Random Thoughts on The People Versus OJ Simpson

OJ slow chase

OJ’s son is bigger than OJ in this movie. Which is interesting because a lot of conspiracy theories had Jason either being involved in the killing or killing Nicole and Ron.

Which Ross and Liberace were talking I was trying to figure out why Ross and Liberace would ever be in a room together.

OMG! That is new information about Robert making up the “note to America” from OJ. Or I forgot I knew that.

Somebody really hates the Kardashian kids.  Was it really necessary to get a fat Khloe? And they are annoying as fuck in every unnecessary scene. Does Ryan Murphy hate the Kardashians? I’m going with yes. Or maybe it’s Travolta. Or both. On E! Tonight they said the Kardashian Kids scene are meant as sort of fictional comic relief to offset all the heavy stuff.

This squeaky voice Cuba is ruining  my viewing experience. For the love of God can we get to the trial where all he does is sit at the table making weird faces?

Remember when a Bronco was a car rich people drove?

Cochran’s daughter lives in Atlanta and she is furious about how her dad is being portrayed. Especially the closet scene from last week and when he said ‘ain’t”.  She says her daddy would have never said that word.n

I had lots of blogging to do so I had to watch this in parts. By the time I got settled in to watch, it was over. I can’t believe the chase was 10% of the movie.  Nothing that was part of the chase was allowed into testimony.

Can’t wait to see Liberace and Shapiro go at it.

Are you still watching?


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54 responses to “Random Thoughts on The People Versus OJ Simpson

  1. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I’m watching it now. Just started. Great recaps on Tre today. Thanks

  2. Kim

    The court room antics in this case reminds me of the musical Chicago & the song “razzle dazzle”. I was 21 at the time, I lived through it & know how this case affected people, including myself. I didn’t like when this case veered so off course from proving guilt to being racially motivated. Was sickened that no one was punished criminally for this absolutely horrific crime. (I think it’s shameful how the Kardashian kids were mentioned so often already & not one reference to the Goldmans yet either.) There was so much evidence against OJ & obvious motive, I was stunned when I heard the not guilty verdict. By the way, I agree with this quote from Chris Rock: “That shit wasn’t about race … that shit was about fame. If O.J. wasn’t famous, he’d be in jail right now. If O.J. drove a bus, he wouldn’t even be O.J. He’d be Orenthal the Bus Driving Murderer.”

    • barbinga

      Kim, Chris Rock had another bit that made me smile in a shameful way at the time. He mentioned OJ seeing other men driving the Ferarri he got her (no idea if factual) and the punchline was ‘I aint sayin it’s right, but I understand’.

    • Dee

      Tamara! You helped me remember. Robert Kardashian reading the letter that sounded like a suicide letter. Wasn’t OJ trying to get away when he was spotted and the Bronco chase began? Trying to remember.

    • barbinga

      I’m loving the different perspectives here and memories from the actual time of the trial. I had literally just gotten out of the Army and married the month of the Bronco chase, and was packing to move cross country to a Ranger camp with the new husband. For xmas that year (thanks to Nichole bringing it to my attention) I bought an Akita for the now ex husband. She came home with me, they tend to be “one person” dogs and although I bought her for him, I was her person. Then I turned into a hoarder for a little while after having to put her down at age 11. A good shrink many years later figured that out. Abandonment issues and that’s the dog that left footprints on my soul.

      The actors seem to be so random and miscast (miscasted?) to me. I think Travolta has nailed Shapiro, and occasionally I’m shocked by a certain look he gives that looks just like him. My dad looked like Shapiro, so it’s something Travolta is doing with his eyes. Sara Paulson seems to be handling it, and I wish I could recall where I know the guy playing Chris Darden from. Too lazy to google.

      During the trial I always wondered what happened that Shapiro basically disappeared and Johnny Cochran just took over. Probably some truth to that part of the story telling.

  3. DarkThoughts

    I was surprised at how badly his surrender was handled. For a second I was sure the cops were going to shoot him when he stepped out of his car. I like Cuba in this role. He can act. I felt the crazy suicidialdal entitled celebrity of his O.J. portrayal. I was exhausted by the time he was handcuffed and put into the cop car.

