Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Tutti Frutti. Oh Tootie!

RHOA Jamaica 3

We are back with the RHOA after a long break due to the Superbowl. When we last saw the ladies, Kenya had refused to go to Kingstown to meet Peter’s family with the rest of the girls after Cynthia marginalized their friendship in front of the whole group when Nene returned.  She opted to hang out with Matt getting spa treatments instead. Not a bad gig if you can get it, but I think Peter’s little side trip might turn out to be a cultural experience that most tourists in Jamaica don’t get, so it might have been worth it to go. We’ll see.

It is about this point in filming that Sheree realizes she that she is probably not going to get a peach. So she begins to show her true colors. So everyone except Kenya and Matt head for Kingston. Since Mallory showed up, she is on the bus too. Cynthia tells everyone that she and Kenya had a blow up because some “super awesome person” told Kenya that she completely denied her friendship last night. Sheree pipes up to identify herself as the super awesome person and says she did not say that. She tells her version the story in her high pitched voice she uses when she is put on the spot. Everyone agrees with Sheree that they all thought they were best friends. I can’t wait for the Phaedra gif sucking on her straw happy as hell that Cynthia and Kenya had a falling out. Cynthia said the only thing she ever said was they are not best friends. Because they are not best friends. I can’t take these scenes filmed in the bus, they are giving me motion sickness.

Meanwhile, Kenya is wasting her bubble bath with Matt by unloading on him about her conversation with Cynthia. I guess when production puts you in a bubble bath, you have to talk about what they tell you to; but, I can think of better uses for that bubble bath.  Sidenote: Kenya has ginormous eyes. Every time I see someone with ginormous eyes I remember that babies are born with the same sized eyes they will have all their life. Supposedly.  And I imagine tiny baby Kenya with huge eyes. It’s a scary thought.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

We go back and forth between the two girls talking about how hurt they are. Sheree asks if she explained what she said to Kenya like she was explaining it to them, with the tears and the whole nine yards of dramatics. Cynthia says no because she just walked out. Kim Fields decides to pop up with “That’s what she does” because she loves to mutter about Kenya. Surely, Kim is a one and done on this show. I’ve defended her all season, but I am ready for her to be gone. We also get shots of Nene’s head bobbing up and down from behind her headrest where she looks teary-eyed for her BFF Cynthia and her big fat feelings. Because this is so terribly important! For fucksake, can we get to Kingston and have some virtual jerk chicken at least? No. No we cannot. Cynthia continues crying and talking about how excited she is to have Nene back in her life. And how she just wants to be friends with everyone but no one will ever take the place of Nene. Or some such shit. Do adult women really rank their friendships and have one BAE? Realizing that she has singled out Nene as her one true friend, she quickly starts adding the others. And Kim, who may have taken something to amp her up, or else she just feels her peach is in danger, starts screaming, “You left me off that list! You left me off that list! STOP THE BUS! STOP I”M GETTING OFF!” I’m surprised the bus driver didn’t pull over and give her a push out the door. Nene says she will go knock on Kenya’s door and invite her out for cocktails so they can work it out. Cynthia smiles through her tears at her BAE. /gag

They show the real Jamaica out the car window. Much like Bali, the non tourist areas are filled with poverty. Phaedra is in her full on RHOA act standing up looking at the goats and talking about how delicious BBQ goat sounds while gyrating in her chair. Chris calls her out on the way she sexualizes everything. In Phaedra’s talking head the “Outing of Chris” begins with her saying that Chris is “quite sassy himself.”

They must have left late in the day because they arrive at Kingston (less than 2hrs away From Ochos Rios  on a chartered bus) at 6 p.m. just in time for a fish fry on the beach for dinner. His aunt mistakes Mallory for Peter’s wife. Something that Mallory is quick to correct. Nene is wearing a men’s wife beater again. I get it. She likes a man’s white tee-shirt. They are great for the beach. But you are on camera with a bunch of women dressed appropriately. Act like you can afford a shirt. Peter holds his aunt’s hand as they walk to the fish fry. Cynthia says this is a side of Peter she has never seen.

They finally make it to the fish shack where they all get to pick out their fish. Nene is freaked out by the fish. We get a talking head where she says she heard if you eat the eyes it makes you horny.  The ladies all enjoy the fried fish, grilled lobster, and cassava while chatting with Peter’s aunt. Kim asks for parenting advice from the aunt and asks if Peter was a good kid. Peter says that he was only hit with the belt one time while on a mission to throw away the mango skins.  Apparently, he wasn’t supposed to bite into the skins, and just throw them away. Kim announces the call time for the commercial. Gregg has been amazingly quiet.

