Top Chef Recap: “Restaurant Wars Part 2” Please Pack Your Knives And Leave the Gun Fight

Top Chef Jeremy

We are back for the conclusion of Restaurant Wars! After last week’s lunch service, Jeremy and Kwame could be in trouble.  It’s two a.m. and I am exhausted but I want to watch this before someone spoils it for me!  I will probably end up finishing first thing in the morning, but I really need to see how this plays out!

The girls are working together really well with Isaac and Carl. Marjorie is getting FOH staff started off so that Karen can do some prep before taking over as GM. Carl will be executive chef. They are starting off like a well oiled machine. No drama.

The guy’s team is still a mess. Kwame is still pissy about Phillip’s dish and will likely sabotage it Jeremy is worried about his lunch service and not that focused. Anwar is taking over as executive chef. Phillip pulled a waiter in to cut strawberries.

Karen is behind even with Marjorie’s help. Now Isaac has to stuff all 75 of her trout. Phillip is passing out free booze as people enter. I don’t see how he will have time for that once the crowd comes.

I forgot that Jeremy precooked his risotto. Between that and his poor lunch service he could be gone.

TOP CHEF -- "Stop the Presses" Episode 1301 -- Pictured: Amar Santana -- (Photo by: Dale Berman/Bravo)

TOP CHEF — “Stop the Presses” Episode 1301 — Pictured: Amar Santana — (Photo by: Dale Berman/Bravo)


The judges are at Palate first. The judges love Marjorie’s bread. Carl sends out an oxtail consume with tripe. The judges love it and the snapper. The snapper dish is a crudo and they are sick of those in general but love this one.  FYI: “crudo” is the new “tartare” or however they try to obscure the fact that it’s raw.  Why so much uncooked meat in a cooking competition? I don’t get it.

The judges love Isaac’s meat. But Karen’s trout is deemed the worst thing. The love all of Majorie’s desserts except the panna cotta because she added champagne to it. They had no idea what the fizzy stuff was.

The judges head over to LA District. Right away they don’t like the menu because there is no unifying theme.

Kwame’s dish came out first. I have no idea what it is. Some foam and some emulsion are involved. Neither of those words appeal to me on a menu. Tom says it is horrible. The snotty guest judge basically calls it pretentious. District is off to a rocky start. It only gets worse with Phillip’s salad. Amar’s avocado gazpacho was tasty but Tom called it “good nachos.” They really hate this menu.

They despise Jeremy’s risotto. But they hate everything, so Jeremy has a prayer. Amar’s pork belly has the judges nearly gagging at the table over the vinegar concentration. I have never seen a service this bad in my entire memory of Top Chef. They have pretty much refused to eat anything served at LA District and openly mocked Phillip’s front of the house skills. Hell they might sent this entire team home. It’s that bad.  How can Philip be so confident as FOH when clearly all the food went into the trash? Holy crap, Amar thinks his team probably won. I’m just glad Isaac was not stuck in that shit show.  I honestly think they could make Palate the final four and be done with it. I think Amar will probably go home.

ISAAC WINS! This was worth staying up for. As Isaac said, “pick me last again!.”


What a perfect out come!


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38 responses to “Top Chef Recap: “Restaurant Wars Part 2” Please Pack Your Knives And Leave the Gun Fight

  1. Stephanie

    I can’t wait to watch this episode! I’ve been waiting for Phillip to be shown the door!! Great recap TT

  2. Michelle

    So Phillip has lost every competition he has been in. I wonder if he is ever going to accept that he is ordinary and there is nothing wrong with that. Thinking out of the box is fine as long as it is within our galaxy.

  3. Wonderful re-cap!! I am so glad that I don’t have to watch now! Very happy that Philip was sent packing!!

  4. cjbomb

    So happy for Isaac. SOOOOO happy Phillip is gone. When the judges were wondering what he was talking about to the guests and guessed himself – cause he was- that was perfect.

  5. A Little Birdie

    I’m happy for Isaac. Marjorie seemed like she did not want to congratulate him at all. Phillip needed to go and Kwame has just flat lined.

  6. Gladyskravitz

    Finally!!! Isaac wins and Phillip goes home! Thank you Jesus! We don’t have to look at his pretentious face anymore. Best episode yet!

  7. I’m glad Philip is gone. He talked to much and was full of himself. I hope he doesn’t win last chance.

  8. DarkThoughts

    What an awesome episode. I really think Jeremy can not cook. He can chop veggies, fry egg, and make raw fish but that’s it. I can NOT believe he used WATER to make risotto on top chef. He also could not get his meat to raw medium. They should have sent that whole team home. I hope they heard Tom say they were all self absorbed egotistical whiners.

