or fear. Thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. How sad ?

  78. BroMo90

    Considering how heartbroken we all are speaks volumes about the kind of person she was. I can’t begin to imagine what those closest to her are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. She was definitely adored.

  79. sandra

    Tamara, I’m so sorry you have to put up with cold hearted idiots like Molly and Bella and Mable Lean. It’s depressing and sad news. Nobody wants to read their attacks on you, it just makes me feel more sad. Take Care, Tamara. There are many here that adore you.

  80. sandra

    There is one more to add to the list, Lala.

  81. ZenJen55

    Angela, you went to the mattress for the wise guys! You’re loyalty and trust was undeniable.

    NOW EFF OFF, WHOEVER SAYS IM CULT LIKE. That is very disrespectful to many. I have at times disagreed with TT and not been reprimanded. TT, loves intelligent POV if you can back it. She will banter not bicker. I respect her no nonsense policy and that’s why I come here and no where else.

  82. Sara

    Rest in peace Angela and I’m sure you’ll be watching over your family from above. So much love from so many people. She really was loved by everyone. Everyone. I was rooting for her so hard just like everyone else. Damn I can’t believe she’s gone. But at least she’s not in anymore pain. I wish her family all the best during this terrible time.

  83. Minky

    RIP Angela. You were a lovely person.

  84. tamaratattles

    Copying Margarett’s comment here. It showed up in comments for the wrong post.

    I have already commented about my feelings for both Angela and Tamara. This is just a word or two for those of you who are fortunate enough to have never seen “death” up close.

    When a person’s brain is dead they are “gone”. Mechanical ventilation and/or external heart pacing can maintain the appearance of that person being “alive”.

    These measures are taken to allow family members to say their farewells. They are also taken to maintain the viability of organs for transplant.

    I assume that there have been changes since my days as a nurse working in ICU, SICU, MICU, and CCU.

    Now, please, give those of us who wish to acknowledge their feelings of sadness and admiration for Angela a peaceful place to do so.

    I loved when Ang chose that huge aqua sofa. I can just see her “lounging” on it, laughing, and playing with her grandchildren!

    • beverly

      You covered quite a few CCU’s. Ever worked the NICU?

      • Margarett

        LOL. Beverly, I never worked with babies or small children…they scare me.

        (Mostly I just wanted to make the point that I have been privileged to be with quite a few people when they took that huge step into eternity.)

    • Sylvia Michaelis

      Long time reader, first time poster. I did not know Big Ang until I came to TT. Actually, I did not know a lot of the people talked about on threads here until I became a daily reader and now TT is part of my daily routine, several times a day.

      I liked Big Ang before ever watching the show and I only had to watch her one time to ‘get’ her larger than life, vibrant persona. She was a breath of fresh air after watching the women on other reality shows. You just knew no one was going to tell her what to say or do if it went against what she believed. I loved that.

      I did not watch the Dr Oz show, but I saw heart rending excerpts and of course, read about it here.

      I was stunned to read – again here – that she was gone and googled her name and was appalled when the hospital pictures of her last hours came up. As another poster said, you cannot unsee those. I have been wearing false eyelashes since 1965 and they are as much a part of who I am as is my hair, and the fact her family or supposed close friends or whoever the hell, posted those pictures of her in that bed is beyond disgusting. She was at her most vulnerable and they should have protected her, not put her on display. And, for that, I just sat and bawled.

      Thank you, Tamara, for your eloquence and honesty in your postings, whether it be about this lovely soul or about one of the bimbettes vacationing in Hawaii who I really don’t care a whit about, but enjoy the hell out of reading about!

      I LOVE the extremes you go to – thank you :)

  85. Gapeachinsc

    So sad about Angela. My Dad had the same thing. The doc gave him six months and he passed 45 days after his diagnosis – not 6 months. Bella, Molly, Mable Lean and Lala – y’all are freaking unbelievable. I hope y’all feel better getting that nastiness off your chests.

  86. Denine

    I don’t watch the show, my daughter was a big fan but since was just a few years older than me, she’s me finally wanting to take action for my personal health goals.

