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Several people have asked me to recap Dr. Oz today because Big Ang is on the show. I really hate the way Dr. Oz seems to exploit these types of situations; however, I really do want to see for myself how Ang is doing.

Angela’s cancer diagnosis was first made in March of 2015. God, I already don’t want to watch this. After surgery for throat cancer, and cancer in her left lung, she was pronounced cancer free just last October.

Big Ang walks out to a very warm response from the audience. She immediately grins at Dr. Oz and tells him he is very handsome with a big smile on her face. Dr. Oz asks what he should call her, Big Ang or Angela. She said, “Angela” so Angela it is.

Angela has a much raspier voice that usual. She says she started to cry when she watched the introduction backstage. Dr. Oz asks his first dumb questions, “Why?”  Angela (I’m having to get used to that name) says because it is shocking what happened to her. First she thought she was cancer free and was going to have a big celebration and then a month later, I was stage four. Angela is teary-eyed and looks terrified.

Big Ang Dr Oz

Dr. Oz asks her if right in this moment she is feeling okay. She says “sometimes.”  She has lots of sel-comforting gestures going on. She appears incredibly anxious and this is hard to watch.

Dr. Oz asks,  When you are not okay, what are you feeling?” Angela says, “depressed.” She starts to cry and so are people in the audience. I could not be in this audience. Dr. Oz does not break the silence. She’s looking at him like, let’s get on with this and nothing is happening. Eventually, Angela says that sometimes she things she is going to be fine and sometimes she doesn’t think she is. She’s up and down.

Angela says one day she was perfectly fine thinking she had strep throat and the next thing I know I have stage two throat cancer. And so, okay we remove it…

Dr. Oz interrupts. He says she had a ten hour operation for that. Ang says two times. First they did the left side and then they did the right side. She makes slashing movements with her finger from her ear to the center of her throat on both sides.

Dr. Oz says, “When you first heard the word ‘cancer…”  Ang jumps in with “I thought that was it. I was done. I said, ‘oh cancer, I’m gonna die, everybody dies from cancer.’ You know, you hear cancer and right away you think you’re gonna die. but they did the surgery. Ten hours. Only one week after I was diagnosed. One week! It was like right away. It (the tumor) was blocking my airway. They couldn’t even intubate me because the tumor was so big. It took two hours for them to get the pipe (intubation tube) down.  And I was awake the whole time when they were trying to do it. It was the worst. Then ten hours. They remove all the lymph nodes and the tumor that one time.  Then two months later they give me the second surgery and do the left side and remove all the lymph nodes. And then they said I had no cancer.”

Dr. Oz stops to talk about the cancer being caused by And’s forty year smoking habit. She says the day she was diagnosed she threw her cigarettes away on the way out of the hospital.

Angela had no chemotherapy after her throat surgery. She says they said all the lymph nodes were clear. She says then they found stage one lung cancer on the left lung and it had to be removed right away. A week later she is in another operating room. September was three operations back to back to back. They removed half of the left lung. They said they couldn’t take any chances and they are going to take the lymph nodes. On October 2nd they tell her she is cancer free. They told her she beat it twice. She thought, “What’s the odds of that? Oh God, I’m a lucky person.” She celebrates with a big birthday party celebrating the fact she is cancer free. When she goes in for her three month checkup, she notices that everyone is acting weird. They’re usually so friendly. She always tells the doctor he looks handsome (not Dr. Oz doesn’t feel special anymore) and he was not acting like himself. He just says they have to wait for the other Dr. to come. She said she knew something was up. She thinks he felt bad and didn’t want to tell her that now they’ve found stage four lung and brain cancer. She was by herself at the appointment. They didn’t know how to tell her. She was completely devastated. She couldn’t hear what they were saying. I couldn’t understand. It was like I was deaf.

They told her, ” You have stage four lung and brain cancer. We don’t know how this happened.” Um, I don’t know how it happened either. Again, it sure seems like the missed something.