When the girls get back, at 11 p.m. there is a huge buffet waiting on them. Porsha says, ” With all this food I’m gonna have to check this ass as luggage on the flight back!”  Was that the first time Porsha had been funny on purpose on this show? Then she thinks the plantains are fish. That’s the Porsha we know.

Matt in Jamaica with Kenya

Matt in Jamaica with Kenya

Meanwhile, the guys (including Matt and Bob) are having drinks and Kenya and Nene are doing their scene where Nene brings Kenya back into the fold. In her talking head Nene says she wants Kenya, Nene and Cynthia to all be friends.

Cynthia and Kenya make up. I love Kenya’s hair curly at the beach. Kenya agrees to come to the commercial shooting the next day to support Cynthia.

Peter grills Matt on his background. Matt says he has been a personal trainer for six years and was in the Navy before that. Peter asks how old he is and when Matt says 28 Chris’s mouth drops open and Peter is fake shocked.  Clearly, Peter was tagged by production to have this whole conversation. Peter says he has a son his age. Peter says in his talking head that he has children his age. Here we go to set up the storyline about “Kenya being pregnant.” It’s like they are already plotting out next season. Gregg jumps in acting astonished that a 28 year old single black man doesn’t have any kids and asks if there is something wrong with him. No, Gregg, there are actually men that do not have 3 kids by 3 women by the time they are 25.  Matt shoots back, “Is something wrong with you?” And just like that, Matt is my favorite “househusband.” Peter on the other hand is drunk and not amused that Matt is not taking shit from the guys. He tells Matt that they have to vet him and he needs to “slow down with all that hard shit.”  Oh Peter, don’t provoke this man. You don’t know him and he could break you like a damn twig. Oh here we go, Matt tells Peter he doesn’t play like this and tells Peter to stop. Then he moves on to “what you wanna do” which has the implied ending of “get your ass beat?”  Peter doesn’t know how to shut up. So Matt stands up (/swoon) and invites Peter to take a walk.  But Peter is all talk and Matt just eases on out of the room with the old guys and their jawboning, probably to go look for Kenya. Peter flips off Matt in his talking head.

The ladies start talking about Chris since Kim is once again in her room. Someone says Chris is sassy and definitely has personality and Kenya says, “He would have to, he is married to Kim.” and Nene just laughs and laughs at her new BFF Kenya’s jokes. Because she really wants her peach back and Kenya isn’t going anywhere. Kenya says she knows that they have all heard “the rumors” and claims that when she worked on Living Single everyone called him Chrissy, and not for Three’s Company. Oh Kenya, this is a bad look. In her talking head she says there is a lot of talk about Kim’s husband. Whether is Kim and Chrissy or  Tootie and  Fruitie, the rumors exist. Nene and Kenya keep playing off each other. We even suffer through Nene saying that Chis is a Bra-way actor. It gets rather ugly between the two. Cynthia keeps her mouth shut because she knows this is not a good look. Clearly none of these women have the requisite GBF or they would have walked away from this conversation at the least or pushed back on Kenya and Nene at best. Sheree is quiet as well.

The next morning, Kim tells us that Chris had to leave Jamaica early for business. She shares that Chris is an actor and singer who is transitioning into …….producing. I wonder if the producers coached her to use the word ‘ transitioning.’  Kim explains she had Bravo Cynthia fly in a real director her assistant director whose name is Ham.  Kim is acting like she is filming From Here to Eternity.

While Kim shoots Cynthia alone the rest of the group is getting drunk. The Ps show up with their asses hanging out. On the ride to the shoot, Phaedra harasses Matt about hs day in the “wet suite” with Kenya.  Somebody is jealous, and this is Kenya’s payback for flirting with Apollo on her first season. Matt is very uncomfortable. Kenya says Phaedra is coming for Matt now that her man is on cell block B.

At the commercial shoot, since Kenya was left off the call sheet, she and Matt paddleboat out into the ocean. This seems to piss everyone off and Cynthia acts like Kenya needs to be right under her feet watching every little thing. Meanwhile, bad weather threatens. Kim can’t stop screaming. I can’t. Bob Whitfield has gotten his hair twisted for the commercial. As usual he tries to steal the show. Back on the beach, Matt tells Kenya about the situation with the guys and apologizes to Kenya for being too aggressive with the old men. I didn’t think he was out of line at all.

Later Porsha’s man from Miami shows up. Porsha decides this means they are getting married.

At the wrap party for the commercial, Nene arrives in a dress made out of white T-shirt material. It looks like she forgot her pants. Peter starts to work of the guys against Matt again. Matt takes Peter a Red Stripe and cuts in on some random guy to play pool against Peter. It’s a peace offering.