    While I know this doesn’t need to be said, I look at Big Ang and can’t help but compare her to another celebrity who talks none stop about her health “journey.”. Big Ang from what I’ve been reading, did all she could to get better without shoving her health crises down anyone’s throat. No sick selfies. No sanctimonious preaching. Just one appearance on a health show to warn people about what caused her health to deteriorate. I respect this woman greatly and know she will be missed.

  87. daintyfeets

    Tamara, people are sticklers for details and if one detail is out of place, they attack. Unfortunately, you were attacked and your ethics and honesty were questioned by people who have nothing better to do.

    As a long time reader, even though things didn’t quite line up perfectly, those that are regular readers don’t question your heart, your integrity and your honesty. Do not question the veracity of your loyalty of your readers.

    Having just lost my mother, I know the minute she was gone. It was a day and half before she was prounounced dead. She was still alive but my mother had passed from the person she was to a person who was dependent on morphine so she could pass painlessly. I told people she was gone even though she wasn’t dead. But it was only a matter of time. Semantics … you are still trusted, your word is good and I still have faith that if you report it, it’s true.

    • Margarett

      Beautifully said, Daintyfeet. Please, accept my condolences for the loss of your mother.

    • Dee_AZ. @jordan1022

      Daintyfeets Ty for you post. I agree w you totally. I also recently lost my mom to cancer in my own living room. I too called family members to house. I had no hospice and I did not pronouce her death until after all family members were here..

      Just want to thank you for great post. You were able to put into words I couldn’t. My heart also goes out to TT I can only imagine how hard it was on her.

  88. naa

    Sounds like she was brain dead, they gathered the family and then they pulled the plug. So if you believe a brain dead shell of a person breathing only through the intervention of machines is ‘alive’ then you are right that Tamara called it early, CONGRATULATIONS. Must feel good.

    If you believe that once she no longer had brain activity that she was dead, I’m 100% with you.

    Never watched the show, but rest in peace, Big Ang, you seem like you were a nice lady who passed way too soon. I’m sorry for your loss, forum members, even the dumb ones.

  89. beverly

    Margarett. I apologize to you. I misunderstood TT’S post. I should have realized it was your post and not her comments. I thought she was saying she was a nurse when I remember her always claiming to have been a teacher at one time. Sorry to both TT and margarett. Blame it on my old age. That’s my excuse.

  90. Bella

    To those of you saying I’m insensitive or whatever–fuck off. I fight every damn day against cancer to hopefully not have my family and friends have to go through what big angs family/friends are. It’s absolutely horrible and my heart breaks for ang and all of them. I was so hoping for a miracle for her.

    Do you have any idea what it’s like? It’s suffering day in and out, trying not to let your family see just how bad it is. and it’s SCARY seeing people die everyday from something you have. Then comes the guilt…why did they go, why not me? My fight isn’t just for me, it’s also for everyone who fought hard but didn’t make it. So again, fuck off.

    I think reporting someone is dead before they are is disrespectful and wrong. It seemed to be the case for a bit. I didn’t name call and wasn’t rude. I even apologized to tamara if I came off rude…It wasn’t meant to be. Nothing wrong with hoping she was wrong. Things were messy and confusing.

    Acting like I’m heartless or don’t know. Please.

    That is all.

    • Matzah60

      I wish you luck, life, and hope in your daily struggle with cancer. I pray that the road ahead gets easier, strength in your struggle, and good days to come. Stay strong.

    • Miguel

      Whatever, Bella – NEXT!!!

    • Cat

      Yes. I know very well what it’s like. A lot of us do.

      And others have faced similar life and death illnesses. And sudden losses of loved ones.

      That’s why a lot of us are here. We found comfort and distraction here. We found a few laughs here. We found support here. We found FRIENDS here.

      And THAT is why your TT bashing, along with Lala and Molly and others, was so upsetting to us. This post was to be about support for ANGELA, not who was right, who was wrong, and who was first.

      It was a place for us to come together in grief and support. And FRIENDSHIP.


      Having said that, I wish you luck. I will now fuck off.

