This Week’s Tea on Sonja Morgan, LuAnn Delesseps, Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster and Kenya Moore

All The Tea From Andy Cohen's Book Party Last Night

This has been a super busy week at mainly because we have a #FelonByBravo on a book tour profiting from her crimes.  Please check out all of those interviews because if there is anything I hate to recap, it’s an interview.  On a regular #WWHL episode it takes longer to recap than an hour long show. It’s more transcribing than recapping. But I really wanted you to know exactly what she said. If you can only read one, make it this one. But really read them all.  Teresa refuses to admit she knowingly committed a crime. Don’t get me started.

While I was entrenched in all that, a lot of other stuff happened that I didn’t get to report. So it’s time to make up for lost time and hit the highlights of housewives news I didn’t get to this week.

Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna Had a Twitter War

As the show was getting ready to air Lisa Rinna tweeted, ” Who’s excited for #RHOBH tonight?  There’s something rotten in Denmark… I mean Holland. ? #IAmJustCollateralDamage ”  And with that the gauntlet was tossed and Yolanda was miraculously able to reach it from her sick bed.

Lisa feels like she got the blame for Erika’s pigeon carrying. On every season of every housewives there is always a pigeon carrier. That is the designated person to go back and forth between two factions and fill them in on what they missed. This season it is Erika, but somehow Lisa is bearing the brunt of the fallout. She tweeted, ” Oh hello bus that I was just thrown under. Good to see you again. #IDidntBringItUp #HellNo #BeHonest #RHOBH”

How dare anyone mention my children's illness?

How dare anyone mention my children’s illness?

Yolanda replied, ” Oh poor thing, u went from accusing someone of munchausen to playing d victim….? I think & ask bf I speak, do u? ” This is hilarious on so many levels, but Yolanda accusing someone else of playing the victim really takes the cake!

Lisa fires back, “I was your scapegoat, you already knew Erika had told on the beach about your kids. Why ask me? You knew the answer!”

I’ll spare you all the back and forth but it does end with Yolanda backtracking, ” @erikajayne told me first, @lisarinna confirmed hearing it, let’s focus on content of conversation #KidsOffLimit ”  The whole “kids are off limits rule” refers to children, and more importantly,  Yolanda is the person who threw out the topic of two of her kids having Lyme disease. Most thinking people had a lot of questions about that.

The most interesting part of this twitter war was Rinna’s response to someone that strongly implied that LVP and Yolanda are at war the everyone else is just collateral damage. Clearly, there is way more going on with Pinky and Yo  than we are privy to.


Sonja Morgan Is Losing It

Sonja was on Kocktails with Khloe this week. This is actually an interesting show but it comes on at a bad time, so I DVR it and watch when time allows.  It’s certainly a different look at some of the housewives who appear. And the guests are sometimes awesome, like Tori Spelling. They are plied with drinks just like on WWHL and interesting things have potential to happen.

When Sonja came on she wasn’t drinking, at least at first. That in itself was odd.  Sonja talked a bit about TipsyGirl and acknowledged that Bethenny wasn’t having it. But she also said it was copyrighted quite some time ago. With Sonja you always have to search for the kernels of truth. Here is the real story. With Sonja, there is always a Peter involved. #DoubleEntendre Basically, all of this is a business run by a wannabe media whore named Peter. He was seen on #RHONY with Ramona when she was “an investor in his sports bar”  I forget if that bar is still open, and I can’t be bothered to look, but Peter has since moved on to Sonja.  He wants to open a bar called Tipsy Girl and also start a drink line with the same name. Once again the claim is that Sonja is a business partner in this enterprise. I believe that both Ramona and Sonja just got some sort of payment to attach their names and advertise product on the show. So none of what she says about it being her brand is actually true in my opinion. And I don’t think anything has gone past the prototype stage.

