Married At First Sight: Intimacy Part II

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

So many people have reached out to me to call Ashley every name in the book this episode, so I am excited to finally get the chance to recap it for you.  I’ve also seen lots of commercials where Sam and Neil seem to be coming together, I am even more excited about that. I’ve been defending Sam all along for the most part and taking heat for it so I am really hoping for a happily ever after for them. On the other hand, a commercial suggesting a happy ending before the final decision is often the kiss of death. Thanks again for not spoiling me on any outcomes you might know of!

Vanessa and Tres

Dr. Logan stops by to help Vanessa and Tres sort things out after Vanessa ran away from home last week.  Tres says all the right things, but I am not sure I believe him. Their homework is to do a romantic thing for their partner.

When Vanessa was sick, Tres brought home some medicine and some flowers, which is nice. But he also brought home sushi. I’m not a fan, but do people who like it really want to eat bait when they are sick?  It looks like he got her soup too, but she is eating the bait. Vanessa has a new job that should be less stressful. They hang the painting the did together in their house. It’s a guitar on two canvases she painted one and he did the other, allegedly. I think she did both. Also she should have hung them with space in between, That’s the whole point of using two canvases.

They were supposed to be five and a half weeks in, but their romantic gesture came  on their one month anniversary. #ContinuityIssues  These two seem great together, but I am still a bit suspect. Tres is already writing a book on how to have a happy marriage. Clearly he is joking.

David and Ashley

David and Ashley

Ashley and David

We begin where we left off last episode with Ashley telling David she heard he asked a girl out for drinks. Why does she care? Who could blame him, she’s five weeks in to the six week experiment and she won’t even be civil to him let alone hold his hand. David looks guilty as sin even before he opens his mouth to deny it was a date. Ashley says she has the message he left the girl. Where the hell would she get that? Oh yeah, production. Oh wait, David’s excuse just got better, sort of. Now suddenly they have a “mutual friend?” I smell a set up so that Ashley can leave and make David look like the loser instead of her. Ashley is rewriting history acting like up until this point she was putting in some effort.

David writes Ashley a note. Ashley continues to berate David. David says he knows nothing about her, met her friends, heard about her family, nothing. Ashley says she doesn’t talk to him because of the way he treats her. She calls him a liar. She storms off like a five year old. OH. MY, GOD.  Ashley just said, “I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who can never admit they are wrong!” Seriously? David apologies for every little breath he takes. She on the other hand, hurls insults and has tantrums. In this argument she also threw at him, “I’d talk to you if you could communicate like a 30 year old man.”  I wonder what on earth that looks like to her? Where the hell is Dr. Logan.?

David goes to his hometown of Buffalo. He leaves her a note on the chalkboard and goes to tell her goodbye. She tells him that she talked to the girl and she said she didn’t even know who he was until he added her on Facebook. I must say in her defense, as much  as it pains me, this mutual friend story is bullshit.

Ashley says the notes David left are all lies. She has her friend (WAIT WHAT? Where did this friend come from? Is she a hired actress?) Her name is also Ashley. She unloads her issues onto this newly discovered friend. It’s amazing how physically unattractive Ashley has become. Ashley rewrites history again saying that she has been really trying.  In her talking head she says she wants mutual respect. That would be funny if it were not so sad.

Wow, Buffalo is really pretty. I’ve never seen it before. David tells the mutual friend story to his brother. Later, he takes a six pack to the cemetery to drink with his dad.  I am not sure I  buy this crying scene at the cemetery. Later he calls Ashley, and she doesn’t pick up. Because, she asked for space.



Sam and Neil

It seems like these two are getting closer. Sam is finally coming around. All the things she thought was weird at first she finds endearing now. She wants to have a video game party, because that is something Neil would like!  This is groundbreaking progress for Sam! She’s actually considering her husband a tiny bit!

