Child Genius Recap: This is An Outrage!



Well this week’s title “This is an Outrage!” has me excited already!  I was also excited this week to hear from a few of my favorite Child Geniuses on Twitter and a parent or two!  Which means I’m going to try to remember what it was like all of those years working in small southern towns with a moral turpitude clause and an expectation to be a role model and behave myself on this post. Hey! Why do you think I am so ill-mannered now? I had years of pent up bad behavior to exorcise !

Moving on. (Sidenote: Project Runway Allstars premiered tonight and I didn’t realize that. I just setup to tape the repeat. I’ll try to get to that this weekend. It’s been a very busy week at TT!)

So we’re down to the top seven and this week’s subjects are advanced math, and speed memory. I’d have to drop out before embarrassing myself with speed memory. As for advanced math, it depends on the kind of math and if I can use a pencil. Because I can no longer remember why I got up of the couch after doing so.  Hmmmm, they probably lost me at negative exponents.

Claire’s parents, especially her father are starting to lose it. Claire generally stays cool and she is adorably wearing mirrored sunglasses inside as her father criticizes her study habits. This way, she can secretly roll her eyes.

It is interesting to note that finding photos for this show is not that easy; however, there are lots of Adrian photos. I bring this up because we are getting yet another montage of my homeboy in some Russian teahouse studying with his mother. Maybe I am just paying more attention to him because he is from Atlanta, but it really does seem like he gets a lot more publicity than the other kids. Is it foreshadowing?


Child Genius

Oh no, we leave the happy tea room with Adrian and his mother singing original songs to memorize cubed roots ( because, of course! ) to flash to him and his mom studying at the event with a slow pan to show … his dad is there.  Oh joy. His dad says something about being their to comfort Adrian.  Which is the opposite of what is happening. Production cuts slying  from what Adrian’s dad says to what he actually does. I wonder how long his wife was married to him? That must have been quite difficult.

Time for the Paleo Family!  At this point they are a welcome relief from all the parents stressing their kids out. Unschooling is working out well for Will Smiths kids, his son Jaden just got a job modeling women’s clothing and Willow who seems to have had a tough adolescence emotionally. Do you think Jaden was named after Will and Jada’s kid?

Chance is done. He just is not interested in this brutal schedule and just wishes he could go to the bathroom without permission.

Arnav studied with his dad this week. It’s cute in a very nerdy way. His dad is thrilled when he beats Arnav in timed tests, but he admits he is ready for his wife to come back and take over.

Child genius samLast week, not to mention last year, ( just spent way too much time trying to figure out who had the fit about going first last year)  there was the issue of having to go first which is seen as a disadvantage by some. I really don’t get it being that big of a deal. It not like it’s MTV’s The Challenge where they are figuring out how to traverse tight ropes and jumping across moving cars. It’s questions. Nonetheless, this week a guy comes out to show us that they are going to draw numbers to see who goes first. This must cause a problem because usually it is not necessary for us to see this part.

Oh NO!  They draw Sam again. Sam had to go first last time and has been first much more than the other kids. All the kids laugh hysterically when his name is called and this makes Sam feel even worse. The kids weren’t laughing at Sam, they were laughing at the situation because Sam is picked first A LOT. But Sam is a tender spirit and he doesn’t take it well. He asks the man if he can redraw. He wasn’t kidding. He says it is way too much pressure. I’m not too worried about Sam. It’s math. It is the others who should be worried. The astronomer going first will set a high bar.

Round One Advanced Math

Sam is up and people all over the country are rooting for him. I predict a perfect score. YES! YES! YES! He got it! 10/10 YES!

Chance is up next. He says he wants to say something. I’m thinking NO! THIS IS NEVER GOOD! But he gave a little birthday shoutout to his dad. Kind of inappropriate, this is the advanced math round, not your acceptance speech, but still sweet.  Chance got a perfect score too! 10/10

Arnav is next. he too gets a perfect score. I must say the MENSA lady made this round sound much harder than it really is. Were are the negative exponents? All of the questions are solved by a simple process, it’s a matter of not making calculation errors. 10/10.