Dr. Oz asks if they gave her a prognosis.  She said, ” No they said like …we’ll have to…we’re sorry we don’t know… but now you’ll have to go to another doctor.” They listed all the types of doctors she needed to see and she was overwhelmed by it all.

Dr. Oz asks now that she has processed it have they told her what they are predicting is going to happen to her. She says they told her she had a 30% chance (she doesn’t say of what, but most likely she means surviving)  and she says that she has six grand children. She has one last Tuesday. She says her kids are very needy. They need her. Dr. Oz clarifies that the 30% chance is of survival. She says, “yeah.” She says she can’t believe what she is hearing.

Big Ang with her newest grandbaby

Big Ang with her newest grandbaby

Angela has started chemo and she had radiation to her brain. She says she already has four big bald spots in her hair all in four weeks all this is happening. Ang seems, justifiably, very overwhelmed by the speed at which this is all occurring.

Dr. Oz asks what is she doing to cope with all of this. She says she tries to stay positive. She looks at her kids and her grandkids and she knows how much they need her. She says, “My kids, my daughter lives with me with her kids and her husband so I’m very close to my grandchildren. My son’s kids always sleep over.”  She breaks down crying again. They go to break.

After the break, we see Angela and her sister going to her fourth round of chemo. Ang had a consultation with her doctor. He didn’t like the way she was breathing and ordered a CAT scan of her chest. She says she could tell he didn’t like what he saw on the report. He says the tumor is not shrinking, and even worse news, it’s growing.

Back in the studio, Ang says of the latest news, “Every day it’s just something worse. Instead of it getting better, it’s getting worse.”

Dr. Oz says he has been speaking with her doctors. Since the chemotherapy isn’t working they are going to switch her to immunotherapy. Ang says they just told her that today and she is starting it on Tuesday (probably today). He explains to Angela that immunotherapy is a new treatment designed to amp up her own immune system to fight off the cancer.  She says she doesn’t like the chemo because it gives her rashes and sores all in her mouth. She puts the cream on every day but it doesn’t help much. Your hair falls out, you get sores all over your face. She says she can’t believe what she looks like. Dr. Oz says he thinks she’s a very beautiful woman and her face lights up and for a moment we see the Big Ang we all know and love.

In the third segment, doctor Oz talks to her family. Ang says she has great family support. She says that they take time out of their busy schedule to take her to appointments even though they have large families of their own and she is very grateful. Dr. Oz brings up Neil. Big Ang says she felt he never stepped up to the plate, so she is done with it. She would rather be by herself. She was taking care of everything in the marriage anyway, so she’d rather be alone. I’d like to just say that her perception of the Neil situation may be a bit clouded. We certainly saw him supporting her on both Mob Wives and Couples Therapy and Big Ang was often treating him very badly in response. It’s possible that Neil is the scapegoat where Angela is placing all of her anger from her diagnosis. And that’s understandable. Or maybe Neil is a jerk. I certainly don’t know any more than what we have all seen on TV.

They show a filming of a family dinner. Angela said when she had to cut her hair short for chemo, he sister cut hers short too. Her kids and her grand kids and her entire family are adorable. Heartbreakingly adorable.

Dr. Oz ends the final segment offering to extend his medical connections to her.

I certainly hope this new immunotherapy brings quick and lasting results.

In should go without saying, but sadly, it must be said. Assholish comments will result in permanent banishment.


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53 responses to “Big Ang Cancer Status Updated on Dr. Oz

  1. Spilledperfume

    Reading this bought tears to my eyes. It is truly heartbreaking. I hope the new treatment works.

    Did you see her on Wife Swap when she switched with Alana Stewart and she had George Hamilton as her husband? She was really cute. She thought he was so handsome and wanted to touch his perfect hair so he let her.

  2. ShyGuy

    I really love me some Big Ang, she’ll continue to be in my prayers and I know with the strength of God she’ll pull through.