  4. lakawak

    So, are they going to shove the Kardashians down our throats in each of hte 10 episodes? And do it is such over the top fashion? KarDASHeeeeinsssss! KarDASHeeeeinsssss! KarDASHeeeeinsssss! It is as if the TV is reaching out to me, annoyingly elbowing me in the side and saying “Get it! Do you get it! It’s the KARDASHIANS! Aren’t we clever!”

  5. JoJoFLL

    Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk evidently hate the Kardashians and I think it is hilarious. Ross comes off as a big, dumb, buffoon.

    Loving this. Obsessed.

  6. claire

    I was sitting in a Vegas bar watching the Bronco “chase” with a man I had met the day before who would change my life forever. The sad part is he turned out to be an abusive psycho who would’ve tried to kill me had I not found a way out. The irony. Only good that came from this horiffic tragedy is California DV laws were strengthened because of Nicole’s murder. God bless her and Ron’s souls.

    On another note: I thought I knew most everything about this case but did not know there were TWO Broncos! The one in the chase belonged to A.C….purchased because he was so enamored with O.J. Interesting.

    • JoJoFLL

      You’ll find out a lot about this case you didn’t know. Dominique Dunne wrote his book as fiction because he didn’t want to be sued for a lot of things Judge Ito would not allow in court. One of the doctors on OJs team that gave him a physical the day after the killings wrote that he was a man that looked like he had been in the fight of his life.

      • claire

        Ah, yes…Dominick Dunne. I enjoyed his crime show. Thanks for the reminder about his book…definitely want to read. Sooooo much was not allowed in. Judge Ito was in way over his famewhoring head. Do you remember Jay Leno’s bit on the Tonight Show “The Dancing Ito’s?!” Hilarious!

      • Dee

        Interesting, we watched the chase, the arrest, we saw Robert pick up the black back that OJ had. I feel so sorry for his children and of course Ron Goldman and Nicole’s family. Why are they bringing this up again? SMDH

      • Omg. I love Dominick Dunne’s books. “An Inconvenient Woman” and “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles” are worth dropping everything to read.

    • janet

      Wow thats a weird connection to the case. Glad you got away. I allways thought OJ was showing his guilt by that car chase and talk of suicide. Im certain OJ is a sociopath, but I think some sociopaths even can have a weak moment of concience or regret. But he certainly was able to go on and live with it. I think OJ may have tried to kill that look alike younger version of Nicole too. I read that she was found with a blow to the head by police but didnt remember anything. That girls mom was beside herself wanting her daughter to get the hell away from him. Im so glad hes locked up. Karma at least caught up with him.

  7. A Little Birdie

    Lol @ Liberace. I was surprised there was so much of the chase as well and how about that press conference with John Travolta? I was all of 16 when this was happening so I remember some things but that I don’t. I don’t think that Johnnie Cochran is getting a bad deal at all. I am actually enlightened by his role.

  8. Cat

    I was going to buy the book, since I can’t watch this. Now, I think I’ll pass. The Kardashians are taking over the World. God help us all.

    • Dee

      Cat…may I climb your tree? I don’t want to live through the horror again. Does anyone else remember it as horrific?

      • Cat

        Sure. It’s a big tree. :)

        What I remember about this is how it affected me personally. That’s weird, because I did not know the victims, or anyone involved.

        But it was the first and only time I ever lit candles for someone I did not know. Very weird.

  9. I don’t like Cuba in this role, either, TT. The squeaky voice is annoying. He also lacks the good looks and facade of affable charm that O.J. Simpson used to manipulate everyone. I think of him as O.J. The Murdering Former Rich Hot Guy.

  10. Can’t stand all the nods to the karytrAshians. It’s so annoying

  11. Espi

    Definitely watching and way better than Bravo, even if fictional. I was a kid when this stuff happened and find it all so new.

    I think a formal recap of this would get you some traffic TT. I personally am not enjoying the OJ acting by Cuba. Cuba also does not physically fit the grotesque nature of this violent crime. OJ being so big, handsome, and arrogant, in my opinion is a huge part of this story. But other than that…

    I hope the dialogue on this topic flourishes at your site!

  12. Spilledperfume

    I forgot it was on but I enjoyed the recap.

