Dance Moms Recap: Apparently Abby Has Been Blackballed From Competitions!



Minis are the new Maddie

For some unknown reason, Abby Lee Miller was on TMZ again today. They actually were apparently invited to her studio and they did a short video of a hip hop class. Nia, Maddie and Kendall were in it with some other kids. Why does TMZ care? I have no idea. There was no point to the story other than Abby saying these kids with be nothing without her. Which is just another Tuesday in the life of Abby Lee Miller. The only thing I can think of is that Abby called them to her studio herself to prove she was still open?

On to this week’s episode…

Abby is back but she says she says she isn’t interested in the competitions anymore, she just needs money to pay her attorneys. My sound and audio are no where near close to being together, and I am not sure if that is the issue, but Abby seems like she is on something and slurring her words. She’s also not making sense telling the moms she was on vacation last week.  Holly says that Debbie Allen has offered space to the girls and asks the moms what they want to do. They decide to bring the kids in to practice.

Dance Moms Abby
Maddie is not there this week. Abby is pissed that they got beaten by nobodies last week. Jill seems to be trying to throw Brynn’s mom under the bus for being disappointed with a third place finish. Is Jill on something too? Since when is third place good enough for Abby?  The minis are on the pyramid this week and Peyton is on the bottom despite being Abby’s favorite mini. Abby tells Peyton she needs to wash her mother’s mouth out. See it is thing like that that irritate me about Abby. I don’t mind he screaming at the kids. I don’t mind her screaming at the mothers. But punishing the kids for their mother’s issues is really irksome. Another mini, Ari is next. Abby says she needs to pick up dances a lot faster.  Alexi (mini) is next she needs to work on flexibility and strength. Alissa is to top mini. Abby made jabs at all of the mini moms to the minis. Lovely. then up to the real pyramid. Jo Jo is on the bottom. Abby has only nice things to say. Next is Brynn. Abby wants her to attack the genre. Um okay. Jill is thrilled that Brynn was criticized.  Kendall is next and my DVR decided to fix the audio so I missed her critique. Next is Nia and Kalani. Abby says that Kalani was a little more African than Nia.  Holly goes after Abby for her African comment. Mackenzie is on top for no reason.

The mini’s group routine is jazz  and is called Cavemen Undercover. Abby is bringing in a new mini this week. The juniors are doing a group dance called “Better Off Now” and it’s a lyrical. Brynn will be playing the role of Maddie this week. And if they don’t win, Abby has already told Brynn it will be her fault. No pressure. Mini Alysa is doing a solo called Fever Rising.

Kendyl, a fifth mini arrives very late. Abby sends her packing. Until she needs her, Then she lets her back in. Kendyl looks EXACTLY like her mother which could be a problem, because Abby already hates her mother.

The Competition

What the heck happened to Broadway Dance Academy? Did they decide not to be associated with this train wreck? This show is better when there is a rival team.

When the team arrives at the competition venue there is no one there. Jill points out that there are usually tons of kids there screaming upon their arrival. The place is dead. Jill seems to suggest it is due to Abby being absent from the last two competitions. Frankly, I think they might be staging all of these competitions because perhaps the real competition don’t want to associate with someone who has been indicted for fraud. Melissa is somehow threatened by the mini’s and especially Kendyl’s mom.  I think the real problem with Melissa is she has to start over with another studio for Mackenzie if Abby goes to prison. Maddie announced this week that she is no longer with ALDC stating she has several movie roles. While that is true, I think she is also separating herself from Abby.

Dance Moms minis

Alysa’s Solo

Kendall gives Alysa words of encouragement before going on stage and tells her to look at the judges not Abby because she does weird stuff with her hands. I love how all the juniors have sort of adopted a mini. Unlike the moms, they are unbothered by a young group coming up behind them.

Holy Molely! Alysa is a ringer. I don’t know where Abby found this one, but she is a sassy little thing with the dance moves to match. She reminds me a lot of Asia. She should take home first unless there is some kid we didn’t see that is somehow better. I don’t believe that could be the case.

The original moms are super mean to the mini moms. Even Holly, and she used to have some decorum. I don’t understand why mothers behave this way. Kerri, who is Peyton’s mom jumps on the original moms side when they attack Lynn, Kendyl’s mom. That’s a bitch move. The lines are drawn Kerri and you need to defend your own group.

Minis Group Dance

The girls are dressed like Pebbles from the Flintstones carrying caveman clubs. The swinging of the clubs merely serves to call attention to how out of sync they all are. There are no two of them on the same beat Peyton, who is always behind was in the middle for a bit calling everyone’s attention to her lateness. Then one of the girls loses her club on the ground and misses several bars of dancing getting up.  When they all went out, that one was completely out of step with the line. When whoever it was lost her club, Abby said, “Goodbye.” They were cute as little buttons but their dancing was nowhere near Abby’s expectation. The one that messed up was Kendyl. YIKES.

Teen Elite Group Dance

The group dance was incredible. Brynn was perfect. She looked exactly like Maddie. She had Maddie choreography and she acted it out exactly as Maddie would have. She’s very pretty and very talented and I hope they let her dance her own style soon. But if Abby is trying to show Maddie she’s replaceable, she has certainly accomplished that goal.


