Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Arrested For Misdemeanor Assault


Mob Wives Drita


So it’s been a busy day. Correction,  I’m still bust from yesterday. It’s 4 a.m. here and I have so much stuff in my inbox I may never get to the end. I  got a few questions about the fight that Drita D’Avanzo got into on Tuesday that led to her being arrested and charged with misdemeanor arrest. Let’s get the office version out of the way first, then I’ll tell you what really went down.


D’Avanzo, the 40-year-old star of VH1’s “Mob Wives,” was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly punched a woman in the woman’s Tottenville house, according to NYPD Detective Hubert Reyes.

Where on the body exactly is the woman’s Tottenville house?  Is this Jersey slang for a cunt punch?

The scuffle happened at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday after D’Avanzo and the woman got into a verbal dispute.

When the fight escalated, D’Avanzo allegedly threw multiple punches at the woman. She then fled the scene but was later arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. She was released from the precinct later that evening and has a March 9 court date.

Sources with knowledge of the incident said the victim was Mary Bratti, a former chef at the St. George Italian restaurant Enoteca Maria.

Reached for comment Wednesday, Bratti asked if the Advance would pay money for information on the case. When the answer was no, she had no comment.


Mob Wives Drita nice nasty


Okay, so here is what went down. Some sites are reporting that the woman who received a beat down, Mary Bratti was a former chef. I don’t know about all that but I do know she used to work for Drita as an assistant and/or in her store. But she hasn’t worked there in quite some time.

During the week that Mob Wives premiered, the second week of January, Carla Facciolo tweeted to Drita, “stop worrying about what Love said to me u should be ashamed of all the things u said about me . Should we ask (mary) ?

Mary was thrilled with the attention and Carla and Mary exchanged a flurry of tweets for a while.  The recap of that is Mary saying she could talk for days about things Drita has said about all of them.  Then Love joins in to trash talk Drita’s book.

Quotes from Mary’s Twitter about Drita

“it’s amazing how much time she spends talking shit about everyone. She should use that time to take care of her kids.”

“i guess now I’m blocked too. Tell her to have her husband Lee stop parking in my spot!!!” (Jan 14)

“listen the only agenda I have is my family. She’s a crazy”

“liar who needs to get what she deserves. That’s all”

“so now everyone can hear her full of shit tall tales. She’s got millions of them #booko‘lies” (Jan 27 Tweeting to Carla and also Karen)

Then there was some sort of altercation at Mary’s house. Some of it was videotaped.


ALSO, the original video I posted was shot by her CHILDREN from inside the house who freak out when the fighting starts. I can’t believe she posted it in the first place. That poor little boy.

NEW UPDATE: She sold the video to TMZ. It’s been edited to remove the boy’s screaming/crying and to insert the daughter saying “She’s winning?” 

Also the chick is now claiming she was hospitalized with a concussion. Which is bullshit. She was tweeting non stop with trash talk about winning the fight and NOW she is saying she got a beat down and had a concussion. Drita’s shots were all upper cuts to the body. This chick is bat shit crazy.


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41 responses to “Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo Arrested For Misdemeanor Assault

  1. Well how bratty of Mary Bratti.

    Tottenville = a neighborhood on Staten Island. Don’t ask me how I know that. Oy, the lengths one will go to for a hot piece!

    I’m watching tonight’s episode as I write this. There are a couple of scenes with Big Ang that are pretty sad.

  2. Behoro

    It’s nice to put s face with the name (Lee)!!!

    • Face to Lee-I wish I didn’t see what he looks like! He is just a typical THUG, talks like a thug-grabbing his junk and in typical fashion says suck my dick and then spits. Nice father influence to his two girls. Drita is no better. Mary-well obviously another piece of shit!

      • I actually thought Lee was hot (hangs head in shame).

      • Manero

        Lee probably does not do that in front of his kids and since no one else knows except those in the household, you are unable to make an accurate judgement. As for Mary Bratti, she took part by agravating the situation and running her mouth. If her kids were there, what kind of role model is she?

    • Lindsay

      He’s really not cute! Carla’s ex-husband on the other hand…

  3. fivecatsownme

    Drita: the feminine diminutive of Dorito.