Everything seems to be ending on a happy note. And then…suddenly the conversation goes to why Chris isn’t there. The girls immediately start taking subtle jabs.  Nene starts with, “He’s a dancer isn’t he?” and from there… things get worse. On the surface all of these things seem nice, but Sheree wants to make it clear that these women are being two-faced and subtly jabbing her husband. So Sheree says there were things said about her husband that weren’t very nice. Sheree says, ” Some of the  things being said about your husband were about him being fruity or gay.” And everyone’s mouth drops. Because who does that?

Next Week: Kim is obviously very hurt by all the women. Will she go home early again? Kandi and Todd make an appearance (I just realized Kandi didn’t get paid for this episode) to do a food tasting for their restaurant with the Old Lady Gang. And the Jamaican vacation continues with some tropical hiking.  And the truce between Cynthia, Kenya and Nene unravels.







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100 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Tutti Frutti. Oh Tootie!

  1. Rose

    Oh Kenya and Matt, y’all deserve each other. Be a man and stand up to Peter and don’t run away like a child…I thought better of you. Kenya, girl please…Chris and the paddle boat…can’t you be happy for anyone and why can’t your friends have more than one friend? With friends like you, you need other friends. Please no more Phaedra and porsha….I can’t with either of them. Nene’s nose is huge. Sheree put her foot in it.

    • Tulsateacher

      Matt did act like a man by leaving the situation. He could’ve killed Peter! I didn’t see anything wrong with him and Kenya going off on the paddle boat. Her name wasn’t on the list to be in the commercial. Cynthia’s a big girl. What Kenya did that was wrong in my opinion was engaging in the catty back and forth conversation about Kim’s husband. That wasn’t a good look for her and she, Nene and Phaedra should be ashamed. Where are Nene’s gays now that she’s stereotyping all tap dancers and Broadway actors as being gay?

    • Kim

      I commend Matt for being the bigger man literally “no pun intended”, by walking away. Matt do not owe Peter or Greg any explanation about who is or what he do, he’s dating Kenya, not them! Peter and Greg need to worry about their own marriages and what they need to be doing to keep it together. They should mind their own business! He doesn’t have to be out here sticking and moving with every woman he meets. Furthermore, having a bunch of kids you barely have a relationship with, by a multitude of different women do not define you as being a man with no flaws! However, a upstanding youngman who appears to be responsible and upright with his decisions does! Greg and Peter need to go have several seats.
      As for Kenya, I agree with what Porsha stated earlier, if you have never experienced being loved by your parents when you were a child, then you wouldn’t have a clue as to how to be happy for anyone else who’s loved. Nor would you know how to give love yourself! Kenya needs to go have seat right along with Peter and Greg. Clearly, Matt is not the type of guy that likes a lot of drama or foolishness, so if Kenya don’t learn to stay in her lane she will soon be another one that ” bits the dust”! Matt is going to be gone and she will have to go back to paying guys to be her make believe boyfriends again. Smh

      • tamaratattles

        I do We do
        You do All of You do
        he/she/it/Greg/Peter DOES They do.

        You’re welcome.

      • Minky

        I do do. Pretty much everyday. Some days I don’t do. But then I remember to eat some more roughage. If I can’t find foods that agree with my tummy, then I make do. It’s not really a big to-do. Haaaaaaaa hahahahahaha! :0)

        Tamara, you’re the greatest!

      • Miguel

        Is this Kim Fields undercover? Following ur post is problematic, Tootie – can’t make sense of it!!!

  2. Travis

    It must be good next week because Kim already tweeted she owned it on the episode. Part of me thinks kenya and her planned this for show but Tamara I trust you on that

  3. Cat

    I always learn so much by coming to this site. Thanks for the education on Urban Slang. I now know what BAE and GBF mean. :)

    Could it be that Nene is trying to create a “signature look” with the white T-shirt? Like Whoopi Goldberg and her favorite white shirts? Or maybe they just had a Fruit Of The Loom sale at Walmart?

    • Minky

      Nene and fashion just do not mix. I think she’s still unsure about her peach status and that’s why she didn’t up her wardrobe game.

      • Cat

        Oh. I thought maybe she was just being a copycat, now that she’s a “big star”.

      • Minky

        Yes, that too. It’s interesting though. Didn’t she talk a bunch of shit about “The View” ladies recently? Why would she want to copy them? And Whoopee, from what I’ve observed, doesn’t seem too impressed by “The Arriven One”. Maybe it just seems that way to me.

      • Cat

        I don’t know. I seem to remember TT writing about how Nene wants to be a regular, but had a little trouble relating to everyone?

      • Gabriella

        And didn’t she say on this episode that she’s a stylist?? I don’t know why Nene insists on wearing blonde wigs, that long one she had on would have looked so much better in black.

      • Spilledperfume

        I’ve yet to see Nene wear one nice wig.