    I loved, Loved, LOVED that douche beard Wolf-I-Am Philip got his ass sent home for laughing at the judges for daring to criticize his complimentary cocktail. That smug look pissed off the judges. I am positive the judges were ready to send Amar home for only cooking chicken breast and blowing his executive chef role. Luckily, Philip simply does not understand that he is no where near as great as he thinks he is. Who the f puts onions on top of a strawberry sundae?

    Isaac is the man. As in the only real man on the show. I was so estactic that he won.

    • Shae

      I had no idea one could even make risotto with water, I have never seen or heard of this.I’d only ever known people to make it with broth. Outrageous lol

      I have to say, I was really NOT feeling the immense attitude Marjorie had been giving Isaac up until this point. Shutting him down at the menu planning session, being outright rude and dismissive, saying he isn’t “refined”. Must really sting that he won lol

      • DarkThoughts

        I have a feeling that Isaac outlast Majorie. She had major attitude. She is lucky Isaac gave her a pass on her horrible ego. If I were Isaac I’d do the same and let Frowny face do herself in. Refinement isn’t upscale food it is the manner in which you present yourself to others. Isaac puts the fine in refinement while pissy face should be fined for her rude treatment of others.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, I think we are being prepared for an Isaac v Marjorie finale. I’d like that. I actually started to like Marjorie again this episode after she pissed me off on the previous one.

      • claire

        Olive Garden probably uses water. Because, Olive Garden. ?

    • cjbomb

      I thought they all worked very well together- Marjorie helped Karen with front of house and Isaac helped with her trout when she was slammed. I think Marjorie just has RBF like Mei did last year.

      • erikainhb

        Marjorie went and got the front of the house rolling while Karen was still in the weeds getting her food set-up. It may be the way it was edited but it came across that Karen was still cooking 30 or so mins prior to service before changing and going out. Marjorie was the one that got the staff moving and the judges commented on how well the floor was being run. That seems to me to have more of Marjorie’s efforts than Karen’s (not to fully diminish running the floor during service)or at least she should have gotten some credit for picking up for the team.

      • Shae

        I liked Marjorie just fine until she was so insanely rude to Isaac in the planning for restaurant wars.Then it seemed she got her act together and was nice/civil to him again. I was surprised at her attitude so hopefully it was the exception, not the rule, going forward.

        They are two great contenders, with very different styles, it’s fun to see…there’s no need to be assholes to each other lol,

  9. I don’t know which made me happier, Isaac winning or Phillip losing! When the judges announced Isaac won Restaurant Wars (and the most difficult Restaurant Wars EVER) after being picked last, EVEN after Phillip, I let out a big ole whoop! Celebration time, come on! THEN, I remembered Isaac saying, first they would love him, and then they would fear him. Oh yeah, bring it on Isaac, with your self-fulfilling prophesies. First the judges loved him, and now the chef’s fear him…it just doesn’t get any better than this!

    And BTW, Phillip’s strawberry salad (SALAD?) looked a lot more like a strawberry pie without the crust to me. Throw some Cool Whip on that, and you definitely have dessert. I even watched Last Chance Kitchen to see how Phillip fared in that arena, and without spoiling it for anyone that may want to watch it, that was pretty dang…um…interesting too 😉

  10. Jane

    The heavens opened, the angels sang ‘hallelujah’. Phillip gone and Isaac wins the hardest challenge and the hardest rw. Doesn’t get much better than this. How creepy was it when Phillip started showing customers his tattoos? Ugh, I can’t imagine how I’d react to that from the maître de. I laughed when the server pulled out a jug of booze at the front desk for the judges.

    • Margarett

      Yes! What Jane said. Even the way Phillip was standing irritated me. Then he said Jeremy should go because he made bad risotto. What a jackass!

    • erikainhb


      When the guy at the desk hauled the bottle out it reminded me of the golf challenge where Philip had his stuff under whatever that was to get out of the wind. One thing for a golf food cart ..not cool for a fine dining restaurant. Really? They couldn’t have set up a tall cocktail table with the ‘special’ beverage and glassware at the entrance as a special thing vs…. Hey…. Have some if this hooch I have under my hostess stand that would be better suited for a frat party to get sorority girls drunk than for a fine dining establishment. Epic fail.

  11. Shae

    Couldn’t agree more! That was my ideal outcome, Isaac for the win and Phillip gets the boot!

