Mob Wives The Final Stand Recap: Bad News for Big Ang

Mob WIves Big Ang

Last week on Mob Wives, we had the big sit down where everyone discussed the meaning of friendship and agreed not to be such giant cuntsicles to each other.  They didn’t exactly hug it out, but they seemed to at least make an agreement to try to stop talking so much shit about each other. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work.  In fact, last week, Carla’s online trashtalking on Twitter about Drita to one of Drita’s former employees led to Drita showing up at the former employee’s doorstep and things turned violent resulting in Drita being arrested for simple assault (misdemeanor).

Oh, I forgot, we have to watch the two new idiots fight. I normally skip over their scenes, but let’s see if they are all talk or if someone actually gets a blow in.  Well, by my observation the brunette got in a punch to the forehead (um… that must have hurt her hand) and a cunt punt. The little blonde bimbo just got a lot of yelling in.  What I don’t understand is why they go to all the trouble to force these little twats into a fight for our amusement and then edit it so that we can’t see the whole fight. The whole thing probably lasted for two minutes. It was three episodes of hype. Show the fight it you are going to put two morons in a bucket and set them at each other. Otherwise what is the point? Would people still watch racing if the cut the tape on the car crashes? NOE. No the would not. It’s the same thing.

Drita and Big Ang go to a restaurant that is in the space once used by a strip club that used to be popular with the mob. This is supposed to be about Drita remembering times gone by for her book. This show should have ended last season. It’s really bad this season. But I want to watch for Big Ang. She was tweeting a bit during this episode despite feeling bad and said it was a hard episode to watch. I will probably just flip through to her scenes.

Big Ang! From Her Marilyn Monroe cover for NEXT.

Big Ang! From Her Marilyn Monroe cover for NEXT.

Over at Renee’s, AJ and his girlfriend are “moving in.”  Well, they are at least saying there for a couple days a week during filming.

Ang meets up with the brunette chick at a bar. Ang says she had some tests done that day with some radioactive dye so she can’t go home yet because she can’t be around kids or pregnant women. Basically, she’s radioactive.  Later, Neil and Ang go to her doctor where she is told she has nodules on her lungs that look cancerous. They need to biopsy them. Ang freaks out and says she cannot do another surgery, she’d rather die. She just had surgery for her throat cancer. The doctor tells her she doesn’t have a choice, she has a family and she will do what she has to do for her health. As we know now, the lung cancer has spread to her brain.

Karen and Carla seem to blame D’rita for the bimbos fight. They talk about her even though they just got finished having a sit down in a warehouse to squash things.  This whole episode is about the bimbo fight that barely happened. I have no idea why the producers thought we needed some little bitches on the final season of the show taking time away from the OGs.

Big Ang meets up with Karen and Renee to tell them about the cancer on her lung. Ang is scared to death and starts to cry saying she is afraid she is going to die. This is just so sad. I’m not sure if I want to watch anymore of this, let alone recap it.

Next week: Big Ang throws Neil out of the house. I hope Couples Therapy was filmed after this season, but I’m not really sure.  Drita and Karen go at each other.



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6 responses to “Mob Wives The Final Stand Recap: Bad News for Big Ang

  1. Gracious

    So sad for Big Ang and her family.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I don’t watch the show but I feel so bad for Big Ang.

  3. peachteachr

    I’ve never watched this show. From a distance, it seems like Big Ang has a hard row to hoe. I’m wishing her happy days.

  4. Cat

    Sorry to hear about Big Ang. But, I hope she hangs in there, and fights. They are doing amazing things with cancer treatments these days, and it is no longer the immediate death sentence it used to be. It is a long, hard fight, though.

    Her decision is her’s to make, and her’s alone. I hope she fights, but if not, I will respect her decision.

  5. I’ve always loved Drita, but she is not looking good this season. I have to agree she’s been amping up dumb blonde a bit. I would think she would side with Marissa, considering she’s so close with O.Z.’s family. Marissa does have a stank face, but it’s not her fault. That’s just how her face is. I like her :)

    That blonde is such absolute trash. I really wish she was not on my screen.

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