    • beth

      ha, ha, ha – I had to look up BAE too Cat, and the first meaning I came across was “Danish word for poop”. Now substitute “poop” for BAE in TT’s post ,,, too funny.

    • Dee

      Cat! Hilarious! Sale at Walmart

  4. Spilledperfume

    I agree with Tulsa as well, Matt did the right thing by leaving.

  5. fatboystruggle

    maybe i need to actually watch the episode (because i haven’t yet) but wasn’t Kim still married to her first husband while Living Single was on the air? so, how were there rumors back then? i thought the she and Christopher didn’t get together until the late 2000s? i’ll admit, that i’m two bottles of Cab in, so i could just be misunderstanding, lolol

    • Spilledperfume

      I had the same thought. During Living Single Kim’s name in the credits was changed to Kim Fields Freeman.

      • ItsMe

        Yes you’re correct. Kim was married to someone else during Living Single. Kenya was being Kenya as usual. The whole conversation was in poor taste for everyone involved. I applaud Sheree for speaking up when she the other ladies were being fake.

    • Travis

      You are correct..married in 2007 well after living single. So either this is a bad acting job or kenya and team making stuff up

  6. Must be me….if I were Kenya, I would have felt salty by having the commercial shoot pulled from me, and handed to Kim. Then, expected to take direction from Kim without an expected attitude… Nope. Cynthia is a dimwit who put this into play

    • Suzanne D

      Well maybe if Kenya was a professional about it, she might have gotten the job. She blew off the meeting. She knew they were going to Jamaica to film the commercial, but yet she had nothing prepared or set. Where I agree with you about Cynthia is that she should have told Kenya the second she decided to give the job to Kim…way before they left. Dropping that bomb in front of everyone was just so wrong. I can’t stand Kenya, but I still am fair. Kenya was right to feel hurt by that, but as usual, Kenya takes it to a whole other level that is nasty.

    • sarcasatire

      How was it “pulled” from Kenya when it wasn’t hers to begin with?

      They both had to present ideas and only one of them showed up to the meeting. That’s who got the job. Not the person who missed the meeting, never followed up, yet goes to Jamaica assuming she’ll direct some concept she’s never presented. Lol! Delusional.

  7. Valentine

    mercials lol.

  8. JustJenn

    Sheree spilling the tea to Kim in front of everyone? She really will do anything for even a sliver of a peach. Damn.

    • Minky

      Yeah, for some reason I don’t believe Sheree’s motives were pure-hearted. She probably doesn’t give a damn about Kim. I think it’s just more pot stirring on Sheree’s part. Let’s just call it “Shit by Sheree”.

      It’s not like Kim wouldn’t have figured it out without being told. I mean, how many times did Phaedra call Chris “sassy”? And Nene talked shit too. At the dinner table Nene said to Chris: “Read, honey!” or something like that. And then Kenya calling him “Chrissy”. This whole thing is wrong in so many ways. They’ve taken wrong to a whole ‘nother level. SMH.

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, I agree that Sheree’s reveal to Kim about what the other women were talking about was not about good will. Before her talking head in that scene about how it’s nobody’s business (which it is not), she was laughing a bellyful about Kenya’s remarks. None of the remarks by Kenya, Phaedra, and Nene were nice. All mean gratuitous comments. Sadly, Kenya took her anger and hurt towards Cynthia and threw shade at Kim’s husband unnecessarily. I don’t think either Kim or Kenya have any major producing accomplishments, but clearly Kim is an icon and she did have a success after her childhood years thanks mostly to her mother, Chip Fields.

      • Miguel

        Hahaha Minky, “Shit by Sheree”

    • Say what you want about Sheree but she spoke the truth. And she was right to ask Cynthia “did you tell it to Kenya like you’re telling it to us now?” Because Cynthia didn’t. She was a cold hearted bitch when talking to Kenya!

      • Minky

        You make a very good point. Cynthia said that she didn’t “have time” to explain everything fully to Kenya because Kenya “walked out”. Um? WHAT?!!! Didn’t Kenya come in there wanting to discuss it but was then treated poorly by Cynthia?

        First Cynthia told Mallory to listen at the door, implying that Kenya was unstable and going to become violent. Then when Kenya wanted to talk about it more and was getting emotional, Cythia asks: “Are you done?” in the uppitiest tone she could do. And in no uncertain terms she let Kenya know that she didn’t have time for her. So yeah Cynthia, Kenya totally just walked out. Mmm hmm. And then Kim on the bus wastes no time in saying about Kenya: “That’s what she does.”

        So I’ll give Sheree that much. She did speak the truth. The rest of them, very shady.

  9. Sunshine

    Matt is strange and it’s a shame to see how quick he was to get to a point where he thought he could be violent. Kenya must have actual implants in her bottom. It looked liked two big lumps sitting on her back. Now I get the lopsided comments I have read.

