Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll be C**** if I Want To!

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Freeze

by Guest Contributor Ben C.

Cryotherapy sessions, throwing cheap handbag shade, out of town trips, and patting the puss is how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got her groove back. Sure, there’s still a bit too much debate of Yolanda’s health happening, but the rest is what we all love to see. The women being silly, having fun (most of the time) and doing things we don’t all do in normal, everyday life (have lunch and complain about people.) It’s refreshing and feeling like a throwback. Everybody loves a good throwback.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Kyle and Lisa V meet Yolanda (and Daisy, Yolanda’s ‘helper’) for a group Cryotherapy session.

Yolanda claims Cryotherapy is one of the “fun things” she gets to do every week. Yolanda likens it to standing inside a box that’s below freezing, and coming out like a frozen popsicle. She thinks it’s funny the other ladies came in makeup, jewels and heels. Apparently, she claims the experience is about being “naked, raw & freezing to death together.” The Cryotherapy ‘nurse’ tells the ladies it’s -147 degrees celsius inside the chamber. The ladies change into bathrobes, and take turns standing inside the cylinder. Vanderpump bares all for the cameras, and throws her robe off before the door to the chamber is even shut. Of course, Lisa and Kyle scream and make a scene – while Yolanda “takes it like a woman” (her words) and enjoys not one, but two rounds.  Kyle compares it to skiing down a mountain in Aspen, stark naked, in a blizzard. She thinks she’s got frostbite on her ass.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Show
Across town, Erika is prepping for her upcoming performance in San Diego. She’ll be singing at a gay club in the city, for a party named ‘Pervert.’ She sifts through various wardrobe choices with her stylist, and finds the first must-have item. It’s a necklace with the ‘c-word’ spelled out. The same ‘c-word’ Kathryn told/scolded Erika she was “too beautiful to ever use” at the Moulin Rouge party. Erika is proud of it, and thinks everyone could use a little C-U-Next-Tuesday in their lives. Amen, sister. Be prepared for more of this necklace later in the episode.

RHOBH  pinky  Kyle Yolanda
Back in Beverly Hills, the Cryotherapy team all sit down for lunch. Immediately, we can tell Yolanda is upset and ready to start a girlfight with Lisa V. and Kyle. Yolanda wants to know if Kyle and Lisa have had her back during any previous discussions about her health. Additionally, she’s been made aware of Lisa and Kyle questioning Anwar and Bella’s Lyme Disease, and also wants an explanation for that. To avoid pulling a Brooks, Yolanda snatches a manila envelope out supposedly holding her kids medical records. She wants Lisa to take them home, read them, and apologize to her kids. Lisa refuses to read the records, and defends her actions by reaffirming Mohammed told her the kids were fine, so that’s what she thought. Kyle looks on with that wide-eyed shocked face she does so well.

RHOBH  pinky  Kyle Yolanda
OMG! Red Alert!! SOS!!! Eileen is coming for me, and ready to win me over with this next scene. She meets Kathryn for a hilariously awkward lunch. Eileen decides to awkwardly speaks to the server only in Italian, and then immediately follows up by stating she has no idea where he’s actually from. Kathryn wastes no time and goes right for it, asking Eileen about dating her ex, Marcus Allen. Eileen is mortified. Eileen went on a lunch date with Marcus, around 1988 or 1989. Kathryn laughs and tells Eileen she was also dating Marcus during that time. Nobody throws any wine (boo) but Kathryn does throw some subtle shade (in my opinion) by telling Eileen she was “right up his alley.” They discuss the trip to San Diego to see Erika perform live. Eileen reveals her ultimate girl-crush on Erika Jayne to Kathryn. It’s becoming kind of endearing now. Kathryn tells Eileen she is in the middle of doing a full renovation on her home in San Diego, and is planning on having the ladies over for a dinner at her house a la Heather Dubrow. Talk moves to purses and handbags. Kathryn is literally shocked and appalled (see: Kyle and her signature wide-eyed face) Eileen doesn’t spend money on nice bags. Eileen calls her bags “janky” and tries to hide her purse under the table. She admits that very same morning she knew the bag was gross when she picked it out, but decided to carry it anyway. Oh, Eileen.

RHOBH Eileen
The next day, all the women (sans Erika Jayne – she’s riding in style solo on a giant tour bus) are meeting at Kyle’s house to take a limousine together from Beverly Hills to San Deigo. Eileen (continuing to snatch the episode!) arrives in a head-to-toe denim, flare leg jumpsuit, with no shame. On the ride down, talk of Eileen and her bargain bin shopping come up. Eileen is proud of her late-90’s brown leather strappy heels. The rest of the ladies…not so much. Kathryn calls out Eileen (again) for her admittedly-ugly handbags. Eileen finds out what the rest of the women (slash their husbands) spend on bags, and calls them all superficial bitches. She also throws a “F*** you, Kathryn” and a couple middle fingers in for good measure. All the ladies roll over laughing, while somewhere Brandi Glanville breaks her TV set. #JUSTICEFORBRANDI (save your negative comments)

RHOBH Rinna Eileen Kathrryn Limo
Since we can’t go 10 minutes without a Lyme Disease discussion, the ladies bring it up in the Limo. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump spill the beans that Yolanda brought up Anwar and Bella having/not having Lyme Disease at lunch. They put the blame on Lisa Rinna, who immediately goes on the defense. She denies having any part, and is determined to get to the bottom of it tonight. After they’ve arrived and settled in San Diego, Lisa Rinna and Eileen talk privately about the most recent Yolanda drama. Lisa Rinna has “put the pieces together” that Erika was the one to tell Yolanda about the discussion of Bella and Anwar not having Lyme Disease. Lisa reminds Eileen she is planning on getting to the bottom of it later that night. She won’t take the blame for something she didn’t do. The ladies all head out to the gay club to see Erika Jayne perform at the ‘Pervert’ party.

In the limo on the way to the club, the ladies bring up the Yolanda drama. Again. Awesome. Lisa Rinna says they’re caught in a washing machine of information and misinformation. She’s determined to prove to the other ladies she had nothing to do with talking about Yolanda’s kids. I’m really baffled by this whole argument. Why is Lisa Vanderpump upset with anyone about something she started in the first place? Oh, because she’s Lisa Vanderpump. In an interesting (?) subject change, we learn Kathryn is deaf in one year. She lost her hearing in a single ear when she was going through her divorce. I’m just gonna leave that one alone.