Wow. Alysa got second. I want to see the first place winner’s dance. Was it a boy? Who could have beaten that dance?  Even more unbelievable, the mini’s took first place in their group dance.  Did any other teams dance in their category? Because that group dance was terrible!  The teens took first place in their dance. Now that they are dancing as teens and not juniors I would think they would have less competition because most kids dancing as a hobby drop out in their teens for high school activities  We just got a live shot of the stage. There are like 12 people on it including the ALDC kids. How the heck did Alysa get second? I just stopped to count. There are exactly eight other kids on the stage. Eight. This is another fake competition. The announcer was like “first place wow!” It was sarcastic. They were the only group that danced. This show has so jumped the shark. This is why we have no  rival team. Clearly, Abby has been blackballed from most if not all competitions. That is likely why she wasn’t at the last two. We should assume from this point forward, if Abby is at a competition, it’s a fake competition. All the now you see her now you don’t with Abby is something the moms all know is because she is blackballed, fortunately for production, Abby flaking out is a storyline that will go uncontested by the average casual watcher of the show.

Next Week:  Maddie comes back. Brynn stays. Abby can’t go to the competition so the girls go to Debbie Allen’s studio. Do they still dance as ALDC at the competition?


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14 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Apparently Abby Has Been Blackballed From Competitions!

  1. Amy

    Jill is coming unhinged. She is the most awful woman on tv.

  2. Sammie

    I thought Abby would disappear quickly once parents saw her “coaching” style. I’m shocked that some of the original girls are still there but absolutely bewildered that she has a new group of minis. What are the parents thinking? I wouldn’t let this abuser near my hypothetical children. Guess fame is more important than sanity.

  3. Cat

    I wonder what Cathy from Candy Apples thinks about all of this?

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t seem to post on the webpage (I think my comment is too long to scroll down. :( so I’m tacking it on to yours, Cat! :)

      I may be overthinking the psychology of all of this, but based on Melissa’s huge behavior changes, I think the Moms are going through their own meltdown over Abby’ situation. Melissa has already indicated that she has the goods on Abby.

      But more than that, they have worked for YEARS to get their kids to the top of the heap at ALDC. If they lose Abby then they become the new/low man on the totom pole anywhere else. It’s kind of late in their teen kids game to fight their way to the top again. I think this has made them even more furious over the fact that after all they have been through, some new moms with minis are showing up and getting the exact same if not better treatment than their kids.

      The original moms have no where to go and are now worried as many of them have quit their jobs, especially Holly to draw the lucrative paycheck of the show. They are freaking out that it is all going to end terribly before their kids are “famous” in the sense that they are working.

      With Abby’s situation, the prospect of having to put their kids back in regular school and get jobs and try to support this new lifestyle they have created must be terrifying.

      Their behavior is still awful and as usual drastically overdramatized for the cameras, but I do think their new anxiety and bitchiness is real.

      • Cat

        Great observations. I never thought of it that way. Makes sense. Maddie was lucky.

      • Jen

        I hope these girls do have some education to “fall back on,” because there is no way they ALL will end up with huge careers in acting and dancing. They are being unrealistic. I hope they don’t end up like a lot of child stars when they grow up feeling lost not being famous.

      • swizzle

        I never understood Holly quitting her job. I guess she thinks she’ll be able to jump back into her career, but I’m guessing school administrators might take issue with her reality TV appearances. She’s a smart woman. Too bad she fell into the reality TV world.

      • tamaratattles

        Once you reach a certain level in education, it’s very difficult to leave and come back. Maybe for one year sabbatical or two, if they REALLY like you. But if you have any detractors or even if you are just in a good salary range, they will not rehire you when they can take a new person fresh out of school who would do the job for about a third of her salary. She’s most likely fucked unless she feels she has a discrimination suit.

  4. peachteachr

    During the Christmas holidays, when television is a football game or a vast wasteland, I googled Maddie because I had read she was a millionaire X 3. I just went from girl to girl, even Chloe from the first few years, but when I got to Nia, it was very different. Holly is mentioned much more than Nia, and often she is called Dr. Holly. It just seemed that Holly was the big wheel so it made me wonder is she wanted to prepare for a career change. Say a manager to other young talents in Hollywood or as an advisor of some sort.
    The moms on this show have ALL turned into shrews. I wish they would show more dancing and less menopausal moms.

  5. Cheychey

    Even if Abby wasn’t going through her legal woes I knew Maddie was going to outgrow Abby. Abby showed little regard to the other girls and developing their talents, while spending all her energy on Maddie.

  6. Cheychey

    Thank you to

  7. “…Abby seems like she is on something and slurring her words.” I’ve always thought Abby was using cocaine. She has some of the classic tells. Nasal talking, late arrivals, sloppy dressing, not caring about your appearance, money issues. However, she doesn’t seem to have the biggest tell; constant sniffing.

  8. Jillian

    It looks like they are staging their own events and “inviting” local studios to showcase their teams onstage with ALDC. They are also charging admission to the takings. Maybe this is to pay the cost of the venue. All I know is we go to REAL competitions. They are big FULL and long. no charge for audience. I’m really disappointed. In season 1. Dance Moms competed at a couple of events we attend and it was exciting now it just looks lame.

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