  3. whymebaby

    I am crying just reading this. I could not watch it. Cancer effects us all. We love you Big Ang and I am keeping you in my prayers. Thank You for watching and recapping this hard show for us.

    • Aw, I adore her. My husband has throat cancer, never smoked or drank a day in his life and he is a triathlete. We are still in shock. I guess every case is different, but I am a bit surprised she wasn’t given chemo and radiation right after the surgery. We are both terrified, so I know how she feels.
      He has the same kind of cancer Michael Douglas had, so I am told. I am going to go look that u now. God Bless you Big Ang.

    • Miguel

      I no words – ditto, whymebaby.

  4. loriflack

    At first a I felt that Dr. Oz was being brusk to her but he ended up doing well. Such a tough subject to approach. Poor Angela…sensing the medical staff was acting
    weird when she came in for her
    follow up appointment.
    That is truly a chilling realization of
    hard cold reality.
    Bless her ~

  5. Minky

    Oh god! This is too much to hear. Poor baby. I wish her the best. I also hope nobody says anything stupid.

  6. Barbara R

    I love Big Ang. This is making me cry but I hope for the best.

  7. Oh I truly like Big Ang (or Angela). I always have. More than most all the housewives put together. I really pray that this works . My heart breaks for her. I would have been sobbing if I was in this audience. She is so raw it is painful. Prayers will be continued.

  8. Grandmalou

    I’m sending much love and admiration for Angie’s courageous attitude. My heart aches for her and I don’t even know her. I am praying for strength for her and her family. ???

  9. KatherineNola


  10. Dee

    So unbelievably sad. I’m so sorry.

  11. Cat

    God bless her. I hope this new treatment works. A friend of mine went through this treatment, and after months, was told last week she is no longer terminal.

    I hope Angela has similar results. She’s a tough lady, but has a huge heart.

  12. tcdfw

    Well that was difficult to watch. “Real” Reality T V – BLESS HER. I’ve watched those other shows she was on and I agree with your comments regarding Neil. He seemed to really care for her on Wife Swap and I thought they had resolved their issues. I’m sure he’s crushed that he’s not able to just be there with her.

    Big Ang sending you and your family prayers and positive thoughts.

  13. Margarett

    Thank you for covering this for us, Tamara.

    This is so sad. I wish freedom from pain and fear for Angela.

  14. Thanks for re-capping this. I recorded it and started to watch, but I had to turn it off after about 10 minutes. Just couldn’t take it. I had yet another family member diagnosed stage 4 just before Christmas and she died in late January. One can tolerate only just so much cancer talk.

    On a lighter note: despite it all, Ang looks good. The short hairstyle is very becoming to her!

    • Margarett

      So sorry to read that you’re having to deal with loss and grief, Ericzku. It becomes nearly impossible to be strong when the losses just keep piling onto you.

      I hope you get a respite from sadness. Wishing you a big bunch of peace and joy.

      • Margarett

        I agree with you, Ericzku, about Angela looking good. Her hair is really flattering.

      • Thank you so much, Margarett.

        I am fine. Really, I’m just upset for my mother. This aunt was the last of her three siblings and the closest to her in age. They were only about 18 months apart and had grown up together, so I know it has to be very hard on her. I myself had seen this aunt only a few times in the last 30 years, so she wasn’t a big part of my life, although she posessed a Sahara-dry wit that I appreciated very much!

        But yes, after losing many family members to cancer it does get wearisome to hear about other people going through it.

        Here’s hoping for a miracle for Ang.

  15. Boat

    I’m praying for her and her family!

  16. @immelza

    I really feel for her and I’m sending her mega positive thoughts and healing energy. I can’t believe she went through 2 hours being itibated awake, I have to have the same thing done since I broke my neck and it’s the scariest thing and very painful I can’t imagine enduring that for hours. I have tears streaming down my face, thanks for recapping this I really hope she beats this fuck cancer.

  17. I’m still praying for Angela & her family. Thank you for the recap, Tamara.

  18. Gracious

    So very sad. I hope the universe gifts her with a miracle.

