WWHL With Phaedra Parks and Ta’Rhonda Jones : Phaedra Claims She Has Filed For Divorce and Taken The Boys To Visit Apollo!

WWHL with Phaedra and Ta'Rhonda Jones

I am not sure I can endure another half an hour of Phaedra Parks tonight. But I am dying to know if Andy has anything to say other about the accusations and attempted outing of Kim’s husband on tonight’s RHOA. I am sure he will either ignore it or blame it entirely on Kenya as his beloved Nene was a big part in the whole nasty storyline. I can’t imagine feeling like mocking someone for what you perceive to be their sexual orientation on camera is okay at all.  But even more horrifying is the fact that the large majority of guys holding the cameras are gay, the show runner is gay and the executive producer who hired you is gay.  Even if gay shaming is one’s thing, I’d think one would be embarrassed enough not to show that side of oneself to the world so gleefully.  But I would be wrong.

I forgot to mention in my very lengthy recap that on the beach during one of Kenya and Matt’s conversations he said to Kenya, “your titties look nice!” and so that is the drinking phase that Andy will play throughout the show tonight. Speaking of nice titties, Phaedra’s are nice tonight as well. Did she get ANOTHER lift and reduction? Because they look a lot smaller than what she was exposing on RHOA this evening.

Andy starts off being shady toward Kenya already asking Phaedra about her remarks on Dish Nation that Kenya was pregnant. Then he does his shady boot moment of the night and it is Kenya and Nene’s conversation about Chris being gay and Porsha’s talking head where she can’t keep a straight face while saying she never got a gay vibe from Chris.

THOT 1 and THOT 2

Andy is going to acknowledge that this behavior was “somewhat nasty” and reads some tweets that point out that this is the go to insult for Atlanta housewives. And Phaedra is just smiling and agreeing with the tweeters like she is not just as guilty. All the things she said about Dwight don’t ring a bell for her? It’s just like Miss Lawrence pointed out. This is Nene’s usual behavior and Kenya was on the right side of the issue when it was Brandon being mocked but she is sure leading the bandwagon against Chris!  Sigh. Phaedra says it is the go to thing (she should know) because “in the African-American culture that is very taboo.” Is Phaedra living in 1987?  These bitches just keep digging the hole deeper. Ta’Rhonda chimes in with “maybe he just has more estrogen than testosterone.” Really, bitches? Am I the only one ready to go all fag hag on some bitches?  I picked a bad time to lay off the booze. Because this shit is infuriating the hell out of me. Does Phaedra know where she lives? There are more black gay men in Atlanta than straight ones. Don’t believe me? Drop over to Usher’s place sometime, he has lots of friends over for parties. Allegedly. There are some strange stifled sounds coming from the audience.

Andy plays a montage of Phaedra and Porsha’s most ratchet moments. He also said on Ask Andy or his radio show or something this week that he loves Phaedra’s tagline this season. That makes one of us. Most people find it blasphemous. He then plays another montage of Phaedra’s ratchetness just on tonight’s episode. This is just what Andy lives for.

Phaedra claims she has filed for divorce and it should be finalized in the next 45 days. I don’t believe that. Andy asks how Apollo feels about the “divorce” and she says, “Well, you know, when you lose this sweetness it’s hard. It’s hard to lose all this chocolate”  Just rolls off her tongue like butter, y’all.

And we have our first break and I wonder if Ta’Rhonda’s handler will rush out and tell her not to get involved in the gay shaming discussion. Because, Lee Daniels.  I’m guess Lee won’t be inviting Phaedra on Empire anytime soon.

Phaedra was apparently flirting with the male stripper bartender during the break. Andy was nice enough to let us know.

Questions for Phaedra:

How has motherhood changed since Apollo went to jail? Have you taken the boys to see him yet? Well, I’ve always been a very hands on mom, my mother helps me on a weekly basis with the kids (plus an overnight nanny and multiple babysitters) but it’s changed because now I have no free time whatsoever. (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA excuse me) And yes, we’ve visited him, they’ve visited him in the big house. (Andy: How did it go?) It went well. (Andy asks her if she has talked to him about being where Juicy is going to do his time)  (Phaedra gives her scrunchy face) Nooo! He whatten stunin’ that. (Andy: huh?)  Oh excuse me, southern,  he wasn’t thinking about that at all.

Andy then admits that the visit was taped for RHOA. At least the parts they could. WOW. Bravo must have a fulltime Fort Dix crew at this point.  #FelonsByBravo may indeed have a spinoff. Phaedra says the visit went very well.

Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level


Why do you feel like Kim needs to bring her kids everywhere with her and what is your relationship like with Kim? Well, Kim and I are very close. I knew Kim prior to the show. She’s a very accomplished actor and producer. As a parent, I don’t try to judge other people’s parenting styles so, I don’t know why she needs to bring ’em but (heavy sigh) just fix it Jesus…

What is the relationship between Matt and Kenya is it for real?  Well honey, I don’t know. I don’t see Kenya like that. It’s not like me and Kenya are BFFs. Or even FFs. Or even Fs at all. So I don’t know what the relationship is. I’m happy that she is a little happier.

