Brandi Glanville Has Dean Sheremet On Her Podcast To Reminisce About Divorce

RHOBH Brandi 2
Brandi has Leann Rimes’s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet,  on her podcast this week and for some reason, Entertainment Tonight is previewing on their show. It seems, Brandi has a gotten herself a great publicist. Brandi also knows to continuous go back to the well off “Leann stole my husband” gossip to cash in on those ratings. She knows that all of Leann’s fans will tune in to her podcast for ammo to blast her with later. So of course Brandi begins by saying how much it bothers her when people say that someone stole her husband because the husband has to be willing to go, and Dean says that looking back seven years later, he understands that he probably irritated Leann a little bit. He acknowledges his role in the breakup of his marriage. He says that two people are responsible for the demise of a marriage. Brandi doesn’t jump in to agree. And honestly, if the husband is out cheating the entire marriage as Eddie was, then it’s hard to blame the wife. Even if it is Brandi.

Brandi’s publicist has also been working overtime this week making sure she gets papped at pre Grammy parties and the like. It would not surprise me if Brandi ended up back on RHOBH at some point.  I know she pops in with Kim Richards this season, but I’m not sure that Bravo is really done exploiting either of their drinking problems.

In the podcast, Dean and Brandi reminisce about being in Canada when Eddie and Leann were filming together and the time when they knew their marriages were over. It’s the story about when they were all playing pool that we’ve heard how many times before? And yet, I transcribed part of it for the Redcoats and the Aussies who are often video challenged here.  Because I’m known for my international diplomacy. And because I’m hoping to return some of their citizens to them, and this builds goodwill. :)

RHOBH Brandi

Brandy: “Do you remember when we were playing pool in Canada?(Dean: Oh Yeah!) ..I mean,…vividly? ”

Dean: “It’s funny that you say that moment… it’s weird that you say that moment because that was the moment that I knew. That was it. So…. yeah.

Brandi: Crazy, right?

Dean:  Yeah, that was a very bizarre thing and it was …the beginning of the end.”

Brandi:  Yeah. exactly. I mean there were other things, but in that moment in time is when it all like… I was like.. Holy fuck!  This is happening!!! It  was so bizarre to me because I knew it; but I didn’t want to believe it. And I feel like you were kind of in the same boat, maybe?’

Dean :  “Yeah, I think that being… when you’re in that space … I don’t think I wanted to believe it up until the point when I signed my divorce papers … You didn’t want to believe it.”

Brandi: Oh I didn’t sign mine! That motherfucker had to work to get my signature! And then I got nothing. (Laughs)

Dean:  “Yeah, welcome to that club (laughs)

They talk about their lives a bit. Dean talks about not having children yet with his wife, Sarah. Brandi uses the opportunity to get a “minute man” joke in there.  Dean says he wanted kids with Leann and it turned out for the best. He was grateful during the divorce that they didn’t have kids. Sidenote; As badly as Leeann seems to want kids, I suspect that unfortunately there is some issue there. Brandy says that she usually just sits with nor near Eddie and Leann at soccer and school events. She wishes they could get along all the time but it ebbs and flows. Something will happen with the kids and then there is distance for a bit.  I’m going to guess this podcast dredging up the past is not going to make for pleasant school encounters.

In other news, several of you have referred me to Brandi’s Instagram over the past few weeks where she is posting short unintelligible videos wanting to know if she has plumped her lips up so much she can’t speak clearly, or if she is drunk. And, well, the obvious answer is, “Yes.”


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21 responses to “Brandi Glanville Has Dean Sheremet On Her Podcast To Reminisce About Divorce

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    Ugh! I just wish she would go away, and stay away.

  2. jen

    She really looks pathetic still talking about this 7 years later. She and Shannon Beadour just obsess over their husband’s affairs. It is weird.

    • janet

      I think its much much harder for women to move on than it is for men, after divorce and thats why theres this lingering bitterness. Men can move on to another woman in a heart beat, and even rise in demand. For women its a whole other story, when not 25 and have a couple of kids to take care of. Of course Brandi being wild and destructive hasnt helped her, but the truth is its harder for us to find love and a significant other later on and with baggage to boot..

  3. Brandi and Dean, has to be a new reality show.

  4. Brandi Glanville: Lala’s Fairy Godmother.

  5. microop

    The only thing new about Brandi is she gets even more pathetic, drunk and bitter. New heights.

  6. Cat

    I was going to make the comment that Brandi needs to “let it go”. But then I realized, that would make her “unemployed”.

    • Katie

      Cat, let’s imagine where the handsome man you married and had babies with, leaves you for a rich country singer that he cheated on you with. Now you must share your children half the time with that same bitch who fucked your husband, who got him the attorney that screwed you in the divorce, and they go out of their way to bash you as the only plot on their failed reality show.

      Let’s see how you handle that.

      • Cat

        Well, if you want a personal story, here goes:

        My ex WAS handsome. He also cheated on me with a friend of our’s…a singer (local only).

        I let him go. No hard feelings. It did hurt for about 6 months. Then, we remained friends for about 5 years. Eventually, I moved to the other side of the country, and we lost touch.

        But I never acted like a crazy woman. Why would I lower myself for someone who obviously doesn’t want me anymore?

        The only difference is, we didn’t have kids. But I believe two people can be civil, and not use their kids to “get back” at each other. It’s called being an “adult”.

        We did not have kids. But we did have 3 cats. He would only give up his girlfriend if I agreed to give up the cats.

        It was an easy choice.

      • Cat

        I also waived alimony. My freedom was more important to me.

  7. timtoodles

    It is beneath Dean to do this podcast.

    • Well…….apparently not.

      • timtoodles

        You’re right. I always thought rather highly of him in this whole situation. Maybe he has pity for Brandi and her kids.

    • Suzanne D

      Not really. He needs to use LeAnn to promote his new cookbook, otherwise no one will buy it. He has to remind people that he was married to LeAnn Rimes who left him for Eddie Cibrian to generate publicity. And what better way to remind people who he is other than Brandi Glanville.

      At least now he’s admitting that they didn’t have a perfect marriage either. He said that he became obsessed with LeAnn’s career and moved from husband to more of a father/manager figure. LeAnn wanted a husband/best friend/partner. She already had a father and managers from her life long dog and pony show. But hooking his publicity wagon to Brandi’s horse might not give him the ‘good’ publicity that he was expecting.

  8. JustJenn

    Brandi and Dean both have an unhealthy obsession with their ex spouses.

    • Suzanne D

      I do think that Dean’s over LeAnn and has been for a long time. Sadly, he knows he needs to be LeAnn Rimes’ Jilted Ex-husband to sell his new cookbook. Otherwise, no one would know who the hell he is.

  9. Well perhaps Dean has moved on…Brandi not so much!

  10. janet

    I dont blame Dean for getting publicity out of his ex wife to sell a cook book. Why not? Ive allways thought that its too broad of a statement to say all divorces are both parties fault. If one of the people fell out of love or married for fraudulent reasons or is an absolute beast thats on them. There’s only so much you can do. You can give a ton and really love your spouse with all your heart, but if they want to trade you in for a newer model or are a really mean drunk or married you for your money, then how is that your fault?,

  11. Josie

    “DESPERATION: THE MUSICAL” starring Brandi & Dean. How sweet. ?

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