  4. k-slay

    I’m from staten island – Tottenville is a town in SI lol

    • k-slay

      Also Tamara – you’re right, because the house Drita films is in Pleasant Plains, two towns over from Tottenville. I grew up in Pleasant Plains and I used to see Drita in CVS all of the time, maybe it was only during filming season. But either way, strange.. maybe she was renting one and Lee the other? who knows.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      Pretty sure she was making a joke.

      • k-slay

        yeah because everyone knows every single town in every single city in every single state that they don’t live in, my bad.

  5. Cat

    Selling her story…about a parking space? If this woman gets her own reality show because of a parking space, I will officially toss my TV out the window.

  6. jen

    The trottenville comment you made had me laugh so hard. I died.

    I can’t believe two adult women got in a physical fight over a parking spot.

  7. Bria

    great recap, just when am barking away from the computer screen for a mental break, you spice things up. thank you for the comic relief.

  8. Suzanne D

    Where is Drita’s store? Could it be that Lee’s and Drita’s stores are by this crazy chick’s rental? That could explain how Drita got on the scene fast. Or the video could have been edited. As far I as I know, those are their real houses that are filmed for the show.

    • tamaratattles

      Nah, this was a dispute between neighbors.

    • Sharon

      I have read that this took place at their buisness/stores. This Mary person says in the video, something along the lines of , “Nobody even goes into your store, you’re broke”.

    • Poppys

      I am thinking that is why happened too. The lady in the video said to Lee that he was always parking in her spot and no one comes into his store anyway.

  9. Grandmalou

    All three of these adults should be ashamed of themselves for fighting. Drita, being a celebrity with kids is not setting a good example of restraint. I’m kinda tired of her bull dog, tough girl attitude. She’s a bit long in the tooth to be in involved in a street fight. She has my permission to take several seats facing the wall in a corner.

  10. blueeyed

    What did I miss? I never saw Drita, only Lee.

    • tamaratattles

      So blueeyed, I was all set to tell you to get your damn eyes checked. But I like to make sure I’m right before I come for someone. :) So I watched the video to make sure I put up the right thing. And the bitch has edited the fight out. LOL. Perhaps that is because it showed her as the instigator? She’s not very smart.
      Was it something I said?

      • AH HA! I was wondering why I didn’t see Drita or anybody or any fighting.

      • Dee

        I went to TMZ after you mentioned. Drita attacked the woman, punched her many times, who evidently has been asking Lee to stop parking in her space. Where I live there is only assigned parking. No extra spaces, no company allowed. Maybe they don’t have any other spaces and are towed?

  11. tamaratattles

    YEP! She cut out the fight and sold it to TMZ this morning. lol.

  12. Gapeachinsc

    When I lived in Boston I was shocked the first time I saw a fight over a parking space – especially because it was on the street. I learned folks are real territorial over their parking spots, especially if they shoveled the space and cleaned it up. People would put lawn chairs in the space when they would leave…

  13. Drita is such an absurd moron. She seems so much dumber and low class than the rest of these “ladies” She is a fool when she start barking about being a fighter. More lie a no class buffoon. They think they are glorious gangsters leading a glamorous life. They are bunch of low lifes married/divorced from two bit hoods, living in squalor, in cheap houses driving leased cars.They were like crazy circus freaks in the Hamptons.

  14. Calipatti

    Well I still would like to be Drita’s friend.
    I like her, wish she would play the game better though. Always allow the other to punch first, no exceptions.

  15. Minky

    You know? I would love to see Teresa flip a table anywhere near Drita. Or see her call Drita a “prostitution whore”. That would be television!

  16. The area they are fighting over is where the businesses are. They do live & film in the house on the show

  17. Calipatti

    Booko, really. — dumb ass

  18. tamaratattles

    I added another version of the youtube at the end. It’s most of what I originally posted this morning before it was changed.

    About the parking spaces, apparently they are assigned from Mary’s perspective because she claimed she was calling the tow company, HOWEVER Lee and Drita were screaming at her that it is NOT her space.

  19. TAMARA

    This Mary chick definitely seems dumb and hard up for some attention! I still like Drita …

  20. Should’ve got her with the good old Cynthia Bailey Cunt Punt.

  21. Katherine 2.0

    Poor Drita. Stressing out over her Big Ang dying, and having to deal with this money-grubbing retard.

  22. Val

    Drita is soooo lucky – had she trespass on my property – she would have been BEAT DOWN then her & her PATHETIC excuse of a “MAN”/ spouse would have been SHOT!! # TRUTH!!

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