Lock Your Doors, Atlanta! Teresa and Joe are in Town!



Teresa and Juicy Joe are in town tonight staying at the Westin in Buckhead. Gia is in town for a national cheer and dance competition this weekend at the World Congress Center. Please take necessary precautions.

No word if there were cameras there. No one mentioned them. At least we know Juicy has not run off to Italy yet. Not sure if they actually made it into The Palms. Last I heard, about an hour ago they were sitting in the lobby. I wonder if Andy had his BFF Bruce set them up with dinner. #Felons By Bravo

Forgot to add I saw Teresa’s book in Target today.

RHONJ teresa table flip gif

It’s about 260 pages. She gets to the prison on page 100 or so. Big type, and every page I randomly flipped to was something we have already heard about.  Did I ever mention her father met her mother and started “courting her “when she was THIRTEEN and he was 20?  They waited until she was 18 to marry.  Also she had three pages of acknowledgements in the back of the book, very large type. She thanked Andy for something like, making all this possible, or giving her a job, or something and then apologized for shoving him at the reunion.

I was ashamed to be flipping through it in public. It was really bad and the ghostwriter eventually gave up trying to use words that Tre would  know and just wrote with a full vocabulary.

Oh and when she talks about how she “tried to stop a fight” over a remote control, she says they all got called into the CO’s office and the guy made her stand a good distance away because she talks with her hands and nearly hit him the last time he had to talk to him.


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23 responses to “Lock Your Doors, Atlanta! Teresa and Joe are in Town!

  1. Betty

    She is sooooooo gross and manly

  2. Tulsateacher

    I won a hat like Teresa’s at the Tulsa State Fair when I was in high school. That was the same year I won a roach clip and I clipped it on the brim, because classy…

    • Psylocke

      LOL I adore this brief but societally necessary anecdote.

      • Dee

        I like this as well, is this hat something that is in style now? I don’t like it. I’m sorry she is in your State. I hope you’re warm, bitter cold here. Snow Squall’s. No cell, ugh
        Good Morning Vietnam!!!

      • Tulsateacher

        Thanks Psy. The story needed to be shared. Now I’m fixing me a little nest area on the couch because a 12 hr Rock of Love marathon starts in 40 minutes!! From Teresa’s hat to my roach clips and now on to Bret’s bandana and some “face time”!!

    • A roach clip with feathers dangling down? I remember that look…

  3. I am reading this from warm and sunny South Beach (high of 75 yesterday). I don’t care about Teresa and her stupid smile…I just wanted to brag that I’m enjoying the sun before heading back to frigid Jersey tomorrow.

    • Sliceo'pie

      You’ve missed the worst of it, if the weatherman is to be believed. Yesterday was unreal-so frigging cold. We were running errands on Route 46 –we’d run into the store than race back to our car, our faces numb from the cold.
      Have a safe flight back!

  4. Sammie

    The old chestnut about crime not paying can suck Tre’s dick….I can’t believe they are vacationing Buckhead now on top of ALL the other have been allowed to keep without paying the piper.
    My clean conscience doesn’t pay.
    Excuse my rant I’m working on my budget figuring out how much I can save if I downgrade my fur baby food a little, or if I really need the monthly pizza I treat myself. Weekend in Buckhead not happening and I’d love to go!

    • Just Saying

      I was just thinking the same thing, supposedly Joe was working and not earning much and Teresa is still filming so where is all the money coming from? Hydro facials, fillers, Botox, new Lexus lease not to mention the tax and mortgage and everyday bills on that McMansion their living in, I just don’t get it they still owe money to people too

    • Cat

      I feel your pain. It really burns me that people like her benefit from crime, and those of us who are honest, suffer.

      Hope you find a way that both you and fur baby can eat and be happy.

    • Rain

      I think all of their income can be attributed to Andy and his infatuation with the felons his network enables and rewards.

  5. Cat

    Hahaaaa… I KNEW her story about walking away from drama in prison was bunk! She is usually at the CENTER of drama, and the one to lose her cool.

    As for you feeling guilty about thumbing through the book at Target, don’t. Better to do that than to buy it, read it, and return it for a refund.

  6. Jen

    I am surprised you could even find a copy he way they are flying off all the shelves 😉
    “We to buy the book and there were only two copies left”
    I am sure mosy stores only ordered a couple to begin with :)

  7. marywanna

    I admit to enjoying Teresa on RHONJ. I bought the book from Amazon and was very disappointed in it. It started out with her childhood, her courtship with Joe, then her wedding. It talked about her incarceration, but nothing shocking, it sounded more like a bad vacation.

  8. More Tea Please!

    Imthoght she was restricted to NJ, NY and Conn for 6 more months? And now shes in my back yard? New Jersey please come collect your garbage. It has blown south.

  9. Margarett

    Oh Tamara, the sacrifices you make for us! I hope you were in disguise when flipping…sunglasses and a hat at least!


  10. Jen

    This is completely off topic. Lol. I have to admit I go back to read Edgarrrs comments. He made me laugh and laugh. Who let Edgarrr free. Shame on yous!!! I almost feel hypnonauseated!!! ????

  11. JentheAUBURNfan

    So I’m reading it. Interesting info. When joes dad died tre was with the girls at a friends house and called joes lawyer assistant and he told her he talked to how earlier and he was upset about his dad. She found out by calling his lawyer. Also it’s all Jacqueline’s fault, she and Dina and Caroline refused to be on the show without her so Jacqueline brought her the contract to sign telling her it was on her

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