The other thing that happened on the show is that Sonja while playing one of those truth or dare type games on the show told a wild story about having sex recently with someone on a hammock while people were watching from a second story building. This whole scene, and the whole show as it related to Sonja was very sad.  She was very focused on her age. It seems she is feeling some kinda way about getting older, about being alone, and in general she seems quite unhappy. I’ve also heard from a source that she’s been especially angry toward people lately and is just not coping well with life. She’s going through a rough patch and we hope she recovers soon.

Gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs on Tumblr

Gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs on Tumblr

The Countess Luann

Perhaps it was the news that Luann De Lesseps is engaged that sent Sonja off the edge of her cliff?  Luann was recently engaged to Thomas D’Agostino Jr. He is a businessman from a family that owns a bunch of grocery stores, I think. As usual I am hearing that Sonja used to date him and so did Ramona. Is there any man these women date that have not been with multiple housewives?  I’ve also heard that he is also a mediawhore seeking the spotlight. You don’t say. And that Luann is headed for heartbreak.  I certainly hope those rumors are not true.

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle

Is Kenya Moore Pregnant?

And finally, this was the question that kept hitting my inbox. And the answer is no. A certain urban website know for publishing false information for ratings posted a story  this week claiming Kenya is pregnant and it spun out of control. Then last night, Phaedra was on Dish Nation and seemed to confirm the rumor followed by saying she is not a gynecologist.  She is also not a friend of Kenya and perpetuating the pregnancy rumor was rather unkind. But what else does Phaedra have to talk about really?  Now today, Kenya told some magazine (honestly I forgot who, someone sent me some info and I deleted it saying she was going to do in vitro (or more likely artificial insemination?)  during her filming break. She made similar plans before and was unable to follow through. Nothing is happening yet, so we shall see if she does it this time. It’s getting to be now or never time. I wonder how Matt feels about that?

And that’s the tea you almost missed this week. Next, I will work on getting caught up on recapping.


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77 responses to “This Week’s Tea on Sonja Morgan, LuAnn Delesseps, Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster and Kenya Moore

  1. CoBe

    Yolanda reminds me of a snake in every one of her talking heads.

    She is downright evil, and I get the creeps every time she comes on.

  2. Kevin

    Regarding Yo and Pinky, I do agree with one thing: They truly are the ones at war and the other ladies are caught in the middle (some from their own making) and becoming collateral damage. It’s like Yo and Pinky can’t get up the nerve enough just to have it out and argue with each other, so they argue with and through the other women. Maybe it’s a manipulative passive-aggressive European thing? It’s obvious they have some serious air to clear and I for one would love to know what it’s all about.

    • CoBe

      Hey Kevin.

      Really unfair to call this “European”. Yolanda has some serious mental issues. LVP doesn’t want to engage.

      That’s just good common sense on LVP’s end.

      I do find Yolanda to be incredibly manipulative and positively seething with malice underneath her fake smile.

      It scares me.

      • Minky

        Yeah. What you said CoBe. Yolanda scares the shit out of me now too. Like really, seriously. If she’s willing to put her kids through this mess in a public forum, while cloaking it all in motherly concern, then what else could she do. And her tweets to Rinna were particularly seething.

        I don’t think that Yolanda is crazy. I just don’t. I believe that she’s a control freak who’s gotten her way for so long that she doesn’t even know how to begin to be able to cope when things don’t go her way. Yolanda is, in a word, spoiled.

        As for that twitter war: Gee willikers, Yolanda! I thought you were so above it all. I thought you were too dignified to talk that way. It leaves me wondering why the hell she ever mentioned her alleged illness on the show to begin with if she didn’t want it discussed by anyone. For a calculating snake she’s also didn’t think this shit quite through. It’s as if she never dreamed that people would ever be able to see through her. Wow!!!

      • Yolanda makes the hairs on the back of neck stand up every time she speaks or gazes at someone.

      • Petunia

        Which is the mirror image behavior wise of “pinky”. The fact they are similar in their manipulative spotlight entitlement makes it simple and obvious that they have some deep issues with one another.

      • fivecatsownme

        Yolanda and that faux beatific madonna gaze on Bella. If I could caption it Bella would be saying Mom, I’m hung over from the after party. Yolonda is saying no darling. It’s Lyme disease. It feels like a hangover. Thats one of of the symptoms.