The ladies arrive at the club and settle in the “VIP” section to watch the show. They’re all ready to party. I know this, because at some point Kyle ends up spinning her ponytail on top of her head. I can only imagine the splits were soon to follow. Erika comes out and performs her first song, and everyone goes wild. They all think she did a great job. We get to see ‘pat the puss’ in full-swing. You go, Erika Jayne. She does her final number, after introducing her “new friends” to the crowd. Lisa Rinna says Erika Jayne could be Britney. It’s kind of funny because it’s kind of true.

After the show, Erika takes the women back to her tour bus. We see a montage of each woman feeling their fullest fantasy, catwalking one-by-one down the aisle of the bus – while a gaggle of gays sit around clapping and cheering for each one. Lisa Rinna calls it a ‘rockstar’ moment. She is a rockstar, in her mind. Kathryn jumps right on Erika for wearing the C**** necklace. Eileen says she thought the necklace read ‘candy.’ Oh Eileen, I love you tonight. Please don’t go back to whatever xanax and dry white wine you were on before. Either that, or please stay on whatever xanax and dry white wine you currently started taking and weren’t on before. I love this new you. Most of the other women (minus Eileen) chime in they also think the necklace is slightly offensive (or actually very offensive, according to Kyle.) Erika tells the women they can’t be offended by the word, and Eileen backs her up telling the other girls it’s ‘just a word.’ Erika shakes her finger at Lisa Vanderpump, and tells her they aren’t at Pump. They’re on her turf and she can say what she wants. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – where the fuck is Brandi Glanville when you need her?

RHOBH Erika pissed
Back at the hotel, Erika has a mini-cocktail party set up for the ladies. They all sit down and Lisa Rinna wastes no time getting to the bottom of who spilled the beans to Yolanda about Bella and Anwar. She flat out asks Erika if she had anything to do with it, and in an interesting turn of events, Erika denies it to everyone. She just sits and shakes her head silently. In her talking head, Erika says she lied because she was just finishing a great performance, and doesn’t want to talk about Yolanda and her children. Erika doesn’t help her case by having a mini-freak out at the other ladies for bringing it up. They all have another drink and Erika shuts it down.

We close out the episode in the hallway of the hotel, where Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump have had way too much to drink. They crash a cart stacked with bowls of ketchup and mustard into the wall, break the dishes and the condiments fly everywhere. Highlight of the episode. The best part, summing it all up, hearing Kathryn (off screen) say “Oh Shit. Goodnight!” all deep voiced, and running to her room.


Lisa Rinna calls someone (Kathryn?) a rabid dog.

Adrienne makes an appearance. Oh joy.

Someone throws a carnival party and Yolanda has it OUT with Lisa Rinna.

Talk to  me in the comments below/Follow me on Twitter and let me know what y’all thought! Did you pat your puss to Erika Jayne’s performance? Have you ever worn a ponytail on top of your head and spun it around, a la Kyle Richards?  I’m curious to know…


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166 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll be C**** if I Want To!

  1. JoJoFLL

    Yolanda’s insanity really reared its ugly head.

    Who in their right mind throws their kids medical records at someone and repeatedly insists they not only read them but apologize to their children???

    Lisa never said one way or another about Anwar and the other having chronic lyme, she just said that Mohommad said they didn’t.

    Why didn’t Kyle or Lisa just say that to Yolanda?

    • Johnny B.

      Because they shouldn’t have been questioning or discussing her children’s health begin with without Yolanda there to confirm or deny. With all of the talk of Yolanda going on around Beverly Hills (and Malibu and Pasadena) why not bring proof in order to shut people up especially those close in your circle that you consider “friends”.

      • Jane

        Why can’t they question the children’s health? Her kids are traveling all over the world, modeling and dating and Yolanda is telling people they’re not well . Yolanda has brought he kids into it.m

      • These women, with the exception of Erika, are not Yo’s friends. They’re Hollywood friends, cobbled together as a cast for this show. Sort of like Menudo for Beverly Hills. Also, let’s not forget that Yo has hardly been a good friend to anyone other than a syncophant like Brandi. In a failed power play a few seasons ago, Yo tried to isolate and ostracize LVP. She capped that memorable season by shrieking that dear, gentle, Giggy-loving Ken was abusing her or some such nonsense when his hand came within half a mile of her body. Yo is a self-pitying, histrionic woman.

    • Meredo

      Thank you JoJo. Why do people keep thinking LVP brought it up? In no way, shape or form did she bring it up. Watch the scene again. Kyle asks her about the kids, LVP’s visibly uncomfortable, only says that Mohamed said “no, they don’t have it”. Then she practically begs Kyle (who will claw your eyes out if you dare to ask her about Kim, AFTER she has brought her up) to shut it down and Kyle won’t stop. Yet Kyle seemed like it was perfectly normal for Yo to accuse LVP of talking about her children’s health, demanding that she apologize to Bella and Anwar, and Kyle says nothing. Not even when she’s alone with Lisa does she admit SHE was the one who brought it up. WTF? What a rotten friend Kyle is. In fact, I think once again, everyone is rotten to LVP yet hold her to an entirely different standard on how she should treat them. This is why I love LVP and I’m glad she’s HBIC. She’s never as nasty to the others as they are to her. I just wish she would stand up for herself more than what she does, starting with Yolanda. She needs to tell Yo to kiss her ass. Tell her that she has never been anything but a manipulative bitch trying to take her down every chance she gets. That Yo expects her to be this stellar friend but has never once had Lisa’s back in any situation. Yolanda is first to criticize her, ostracize her and so on and so on. Even the way she looks at Lisa you can tell she has nothing but contempt for her.
      I don’t know why this pisses me off so much, but it does, grrrr!
      Sorry for this long and “choppy” comment!

      • Minky

        Yep. I’m not really a Lisa fan. Pretty neutral, really. But Lisa doesn’t deserve any of Yolanda’s moralizing. And Kyle’s pretty good a stirring shit and then shoving the dirty spoon into someone else’s hand. Ugh!

    • Reading Beads

      You nailed it! Yolanda’s mad that her Bellla/Anwar story line has not been the pity party she envisioned. Yolanda told the story to Kyke and Ericka in the park on an episode, published a selfie of Bella with an IV on Instagram (Yolanda smiling serenely at her sick baby), this was all too much, just two weeks after her tearful admission on Ericka’s plane home from Cleveland that her own family and even medical doctors thought she was crazy. We were all thinking the same thing around that time.

      Leave the children out of it, Yolanda. They have thriving careers, why sully their lives to prove your chronic Lyme thing? Disappointed with Ericka for being the shot stirrer though not surprised.