Adrian is up. He had a talking head where he seemed a bit nervous. That is not like him. I blame his father. Nonetheless, he got a perfect score. 10/10.

Claire is up in her most ruffly pink dress yet. And she got an easy 10/10.

Child GeniusVivek is up. We didn’t see him in the beginning of the show.  Last week his dad was like Arnav’s dad this week taking over for mom. But now we see his mom is back with the baby. Vivek gets a 10/10 too. His first question was hard and I was nervous.

Jaden is up and we see that Jaden’s family prepared him with some exercise. Which is a good idea. And his mother once again lectures us on the evils of sugar. Which is absolutely correct. Also, I should point out that while I giggle at this family, I’ve been on a modified paleo diet since the second week of January. I feel much better. But I have yet to become an astrophysicist because of this healthy eating plan. I’m just saying. I’m going to go ahead and type that Jaden got a 10/10 too. I think everyone will. In other news, his dad is quite the broad jumper. NO! Jaden missed a simple fraction reduction! Maybe he was tired. Or maybe Claire hexed him! She seemed to be willing him to miss the whole time and was visibly pleased when he did. I’m not sure to root for evil Claire as the girl villain on the show or be mad at her! 9/10

Parental Shaming Half-Time

I would predict we will be low on bad parenting this halftime because the scores are so high and Jaden’s parents don’t do that sort of thing, but then I remembered my homeboy’s dad is there.  And Adrian seemed a bit less confident this week. And he had a lovely package aired with his mother at a Russian Tea house.  And suddenly, I’m worried this could be the end of the line for my homeboy.

Chance is suddenly a lot more confident. He is coming off a perfect math score and had a perfect memory score in the first round of the competition. This is his best category. His mother seems intent on deflating his confidence. Chance once again tries to bail to the solace of the boys bathroom and is once again denied. Then his mom finally lets him go.

Claire, “I’m nervous! I’m not good at the art of relaxing!”  Bless her heart I don’t think she has been allowed to relax since the day she was brought home from the hospital.

Vivek, who began the competition with stage fright, had overcome it. In his talking head he reminds us he got 18 cards in the first memory exercise. But the interesting part is that he said, “instead of 52 as expected.”  It’s clear from that he feels the expectation of perfection. He could struggle this round. Or achieve perfection. As he says, “it’s unpredictable.”

Jaden is nervous and wants to study instead of walk on his hands. Because, genius.

Sam, “Memory is the little element of chaos in all of this.

Our favorite evil genius!

Our favorite evil genius!

Round Two Memory

Arnav was first.  I think going first in this round is a disadvantage assuming they do not know the types of memory questions they will be asked. He got an 8/10 and could be in trouble. Meanwhile, Arnav’s dad has that, “My wife is going to kill me when I get home look.

Vivek is up next. Wow, I suppose Arnav probably had the sequencing questions too, but this was hard. It seemed much harder than Arnav’s questions. He got 6/10. This means Arnav is safe, but Vivek is in danger.

Chance is up. He got a 7/10 which is enough to keep him in the game.

Claire is up and says this is the first time she is nervous. Oh no! We can’t have her go home! We need the last girl and the season villain to the end! She struggled, but managed to stay alive with a 7/10.

Adrian (homeslice) is up.  OH NO! He got a 6/10 too!  This is terrible news. The only way to keep Adrian and Vivek is for Jaden to mess up.

Sam is up. For some reason I thought he had already gone. The title being something he said makes me worried for him. Sam squeaks through with a 7/10! YES!

Jaden is up.  I am channeling my internal Claire hoping for lots of mistakes. I don’t want to lose Vivek or Adrian. Somebody had to go, and I’m okay with it being Jaden. Oh! I forgot, Jaden is one point behind everyone! AND he gets a 5/10.