    Phillip refused to ever concede that he might’ve made a cooking error, seasoning error, or any type of error, he always chalked it up to it not being to the judges’ taste. That’s bullshit. You can actually do something incorrectly.It was in extremely poor taste for him to be chatting up his restaurant back home while running his team’s restaurant, so tacky. Glad he’s gone, he made my stomach turn.

    Not sure what went so wrong with Kwame and Jeremy’s dishes, they are always so on point- just glad that their errors didn’t get them sent home this time. Karen really owes Marjorie for having her back, that service could’ve been a disaster if she hadn’t taken it upon herself to pitch in and direct the staff.

    I was thinking the same thing, I have never seen the judges so consistently displeased by so many dishes in a restaurant wars…over all the seasons. I can see the service being difficult due to serving lunch and dinner, but it seems a lot of people just made flat out poor menu choices.

    • Jim

      Phillip wasn’t just chatting-up the diners about his restaurant “back home”, he was recruiting diners to come to his restaurants just down the street. Both locations are in L.A. too. And wasn’t this episode filmed in L.A.?

      He would have had much better luck getting diners to his restaurants by cooking good food and not being a douchey self-delusional ass in front of millions of viewers. His restaurants would now be packed. Instead I imagine that you can hear crickets and see tumbleweeds blowing through his dining rooms now. No worries though, mom and dad will continue to bankroll his failing endeavors.

  12. KK

    I was glad I read the recap before watching. I was able to really savor every moment the edit showed how self-absorbed and delusional Phillip was. He is so full of excuses. Thanks for continuing to recap!

  13. erikainhb

    Pack your bun and go!! Buh bye!

    The arrogance of Phillip is annoying beyond hope to me but then again he’s of the generation (apologies to non-entitled millennials) where everyone gets a trophy and everything you do is perfect. No Phillip…the world does not work that way. For starters…if they don’t like your food no matter how much perfection ‘you’ think it is they are not going to eat it and they will not come back. At that point the only one coming to your restaurant is your mommy. I like how the guest chef said something along the lines of..these young chefs who aren’t classically trained don’t get seasoning and such. Maybe after he matures a bit he’ll get it but I’m thinking his Phillip-centric view is too far ingrained. And his crack about the beverage…well at least I’m not being judged on that. Idiot. I was so glad they jumped all over him on that I think Padma was downright giddy to tell him to pack his knives…. I certainly was.

    • Jim

      Bang on about Phillip being an entitled Millennial!

      I loved how his big toothy smile/laugh quickly became a pained expression when the judge (Padma?) said, “what makes you think you’re not being judged on the cocktail?”


      Honestly, I will miss Phillip though. It was such a joy to hate on him.

      • claire

        Just when I thought Marcel was the Most Annoying Contestant Ever in slinks Phillip.

        Gonna stop by his food hole & ask to see his tattoos. Ewwww!

  14. Gladyskravitz

    I hope Phillip reads this blog! Or any blog! He is truly the most clueless person I’ve ever seen.

  15. Bridgett

    Best outcome, on both ends of the spectrum, ever! Never has an episode had such a satisfying ending…FINALLY a win for Isaac and a goodbye to Philip! I really thought Jeremy was done, but I think the judges were over Philip and hearing about his 2 restaurants. Now I have to watch LCK, without reporting here, to see what happens to everyone’s beloved manbun ?

  16. What in the hell has happened to Kwame? Geez Louise!

    • Wanda

      Kwame is clearly talented, but as soon as he had made some really good dishes, he self-combusted. Now he keeps doing things to block his own success. Maybe the idea of becoming what he has dreamed of brings up emotional issues for him and he unknowingly sabotages himself. Not so uncommon.

      • You’re right Wanda, not uncommon and clearly the way they’ve arc’d his edit during the bad memories of Dad montage. Even tho’ I’m rooting along with Isaac, and detested Teen Wolf, I kinda agree that this seasons chefs are not exciting anyone with their food. I hated that I also agreed if Tom says you made the worst watery risotto in Top Chef history, Jeremy should have been packing those knives.

        I wish they would have drank those overfilled wine glasses – drunk judges are the best on Top Chef. (I think it’s mainly when Emeril is there tho, lol)

  17. Cat

    They need to have Chef Ramsay as a guest judge, so he can yell “It’s RAW!”, then smash his fist into the dish. :)

  18. Rose

    Dude pulling the cocktail out for the judges cracked me up! Glad Philip and his restaurants he always talks about are gone.

  19. Angie

    Finished watching this episode over a half hour ago and I’m so happy that Phillip finally got the boot that I’m still doing the happy dance around my living room- no joke.
    Equally as satisfying was Isaac winning after how bitchy his team was to him.
    Win-Win! Double yay!

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