  2. I have worn a pony tail and spun it around, in my youth. Great recap, Ben! Loving Eileen and hating Erika, this episode. Erika, you have shown yourself to be a coward. So much for all your I don’t give a crap what these women think of me. Eileen’s jump suit was so amazing! I loved the silliness of everyone. It was a really good episode.

  3. Katherine 2.0

    Eileen gives me life this episode. Poor woman just lost her brother this week, too.
    Erika Jayne’s confidence seems to have limitations when it comes to owning her cuntiness.

  4. janet

    Im with Eileen on the purse thing. I put so much crap in mine, and spill stuff that I dont buy expensive designer bags either. I love Eileen’s down to earth spirit. Kathryn is weird to be hung up with what ex Marcus Allen did, was so long ago and shes remarried. Sounds like Faye and Kris were right about him.

  5. I had fun watching Ms Pinky squirm in her seat every time someone blatantly asked who said Bella and Anwar didn’t have Lyme. SHE said it because Mo said it, and she can’t just throw Mo under the bus, although that’s where the info came from. Maybe Yo should be giving the medical records to Mo, her ex, and the father of her children, because I think Ms Pinky slipped up and told the truth. Haha, this is great entertainment. Now, Ms Pinky says something along the lines, that Mo said the children were fine. Too little too late, Ms Pinky, YOU blew the lid off that one, but if you continue to sit there and play dumb, you may get out of it with very little consequence. I’ll bet this little gem has kept her awake at night, trying to figure out her best strategy to get this monkey off her back.

    I don’t blame Lisa R for wanting someone to take responsibility for how Yolanda (I think of her as YoYo in my mind. Up, down, spin, twist..Yolanda is like a YoYo) find out the rumor about her kids. I was kinda of bummed Erika didn’t come out and just own it. Everybody knows she’s lying and it shouldn’t be such a big deal. Should it?

    I wish they would have shown more of Erika’s routine. She’s quite entertaining at what she does.

    • Johnny B.

      Yolanda doesn’t need to show Mohamed the records, she said that he pays the medical bills and has access to the paperwork. Pinky was in the wrong when she blabbed at the dinner party and knew that she turned a corner that she couldn’t back out of.

      • Yvonne

        I think she just answered the question that Kyle asked her and she answered honestly. She never said Mo said Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme. I don’t think LVP should apologize for answering a question and then trying to shut down any more talk on the subject. Yolanda acts as though she is untouchable. She needs to get down off that high horse she is on.

      • tamaratattles

        Agreed. When I am cheering LVP on, you know Yolanda is dead wrong.

      • Hey Johnnny B.! I was attempting a little ‘tongue in cheek’ when I was commenting on Yo giving Mo the medical bills. Evidently, it didn’t go over so well. Nonetheless, I agree LVP dug herself a hole, but I’m not so sure she won’t be able to dig herself out of it too. LVP is slippery like that.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. What I don’t get is why Pinky doesn’t just turn the hose back on Kyle? Kyle’s the one who rottweilered that bit of info out of Pinky even after Pinky said she didn’t want to discuss it. Maybe she’s saving that for the reunion? And then Kyle will turn her chin up and put on her indignant grimace.

      • PaganChick

        I don’t think Lisa V. was in the wrong at all. She answered a direct question – grudgingly at that. She has never initiated a conversation about Yolanda’s Lyme or her kids’ health. In fact, until Kyle asked and kept pushing for an answer, Lisa V. has been extremely mum on the entire thing. I think it is crazy that Mo through Lisa under the bus while never saying “Lisa is full of shit, my kids have Lyme Disease and their mother is seeing to their care.” Which you know he would have as he had no problem saying that Brandi was lying about the whole Joanna K. fishy nonsense.

        I also think it was pretty honorable of Lisa not to contradict the posts that Mo put out and back him up by claiming that she misunderstood. I also thought it was a smart move to not engage Yo’s ridiculousness with her children’s medical records. Seriously, who in their right mind would hand over their children’s personal medical records to a non relative on national television just to maintain her victim status?

        Loved Eileen describing her purse as janky.

    • I think Erica is just a bored housewife. Her rich husband is far to busy to entertain her other than with money. She is a piece of crap for not telling the group it was HER who stirred all this shit up. But she’s pretty calculating and wanted to drag this out to a full blown fight but not on HER NIGHT but it’s coming………!

  6. WhyOWhy

    Mani s Yolanda batshit crazy. I’m so sick of this story line.

    I’m with Eileen — total girl crush on Erika.

    The C-word is just a word, but it bothers a lot of people (me included, but I wouldn’t lecture anyone who uses it)

    • I’m with you on the c-word though I do think there are times or people) to which applies. I would never lecture or basically outright order someone not to use it. I find that offensive than the word. Tell me you don’t like it and would really prefer no to hear and I will do my best to respect your ask. Order me and I’ putting on the necklace and then shopping for a t-shirt to match.

      • Minky

        It doesn’t bother me at all. The word, I mean. If we can call a man who’s behaving badly a dick or a prick, then why can’t we call uncouth women cunts?

        I hate censorship. Especially of my own speech. I’m with you Erikainhb. Politely ask or tell me how you feel and I can totally respect that. Try to be the boss of me and I will resent it deeply.

      • MM in OC

        I can live with being called a C*** or Bi*ch. But call me dumb and you’ve got a fight on your hands.

    • Sweet T

      I love that Eileen said cunty in her talking head. I think Erika gets her out of her shell a bit. My friends call me hunty which is the way to say cunty in polite company. It’s honey and cunty mixed together.

  7. So Erica is a liar? I’m sorry but we don’t need Brandi 2.0! Liars are dangerous! Jeez between Yolanda and Kyle I don’t know who has more friends of questionable characters!

    • NYDudette

      I don’t think Erika is such an “old and close” friend of Yolanda. They say they have been friends for 9 years but Yo has never seen her perform. In addition to that when the 2 couples were at the Foster’s house in Malibu, because of the tone of their conversation, it seems to me that DF never spoke with Erika before or at least not about her entertainer career, which is strange, being DF a successful producer and composer, the interaction didn’t feel close between the two couples in my opinion. I think, Yolanda is just using/manipulating Erika to have a mouthpiece in the group when she is not around and also a pitbull to attack others. Yo is a master manipulator, I just wished there was someone in that group that told her in her face that she is full of sh*t and to shut up already, it is obvious that besides Erika, none of them really believe/like Yolanda.

  8. sandra

    Yolanda Foster said, “Aren’t we HOMIES?” lmao!