  10. ZenJen55

    I noticed how Peters Jamaican accent became very thick. I guess he thought he was a Rude Bwoy/side eye….I had hoped to hear a little Bob Marley and the Wailers music and Rastafarian’s culture.

  11. BeetsWhy

    Wow. Kenya hit hit the lowest of lows with her obvious jealousy of Kim and her obsession over a BFF title is just so middle school. She took the paddle boat out, did she ask Kim if it would mess up her camera angles? No, and Kim/Cynthia had the permits to use the place and the equipment so she should have checked first. How childish.

    On the happy side I was glad to see Matt walked away from the old men, Peter was clearly drunk so he did the right thing. He could teach Kenya a thing or two about maturity. I also loved Porsha confusing a plaintain with fish! Hilarious!

  12. captivagrl

    I missed the last two eps, so catching up tonight…this is all a big bag of foolishness. I should have continued to scroll down the channels. I thought maybe (?) Kim F. would be interesting, no.

  13. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Great recap. Good call on filming on bus it was making me nauseas. Have to say Sheree hit her stride & I didn’t mind Kim F this episode. Now it’s on to Potomac

  14. beth

    Does Sheree realize that she outs herself as anti-gay when she tells Kim that the other women were saying “not very nice” things about Kim’s husband, namely, that he is gay? Is saying a person is heterosexual ever seen as “not very nice”?

    • Psylocke

      Eh I get what you’re saying but that’s kind of a stretch. I think that’s applicable in a lot of situations but not this one – there’s so much context inherently attached to calling a MARRIED man gay i.e. “Your life is a lie, he’s not attracted to you, you’re a fool for not knowing”

      Everything else is pretty blatantly homophobic. God forbid a man show an actual personality beyond broing it up (my phone just tried to autocorrect that to boring which is certainly applicable) for the cameras. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I didn’t see any of his comments as being “sassy” or “flamboyant”.

      I do agree with Phaedra that the African American culture seems to hold their men to a strict monochromatic hyper-masculine mold, and I do agree that they’re a weird fucking couple – last episode when he was trying to calm Kim down they definitely let their guard down in front of the cameras, and the way they spoke to each other was just…awkward? I don’t even know how to articulate the weirdness I felt.

      • Minky

        Like Tamara said, it is not a good look for Kenya. I do not condone any of what Kenya said re: Kim’s husband, but (this is only gonna be a little but) Kenya felt that she had been played by Cynthia and insulted by Kim. It’s still no excuse, but I figure that Kenya was coming from a place of hurt, or feeling embarrassed herself by the circumstances involving both her “friend” Cynthia and the “mercial”.

        The other ones; Nene, Sheree and that damn Phaedra can’t even hide behind hurt feelings. AND Phaedra is allegedly FRIENDS with Kim?!!! Really? Okay, Phaedra.

        Phaedra’s idiotic comments about “taboos” on WWHL were just that. Absolutely stupid. Why can’t she say something intelligent regarding the matter. Like: “Yes, homosexuality is still a difficult subject in the black community, even though in this day and age it shouldn’t be. And I apologize for any of my remarks that might have been taken out of context on the show.” Why couldn’t her oily, “I-am-a-lawyer” self do at least that much. She is not nearly as smart as she thinks she is.

      • beth

        I take your point Psylocke. Everyone that was present during this scene is guilty, including those that remained silent (assuming this was a “real” scene and not scripted by Bravo).

  15. GirlMe

    Its so hard to get back into the pettiness of these shows after a break. It seemed super petty tonight.

    I’m so disappointed in Kenya. Its kinda like when you discover a non black person said the n word and now you have to be in their company as a black person. You never trust them. She has some awkward times ahead with gay people.

    It is super frustrating to date a guy and discover he’s secretly gay. But their conversation was just wrong.

    Weird Peter said family is important to him but he hasnt seen his aunt in 18yrs even though hes been back to jamaica since.

  16. I haven’t agreed with everything in a recap so much since TT’s blog on The Worst HW Moms! Hit all the highs and lows – spot on.

    Many have come on these shows with a “plan” to promote themselves/fame. Many have failed. I think Kenya has been the most successful in this regard. She unseated NeNe, revealed enough of her true personal pain to elicit some compassion, and does enough drama to keep everyone talking/stay relevant. She’s been true to the character she’s portrayed from Day 1, and I like that. I think her interactions with Kim Fields fall under something like don’t start none – won’t be none? I think we saw a foreshadowing of why NeNe was celebrating Kenya’s birthday – altho’ I still see nothing that would make her want to be around Sheree?

    Crossed eye aside, does Bob Whitfield have NFL concussion syndrome?