Man, that was a heart stopper! Sorry Jaden. Please pack your knives and go.

Chance, Sam and Claire tied for second. Arnav won with an 8! I bet he didn’t expect first after he finished his turn. And most importantly, Arnav’s dad gets to live. Because for the second week in a row, the kid whose mother was unavoidably away did better than ever.

Jaden is ready to go back to fun.

Arnav’s dad calls his wife and says, ” On my watch Arnav did well, he came first. I’m going to hand over the genius to you tonight. After that, what you make of him is your problem. My job is done.” He’s too funny.

Next week: It looks like Homeslice might score poorly in round one. Our favorite villainess has some trouble with spelling, and Vivek seems posed to cruise past them both to the end. Do we lose two next week? I think there might only be two episodes left!


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11 responses to “Child Genius Recap: This is An Outrage!

  1. KidsRkids

    WOW … what a first round … 6 perfect scores!

    Yuck, Adrian’s dad is back to screw things up. Oh no, he will be attending next week too, Adrian does so much better when it is just him and his mom.

    Vivek is the most adorable thing EVER! Just want to pick him up and love on him. Could listen to that sweet little voice talk all day.

    I wish Sam would stop loosing it when things don’t go the way he feels they should. Smarting off to the competition coordinator was not a smart move and, in my opinion, very disrespectful. I look forward to a week where he does not have a meltdown, although I think he is adorable otherwise.

    I was sweating it as well TT that Vivek or Adrian might be going home, but thankfully they dodged the bullet.

    Poor Jayden, still think he has that sweet kind soul and wish him all the best in his future ventures. Still can’t get over his mother mentioning vodka, whiskey and valium last episode, I did not find the humor in it. Will miss seeing his dad (no more eye candy now – bummer).

  2. Deb in SF

    “Please pack your knives and go.” Had me hooting.

  3. Dee

    Great recap, Claire’s got is funny! I feel bad for Sam, people weren’t laughing at him, more like they knew how it felt. Poor guy, someone should explain it

  4. There was a major error in the math round when, during Chancellor’s round, the screen showed us -17 X -19, and he answered -323. I would hope that these kids AND the judges know that, when you multiply two negatives, you get a positive! If anything on this episode was an outrage, that was it.

    I hope it was just an editing problem, as they didn’t show them ASKING the question and just had it up on the screen as he gave his answer. Perhaps it was the TV producers who don’t know middle school math?!! Let’s hope — otherwise, this show has some serious problems!

    • C Merrirt

      Exactly. I went online looking for someone who challenged it. But I suppose it was just the editing. No way that error made it past everyone.

    • JulesC

      Thanks, IrisJ! I’ve been trying to find someone else that was bothered by that! I, too, am hoping that it was asked differently on the show. Surely one of those kids or parents would have been all over that! They showed Sam missing a problem with his father before the round due to a negative sign. I’d love to hear the show comment on it. So glad you brought it up!

  5. Wallace

    I could not love Homeslice Adrian any more than I do. He is just a joyful kid when it comes to his studies and piano.

    Vivek is adorbs.

  6. amisteree

    I’m head over heels about this show! Thanks for recapping it and luring me in. After over-indulging in the Housewives snark and shade this is refreshing, but I still get ticked at some of the parents. Vivek and his anxious facial expressions tug at my heart; plus his precious family–his dad lights up the screen when he smiles. Sam’s nervous glances at his mom and his straightforward questions kill me. Adrian is a hoot. He was born to perform. And Arnav- what’s not to love about him? He is so earnest! I don’t want any of these guys to pack their knives and go home.

  7. Mike

    What about 393887-296914=96973 NOT 106973 during Jadens math round…

    • tamaratattles

      Trust and believe the questions and answers are verified y’all. They have people right there in the room whose job is just that.

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