Teresa Giudice’s Interview With Catt Sandler Part II

RHONJ Teresa Catt

This Felon By Bravo Book Tour is going to be the death of me. One more post Acutally, it’s two more after this one tonight  I forgot about Nightline, which is technically the first one for tomorrow as that show starts at 12:35 a.m. I sort of wonder if I was supposed to have watched it this morning. It’s all very confusing.

Bloggers are always complaining that we either have to much to blog about or not enough. I need to have more gratitude for the bounty of things to share with you today. I just wish it wasn’t five posts about Teresa saying exactly the same thing. But Frankly, February is a short month that started out with a whimper so I need to do all I can to drag you guys over here to read anything I can. Thanks for being so supportive, by the way. I don’t tell y’all that enough. Ugh, don’t let me get soft.

Last night’s post on Part I of Catt Sandler’s interview with Teresa didn’t get nearly as many views as the GMA interview with Amy Robach or last night’s Part I Live Interview With Andy Cohen.  But I think that is mostly because E! is slicing this up into tiny pieces to spread out over God knows how many episodes for ratings. Catt has some good questions coming up, and hopefully we will get there tonight. Last night she had to get the requisite introductory questions out of the way. I just pulled tags from that post and there were only eight comments. I guess there really isn’t that much to say.


RHONJ Teresa E! Catt Sandler

Okay, the drinking words are “you know” and “like”! Let’s get this party started!

CS:  Is this a new Teresa?
TG: I swear I wanted to come home and get a spray tan! But since everyone is saying they like me without the tan, so I’m like alright! Maybe I’ll rock this for a little bit!

The camera landed on Catt for a brief second and the look on her face is priceless. She has just asked a mother who has been released from prison a question about whether or not prison has transformed her. And in true Teresa fashion she starts talking about whether or not people LIKE HER better with a spray tan or not.  This right here pretty much sums things up. Teresa’s concern even after prison time is about her exterior and public perception. Do you like me better with a tan, or without, America?  And even though, or perhaps because of how much she denies being concerned about her looks in prison, it’s clear it was an obsession. Photos from the book show that Teresa apparently permed her real hair in prison, had her uniform tailored (according to her, in the book she claims it was the best $12 she ever spent to feel good about herself), purchased every available Wet N Wild product in the commissary while telling readers it was nothing like what she was used to, and worked out like a madwoman. This is a mediawhore who definitely is obsessed with her appearance.

Ha as soon as I hit the play button, Catt says it is more than Teresa’s physical appearance, her whole attitude has changed after being locked up for over 350 days.

CS:  What did you do the first day you came home? Did you have people over?
TG:  Teresa says no, she didn’t really want anybody over. I just wanted to be with my daughters and my husband. Teresa excited tells us “My daughter’s they took me around the house! They wanted to show me that everything was organized the way I left it. We all slept together the first night and it was like the best feeling ever!

A word about affect…neither party to this interview has appropriate facial expressions or demeanor. Teresa n0t only lacks humility, but she seems very “on for the cameras” exuberant, perhaps this was the first interview she did and she is experiencing the spotlight for the first time since prison? It just seems out of place during some of the more difficult topics.  Catt on the other hand, she is trying to find the right face. I mean can you imagine trying to figure out the correction emotion or lack there of to plaster on your face during this interview?

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water? It’s fine Joe, just smile, smile, smile!

CS:  I’m guessing on night number two, you and Joe spent that night together and made up for lost time or was it the next morning?
TG:  I think yeah, the next morning. After they went to school! <HUGE GRIN>  TMI For me let alone her children who will watch this. The next night too they ended up sleeping with us. So then, you know we ended up checking out the other rooms. First it was the family room and then our bathroom. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TMI! NO ONE NEEDS THAT VISUAL! (Catt: So  Joe wanted to show you how tidy he kept the bathroom)  Yes, he wanted to show me how neat he kept his bathroom. WE GET IT! LET’S MOVE ON!

CS: The cheating rumors came up while you were in prison. How do you move on from that?
TG:  Obviously from the show, people planted seeds, (wait what? what does that even mean? Is she blaming production here? Saying they planted the tabloid stories? I mean the probably did, but it’s interesting to hear her say it if that is what she is saying.) that my husband was you know cheating. So now, I feel bad for him. If he’s out, if he’s out with his friends and some girls come to the table, like strangers take pictures.  And they end up selling it to tabloids. We’ve been married 16 years (this is another factoid she has been coached to say, it comes up in every interview. I wonder how long it took her oddball lawyer to drill this stuff into her?) There has never been a woman that has come up to me and said, Oh, I’ve been with your husband. Well that certainly clears him. If no women have confronted you then it never happened. Meanwhile Catt has settled for an affect of mild disgust that somehow suggests a desire to be rescued. Perhaps she too is thinking “how did I get here?”

CS:  Now you have to do this all over. (Referring to Joe Leaving)
TG: I know. I feel bad for my daughters having to go through this again.  (as many times as she says that, do you think her remaining fans will finally get it if she leaves for DWTS before or right after he does? Surely she won’t do that)

CS: How is his mindset knowing that he will be gone for 41 months? (Fun fact: That’s a month for every charge in the indictment! )
TG:  You know, he’s being strong, but I’m sure, you know, I’m sure, you know, (sic) he’s thinking about it.