Michael Rappaport calls in. He’ll be on with Kim Fields in a couple weeks. First of all he offers to babysit her boys. Michael asks, how like working all up in the ‘mercial? Have you seen the finished cut of the ‘mercial? And why did you go raw dog (Phaedra announced she wasn’t wearing underwear in the commercial shoot) in the ‘mercial? I  really liked working in the ‘mercial. A lot of girls on the show really want to be actresses and that’s never been my thing, I like to make money….. I didn’t even realize that I left my panties at home… it needs to breathe sometimes….You’re going to see the ‘mercial in our season finale.

Michael also asked As impartial as you can be, do you think the show benefits and is improved by Nene being back on the show?  Well, of course I like Nene  being back. We’re friends and we talked all throughout her not being there. Nene definitely brings something to the show, but all of us do. People have to realize it’s for entertainment and we’re an ensemble cast, so everyone when we’re doing what we’re supposed to do, we’re very defined and we’re individuals and we bring something special because that’s who we are as people. But um, I’m glad Nene’s back.  LOL that was the biggest pile of tiptoeing  just to say, no I don’t think Nene improves the show, we were just fine without her.

What did you think about the shade Kenya threw about you hitting on Matt (because Apollo is on Cell Block B)?  Girl! You know what ? I don’t care about stuff like that because anybody that knows my type…Matt is not my type (he is not the kind to commit felonies at her direction. Allegedly) If you look at my husband, that’s my type. I like ’em very cute and real sexy. #shade And that’s not my type. And I don’t hit on other people’s husbands or boyfriends. That’s just not what I do. I was just having fun with them.

Ta’Rhonda Questions:

What would your tagline be? She ain’t down if she ain’t brown.

What Porsha (her Empire character) would do if someone pulled her seat like Kenya did Kim? Oh honey, she get to slaps to the face and a kick to the butt!

The poll Question was what housewife deserves a Grammy nomination? Kim won with 40% of the vote, Erika Jayne was second with 35%. Kenya was third with 12% Melissa had 8% and the poor Countess only got 5%.

And once again, most of the show was about Kenya.


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23 responses to “WWHL With Phaedra Parks and Ta’Rhonda Jones : Phaedra Claims She Has Filed For Divorce and Taken The Boys To Visit Apollo!

  1. BeetsWhy

    Thank you, I can now delete from the vcr without watching! I don’t think Phaeda has ever said an honest thing…so why do I like her despite that??

  2. Minky

    Phaedra’s an idiot. That is all.

  3. Ashlee

    Phaedra really thinks her con husband is all that. She has the nerve to say Matt isn’t her type well miss have you looked in a mirror lately? Looking like a greasy lipped frog. I think you should be hot and sexy to like hot and sexy maybe that’s why she gets treated so bad and has to be a sugar momma cause she loves the cute and the sexy.She was trying to get Kenya’s man to talk poorly of her on the bus but failed he didn’t disrespect Kenya like Apollo did her the entire season he was on.

  4. getreal2014

    Nothing about Phaedra is entertaining. I find her incredibly stupid and she adds nothing to the show. They need to get rid of her. She acts so foolish.

  5. On the RHOA episode and WWHL, Phaedra is more like a cartoon or caricature than a real person. I did agree with Chris (Fields) on who can sexualize eating a goat, lol. Bizarre and such an embarrassment.

  6. Dee

    I Don’t believe Fakedra took those boys to see their Daddy, bioltch. She is ugly inside ugly to everyone.

  7. I think Kim is out of place on this show.

  8. Why doesn’t Kim have a Nanny paid for by bravo?

  9. Rose

    Purposely didn’t watch because of Phaedra. This recap was enough….sorry you had to sit through it TT.

  10. Bria

    Great recap as always. Please can some one tell which school did Phaedra obtained her many degree from because this woman is so ignorant.

  11. JoJoFLL

    Phaedra thinks we are all idiots. She doesn’t realize that we see right through her.

    Outing someone is NOT okay.

  12. Swim Mom

    Why do they bother to have 2 people on the show if he’s going to focus on one and a person who isn’t even present?

  13. Josie

    Matt isnt her type? Lol. Riiiiight.

    Kenya makes RHOA go round. Even when she is dead wrong, I still love watching her bring the drama.

    I hope Nene doesnt come back full time.

    • Ashlee

      I agree Josie it’s something about Kenya that u can’t help but like her, she doesn’t seem mean spirited even when she’s being messy sometimes I can’t explain it.

  14. Gapeachinsc

    Bria: I believe Phaedra attended University of Georgia for her undergrad. (I know someone who attended with her.) I’m not sure where she obtained her law degree though.

    • tamaratattles

      Actually Phaedra got her undergrad at Wesleyan. Her J.D. is from UGA. UGA is a fantastic law school. Sometimes it is very helpful to know people on the faculty…

  15. The only things grosser than Phaedra’s sexual innuendos are how they make her cackle & high five whoever’s closest.

  16. T D

    He’s not impressed he’s depressed. Someting in the buttermilk of human kindness ain’t clean.

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