  9. tamaratattles

    ​Well that was a whole lot of crazy fun. Thanks to Ben C for not just writing this but pulling screencaps, watermarking them, adding links to his article! There is a reason he has the longest chain to his radiator!

    I do have lots to say about this episode in random order. Did any of y’all have a weird reaction when Ben used the term “spilling the beans” in this recap in such close proximity to Xanadude’s #PumpRules Recap? Because I still haven’t gotten over Dude’s use of flicking the bean…and I got this visual…um just me? Nevermind.

    I struggled mightily with the whole use of “the c word” crap rather than just typing the word cunt. But I couldn’t quite bring myself to put it in the title spelled out, so… I caved.

    This recap was sooo good I actually overlooked all the Brandi adoration. Ben has to support his homegirl I guess. OTOH they are all his homegirls!

    I loved Eileen mocking the $4k handbags and wearing vintage denim with the RHOBH in their finery. Eileen drives a FORD. For these reasons alone, she is my everything.

    Now Erika… well let’s just say your friends say a lot about you. Erika is close with Yolanda. On this episode Erika blatantly lies to everyone and they all know she is lying. I am starting to see the similarities. I’m just saying.

    Great job, Ben. Brandi campaign and all. xo

  10. Wanda

    I really enjoyed Eileen this episode. Down-to-earth and practical. Why does anyone need to spend thousands on a handbag or shoes? BTW, I think Lisa Rinna should have chosen another outfit for the Pervert show. That jumpsuit just hung on her and she looked like a bag of bones. Even her butt did not fill it out. Not flattering at all. Sometimes you can just be too thin.

    • Meredo

      I have adored Eileen since last season. I think she’s so classy and soooo beautiful. Erika? Eh, to me, guilty by association, and an effing ” liar liar pants on fire” this episode. Not only about being the one who told Yolanda but also her use of the “c” word. She did not say “cunty” which seems somewhat less vulgar, she said “cunt”. That’s what the ladies reacted to. Almost every woman I know despises that word so she can just get over her unfabulous self.

  11. peachteachr

    I haven’t liked Erika Jayne from the beginning. If you’re an enigma wrapped in money, why didn’t she admit to telling Yolanda what LVP said? What’s up with this Yolanda stuff? Who wouldn’t ask questions when Yo says that Bella and Anwar got Lyme’s from breastfeeding, the flies in the horse barn, or whatever her story winds up to being?
    Just so I am completely alone on this show, I like Kyle and always have. I love Eileen and I believe it’s the xanax and white wine now that is making her even more charming. I like Lisa Rinna, too, but who appointed her the Director of Truth? It made her miserable last year with Kim and she seems to be doing the same thing this season. I am finally watching a Bravo show again because Beverly Hills is fun again. Brandi who?

    • Instead of owning up that she initiated the conversation about the Hadid kids’ health, Kyle kept mum and let LVP out to dry. I think LVP has her number and tolerates Kyle as long as they have fun together. Still, it’s disappointing that in all the years the show has been on, Kyle has never defended LVP. She even took part in Yo’s attempted coup a few years ago. LVP never looked sadder or more friendless than when she and Ken walked away from the dinner table in Puerto Rico with all the harpies ganging up on her.

      • Lawstangel

        OMG let the Kyle bashing begin!!! Kyle said “what’s up with Bella & Anwar’s lyme?” LVP responded, “Mohammed says their fine” with a sort of hand gesture. Kyle was a little taken aback by the answer, she started to ask a follow-up question after she said “huh” and LVP shut it down. That is it!

        I don’t think either one did anything wrong. Erika, the “cunty” shit stirrer in charge took that to Yo and really made it seem like it was so much more than it actually was. It was a simple question/answer exchange. There was zero actual discussion about the kids. No one denied Yo’s babies and all this drama is over NOTHING!!!

        Both LVP and Kyle said that later on when Yo questioned them they were unprepared and kind of shocked that Yo asked them about it with paperwork! No defense was necessary for anyone.

        Yo is milking this disease for whatever reason. This is why she does not want anyone to speak about it in any way, other the the narrative she has put out into the world. Much ado about nothing .

        As far as the pony tail swinging goes, never did it. Back in the day we swung our whole head around to the music at live rock shows. It was fun.!

      • Minky

        I am not a Kyle fan. Never have been. I feel for her regarding the Kim situation, but that’s it. For BH #1 in likability it Eileen and #2 is Rinna.

        LVP is no angel, but why do they always try to do a coup on her? And why doesn’t Kyle do more to keep her as an ally?

        I remember the first dinner party Yolanda hosted on the show. It was so pretentious I almost ralphed. She sat at the head of the table anent to David, which is just weird, and kept a hawk eye on everyone there. Then after she got tired of pretending to like her guests she shooed them out of the house. Yeah, she’s totally not a sow’s ear trying to be a silk purse. No! Perish the thought.

        At that same dinner party Kyle was kissing David’s ass so hard she damn near rimmed it. It was sickening. I also remember thinning that David was waaaay more down to earth that Yolanda. Don’t shoot, but I think David’s an okay guy with a couple of flaws. For a while Yolanda’s “my king” put-on had me thinking David might have even been abusive towards her. Looks can be so deceiving.

      • Meredo

        I actually like Kyle a lot. I think she’s beautiful, a great mom and wife. I feel so bad for all she has been through with Kim. About the only time I dont like her is when the focus is on her friendship with LVP. She then turns into a mean girl, very jealous and a horrible friend. I don’t get why she can’t truly be friends with Lisa and just enjoy their friendship? Why is that so hard for her to do?

  12. Spilledperfume

    I’ve worn a high ponytail but never spun it around. I got dizzy watching Kyle do that.

    Great recap.

  13. Uh oh. Erika is quickly sliding down the “Pat-the-Puss-Likeabilty-O-Meter”

    And I had such high hopes. Sigh.

  14. BroMo90

    Great recap! Off topic: Ben is hot. That is all.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes he is. But let’s not blow up his ego any more than it already is. He’s one of those actor types out there in Hollyweird and will surely leave us for some huge movie gig eventually. Or porn. Porn might be even better. :)

      • Jim

        Just keep adding links to his radiator chain. That will keep him happy!

      • Mark

        I volunteer as tribute to finance and co-star in that shit. Fluffer even? Maybe. #JustSayin.

      • BroMo90

        As a 25yr old Accountant, I’m the complete opposite of the actor type. But, maybe when he hits the big time, he could use my “services”.. Haha In all seriousness I love reading these recaps. This site is awesome!