      • CoBe


        Agreed. Maybe “mental issues” was the wrong term.

        “Demented character” would have been better I think.

        I wasn’t sure at first if she truly thought she was ill or was faking it. The obvious brown eye shadow under the eyes sealed the deal for me.

      • erikainhb

        I’m with you Minky on the control freak thing. All of her last tricks aren’t working anymore and she’s getting desperate..that’s what I think we’re seeing.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Aw CoBe, don’t be askeered of a nutty trophy wife. Who is Yolanda in this world? Lots of truly frightening shit going down. Don’t waste your bank of fears on one dried up, pissed off ex model.

      • Minky

        True that, Katherine 2.0! And I love the way you spelled “askeered”. Perfect!

        I think that Yolanda is the meanie Lucy Ricardo of all the RH franchises. These selfie stunts and all the rest are just weird. I’ve been wondering why she feels its necessary to do this on TV. Why do all of her Hollywood friends, and everybody in TV and IG land, have to know about her “journey”? Can’t she just save it all for the court room?

        @Erickainhb You’re totally right. She’s grabbing at straws. You don’t blow up like Yolanda did at the “medical records” sit-down with Pinky and Kyle, or on Twitter with Rinna, if you’re plan is working.

        Confucius says: “There is no use clenching the buttocks once the fart has flown.” (I seriously did read that in a book of Confucius aphorisms when I was a child. No foolin’!) But, I think that’s where Yo is at right now. Still clenching.

      • KatCall

        Well stated. I could not agree with you more. Yolanda is diabolical in her manipulations. I feel the anxiety a trapped animal must feel when she appears on screen. She sucks the red right out of the devil himself.

  3. I don’t remember LisaR “accusing” Yo of having Munchausen’s anyway. If anything, she groveled and apologized too much for having a conversation with someone else, that brought that word into play. Must be that dastardly Lyme Brain kicking in just when it’s convenient. Funny how that works with ole YoYo. Besides, just because Yo says the kids are off limits doesn’t necessarily mean they are. She threw it out there, and now she can reap the consequences of it. Fuck Yo.

    • Undine

      Amen, Gingersnap. I wish Rinna had just said–everything that Yolanda says/does on social media makes no sense and it’s a bunch of bullshit. I want someone, anyone to throw down the gauntlet especially since Yolanda is actually harming her children which quack treatments. For at least, Anwar–child protective services should be involved. If Yolanda wants to Mauchausen herself, and play the victim for sympathy– that’s her right, but don’t bring your kids into it.

      • “If Yolanda wants to Mauchausen herself”…best line ever Undine!!! I wish someone would throw down the gauntlet too, omg, so bad. Just reiterate over and over that she has Lyme Brain and can’t be trusted with anything that comes out of her own mouth because she has, tada! Lyme Brain!

  4. ShyGuy

    Until kenya comes out and confirms she isn’t pregnant, then I’ll take what TT says with a grain of salt. It’s funny how people think they know what people are doing and the conversations they have in private. But I totally forgot you and kenya hangout and talk on the phone everyday.

    • Psylocke

      Um so let me get this straight – you’re going to believe a pregnancy rumor that didn’t originate from Kenya – and you’re going to keep believing it regardless of what she told a magazine – and you’re going to keep believing it until she specifically says she ISNT pregnant?

      I’m genuinely curious how you think this is a logical conclusion to… anything.

      I guess the blog that started the rumor must hang out with Kenya all the time eh?

      • ShyGuy

        My point is if she is, which she has been looking much fuller lately, she may not be ready to announce it yet so she throws people off in interviews. Celebrities do it all the time, deny and deny and then make there announcement. With the reunion taping coming up and kenya being very interactive with her on Twitter and instagram, well know the truth soon.

      • tamaratattles

        Gee, I wish I had me some sources in Atlanta. I’m amused that you seem to know who I hang out with. But until I manage to find out what is going on over there in Atlanta, why don’t you stay over on that Urban site with the good sources, fucktard.

