Tom Schwartz Is An Actor, Y’all


Tom Schwartz commercial

Screengrab by Chae


From today’s weird things I am sent in email folder, I present to you, Tom Schwartz as an extra in a commercial for Linzess. Linzess is an IBS medication for people with poopy pants. You would not believe how many Linzess commercials I just watched trying to find the one he is in, but I suppose you will just have to be content with just the photo.

Is it me or does that guy still have poopy pants? Were brown pants the right choice?  Because it sort of looks like shitstains.  In other ironic news,  all the commercials end with the phrase, “Bottom line is…” because ad men are punny. As I expect your comments will also be. Don’t let me down here.

Oh wait! Chae has more for us!  Click through!

You just know he auditioned to be a ballerina and was pissed to get the dad role!  Thanks Chae! You are now our official Tom Schwartz spotter! Chae says she’s also seen him in a Modelo beer commercial.

A quick Youtube search brings this up!


Our Schwartzy is on his way!


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38 responses to “Tom Schwartz Is An Actor, Y’all

  1. Chae

    I took this photo which i posted on the Reddit post on r/bravorealhousewives . Maybe someone sent it to you from there. Can you please credit me instead of using your own watermark on the picture? I can send you the full photo from the commercial and when it aired via email if you need more proof. Thank you!

    • zoemonster2

      If you @chae ook the pic, sign it. I receive a ‘top’ direct hit on the app IMGUR when I search Tom’s name. In the year I’ve read here, TT credits her sources.

      Same thing with his name along with ‘IMDB’

      • redbluegreen

        omg, stop being such a kiss ass. it’s embarrassing.

      • 212emory

        Lol. Kss ass and truthfully nice aren’t synonymous. That made me smile as it is a first. (Yr comment)@redbluegreen

      • Cat

        How is being nice and telling the truth being a kiss ass? Please explain, because that means I’m probably one, too.Zoemonster just beat me to it.

        Looking forward to your informative and insightful explanation, red blue green.

    • Dee

      Thanks Chae, good catch, I would not have recognized

  2. Eeuuuu Totally poopy pants.

  3. Dish Roy

    You scooped the poop!

  4. BKSweetheart

    Well ain’t that some shit!

  5. Allison

    Thats some real dedication, watching all of those poopy pants commercials-gotta hand it to you, TT. It can’t be said you do not go above and beyond for your readers and craft, and its appreciated ?

  6. I think if they are going to feature men in poppy pants ads —-they should be required to wear WHITE pants. You know, like all those woman in Tampax ads.

    For years I thought getting your period meant horseback riding in white pants, doing cartwheels and water skiing in white bathing suits.

    Let’s see our Poopy-Pants Squad to that!

    • addie2u

      “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

      “Your face is marked with lines of life, put there by love and laughter, suffering and tears. It’s beautiful.”

      HAPPY Belated Birthday Maisey. Your wit has brought many smiles & MUCH laughter & is often the best medicine a person could ask for. Thanks for keeping me young & adding lines to my face. 😉 ♥

  7. ZenJen55

    Shit happens!

  8. Tom S looks a lot younger in all of these commercials then he does now…are these current???

  9. @immelza

    We have to save TT what a week! First it was 12 felon interviews and now this! No human can withstand this shit! ? I wish I lived closer TT I’d have you over for Chinese takeout, wine and my special brownies!

    • zoemonster2

      I am a special brownie lover? And i will too soon Be 62 years old in a NY #hotminute. Need my snail mail addy? ?

      • Well Z-monster2, I turned 62 TODAY! (Yay–Valentines Birthday!) ❤️

        I am absolutely amazed at what the aging process has done. Amazed.
        Yes, I notice my joints, my weight and how I have slowed down a little.

        But I spent my birthday in my garden planting delphiums, foxgloves and stock. My husband took me to dinner, we are already planning Easter dinner with friends and of course, I have to go to work tomorrow. Just keep it moving.
        I wouldn’t trade my life for all the silicone in LA. It all is what it is and there is an simple beauty in acceptance. I find it daily in my garden—-flowers blooming, going to seed, re-emerging again. All on their own timetable and their own way. Like each of us.

        So Z, Happy Birthday in advance. Yeah, we don’t get to shop at “Forever 61” anymore, but that’s okay. Hugs those beautiful dogs of yours and be proud of everything you have done.

      • tamaratattles

        Happy Birthday to two of my favorite old farts! xo

      • zoemonster2

        @maisey. Thx. See more details to
        The thx in comment to @kat

      • Cat

        Happy birthday to both of you!

      • zoemonster2

        @cat tyvm! Is it kiss ass to wish someone HBD ? Lol. Just kidding about that @cat. Cuz someone hete called me a kiss ass for being nice. lol

      • Cat

        I saw that. And, of course, responded.

        Maybe there’s another hole in the fence?

    • zoemonster2

      @TT. Thx TT. wait till yr an old fart too. But then again—- you don’t kiss ass; so you will stay young and vibrant. Omg. Was that kiss ass. ?;)

  10. Jae-lyn

    I say good for him! Everyone has to start somewhere, TV commercials and Vanderpump rules! Plus a lot of modeling! Nothing wrong with doing a poopy commercial lol money is money! Lisa Rinna did a diaper commercial even when she was well known, clearly got a fat paycheck! At least he’s not doing porn LOL
    He’s gotta pay for his wedding somehow! I love him, I think he is the most real person on the show. I like a few of them also but, I love how he squirms when he sees Lisa Vanderpump and I love how she reacts to him! I definitely think she has a little crush on him also. Innocent :-) cute! She sees him for what he is, a good guy and real.

  11. Mr brown pants looks like he’s poised to sit on the crapper. I guess Schwartzy has finally made the big time.

  12. Not to nitpick here. But he’s not an extra. Three seconds and/or recognizable makes him a principle actor in a commercial.

  13. Grandmalou

    About Linzess, it’s not prescribed for people with “poopy pants” but rather for folk who can’t go. Now let me tell you, when you take this pill you better be at home stationed near you porcelain throne cause Bae b Bae b, you gone be in there for a while. Everything that ain’t nailed down coming out like a mighty rushing wind. When you’re done you may now go out into the world in black, brown or rainbow pants cause ain’t shit else coming out your ass for a while????. Chile this pill don’t play so I’m giving ya’ll a heads up. Watch what you eat and drink and try to stay regular otherwise the evil white L pill will tear you a new one. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

  14. Jen

    I spotted Lala ‘modeling’ for Zulily. They cut a lot of her face out of the shots but it’s clearly her.

  15. zoemonster2

    @maisey tyvm. The dang dogs will keep me alive haha. She metimes being old is fun. Like watchin bravo. HBD to u.

    • Margarett

      Happy Birthday, Kids! May all your birthday wishes come true!

      A great post with great comments …now that’s a great start to my day. Thanks, Everyone!

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