Dr. Logan stops by to chat with the couple. Sam actually acknowledges Neil’s patience. With just under two weeks left, they are still going to move into a new place. That is a good sign. They found a house that is super nice. It’s also furnished, so it was set up by production. They do have to make up the bed. Old Sam comes back and manages the entire process and then claims the male side of the bed. Don’t question me on this. I know these things.

Sam and Neil go to a pottery painting place. Neil is going to a wedding in Vegas, but Sam can’t get off work.

Next Week is the last week before decision week.


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13 responses to “Married At First Sight: Intimacy Part II

  1. Sam and Neil are so cute together. I think Neil’s patience has paid off. I also hope that Vanessa and Tres stay together, I think they can make it work, if they are patience, I can see them growing into love.The seem to be both scared a bit as the intimacy has made them closer in a lot of ways. I really like David,but Ashley is not at all trying, she has a good excuse to not engage with him further. Poor David, I feel sorry for him,but he is frustrated.

  2. Poor David. At this point, Ashley is turning him to a bootlicker. He should just throw in the towel. She sure can rewrite history as you say TT. Almost like being gaslighted. I’m not thinking David is a natural wimp, but she sure is turning him into one. I feel sorry for him. Love Tres and Vanessa. So cute, so adorable. I was picturing them with a baby.

  3. Amy V

    TT…I just viewed The Next 15 on Demand. I don’t believe I have laugh so hard watching a reality show. It’s a blazing riot. Hoping that Carlos King will be a main stay on the show.

  4. microop

    Well now Ashley can add manipulative to her wonderful personality traits.

    • I can’t see any of these people staying married but I especially dislike Ashley and find her to be a cold bitch. David deserves better. Let this show be a warning to any man who wants to date Ashley in the future. Tres and Vanessa seem to be playing house and Sam is too much to deal with. The “experts” suck at their jobs. This show is just sad..

      • I can’t stand Ashley either. The reason nobody came to the 4th of July event is because she only has the one friend. I can’t imagine Ashley being a nurse she has no compassion at all !! I wouldn’t want her working on me.

  5. DarkThoughts

    Yeah this is the episode where Ashley goes from Uggo to Psycho. I thought I found her icky because of her horrible personality. This week she acted so ugly that she looks like a female hobbit with a porn mustache and 5 o’clock shadow.

    Ashley has no backstory because she hasn’t given David thus the audience anything. This week she became mentally unstable with the way she acted in my opinion. I wish David would pack her bags, dump them on the porch, and change the locks. I want David to say, “bye, girl” and run as fast as he can in the opposite direction.

  6. Ashley is so excited to have an excuse to get out of that marriage. She thinks she’s saving face by blaming it on David but we all see thru her. Ugh. What a horrible woman!

    Sam, on the other hand, is really making progress. Go Team Sam & Neil!

  7. CoBe

    My take?

    Vanessa and Tres are what a couple looks like when they are doing marriage “by the book”. In other words, their motto is that marriage is an effort and there are certain things you should do and the partner should do.

    Those tend to be long term marriages, but long term marriages that aren’t very fulfilling.

    For me, I believe that marriage is about love and never requires “work”. When you love someone, you naturally want to do things for them. It is not work, it is just love.

    I doubt anyone will agree with me, but that is my philosophy and works very well for me. Sometimes my partner is the one who is down and needs me to pull a bit extra and sometimes it is me. Either way, either of us enjoys helping the other and neither complains or considers it anything other than normal.

  8. CoBe

    PS: Ashley has some serious mental issues. She is someone to stay far, far away from. She also shows signs of being a perpetual victim, which means that this accusation about “cheating” (on a woman who won’t let you so much as HUG her?) will snowball into something else before long.

    Be safe, David. And get away as quickly as possible.

  9. Rose

    Neil-s patience is finally paying off with Sam. I’ve been one of the few pulling for Ashley and David but this girl thing,whether production or not, is for drama. Pay off me still feels she’s got the rotten edit like Jaimie from season 1. Promo from next week may be promising for them? Want Tre and Vanessa to make it but something still seems off to me with them.

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