    • sandra

      The Fuck, ShyGuy??? Don’t come to the best and most accurate blogger on the web and insult her. Rude!

    • jen

      People get SO fired up about Kenya Moore. If TT isn’t being accused of being wrong in her news she is accused of BEING Kenya Moore. Chill the fuck out shy guy.

  5. A Little Birdie

    Yolanda is being unnecessarily unkind to Rinna. And I agree she has apologized more than enough for not really doing anything? What is she giving her grief for what Ericka told her? And as Rinna pointed out, Yo brought the kids into it. The whole thing is sad

  6. RVA

    Phaedra is more than unkind. She is just plain mean.
    I was too through with her when she used her Jesus voice and mocked Kenya for not being able to have children. I believe she called her eggs either rotten or scrambled.
    How the universe allowed her to get away with that is beyond me.

    • Minky

      Phaedra called the eggs scrambled, and the vagina rotten. At one of the reunions. While Apollo was still being investigated and before he was convicted a SECOND time for stealing. Nobody on that damn show even slightly suggested that maybe Phaedra had gone a little too far. Ew to all of them for condoning and silently approving of that alleged “read”.

      I want to believe the pregnancy rumor too because I think it would be great if Kenya became a mom, but if she ain’t then she ain’t.

      • beth

        ITA with you Minky – Phaedra is an ugly person, and I am not referring to her looks.

      • RVA

        Thank you Minky. Yes, now I remember clearly what Phaedra said.
        She IS ugly, inside. I’m not exactly ms USA myself, so I’ll refrain from commenting on her outward features.

        And you hit the nail on the head, the others didn’t call her to the carpet and silently agreed.

        She wasn’t even sorry when she went on morning radio shows and talked about it.

        I have lost interest in watching the show, TT’s recaps are all I have been reading about the show.

      • Minky

        I feel that no matter what your physical appearance is, if you have inner beauty it shows. And the right people will see it. You’re totally right about Phaedra.

  7. beth

    “The most interesting part of this twitter war was Rinna’s response to someone that strongly implied that LVP and Yolanda are at war ” … what was Rinna’s response?

  8. Katherine 2.0

    You crack me up, TT, eapecially the line about reaching frim her sick bes to retrieve the gauntlet.
    Poor Sonja! Let’s hope she finds herself a sugar daddy who will appreciate her fading Holly Golightly essence before she goes all Grey Gardens on us.

  9. Dee

    Was Lisa rinna even at Kyles BBQ? Back to reading. Tamara you must be exhausted. Please take care of yourself!!

  10. Sharon

    I realize I am in the minority here but I don’t so how Lisa R. can be so angry and protest so vehemently that she said nothing about the kids to Yolanda. Yolanda asked her straight out who was saying her 2 children did not have Lyme disease and Rinna said that it was Kyle and LVP who were engaging in “light” talk about the kids. I am not a Yolanda fan at all but let’s not rewrite history Rinna.

    • microop

      I thought Yolanda said did Kyle and Lisa talk about my children I heard they did. And Lisa did the only thing she could knowing it was taped with her sitting right there and said “yes, but lightly.” Basically it wasn’t a big deal.

      • Lime Brain

        Microphone, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I cannot imagine that Yolanda would have left it at that. She must have interrogated Rinna to find out what was said word for word. To bad they don’t have clips on the internet to see what else was said.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      Rinna is angry because she knows now that Yo only asked her purely to blame it all on Rinna rather than Erika when confronting LVP and Kyle. Yolanda told Rinna that she heard LVP and Kyle were talking about her kids, Rinna looked uncomfortable and said they lightly touched on it but not in a bad way. Yolanda goes and then tells LVP that Rinna said she didn’t believe her kids have Lyme. If Yo believed her bestie Erika then why did she need to ask Rinna to confirm it? It was VERY calculated of Yolanda to do that just so she wouldn’t have to implicate her spy. It’s actually quite scary how devious Yolanda is.