  17. Dee

    Matt is hot!! Was Kenya on Living Single? How does she know what Chris was called? Kim needs to get off this show. I like her but these women are beneath her

  18. AprilTea

    I’m wondering if we watched the same show. Everyone except Cynthia did damage that night. All of the other women made comments. However, Kenya was the most vocal and forthcoming about it because she can’t stand Kim. Kim got the job and she left Kenya off the call sheet. So Kenya paddled away on the paddle boat instead of addressing Kim because everyone would have accused her of starting a fight and ruining the “mercial.” So what did they want the woman to do? We know Kenya could have let her have it first, then go for a paddle with Matt. Talking trash is talking trash and no one should be exempt. Look at who started the conversation.

  19. How can Kenya be taking a bubble bath with Matt with a bathing suit on? Ridiculous!!!!

  20. Dee

    How do some of these women crow about how the love gays, then use it in a derogatory manner. Kim is barely keeping up. Can’t one of them lend a sister a hand? So mean girls, so junior high, so disgusting

  21. Are we ever going to see this damn ‘mercial?

  22. peachteachr

    My, how the mighty have fallen. Does anyone even recall the sassiness of the original Atlanta Housewives? The first time I saw the show, I thought I was a voyeur looking in on these fascinating women’s lives. Now it feels like I am rubbernecking and trying to see a car wreck. The women of Atlanta always come through but it’s just become a series of wrecks with no redeeming scenes in between.

  23. sandra

    What was that thing Phaedra was doing with her tongue? She is so nasty. Oh, now Nene is a stylist , in her dreams. Cynthia is a fake, I understand why Kenya’s feelings are hurt. I don’t like Cynthia anymore. She is acting like a mean girl just to please Nene.

  24. I am done with Kenya.
    Kim married Chris in 2007 which was long after “Living Single” went off the air. It’s disgusting and frankly a little damn scary of her to blatantly make up a nasty lie like that just because her feelings got hurt.
    Girl get therapy. Go work on your abandonment issues.

  25. Marie

    I abhor homophobia. But in the spirit RHOA I understand the context in which these comments were made.
    If we were all watching the same show, we have noticed that Kim’s entrance to the show was not the humblest. Kim has continuously acted as if she is better than the other women. Why did she agree to the show if she believes she is above the ugliness?
    She said to Wendy Williams that she did not watch the show before coming on. That was clearly a lie. She needed the money and she thought she would be given the red carpet treatment (my opinion). Despite not being being Tutti and Regine, she is still riding the Tutti train. And while the other women have been contractually obligated to attend scenes even when they were uncomfortable, she has been able to evade scenes under the guise of “ma husband and ma kids.” She acts as if she is the only one with a husband or kids. From her post on Instagram, it doesn’t look like she has a problem being out and about.

    That being said, these women who claim to have gay friends should be ashamed of themselves.

    Why is Kenya held with the out-most responsibility when Phaedra claims to be “good friends” with Kim?

    Kenya is the kind of person, once you’ve crossed her or belittle her, you will not be her favorite. It is the same for the other women, so why is such a big deal when Kenya does it?

    • tamaratattles

      Because Kenya is the only housewife on there with a functioning brain, actual gay friends that are not her party planner or her assistant or her handbag carrier. We expect more from her than from the other idiots on the show. Cynthia at least knew to keep her mouth shut if she couldn’t quite bring herself to take a stand. We already have very low opinions of the other ones.

    • Sunshine

      So Marie you feel that Kim’s entrance to the show was not the humblest. Neither was Kenya’s when she was screaming coochie crack at models with her security guard in tow. I am sorry but no one holds her in as high regard as they do around here. Just call it what it is when she is true to herself and says and does what she really wants to. No need to bring up her mommy issues. She’s just showing her true colors.

  26. Cheychey

    Totally off subject but I think Porsha’s new flavor of the month is hot. Matt is not shabby to look at either. I like the direction they are going in with wanting the girls to be in a relationship. Some eye candy does not hurt my feelings at all.

  27. 25

    I don’t deny my love for Kenya (though she really seems to be going through it this season, and her composure is slipping), but I excuse her statements re: the Christ rumors more than the other women’s. If you suspect a man is gay, and he is married (particularly with children), you STFU and keep it moving, because you don’t know that married couple’s business. BUT if you hate the wife and want to hurt her–that’s the shot you’re going to take. Kenya wasn’t trying to disrespect Chris, she was trying to disrespect Kim.

    I’m not saying she was right or justified for that, but I’m saying to contrast Kenya’s gossipy motive to the other women’s–Nene, Porsha, PHAEDRA–who were discussing Chris being gay in a very homophobic manner. The nastiness behind it was palpable–and it wasn’t nastiness toward Christ alone, it was nastiness toward the throughout of homosexuality. They were speaking as though being gay on its face is scandalous.