      • BroMo90

        As a 25yr old Accountant, I’m the opposite of the actor type. Maybe I can offer my “services” when he hits the big time haha In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of this site. TT is awesome!

      • Minky

        Mmmmmm hmmmmm. Ben C is a total cutie. Very, very handsome in an old Hollywood kind of way. Okay, I’m done drooling now. ;0)

  15. BKSweetheart

    Good Lord the Lyme thing is just going too far now. I wish we could just move on.

    I don’t really care about the word c*nt. It used to bother me but after a while you become desensitized. Blame Game of Thrones lol.

    • My alcoholic father (the asshole) used to call me “cunt.” I spent a lot of time hurting from that. And then I found Tamara Tattles. Her frequent use of the “c word” helped me realize that cunt is just a word. It no longer has any power over me. I never expected to heal old wounds while reading about Housewives but that’s the power of TT!

      • peachteachr

        Right, Lady, it is just a word…but not a word that a dad should use in front of his daughter let alone call her that. That had to be a cosmic pain to my way of thinking. I don’t like the word, but I’m older than most of you. When a female uses the word cunt it doesn’t seem as bad as when men use it. It just means vagina, doesn’t it?

      • jen

        I am.sorry that happened to you.

      • peachteachr

        Lady, I don’t think any father should use the word cunt in front of his daughter, let alone call her one. I really hate that for you. It seems like it would be a deep, deep cosmic like pain.
        After all, cunt just means vagina, doesn’t it? And, that ain’t a bad thing!

      • Thanks for the (double) support. I didn’t deserve it. He’s a jerk & I’m much happier without him in my life.

      • peachteachr

        Sorry about my double post to The Lady Cocotte, TT. Lately when I post I get a gray screen with the wonky computer saying my post didn’t make it. I went back up to the Lady’s post and it wasn’t there so I just read to the end of the comments. The comment box then said respond to the Lady so I did because I thought it was important to support her and I did post again.
        Is it me or wordpress??? Oh, heck, I know that I am a compu-idiot so it was probably me.

      • Dear Lady Cocotte—-

        “Be careful with your words for while they may be forgiven, they will never be forgotten”.

        Words,—yes, even while they are “just words”—have power. Power to demean and cut and hurt. And the pain stays. For years.
        It is amazing how the hurt can come back and wash over us like waves. It can recede and fade— but it stays. Kinda like a faded, ugly, emotional tattoo.

        I well understand that people want to “reclaim” and “embrace” the word. And I am glad it doesn’t have the same hurt and power over you in the same potent way it was used.
        Your post touched me. Sorry you had to experience that.

      • Damn, Maisey. You made me cry! Thanks so much for your kind words. Everyone has been so sweet. I’m much more comfortable with snark and jokes but I really do appreciate all the kindness.

  16. Erika embarrasses herself with that act. The audience wants to look at the dancers, not her. Yolanda certainly didn’t have Lyme brain during that lunch with Kyle and Lisa. She has no business giving out her kids medical records. Funny how she blamed Rinna on hearing the info but didn’t mention Erika. Wish Yo was off this show. All she gives is lectures.

  17. O.O

    @TT Brandi was on Stevie and josline’s reality show on vh1 plugging her pod cast , lol!! She also gave the frozen center and nurse guy a plug by taking josline for a session . I hope I didn’t break a rule . I only mentioned this because you said where’s Brandi .
    I’m not enjoying this season of Beverly Hills at all . Kyle needs to stop twirling her hair and doing her split novelty act . The women looked as if they were fighting themselves, not dancing, all I could do was shake my head .I feel as if none of the women are sincere in their support of Erica Jane, I guess they’re jealous because she looks great plus she’s beautiful , they should all go to her Dr, that’s what I would do . Oy!!! And Katherine !!! She’s awful she makes me tired . (Random thought) how did she bag that husband of hers ? She’s not cute or pretty at a-l-l ! I guess every pot has its lid. (Shrugs)

  18. michelle

    If you’re a feminist reclaim the word cunt! Someone once said to me why is that word, which in actuality only describes female genitalia, be seen as worse or dirtier than a word to describe male genitalia, like cock or dick (certainly in the UK those words are viewed as very mild in the swearing/insult arena)? It is a gender bias, so if you believe in equality, cunt is no more offensive than calling someone a dick. If you can, go and see the vagina monologues, the ‘cunt monologue’ is very cool x

  19. Cat

    Yolanda is officially insane, in my mind. Cryo ANYTHING is NOT “fun”.

    A million years ago, back in the 80s, I had a cryo procedure done to stop suspicious cell growth in my uterus. It was like having a half gallon of ice cream shoved up inside me.

    When it “melted”, it hurt like Hell.

    • Minky

      Holy Haagen Daas! That sounds awful. A pap smear is bad enough as far as I’m concerned. The cryo thing sounds like a perfect fit for Yolanda. Stone cold ice queen.

      • LAWSTANGEl

        OMG- You just made me remember, when I was back in my late 20’s I had my uterus frozen due to endometriosis. It was freaky! It was not cheap!

  20. Shae

    I was totally blown away by Erika’s shadiness tonight. I thought she was a genuine, straight shooting type. If she felt her telling Yolanda about the comments re: her kids was justified, as a friend telling a friend, why not own it and be honest?

    I get it might’ve been a drag to have to explain that after her show, but that is not an excuse to outright lie to all the ladies about it. Especially since Lisa R. was taking heat over something Erika knew she did. It seemed totally out of character for Erika to lash out that way when, in her own words, she was just being a good friend to Yolanda. She should’ve sucked it up and owned it. Very odd her behaving that way.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I think Erika’s protect Yolanda and shade LVP position is all about her “music career,” and getting close to David Foster. She must’ve felt stupid when Yo and David split. All that wasted effort shielding her “good friend” Yolanda.
      Yolanda has to be one of the most manipulative and egotistical women on reality TV.

  21. Shae

    Also, I fully understand and respect Eileen being comfy enough with herself to not give a shit about what all the other ladies do, or care about. I, myself, like to have a nice handbag (which I get at a steal, generally lightly used, not for 4k lol) but really am not that crazy about shoes. I choose nice ones, but I don’t have a thing for snatching up really hot shoes and spending a lot of time coordinating them. Certain women pick and choose the items they care about and want to spend their money on. It’s awesome she does her own thing :)

    • Minky

      Totally rooting for Eileen! That denim jumpsuit was the living end. She needs to be more outspoken more often. I think she’s just being circumspect most of the time.