      • Lawstangel

        I know there is a lot of blame flying around. Here is my take: Rinna was involved in an off screen convo about Munchhausen, she said she was not sure what it was at the time. She looks it up and tells LVP & Kyle & Eileen?. They discuss it for all of 3 mins. I do not think any of them did anything wrong….telling a couple of friends what the word on the street is, does not qualify as “talking about” or “questioning” someones illness. Rinna told Yo what she heard. I don’t think she needed to apologize whatsoever!!! She did not say she believed it. But whatever, not only did she apologize multiple times BUT she downright groveled.

        Then there is one question plus a follow up question about the kids. “what’s going on with Bella & Anwar’s Lyme? Mohammed says they are fine.” to me that is not questioning anyone’s illness, it really does not qualify as “talking about the kids” in my opinion. Why is Yo losing her mind? The common denominator is sneaky Erika stirring up shit. Erica is a sneaky one! I wonder how much of this is producer driven?

        I saw “First Look” this week. There is a lot of drama to come, including a dinner at Erika’s where her husband throws someone out! Of course they did not show who it was.

        Yo is a snake and very manipulative. She wants undying loyalty, but she will stab any of them in the back at a moments notice. Oh and Brandi makes an appearance later in the season telling Yo all the girls are after her. What a mess….

      • Minky

        He throws someone out?! How uncouth! I bet it’s gonna be Rinna. Rinna’s got a “kick me” sign on her back this season. Who put it there? Erica or Yolanda? Or someone else?

      • Lime Brain

        TBHHE, I believe you hit the nail on the head with what is going on between Yo and Rhinna. It now makes sense for how outraged Rinna was. It IS scarey how calculating Yo is. Especially with her brain only working at, what now, 50%?

    • Ktina

      You’re not alone. Rinna annoys the heck out of me and she was the first to imply that Yolanda has Munchausen. Laughably, she acted like she had no idea what Munchasen was – no wonder the acting jobs have dissapeared. She’s not convincing.

  11. Sweet T

    The sports bar is still open. It’s a few blocks from my house. It’s never that full but then I pass by at lunchtime

  12. My how Yolanda revels in her suffering. She even has her very own on call professional health advocate—read enabler— on hand to support and reinforce her every neurosis.

    But perhaps Daisy’s real job is just to remind Yolanda of her beloved homeland.

    Maybe Daisy’s real job is to keep her finger in the dike.

  13. T

    I have to be honest … I enjoy reading the recaps, and news, here – but as for the show, I’m done. Yo, Rinna, Erika, Vanderpump and to some extent, Eileen, have ruined it for me. It used to be my favourites; now it just reminds me of my family at Christmas time. No thanks. #Ain’tGotTimeForThat

  14. The SS Grey Gardens ship has sailed with SonJa @ the helm.

    The pathological journey Yolanda has taken me on began at Mohammad’s house with his current GF/wife, when they were planning some kind of party for one of the kids? (Last season or maybe the one before?) The proprietary way she entered, with the deliberate calling the servant(s) by name and pointing this and that out about the house, the food and the past etc. It struck me as odd at the time – she of the lemons, glass fridge and grammy piano sing alongs making her presence felt in the manse. The comment to Lisa VP that Mohammad was paying the childrens Lyme bills was dripping with bitterness doncha think? I think the whole thing begins and ends with the Mohammad/LVP dynamic.

    LuAnne is a survivor (gosh I wish TT would recap Survivor – it’s coming on soon!!!) so whatever game this guy think he’s running – I have no doubt she’ll work it to her advantage.

    • peachteachr

      I think of Sonja as much more of a Great Gatsby-like failed heroine. I don’t think she will ever be as happy as she was when she had access to all that money and the 1% lifestyle that came with being Mrs. Morgan.

  15. claire

    There is nothing normal…I repeat NOTHING…about that ridiculous pic of Yo & Bella in bed. SHE’S the one that injected (see what i did there? lol) her kids into the Lyme dialog and now it’s off-limits? I don’t recall any defamatory discussion between the ladies about the kids….only a simple convo re. if they were sick or not.

