Project Runway All Stars Recap: She’s Giving Me Life Without Parole!

Project Runway All Stars


I’m finally making the time for Project Runway All Stars but I might have to do RHOBH tonight so apologies if this is even later getting up. It’s not because I don’t want to do it, it is just a matter of finding the time. A certain #FelonByBravo has totally disrupted my schedule and my interns are all falling ill as well. I feel like time is zooming by. I barely have my coffee and it’s dinner time. How does that happen?

This seasons All Stars are: Layana Aguilar, season 11,  Asha Daniels, Under the Gunn (third place), a.k.a. season 12.5,  Sam Donovan, Under the Gunn, (runner-up) a.k.a. season 12.5, Daniel Franco, seasons 1 and 2, Ken Laurence, season 12,  Valerie Mayen, season 8,  Emily Payne, season 13,  Mitchell Perry, season 13,  Alexander Pope, season 12,  Dom Streater (winner), season 12,  Kini Zamora, season 13,  Stella Zotis, season 5, Fade Zu Grau, season 13. That’s four people out of thirteen from season thirteen. Weird. But not really, they usually do have more from the last season.  Did I even watch season 13? I don’t remember these people.  Okay, I didn’t recognize Ken and Alexander until they played the flashback of their disagreement. I remember that, but not whose side I was on. Did I recap that show?  I remember Daniel the wedding dress maker.  I love Dom, but why is she back. She already won?!

Alyssa Milano walks in and my first reaction was, “I don’t remember her, what season was she on?” I and then I realize. I really used to like Alyssa but this particular position on is not very flattering to anyone.

The assignment is to make something that represents the moment where you realized you were destined to be a designer. In other words, make whateverthefuck you want and then tell a sob story to match it.  They have a $200 budget. Which ain’t much.



Zanna is the mentor for the season. This is where we are all reminded there is no Tim Gunn and wonder why we are watching anyway. They blather on to her about their inspirations. I can’t share the feedback, because they don’t tell us who the designers are she is talking to, and I don’t know all the names yet.  Daniel is behind because he cut his hand first thing. If Zanna does nothing else but discourage the peplam, she has won me over.  Upon departure, Zanna tells them all to edit, despite telling them all to add more in their one on ones

The Runway

I’m going to keep things as brief as possible as I am super behind with the blog and have two more recaps to get through tonight. They keep saying this is the hardest All Stars ever. I think because there is no immunity.


Black dress with peplum and the entire skirt is sheer lace. Not wearable in the real world. The black material is beautiful though. Ken says, “She looks fabulous, She’s giving me life with no parole.”


Think ugly Christmas sweater without Christmas.


Graffiti inspired prints. Looks like train station meets underpass.


Sexy black dress for the teenaged set, cutouts on the abs, very short. Would sell out at Forever 21.


Gorgeous aqua material. Tom Schwartz would love it.  He admits it is poorly crafted. I think it is a tad matronly even with the inappropriately high slit that goes straight up over the lady garden.


He does a jumper/pants. It is either great or awful. I’m not sure. There is this black accent material that I hate that distracts me but the blue trim on the top that makes up the straps is super pretty.

Kini and Layana

Kini and Layana


His dress is black and whit and backless. It’s cut but skirt has huge gatherings on one side.  Asha is a RHOA fan though because she turned around to Kini and asked, “Is that Gone With The Wind fabulous?”


She did a plain blush colored dress covered by the real show stopper a very oversized, boxy, black and white short sleeved coat. I want it.


Valerie did a cute geometric dress with a little black shrug. It won’t send her home, but she won’t win either. Middle of the pack. Safe. Okay as the model leaves the runway and takes off her shrug, we see the back. And the pockets, and the immaculate construction. I’ve changed my mind. She could be in the top.


She did a two piece LBD that had her signature grommets but in a more elegant ensemble than usual. It was good. If they want an LBD in the top, she’s a candidate.


What on earth was he thinking. A white tulle skirt? a floral halter top with boobs falling out the side? Mitchell, please pack your knives and go.


By far my favorite look so far. It’s actually pants that look like a full skirt in a lavender with a fitted top that is so unique I ‘m not sure how to describe it. She could be our winner.


It’s a LBD with long sleeves. It’s fine. I hated the footwear even though I didn’t get a good look at it. It was very clunky shoes/ankle boots? that the model could not walk in and dragged the eye down to the inappropriate choice.

If I am judging, Layana wins and Mitchell goes home.

Judges have Layana, Ken and Valerie on the top. I can’t believe they loved Ken’s peplum. Stop encourage the peplum.Isaac agreed with me that taking off the jacket/shrug made all the different.

Judges have Asha, Daniel and Mitchell on the bottom. Daniel tells his finger sob story and that seems to piss them off. They really hate Daniel. In almost an unfair way.

The former All Stars winner (Dimitri?) is so fun to look at. He beautiful in a haunting way.

Valerie wins. I’m okay with that. After she took the shrug off her dress looked amazing.

For some reason, they decided to give them both a second chance. The other designers are pissed. They wanted them both gone.


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7 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: She’s Giving Me Life Without Parole!

  1. Pip

    I’m glad you posted this. I didn’t know it started yet and my DVR missed it.
    I just caught it now.
    I loved Valerie’s dress. So adorbs! And I thought it sucked they kept the bottom two. What is that all about? Lame.
    I loved Daniel’s fabric too. i love that soft blue. WTF though. He should have went home.

  2. amisteree

    I’m glad you’re covering this. Cannot see it until tomorrow, but enjoyed the recap.

  3. JoJoFLL

    Loved the episode!

  4. Thanks so must for recapping this. All the Project Runway shows are great and you do fantastic recaps!

  5. KidsRkids

    Well after watching the Juniors this first episode was a big disappointment but, on the bright side, we can look forward to Ken and his off the wall behavior in future episodes!

  6. That dude Ken has a really ugly attitude. I vividly remember his season. From whatnive seen on All Stars it hasn’t changed much

  7. I’m unimpressed with this cast. Based on their seasons, the only “all star” is Kini (and I’m not that into his designs either). They cast for drama, not talent. Thanks for recapping tho… You make it more enjoyable.

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