    • I would spend 4k on a handbag if I had 4k to spend on handbags. I’m currently pining after a black empreinte Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25, but my budget is much more Coach. I considered buying a $50 bag recently but had to return it because I know it’ll look like garbage in 6 months. Then again a $400 Coach or Kate Spade bag is probably a “cheap” bag even to Eileen.

      • tbk

        Yoya- I miss the days when I could walk into Coach, drop off my bag, and a little while later they would send it back to my house all refreshed and pretty. (sigh)

      • fivecatsownme

        The difference between a handbag and a purse? $1,000.00

      • Shae

        I don’t know, maybe if I had Erika Jayne money I would spend 4k on a bag lol. I find a designer bag that I love, then I buy it new without tags or lightly used online. My tastes are greater than my budget too, but I don’t mind having a bag that isn’t brand new, but looks it. I do the same with designer shoes. Get them for a fraction of the price just because they were worn or returned once. I am a sucker for a bargain lol

        I also have to admit I like that Kathryn and her hubby just decided kids weren’t for them and spend their money traveling and doing as they damn well please. Love that.

  22. therealdeb

    I think we should all refer to Yolanda and Fro-Yo! She brought her kids into it, Kyle was a cunt for bringing it up and continuing to push Lisa V for more details. Most people do not take great joy in outing another person’s crazy and i am sure that is where Mohammid is coming from, I am sure he is upset his kids were drug into this but is trying to cover for their crazy mother. I have never really felt the Kyle love and wondered where the hell it all has come from but she should have owned her part in the conversation and she never did… History repeating itself with that one. I understand why Erika wasn’t going to deal with the bullshit, I would not have said what she said but that it was a conversation for another time and ended it there for the night. I always have wondered at Lisa Rinna’s motivation at outing people and talking smack and then admitting it like that givers her a free fucking pass. Eileen makes me giggle, I love how she is done to earth and makes no bones about it. As for Kathryn, she is a tryhard. She is trying to make herself more important or soemthing, i cannot put my finger on it but I do not trust her one bit… Love her husband though. It was good for me to have this break from reality today!

    • Jim

      Why is Kathryn even on the show? She lives in San Diego. She probably rented the “Beverly Hills” condo (or Bravo did) just so she would qualify for the show. There are already enough housewives from different zip codes… Malibu and now Pasadena. Pasadena. WTF?!

      Which of the housewives actually live in BH besides LVP and Kyle? Kyle’s house looks like it belongs in Brentwood. The soap queens don’t look like they have the dough to afford 90210.

      The show isn’t called The Real Housewives of Southern California.

      Geography rant over! Lol.

    • Matzah60

      Also sick of Rinna’s comment, “You have to own your own shit.” Even if the Munchausen story was producer induced, Rinna agreed to it. No turning back now.

  23. How has no one mentioned Lisa Rinna’s dancing? She looked like a drunk aunt at a bar mitzvah. I am praying to the GIF gods that I am not the only one who noticed

  24. Did anyone else catch YoYo on the phone with Erika apologising for not being able to come to her show and hear YoYo say in six months she’ll be able to come see one of Erika’s shows? Why six months? Not one month? Three months? Is it because she and David have actually been hashing out (months ago) this recently announced divorce and it takes a six month waiting period for a California divorce to be finalised? So maybe she won’t have to be all about Lyme Brain by then?

  25. Dee

    What is the Cryotherapy supposed to do? If Yolanda didn’t want questions about her kids, she shouldn’t have announced it. Of course people are curious.

    • Jim

      It’s just another “therapy” that was invented to separate bored, rich women with Munchausen from their money. It’s supposed to reduce immflamation.

    • erikainhb

      They showed it on Real Housewives of Cheshire too. There they went on about hiw kick starts your metabolism

  26. Kevin

    I have to say as much as it pains me to type this, I am now looking at Erika with a serious side eye and screw face. I can’t believe that she blatantly lied right to everyone, and she knew she was busted. She totally freaked out. For some reason I bought into her crap about being so real and so different from a typical Beverly Hills woman. A real woman would have owned her shit and told the truth instead lying, being caught in the lie, and then having a bitchfit because she knew she was caught. I didn’t buy her reasoning for lying either. I was enjoying Erika so far this season until that moment.

    • Jim

      It’s truly amazing how a housewife can go from nearly universally despised to loved in one episode (Eileen). And vice-versa (Erika).

    • MM in OC

      The good think about Erika is that she’s a really bad liar, so she’s not fooling anyone. That was hilarious!

    • Sweet T

      I wouldn’t have owned up to saying anything in a room full of six angry women. I hate lying and avoid it by telling the truth. But that is most of the time. I can’t imagine throwing a party and then having to deal with this bullshit about someone’s health. I’m not on Yolanda’s side but I doubt most people would admit to saying something in front of an angry crowd. If it was just her and rinna or one other person in a room she probably would have confessed. I don’t see her as a liar but as someone who didn’t want to deal with the bullshit arguing.

      • Shae

        I get that, but I would’ve fessed up because the alternative is a million times worse. If it’s hard to tell the truth in a roomful of angry women, imagine having to cop to the statement after you’ve added LYING to a room of angry women to the list lol
        Wanting to avoid the inconvenience of the discussion is not a good reason to outright lie, you might be avoiding it at that moment, but when the time comes to pass you need to answer for the statement, you’ve now added needing to justify your lying on top of that.

        not worth losing your integrity, IMO.

    • Check out her blog, she’s still at it. Serious, serious side eye.

    • Josie

      That was a cunty move Erika. I think that is why she loves the word so much. Many people have called her that. I can see why.

  27. JustJenn

    I’m hoping that Erika will eventually see Yolanda for what she really is, but straight up lying to everyone is not a good look…just when we thought we had a good one.

    Lisa Rinna is forever caught in the middle of drama..I loved when she said “I don’t judge..I just report.” Lolol, so true. Now she’s dragging Yolanda on Twitter and making me love her even more

  28. Bella

    Great recap Ben.

    Yo loves white so, surely she would love the clothing attire in a mental hospital where she belongs.

  29. Kay

    This is where I start to dislike Kyle again. SHE BROUGHT IT UP AND ASKED LISA! Not once did she admit to being the one who brought it up though. Lisa wanted no part of it.

  30. Bella

    I used to do the helicopter with my hair growing up often. You can bet when my bald self gets real hair again, I’ll be doing it!! Lol

  31. Jim

    So why is no one commenting on the bowls of neatly poured ketchup and mustard sitting UNCOVERED on a cart in a hotel hallway?! That has to be against health code. It truly disturbs me for some reason. Am I the only one? Lol.

