Are You Watching The Grammys?

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid


I totally forgot about the Grammys tonight. Not that I would have watched, but I would have put up a post more quickly. The Lionel Richie tribute was hit and miss.  Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt were a hit. And  Kendrick Lamar won a lot of stuff! Which means Drake did not. So does that mean Obama was right? So fill those of us not watching in on what we are missing!

It seemed from the little I read that The Weeknd’s performance was not well received. Then when I went back there were people talking about his vibrato and how he is the next Michael Jackson. So he either sucked or was great depending on who you ask.

Bella looks healthy. I’m just saying.

Rianna Cancelled her performance due to vocal chord issues. She showed up to rehearsal but her doctor pulled her and she went back home.

Chen bot a Les
And I just had to post the above picture because I had no idea who it was! But it’s Chenbot, and her hubby Les Moonves, Big Brother Fans! What has she done to her face now?  Maybe it’s just a close up selfie.

Okay. I have some stuff to take care of so I’m going to leave this in your hands. Everyone is responsible for keeping us updated!






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28 responses to “Are You Watching The Grammys?

  1. The Weekend was good; Lionel Ritchie and his tribute were good; Stevie Wonder and Friends honoring Maurice White was great too. So far so good the Grammy’s are good.

  2. Shellbelle

    I thought the Weekend was bad, Lionel Ritchie tribute was good… So far nothing that made my jaw drop in awe. It’s been a meh night.

  3. I’m a little older and didn’t understand Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics,but it was powerful. A lot of cultural and political expression. Adele…..always good, love that song she sang.The Weekend to me, voice was fair, hadn’t heard of him, had to ask my daughter.Stevie was good,but the sound wasn’t clear, I think they heard better in venue than we heard from the tv.Lionel did his thing……

  4. Victoria Jefferson

    Loved the tribute to Maurice White…

  5. Jen

    They really screwed with the audio on Adele’s performance, and she knew it. It looked like she really wanted to start over. I think she was holding back the tears by the end.

  6. Adele was flat a lot so I guess soundcheck didn’t go well, sounds like a nice song though. I love The Weeknd but I did not love tonight’s performance. Definitely loved the Maurice White tribute by Stevie. Kendrick Lamar was riveting even though I would have like to know what he was saying. The Grammys can be amazing and sometimes they can be blah and tonight I’m straining to watch to the end. I keep watching the clock. Gwen Stefani’s new video during break was really cute, I did notice the bar with “Blake’s” name on it in the background. Song sounded like it was about him.

  7. BeteBlonde

    This rock chick LOVED Hollywood Vampires — Alice Cooper, Duff Keagan, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Lady GaGa’s Tribute to David Bowie was heartfelt but seemed way too frenetic (I felt dizzy as she jumped from song to song!) It was touching seeing Nile Rodgers on guitar as he produced “Let’s Dance”. Real issues with vocals tonight — poor Adele & I could barely make out what Tåylor Swift was singing. Also, Lauryn Hill was supposed to perform with The Weeknd but was a no-show; maybe that’s why his performance was “meh”

  8. Wallace

    Seems like the Weeknd sang live without much of a track. That in itself is a minor fucking miracle among artists. The vocals may have been a bit off but I was impressed with the originality of his music. Taylor Swift was super heavy on the backing track but I’m biased as I can’t stomach her personality.

    Now put on a group like Alabama Shakes and I won’t be as cranky.

  9. I’m a little over two hours in and am so disappointed. This appears to be the worst Grammy broadcast in years, maybe ever. Mediocre performances at best. And Who decided to give Justin frigging bieber a coveted slot? Ugh.

  10. I’m getting a wierd bette midler vibe from gaga’a bowie tribute. Very strange and the key she’s singing in is not right for her at all. Although I kinda love her for being so deliciously uncool.

  11. Ok the BB King tribute was amaaaazing!!! That’s what I’m wanting to see on the Grammys.. Not Taylor swift, Justin bieber or a rapper who screams his bleep-laced lyrics. I’m finally a happy girl. I doubt anything will top that tonight.

    Demi lovato gets honorable mention as well for her part in the Lionel Richie performance. That girl has really got some pipes. I had no idea she could sing like that. That was a nice surprise.

    • VioletBlue

      I agree, satin bliss! I was going to say that one of my favorite moments was seeing Lucille. Sad to see her without B. B. though.
      It was great to see Bonnie Raitt take the stage. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.”

  12. smitty

    There was just this part of me that really wanted Gaga to “remind me of the babe” in her tribute. Silly, I know.

  13. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    I HATED Gaga’s “tribute” to Bowie. It was all over the place and she looked like a bad cheap tribute act working in some dive. Sometimes less is more Gaga.

    • kendrawm

      I would have liked less songs and then longer one the ones they did play. The hopping from song to song was too much.

    • Yeah. Way too many songs stuffed in that short span of time. I couldn’t get past the pantsuit, the hair, the dance moves..Now that I think of it, I’m getting more a Kate McKibbon as Hillary Clinton drunk at a wedding vibe. I still love her though. ?

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        LOL you’re so right!!

      • Mark

        Is that not a thing they’re ALL doing now though? Because it’s cool or trendy or “shows range” or something? Like Beyoncé cramming 22000 Tina Turner songs into a three minute tribute?

        As a viewer it’s exhausting, and leaves me out of breath!!!

  14. I was disappointed in 90% of the performances…what a waste of time. Lionel Ritchie was one of the only good performers of the night. Everything else looked like a high-school production .

  15. S.Hughes

    The Eagles were great. Just too bad that it had to be for Glenn Fry. Got some tears in my eyes.

  16. I enjoyed most of the Grammys but I also struggled with understanding lyrics.
    The Hamilton musical and win was especially fun.

  17. Rose

    I forgot too. It’s re-airing Saturday night here on POP. I’ll watch it then. My coworker said the EWF tribute to Maurice White and LadyvGaga were best parts.

  18. sarcasatire

    Kendrick Lamar. ✊

  19. ZenJen55

    Gaga was great, Eagles was tired.

    Alabama Shakes shook the rafters with their distinctive sound, no auto tuning. They won 3 out of 4 Grammy’s! And I got tickets for their show @ The Chattanooga Choo Choo Track 29 April 25! Boom :)

    • Cat

      I didn’t watch, because I’m an old fogie, and never heard of most of the people nominated. And I really detest “singers” who have to resort to auto tune. “Artists” no longer study music. They resort to cheap antics and electronic technology.

      I am sorry, though, that I missed The Eagles. Tired or not, I really like them.

      I’m also sorry I missed Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie. I heard it was brilliant. I imagine I’ll be able to find it online, somewhere.

      I hear Bieber won a Grammy. The music industry is truly going to Hell.

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