    Kim Fields doesn’t co-direct and then she has her “assistant” flown in. She didn’t put Kenya on the call list. Girl, bye.

    • AAALLLLLLL OF THIS! I completely agree with everything you wrote. Especially the part of Kim not co-directing but now, all of a sudden, your co-director is flown in to help…?! Kim is a LIE! She didn’t want to co-direct/work with Kenya, specifically..and Kenya called her on it. And I also believe that’s the main reason Cynthia gave the commercial to Kim. Because after the first meeting, even with Kenya not showing up, Cynthia still wanted to hear Kenya’s ideas before making a decision. Kenya made Cynthia’s decision easier by not showing up, but please know that Kenya’s not showing up was not the main reason Kim was chosen. Otherwise, Cynthia would have just given the commercial to Kim on the spot.

    • Miguel

      Here, here 25!!!

  28. BKSweetheart

    I dunno, something off with that Matt guy. I mean I get it that he may be shy and not used to cameras all in his face, but he seems to have the personality of dryer lint.

    Kenya just isn’t looking good this season. I’m still a fan but she’s really painted herself into a corner this season. But I kinda hate Kim and her sanctimonious holier than thou schtick so I hope Kenya blows up her facade. Not to mention, I dont even find Kim funny at all. She thinks she’s hilarious in her TH’s – I just find her annoying and trying too hard.

  29. Matzah60

    “Kim is acting like she is filming From Here to Eternity.” Tamara, one of many priceless comments. Also amazed at how amazed Greg was that Matt didn’t have any kids. You said it best, but why the hell is it surprising that young unmarried man doesn’t have many kids with many different baby mamas. Matt was stoic through all the lame questioning. Kudos to him.

    Phaedra is a Cee you next Tuesday. Can’t bring myself to write the word and I can count on one hand the times I’ve referred to another woman like that, but I just loathe this woman. Whenever she speaks, you know she is lying or talking about some kinky sexual act with animals or something of that nature.

    Peter is a drunk asshole and is always on the attack with one of the women, one of the newcomers, with his customers at Bar One or whatever it’s called. I used to think he was kind of sexy looking, but I find him loathsome now, so his ugly soul is reflected in his face which is not attractive to me anymore.

    Great recap, TT.

  30. sarcasatire

    Matt acted like a thug. (That’s the popular term around here, isn’t it?) He didn’t walk away. He got up and asked Peter to “take this walk.” Which, most of us know, was an invitation to fight. He threatened Peter a few times. No wonder Kenya was so attracted to Glenn Rice Jr, aggressive assholes are her type.

    • He became aggressive after Peter called him out, but I don’t know what Peter’s issue was. Peter felt Matt had “attitude” but I did not think so. The guys were grilling him and he seemed a bit defensive, but there was no reason for Peter to call him out on his defensiveness as if he was being aggressive towards them, because he wasn’t. That is, until Peter called him out.

  31. Tara TETE

    What Kenya is starting about Kim’s husband is 100 percent disgusting and wrong !! I hope Kenya is fired over this ! Fans need to stick together and boycott RHOA , until Kenya is fired or does a public apology of some sort ! I am no longer a Kenya fan!

    • Miguel

      Tara TETE, why didn’t you boycott after the attack on Brandon? That was vicious, physical & well-received by the entire cast & their spouses! Where was all of this indignation then?

  32. Xanadude

    I will only say that this is the first time in a very long time in which I have been so fucking angry at a show and its cast. Shame on all involved, up to and including Andy Fucking Cohen for framing this as “somewhat nasty.”

    • Tara TETE

      100 percent agree Xan !! I think this is a new low for even Miss Kenya! My bff and I discussed this yesterday , and we are sickened by this behavior !

    • tamaratattles

      I agree X, and I’ve put off reading the comments here for that same reason. The number of people justifying what we all saw turns my stomach. I was reading Brandon’s comments on the entire situation yesterday and I realized that Andy’s exploitation of the gay men on RHOA does not carry over to the gay men on MDLNY. Muchlike his exploitation of the RHOA does is not seen in the same way on RHOBH. The quick and easy conclusion is racism, and I won’t speak to that. I will say that Andy’s classism has been obvious from the beginning. He is quick to laugh at the “somewhat nasty” behavior of the HWs and the gay men who have no real money other than what he pays them, and quick to defend the HWs and gay men with their own money.

      This entire episode was very disturbing. WWHL only made it worse. Andy had a chance to speak up on the gay shaming, and did NOTHING.

      • Sunshine

        I went back and read the comments and the only bad behavior that keeps getting justified is from Kenya and her man Matt. They all misbehaved and Kenye and her beau were the worst. It is what it is.