    • Greenwood

      I think the bowls of catsup and mustard were a setup, put there just for that little scene. All staged.

    • therealdeb

      i noticed that as well and it made me nuts. Was it staged form them to act like morons?

    • JennLovesAndy

      Good question!

    • erikainhb

      I figured it was from feeding the crew burgers or such and it was put outside of the room. That many bowls would likely indicate several meals served (from previous career managing hotel room service). I thought that the drunks girls went to play with the cart was just an added bonus…except for the folks that had to clean it up

  32. Frosty

    I loved this episode, it had fun along with the dramz. And Eileen was just delightful. It’s all fluff, and if you dropped this show off the Chrysler Building it would take a week before it hit the street :)

    This won’t be a popular opinion, but I glad to see Yolanda confront LVP and Kyle. Erika did not tell Yolanda exactly who said what, she told her the truth, these two think Yolanda is lying about her kids. I was particularly impressed that Yo managed to blindside LVP with the fact that Mohammad pays his kids’ medical bills. Yo’s tough side came out at lunch and she came prepared.

    (Btw, good job Kyle staying out of the line of fire, especially since she instigated this particular contretemps.)

    And Yo saw right through Rinna’s concern trolling and attempt to present her own opinion about Munchausen’s in the guise of “people are asking me about you.”

    I hope we see more of Kathryn and Eileen together.

    But LVP and Kyle’s crashcart of condiments was everything :)

  33. Pitypat

    I continue to wonder how anyone can like the Anna Nicole blow up doll, Erika. She is like a cartoon character and proven to be a liar. A couple of shows ago she was very rude to the flight attendant on her plane. She is so arrogant and obnoxious. How smart can she be if she is friends with Yo.
    The crazy look on Yo’s face when she was demanding LVP apologize to her kids was scary.

    • Matzah60

      @Pitypat, couldn’t agree more. I don’t think Erika Jayne is her alter ego. I think Erika, Shady Jayne is the true Erika. Her son nagging talent is dismal and without all porn clothing, why would anyone pay money to see her.

      Sorry, but I think it’s crass to the C word in public. No one liked when Brandi was crude using crude language. Why is it alright for Erika? If my grown kids used that word in front of me, I’d walk away. Erika’s show is soft porn for a gay audience. I don’t get it. Erika has said more than once that before meeting these women, she only hung out with her gay friends.

      Finally, I also do not believe Yo and Erika are good friends. The two of them hate the whole Beverly Hill crowd of girls and I doubt either one of them ever had a really good friendship with another woman

    • Matzah60

      Great recap, Ben. Thanks!!!

    • How about the veiled threat “I’d hate for this to ruin your relationship with my children”? WOMAN HAS MORE ISSUES THAN VOGUE.

  34. Andy should just go ahead and change the names of these shows:
    The Real Chronic Lyme Disease of Beverly Hills
    The Real Felons of New Jersey
    The Real Fights of Atlanta
    The Real Cancer of Orange County
    The Real Skinnygirl of New York

  35. Mousie

    Folks, I am confused…just too much of some people telling other ppl what was said when they weren’t around and that always results in a “telephone” game gone awry. Like to me it was Kyle who was doing the grilling about Anwar and Bella. Lisa V clearly stated she did NOT want to talk about it or the kids. So that was conveyed wrong or else Yolanda perceived it incorrectly. I’m still not sure what Lisa R had to do with this, if anything, and why she is inserting herself into it. Yolanda needs to just leave the show. And Erika easily could have just said that she told Yolanda that the conversation came up at Kyle’s, I mean what is the big deal…Yolanda just needs to go…and now I’m not sure about Erika

    • Gee….too bad it’s not all on film.

    • Matzah60

      @Mousie. Yes, Kyle was the instigator and knew Lisa wanted to shut it down. If someone at the table was whispering about Faye and asking Kyle personal questions about Faye, Kyle would go batshit crazy. Kyle is like a child and either doesn’t see what she did wrong or only acknowledges the wrongs she feels have been placed on her.

    • Elsa Reyna

      Erika knows that FroYo thinks of LVP as her nemesis. If it weren’t for Pinky, Yolanda would be Queen Bee. By recasting the discussion in LVP’s disfavor, she pandered to FroYo’s Lyme-crusted ego.

  36. Greenwood

    I think Yolanda despises Lisa V so much that it contributes to her irrational behavior. But I don’t blame Yolanda. Lisa V acts proprietary towards Yolanda’s children, as if she has some special relationship with them. That would drive any mother to the brink. If Yolanda acted like she had some special relationship with Lisa V’s children, Lisa would become homicidal. Lisa V brought a lot of this on herself by acting as if she has a bond with Yolanda’s kids. Yolanda is trying to get her revenge for that. She will never get over it, and I don’t blame her.

    • Katherine 2.0

      WTF are you talking about? Family friends aren’t allowed a relationship with the children? This is nonsense.

    • PaganChick

      But, Lisa V. does have a relationship with Yo and Mo’s children. She was in Mo’s life before Yo and her children were. She has been around those kids since they were small children, and was the first one to call out Brandi over the stuff she said about Bella being an alcoholic. When Brandi said that to Yolanda, she just said “I am trying to help you and you attack me.” as though it wasn’t an attack on Bella – I forget, Yolanda sees her children only as an extension of herself and not as individual human beings separate from her.

      • Minky

        Very good eye Paganchick. Yolanda’s reaction to the Bella thing is typical narcissism. Her children are a fashion accessory that mustn’t ever become stained and should only be seen but not heard. Brandi must have some mad dirt of Yolanda.

      • Frosty

        Yes and no. Yes, Mo was friends with the Todds before Yolanda, but it would appear they were not close during his marriage and family with her, about 7 years? I don’t think they had much interaction with Yolanda before they moved to California.

    • Hawkmoon947

      Mohammed’s friendship with Lisa and Ken predates his marriage to FroYo. He openly praised and feted LVP in front of Yo, who must have hated that, because she has to be the center of attention. Added to her list of imagined grievances is the fact that when approached, Mohammed wouldn’t join her in piling on Pinky during the attempted coup. He just continued to calmly eat his breakfast and refused to engage in her craziness.

      • Frosty

        I believe Mohammed is Pandora’s godfather or something similar? What’s curious about Mohamed’s friendship with the Todds is they don’t seem to have been as close during his marriage with Yolanda, so there’s a gap of a few years there, however long they were married.