  91. Busy Besom

    We are years behind on all the franchises here in Scotland – Miami Monkey and Mob Wives in particular. From what little I saw of Big Ang, I warmed to this lovely, kind lady who simply adored her family and friends. Ang was a larger than life personality who will be sadly missed by all…big hugs (or as wee say here…a wee coorie) to each of them and one for you too TT…this and your posts leading up to her passing are so very sensitive and moving.

  92. Rest in Heaven, Angela. You fought the good fight. Sending my prayers and condolences to her family & friends.

    I just celebrated my 2nd year cancer free, although my journey was no where near as difficult as was hers, and she fought it with her own brand of style & humor, which I greatly admire.

    Tamara, thank you for posting such a difficult announcement, and giving (most) of us a place to grieve. And let me know if you need any help putting asses in the WLS.

  93. Housewivedout

    Thank you Tamara. Try to get some rest and ignore the future window lickers for now. Your supporters will set them straight for you. I hope you feel better. It’s very, very sad. RIP Big Ang.

  94. I am FURIOUS. The cunts at ROL have the death pic on the front page. I urge everyone to boycott them. I cannot unsee what I saw. There is a special place in hell for the ROL staff and the ‘photographer’. They had a lovely tribute to her yesterday I went to look back on and it was just staring me in the face. RIP lovely lady. We are miserable without you.

  95. Denine

    Now I’m reading that the show co-creater is saying she’s still alive! What gives?

    • LisaPat

      You are obviously smoking something very powerful Denine.

      • Denine

        While I realize being rude is always the knee jerk reaction, my local radio station and a website were reporting that the shows cocreater was saying she was still alive. After I posted, VH1 confirmed her death.

  96. Tamara, I am with you 100%. I can’t explain it, I did post the other day that I was very fond of her more than almost all the housewives put together. But I didn’t know her, yet my heart is broken. I came here immediately because I knew the truth would be here and compassion would be here from you. Funny, how that goes. Like seeking out family at a wake. At any rate I just feel like being sad for a bit……you are not alone in that.

    • Miguel

      That’s exactly it, sundayhare3! I felt the same. I just wanted to grieve & celebrate a beautiful human being with the ability to touch lives, globally (as shown in this thread) – NOT to debate the details of her passing; nor to be judged for having never met her. Thanks so much for saying this!!!

  97. Kim

    Been crying all day . This one hit me hard . Goodbye to “Our Big Ang” . We love you .

  98. I lost my grandmother to lung/brain cancer she to was a chain smoker for as long as I could remember. This situation really hits close to home. I must admit that I’m a reality TV junky and I’ve grown to love Big Ang’s cool demeanor. She will be missed…..

  99. Tara

    R.IP. Big Ang- I drank too many blood orange martinis tonight and talked about you like we were BFF’s- the people at the country club are probably sending me sympathy cards tomorrow. They have no clue wtf I was talking about and they were too busy trying to hide the fact that they were being nosey.
    As I was getting ready tonight I thought about TT, this post and about some people’s comments. TT is the first to know about most things bc she has sources. Obviously, TT checks these sources out and they read here! Are they always 100% correct? No, no one is. If she didn’t report on what they tell her, we would be left with bs like ROL and TMZ. Also, TT posted someone’s post that landed in the wrong thread-( see! No one is perfect!) I feel it explained exactly what happened.
    Think I am part of the TT cult, kissing ass- I don’t care! Unless You have to fund, feed or fuck me- I am not your concern!
    Whew my PMS is raging!!
    Love most of y’all! Sweet sexy sweaty dreams XoXo

    • Margarett

      Tara, that was my comment that Tamara moved. She was very gracious about fixing my mistake.

      Tamara is so clever that I fear we may miss her kindness. Her wit is quick and sometimes sarcastic. No one should mistake that for cruelty or a lack of caring.

      I feel so lucky to have found this place during the Arias trial. I have had some trials of my own since then and Tamara and the commenters here have made them easier to bear.

    • Keep it moving

      Blood orange martinis at the country club… I watched jeapordy and ate deli roast beef out of a bowl. Must do better.

  100. Lisaj

    I am still crying and the shock of hearing about Angela dying so quickly is so scary and heartbreaking. It sure puts everything into perspective. Thank you for not posting pictures, I only want to remember her laughter?

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