  19. Twilly

    Heartbreaking. Praying for a miracle for Angela.

  20. rebecca

    Wow, I feel for her. Usually I find Dr. Oz to be a bit exploitative, but he seems to be genuinely trying to help. In addition to being terrified, I would be furious that the doctors seemingly missed the spread of her cancer. I thought PET scans were de rigueur for cancer patients any more to make certain they are indeed cancer free. It’s too late for anger I guess, but I can’t help but think earlier diagnosis and treatment of the throat cancer with chemo might have helped to contain the spread.

    My heart goes out to Angela and her family.

  21. Judilu

    I go to chemo and sometimes stage four cancer can be treated as almost a “chronic disease” and people can lead long lives….I am hoping with all of my heart that Angela can get better .. I truly believe in prayer and my prayers go out to her and her family.

  22. Ruby

    my sister died of a brain tumor at just 7 years old, then just over one year ago my beautiful, vibrant mother also died of a brain tumor. I can only say that I wish for the least amount of suffering possible for Ang. Cancer is evil, and I have few words to describe the monster that is brain cancer. Positive vibes and much love to all suffering.

  23. Allison

    The whole thing just sucks. I feel horrible for her and her family. I hope she softens a bit towards Neil, I feel like he really loves her and as devastated as he must be by the dx, I’m sure even moreso if she shuts him out.

  24. Sam

    My mom had smoked for 50 years when she started having unexplained back pain. At the doctor they took some xrays and ran some tests and the doctor told her it was arthritis, despite knowing her smoking history. It kept getting worse so we went back. They prescribed stronger meds but insisted that was all it was. The Friday before Christmas of 2010 she could barely walk and I brought her to the ER. It was then we discovered she had stage 4 lung cancer. After futile attempts at radiation and a month of suffering, we brought her home in hospice in mid January and she died 4 days later. I share this story only to say, yes, they do miss things. Unbelievably, in this day and age, with all the technology and tests, they do fuck up and people lose their lives because of it. I have no idea if my mom would have lived any longer if they’d caught it those two months earlier. I do understand that ultimately her choice to smoke led to the cancer, but nonetheless I’m sure I had some sort of malpractice suit due to the missed diagnosis. However, it would not bring her back and I could not bear to relive those weeks. I sincerely hope it is not too late for Angela. I am praying for her to survive and be there for her kids and grandkids. My heart goes out to them. And if you have even the slightest niggling doubt, get a second opinion. If you don’t, get one anyway.

    • Ruby

      Sam, I am so sorry for your loss. I share much of your experience from when my mom was ultimately diagnosed with her brain tumor. She was diagnosed late and did not live very long from then. Could she have lived longer if caught earlier? I’ll never know, but it doesn’t serve myself or her memory to think much about that. I hope our mamas are peaceful and maybe together.. Much love to you

      • Sam

        Thank you, Ruby. And the same to you.

      • Dee

        Sam, Ruby,I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Cancer is so evil. I agree, a lawsuit just makes one have to live through the most painful time in your life. I hope your Mom’s are together looking over you both, Dee

  25. Momoftwins1970

    I taped it haven’t watched it yet my heart goes out to her shes in my prayers I absolutely love Big Ang.. I hope she pulls through this

  26. 25

    On Mob Wives, it’s clear she’s the rock of her family. I can’t think of a reality star whose crying would upset me more to see. She’s got every reason to live, and you know that broad’s going to put up a hell of a fight. I’m praying for her.

  27. Lawstangel

    I don’t watch the show and am only “familiar” with her by name. With that said I hope she has a good outcome. Like Sam I worked with a woman who also had those same back problems and when she went to the doctor also had lung cancer. Her tumor grew in such a way that they could not take it out. She did not survivie. I hope Ang has some sort of divine intervention.

  28. Suziezee

    I cannot imagine how difficult this was for you to watch and then break it all down and write about Angela’s condition. She’s always been so honest and fun-loving on the show. She never sweats the small stuff and it shows that she really values what is important in life. I wish Angela the very best and will keep her in my prayers. Thanks for this post, T, it must have been brutal for you.