    • Hawkmoon947

      Did anyone else catch the flashback of when Lisa Rinna met with FroYo and the ever present Daisy? Yo had apparently laid out binders (binders!) of medical records that purported to be evidence of the Hadid family Lyme curse. WTF! If nothing else, it’s illegal to share someone’s medical records with unauthorized personnel. Yolanda should read up on the HIPAA law.

    • Meredo

      @Greenwood, seriously? No, just no.

      • @Jim — maybe you’re right about FroYo not being subject to HIPAA laws. I am not a medical professional but am involved in cases in which I’m bound by HIPAA. They are extremely strict regulations that protect the confidentiality of medical records. The precautions are extraordinary. If documents with a person’s medical information are in my office, I have to close and lock my door even if I leave for a moment. Computers are pass worded, digital files are kept off the network and documents are stored in unlabeled, locked cabinets. So it shocked me to see Yo seemingly open binders of her kids’ medical histories to Lisa Rinna and then shove their records in LVP’s face.

  37. Gracious

    Yolanda is so judgemental and holier than though. I really cannot stand her. You’d think some of her treatments would help her.

    I was a fan of Erika up until this episode. Judging from the previews next week I think I might hate her.

    Love Eileen!!

    • It’s late and I’m tired, but is there a connection to be made between the movie Frozen and FroYo (a Dutch brand of bitter frozen yogurt)? Our icy villainess is an attention-seeking, fading beauty full of grievances, pretensions and resentments who unsuccessfully relies on various potions, notions and quackery to keep it together. Oh, and she’s probably cray cray, with a spectacular talent for not letting things go.

  38. Josie

    Erika sure lived up to her favorite word last night. What a cunt! I sure hope TT takes her purple pen to her blog.

    LVP was asked what Mo said and she answered truthfully. Maybe Yo should give the medical records to Mohammed.

    Why does Yo tweet “d” instead of “the”? God, it drives me crazy! It is so annoying.

    Yolanda sure came to life when she started bashing LVP. The whole Lyme facade went right out the window. She must have forgotten she has “d” lyme and iz so weak and tired all ze time!

    • Meredo

      Exactly Josie. I wish someone would put that over entitled, calculating biotch in her place. I pray she reads this blog and sees how many people dislike her.I also hope she does NOT come back next season, she’s tortured us enough already!

    • Dee

      I was wondering same thing, d vs the? What the heck? If they didn’t have Yolanda, what would the show be about? It is getting old and dull

  39. Xanadude

    Fab recap, Ben!
    Some random thoughts:
    It was worth a Yolanda is sick scene to see LVPs breast. Tit for tat, so to speak.
    Yolanda is really horrid. Shes gleefully smiling as she repeatedly thrusts that fucking envelope at LVP
    The audience at Richs is more interested in watching the other Housewives than ErikaJaynes performance.
    Shady Tea with LVP
    ErikaJayne tries to redefine the word “cunty” but instead reinforces the original meaning.
    In the Battle for The Soul of Gay America (2016 Edition), I’m siding with Lisa Vanderpump

  40. I just could not stand that smug, supercilious smile Yolanda maintained throughout her “take my children’s medical records, please” routine.She is an absolute embarrassment.

    Pretty soon her own two feet will not want to show up with her in any more photos.

    • Shae

      Yea, that was creepy. You can’t put your childrens’ health issues out there then get angry when people have questions or discuss it. All the ladies were understandably shocked because they’d never heard mention of it at all and Yolanda acted like their illness was common knowledge. Weird. How do you expect no one to discuss it?

  41. Erika Jayne: Pat the Putz

  42. Bella

    Yolanda just blocked me on instagram. She doesn’t like the truth lolol

    • tamaratattles

      Gee Bella, you never struck me as the Internet troll type. #Disappointed.

      • Bella

        Excuse me? How am I an Internet troll? So it’s ok to point out things here, but not at yolanda? I was respectful as I always am. If my being honest on one of her posts is now trolling then so be it.

  43. DJFL

    “I know this, because at some point Kyle ends up spinning her ponytail on top of her head.” Did you all notice that her hair was NOT in a ponytail before OR after that scene?

  44. Pitypat

    I think Eileen is the most attractive housewife of all. She looks good no matter what she wears.

  45. microop

    I lost some respect for Erika when she lied

    That said if there was ever a time for Lisa to apologize this was it. She could have easily answered Kyles question with “I don’t know”. And since she didn’t apologize for that.

  46. Xanadude

    I can never eat FroYo again.
    But then, neither can David Foster.

    • Tara

      OmG!! This is perfection!
      Xan what are you and TT doing over there? Is she slipping meds into your water bowl? I hope the chains aren’t too tight and that you aren’t too close to the radiator.

  47. run_dmc

    My understanding of medical record privacy laws is that if one is 18 or over which i thought Bella was – although maybe i’m wrong, even a parent who pays the bills can’t access them or disclose to a third party without the patient’s consent. Of course, Bella would need to sue her mom to enforce that, which is certainly not going to happen.

    • I don’t think they’re real “medical” records, probably from naturopathic wholistic “clinics”.

      • tamaratattles

        ​I don’t understand how so many of you don’t know what HIPPA laws are. HIPPA is a law the government put in place to regulate who PEOPLE IN THE HEATHCARE INDUSTRY industry can transmit patient records to without the patient’s informed consent.


        It has nothing to do with your age, or what your mama does with your medical information, or what you do with your medical records, or what your roommate does with your medical records. It’s just a law to protect your privacy regarding how your records are shared within the health care industry that requires them to protect your records unless absolutely necessary to share.

  48. Bella is trying to establish a career. Is it a good idea for her to be included in this never ending “journey of suffering” of Yolanda’s. Can you hear it? “Mom!! I’m trying to work! Don’t tell the world I am included in your weirdness!”

  49. Seems Yo has had it out for LVP for a while. She went off on Ken. I wonder how she felt about Mohammad and Lisa being tight while Yo was married to him? I’d bet she was jealous of LVP then and she still is.

  50. Rose

    Yo demanding LVP take and read her kids medical records was beyond crazy! Eileens purse was ugly but I actually liked her shoes. Even when she’s not in a scene Yo continues to dominate the discussion. Rinna is still grating my last nerve this season.

  51. T D

    Ain’t it redundant to freeze ice twice?

  52. Susan

    I laughed through a lot of this and all I can say is I enjoyed laughing more than watching Kim and Brandi turn every single outing or event into a fight, name calling, gossip, lies, physical altercations or whatever. It was a buzz-kill. Every single episode.

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