      • tamaratattles

        You are correct about the bad behavior being justified. That is exactly what I meant. Except for the Matt part he did exactly what a real man does and walked away from the argument. Sure he offered to let Peter join him for a beatdown. And that was just fine. Peter was deteremined to sit there and insult him, Matt walked away and invited Peter to join him if he is trying to start a fight. There was no need for Matt to sit there while two old men insulted him.

        Kenya on the other hand, there is no justification for. Which is why I pointed out the justifications I read her were disturbing.

  33. I don’t even think I’m watching the same show as some commenting here, lol. Others have commented more coherently thatn I’m about to that>>> Phaedra started the gay shade and ALL the ladies, cept waffle Cynthia joined in, INCLUDING Kenya. Did certain telecasts omit the scene??? And Phaedra is s’posedly Kim’s BFF. Kenya didn’t say they called him Chrissy during Living Single, just that she was in Hollywood 20 years and on Living Single so she knew the talk about him. Specifically about Chris – not gays in general, like the other HW’s were slamming with the “sassy pants” bs comments.

    It is ugly, and I don’t care for it agreed. Married men on the down low without the wife’s knowledge are ugly too. The only one that should have been fired is Porsha when she physically assaulted Kenya.

    Off to google Chris gay rumors to see if they go back 20 years. :)

  34. Tp

    Kim Fields annoys the hell out of me! She takes shots at Kenya constantly, can’t blame Kenya for giving it back to her.

    • I absolutely cannot stand her. This episode she said she was friends with Phaedra before HW so I guess that explains it all.

      • Minky

        Yep. That alone has had me side-eyeing Kim ever since I heard it. I tried so hard to like Kim. Really I did. But, no. Can’t do it! Her hatred of Kenya is not based in anything rational, just like the others. Like TT said, Kenya has what the others don’t seem to have: A brain! And she uses it. She makes chess moves. And she’s a pretty aggressive player. The rest of them just wait for shit to happen. I hope Kenya doesn’t fuck up anymore. Ugh!

        Re: Matt’s aggressive behavior. Well, I figure that Matt ain’t blind. He sees how people on the cast are with Kenya on and OFF camera, including those brain-dead husbands. Kenya refused to go to Kingston with the others (forgoing camera time!) for a reason. She must have been very pissed and or deeply hurt by something. I could be wrong.

      • sarcasatire

        She didn’t forego camera time… She was filmed in the bathtub with Matt.

    • Radiance345

      Thank you for this. And yes the rumors go back unfortunately. I saw the rumors reappear the first episode he was on RHOA/

  35. Tp

    Didn’t Phaedra bring up the Krissy thing first? She always manages to slink her way out of everything. The scenes on the bus when she sticks out her nasty tongue.. Gross!

    • Pat

      I agree with you about the tongue thing. And she does it frequently especially when she’s doing that wicked little laugh. Just plain nasty. She really acts like she’s all boozed up on something this season.

    • Pat

      And you’re right about Phaedra slinking her way out of things. She’s the one who told Nene that Kenya and Cynthia had become BFFs.

  36. Miele

    Did anyone else peep how Oliver labeled as “Porsha’s date”? Not “beau”, “friend”, “love interest”, etc. Is Oliver an (alleged) client???

    • tamaratattles

      I noticed Miele! By that point I was so ready to be done recapping… I didn’t even consider it was production shade. Carlos LOVES Porsha so maybe he didn’t notice the graphics editing. LOL. Thanks for calling that detail to my attention. I thought it odd at the time but didn’t make the connection. Everyone is quick to assume that Kenya bought her man, but when the alleged working girl has a man fly in for the night… well… make of that what you will.

      I will say that Kenya and Matt have been pretty heavy on Instagram in the off season.

      • Miele

        I tip my hat to whoever did that master stroke. I fell over laughing when I saw that. Ah the joys of double standards….

        Ooooo! That’s cool if Kenya has really made a love connection. Maybe it’ll help her mellow the heck out…

  37. T D

    Cosi fan tutte, brute.

  38. loriflack

    When Kim passed her youngest boy off to the nanny/assistant, he was reallllly upset about it…she just brushed him off.

  39. Undine

    I think all the Kim Fields hate is just plain dumb and downright hypocritical. What it shows me that a lot commenters are lying when they say they long for real, down to earth women who are actually wives/mothers and not ratchet famewhores. You finally got an average woman, who doesn’t have the perfect red carpet weave and wardrobe, who dotes on her small children, has accomplishments in acting and directing, and you say she’s boring and you hate her? I just want all these anti Kim folks to admit they like the clowns, the wig wearing Birkin flighty buffoons and stop being so nasty about actual HOUSEWIFE joining a show called Real Housewives

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