    I am not her & not a doctor but enough already with this made for Lifetime dramaz. Or should I say LYMEtime…

  16. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks, Minky darling. However, please don’t blaspheme my dear Lucy or compare her – in any incarnation – to these hapless nitwits. Lucy was a comedic genius who will always have a special place in my heart. ?

  17. I’m more interested in the Lisa R element of this fight. I think she loves being “collateral damage”. Yolanda has a screw loose and foists snake oil nonsense on other people expecting them just to accept it. LVP and Yo hate each other. In my opinion, everyone knows this.

    But Lisa R is Teflon for some reason. She calls Kim crazy and scary when she was the one to reach across the table to choke Kim. She was the one to dramatically break a glass in the middle of a restaurant. And now she’s doing the same thing as her first season. Step 1: Concern troll. Step 2: Have epic confrontation. Step 3: ride on that rage for the rest of the season. Step 4: ultimately be proven right.

    But even though she’s right about Yo, Yo (Lyme Brain and all) is a much tougher opponent than Kim. So, I’m really curious how this plays out.

    • How many times did Kyle tell Rinna to drop the Kim story? This was on First Look the other night. But those silicone-filled lips just kept on flapping. Kim was vile for telling her to eat bread? But Rinna is the victim for trying to strangle her, break a glass and act like an asylum patient off their meds in public? Rinna probably needs more help than Kim. Actually, it’s a tie.

  18. Lisa Rinna, eat something then listen. It’s okay for Yolanda to bring up her kids to anyone. It’s NOT okay to talk about a person or kids behind their back if you know them & can ask face to face. If you had read your cockamamie theory of Munchausens to Yolanda, no problem. It’s the fish-wife mongering gossiping behind other’s backs that’s trashy. That and not shutting up about Kim already. I’m glad Kathryn outed your anorexia. Plus, she had the class to tell you to your face. She didn’t run to the other women and begin reading the symptoms of eating disorders–pushing your food around the plate, pretending to eat, etc…without you being there. That’s the difference. And obviously, it’s been a long time problem. Is that why other’s illnesses fascinate you? So you can deflect your dark side away from you and project onto others?

  19. microop

    I think I’m the only person that thinks Pinky needs to just suck it up and apologize. You know Yolanda is making Mohammed’s life a living hell over this, and as a friend to Mohammed Lisa should feel bad for putting him in that position and just do him the solid. If her friendship with Mo weren’t part of the equation I’d say fuck it, and just let Yo grumble.

  20. janet

    I just watched it. My opinion is that all this gossip stuff is dumb and there are no morally superiour people here. LVP made a mistake in saying anything and it was on camera so Yolanda would eventually find out anyway. Kyle shouldn’t have pumped her for it either. Erika probably shouldn’t have repeated anything but she was trying to be s loyal friend after the fact I dont know if I would have said anything either with all those bitches around me either. And how stupid to talk behind someone’s back when one of their good friends is there. Kathryn annoys me with her making a big issue of the word cunt. Who made her in charge?..

    • Lawstangel

      Erika was just being a “loyal friend?” Nope, that is not why she brought it up. She wanted to start drama, plain and simple. Why do I say this? Because of how she said it. She knew exactly what she wS doing.

  21. Josie

    Wait. Arent these people on a reality show? Yet, Kim gets ARRESTED and no one is supposed to mention it?

    By the way, what ever happened to Yo’s diagnosis of Q Fever from a pet goat licking her chin 30+ years ago? Oh sorry, not supposed to mention it…ok. ?

  22. I’ve been thinking that Erika either has no clue how these shows work, or she made a plan with Yolanda to come on for one season to do Yolanda’s dirty work and promote Erika Jayne. After the shit stirring and lying, why would any of the other ladies want to film with her? She can’t be trusted and she has made it pretty clear she doesn’t want a friendship with any of them. I started out liking her, but not any more.

  23. GRules!

    TT-as a Good Southern Girl, you should recognize the D’Agostino reference from the Drivin and Cryin song, Honeysuckle Blues………”at D’Agostinos late last night I saw a boy, 15 on the road”

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