CS: Will you allow the show to tape Joe’s goodbye when he leaves?  Does a bear shit in the woods?
TG: Nah, no, I don’t think so. That’s something private that I think we should have, you know, with our daughters, and Joe alone. (Do you believe it will be shot? You know if he doesn’t make a run for Italy?)

Voiceover: But Teresa did allow cameras to shoot her return home reuniting with the family. A brief oddly sputtering glimpse of the scene from the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New Jersey of Teresa running into Joes arms is played.  If your recall, I know several of Phaedra’s neighbors who told me that Phaedra was gone before Apollo went to prison with the boys (they went to the beach) yet on RHOA they had the dramatic scene with Phaedra and Apollo in the garage where he is supposedly there while AWOL arguing with her. That did not happen on the day Apollo was to um, “go asunder” Apollo also left town to go to Ashville then night before he was to go in. So I am not sure whether I believe they filmed this scene in real time or reenacted it. I would lead to it being the real deal just because everyone involved is down with the paycheck and it would have bumped up their money.

CS: It wasn’t a death sentence it was a prison sentence.
TG: Right! And you know what? We all have to carry a cross in out time. I’m 43 was is the first time, that, you know, something traumatic in my life that happened so I’m lucky if anything, I’m lucky for that.


E! Did a poll asking if you believed Teresa is a changed person. 61% said no.

Now Catt is being interviewed about her interview. This is all so meta. What was Teresa like behind the scenes? Catt says she was very friendly and well-mannered. She was in her house for three hours and in between filming the talked a lot. She says Teresa is obsessed with her family. The girls must have called and texted a dozen times.


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22 responses to “Teresa Giudice’s Interview With Catt Sandler Part II

  1. JoJoFLL

    OMG your fun fact just made me laugh so hard I farted! Sorry TMI but it was hilarious!!!

  2. Prostatution Fame Horror.

  3. JustJenn

    If no one comments on this post It must be because, you know, they are like passes out from your drinking game.

  4. Minky

    Even in transcribed form Teresa’s speech seems slow and dim-witted. And TT tried to punch it up as much as humanly possible! Again, well done Tamara.

    In that first photo Teresa looks like a ghost at Knot’s Scary Farm. (Shudder)

    I have to disagree with everybody, however. Prison did change Teresa. For the worse! How the hell does one spend a whole year in the joint and not somehow become at least a teensy weensy bit more humbled and less conceited? How, dammit?!!!

  5. Noellemybelle

    It’s official. If we must discuss Teresa, I prefer to read about her or hear others talk about her. Just watched the clip of GMA and her annoying voice drove me insane. I couldn’t make it thru PT 1 of WWHL last night, so thanks for the blogs. This has to be a painstaking process to hear that same crap in her whiny voice about missing her daughters (oh yeah and my husband) over and over again. When I see those kids I think “poor Gabriella” she seems to be the smartest of the entire bunch (Gorgas included)

    Clearly Tre did not expand her vocabulary in prison….you know?

  6. Sam

    Thank you for covering all of these interviews, TT. I’m so happy I could get the lowdown and not actually have to contribute to television ratings for this con artist.

  7. At first I thought that was a photo of Teresa & Taylor Armstrong…

  8. natalie

    Personally I prefer her tan look.

  9. T

    Teresa looks gorgeous in all these interviews – hair, make-up, wardrobe … everything is on the money. I’m not really interested in her attempting to justify what she and her husband did and shame on anyone for paying her $$$$ to hear her ‘story’.

    I’m surprised Catt doesn’t get more air time from E! She’s by far their best female presenter (well, I think so anyway) and is a fantastic interviewer too. She should’ve been first pick as Giuliana’s E! News hosting role instead of boring, monotone Maria.

    • Matzah60

      So agree with you, T. Catt Sadler would have been the idea replacement for Guiliana. Sadler is sharp, well-spoken, and I am glad the interview went to her instead of Maria. Maria is a former WWW wrestler. She is dumb, rough around the edges, and has a laugh that sounds nuts.

      I was surprised Sadler was given the interview, but she did a good job. TT, as always, great job. I’ve got to tell you. The questions are so very similar in each interview that I honestly don’t know how you sat, listened, and transcribed the whole thing (how many times, 4 or 5). I got sick of the similar questioning and pat answers so kept getting up to do other things and then snuck back in the room to see a little more.

  10. Cat

    Why are these women all over my TV? I don’t even get Bravo, anymore. But, they are EVERYWHERE, doing pointless interviews. Dr. Oz seems to have some kind of revolving door for these shallow, fake women.

    Is the franchise slipping in ratings?

  11. beauxblue

    I can’t take this nonsense about the poor girls. If tre and juicy as the parents of the 4 girls couldn’t do right by them as their parents, why am I supposed to feel sorry for them. if I have any sympathy for these poor girls it’s that their parents are con artists.

  12. Toddy

    Poor Teresa, having to “carry a cross.” Because she’s such an innocent, persecuted figure. Blecch.

  13. I didn’t watch the show but decided to play your drinking game as I read, that is a lie I just like to drink!! So I am wasted and cannot believe this person. I feel for her children because they will probably grow up to be just like her.

    I just saw the commercial for the Housewives of Dallas. I am from Dallas and am already embarrassed for these people. Does Bravo intentionally set out to have the most brain dead woman they can find? With the exception of Erica on Beverly Hills, love her!!

    TT you get it done!! Thanks

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