  29. hannahkingrose

    I will continue to pray and send positive healing thoughts to Big Ang. She out of all the housewives and nonhousewives is my favorite personality because she seems to have such a big loving heart. It has to be so hard having to go through all she is having to deal with especially having so many of her family depending on her. She has the heart of a fighter and I hope she fights this with all she has and is able to beat this cancer.

  30. Lindsay

    The look on her face when he told her she’s beautiful made me cry. She really is a lovely woman and probably has the best character of any reality show person. I want to reach through my screen and cunt punt all the shitheads who are calling her a man and ugly and all that crap in the comments. She’s sick, leave her the fuck alone.
    There are plenty of attractive people on tv who are absolutely deplorable on the inside.
    Love you and thinking of you, Angela!!!

  31. Tamara I appreciate your wise perception in dissecting
    interviews. I am in awe of your uncanny ability to read
    behind and in front of the written word. I didn’t fully
    understand your approach to bloggers at different
    times, so I would visit silently, somewhat afraid to
    speak out. My fear was I would become a window
    licker. LOL. This new format that you now have has
    allowed me to admire and respect the woman behind
    the pen. Tamara you don’t just write a thrown together
    recap. You tell a story which allows the viewing audience
    to travel the journey with you, the interviewer and the
    person being interviewed. I don’t really know that much
    about Big Ang, other than hearing her name and seeing
    her on talk shows. You have allowed me to see the true
    woman behind the face and I’m now liking her. I pray that
    Angela draws the strength and the endurance to continue
    to fight her most fiercest battle yet. I pray that the loving
    support from her family continues, to embrace her and circle her with unbroken love, on her journey to survive.

    I no longer am afraid to come to Tamara’s house and remain
    silent, but as when anyone’s house always respectful. I now
    too am a fan of TT. I am pleased to have met you the “writer”
    the woman behind the pen.

  32. its_shane

    Wow, I have a friend/neighbor fighting brain cancer right now. It’s not pretty. As someone (me) who doesn’t have a medical background and is not used to seeing really sick people, it scares me how her body is not acting the way its supposed to. This is hard to watch, both Big Ang and my friend. I hope these doctors find a way to help both these women.

  33. JoJoFLL

    She was in my husband’s restaurant after the first or second all clear and the hubs said she was one of the sweetest people he’s ever met. She was great with fans.

  34. Lynne Bergeron

    Tamara,Thank you so much for your recap, I didn’t know it was even on, but I have been following Big Ang’s devastating story in the media.
    This is just horrible news for Ang, her family, her grandkids, and I truly hope that she can overcome this disease. She is the BEST , really most down to earth , you can just tell, she deserves to be supported. I tried my best to give as much as I could to her Go fund me page. I wish her the best in her recovery. I really do, she is in my thoughts and in my prayers for a full recovery.

  35. I just went through this with my mom. It grows so fast sometimes every appointment the news gets worse and worse. Poor big Ang my prayers are with her and her family.

  36. Laura

    I never watched the show but reading this breaks my heart. I hope she gets healthy and never loses her fight or her spunk.

  37. RIP Angela!!! So glad I got to meet you AND spend time with you at Campagnola NYC. I remember trying to catch up you by phone a couple months later but you couldn’t talk because you were LITERALLY just about to walk on stage for the Wendy Williams show. You were such a sweet woman. You’ll be missed. Condolences to your family and friends!!!

  38. Candice

    Oh my goodness. RIP Angela. <3

  39. Theresa


    My heart goes out to Angela’s family. I loved watching her on Mob Wives (she was my favorite one). My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 at age 90 and were we blessed to have her with us (without her suffering) for 2 years. Like my mom, Angela had a big heart, forgave everyone and was the peacekeeper. RIP Angela and give my mom a big hug for me when you see her in heaven!!!

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