  13. Poor casting. Kardashian was 5’7″. OJ was well over 6 ft. I love Cuba but he is not pretty enough for this role. This was the same summer I broke up with my ex. I wanted them to fry him. I wanted the cops who beat Rodney King fried too, but this guy … this guy… They should have let the Brown and Goldman families skin him alive.

  14. Would You Like Some Tea??

    Cuba and J. Travolta’s acting in this series are unforgivable. Absolutely terrible. However, I love Sarah Paulson. She’s fantastic.

    I really hate how they are spoon feeding the whole “this is what White people thought, this is how Black people felt.”

    Sadly, I bet Cuba and “Ross from Friends” will be getting Golding Globes nominations.

    • Lindsay

      Haha yeah that ham handed scene with Darden and his neighbors was a little OTT haha. Hating that they are turning Robert K into a sympathetic character. He hid evidence and only began to practice law again to take advantage of attorney-client privilege!

  15. ZenJen55

    OJs Bronco was courtesy of Hertz and had already been taken to the police station for evidence before the chase.

    God Bless the Goldman’s and Browns for having to continue reliving this tragedy. I can’t imagine xxxxxx

    • Would You Like Some Tea??

      It’s also pretty shameful how they are hunting down Nicole and O.J.’s children.

      • Dee

        I agree, leave those children alone! Have they no dignity? I still think of them as children sleeping in their rooms, unaware their mother is being attacked while they slept. Then Faye dragged her friends name through a book. I’ll never like Faye. Can’t believe any friend of Nicole’s is a friend of Fayes

  16. Twilly

    Started watching this and Madoff On Demand thanks to your posts, TT! Great shows!

    • Sliceo'pie

      I enjoyed the Madoff movie-I thought the casting was excellent-especially Dreyfuss and Danner.

      I’m finding the OJ movie a bit slow. The addition of the Kardashians children, to bring in younger viewers, is annoying as hell.

  17. I won’t click on stories about the children. I’m happy to hear they have gone off to live quiet lives. I don’t want to be part of the scrum that falls on them with this new airing of the murder of their mother. I’m watching the show and I want to know all I can about the story, but I won’t add my ‘clicks’ to the rain of s**t on the kids. Sumpin to think about friends.

  18. Just Saying

    I’m trying to watch but I can’t get past travoltas frozen face, too much Botox?

  19. Tama, I’m going to send you a recap of the last two episodes and offer to do the rest of them for you. I was glued to my set at the time and would will be fascinated with this for the next couple months. May as well sum it up for our friends. I don’t know where to send it, other than here, sooo…. coming soon to a comment section near here….

    • tamaratattles

      I sent you an email, Deborah. :) I’m willing to take a look at your recaps, but I really didn’t see the need to recap this series. We all know the story. A detailed blow by blow seems redundant to me. I’m more interested in the casting, acting, weird references to for children of zero relevance to the story in unflattering ways….etc as talking points.

      Maybe I am wrong? Do y’all want a traditional recap?

    • tamaratattles

      My favorite part of these OJ posts is the related posts suggested at the bottom. I don’t have many tags or categories so WP just randomly picks things from entertainment new like Andy dick and recaps that include Faye Resnick. :)

  20. loriflack

    Oh, Judge Ito was embarrassingly STARSTRUCK and I definitely do remember
    “the dancing Itos”… lol❗️

    • tamaratattles

      I’m shocked to see this opinion (this is not the first one like it I’ve seen). My memory is of thinking Judge Ito was an awesome no nonsense Judge.

      That said, that my not be how I felt at the time. and even if it was, my brain was not even fully formed when this trial was going on.

  21. SB

    Cuba G. Jr is doing OJ as if OJ was a flamboyantly gay broadway actor. It’s so over the top.

  22. I watched the whole trial, the interviews and read the books. My mother who was a PI at the time said about the interview with OJ’s ex wife that during this interview in the first part when they were speaking about her marriage to OJ her body language was very open. Arms on the arm rests, looking into Barbara Walter’s eyes, etc. During the latter half when they got to the murder her body language was totally closed. Crossed her arms, wouldn’t look Barbara in the eye while denying OJ ever hit her. At the time my mother speculated the son did the murder as there were deep seated issues between the older kids with OJ and Nicole playing happy family with the second family. There was particular emnity between the son and Nicole apparently.

    My mother also speculated OJ took the rap for his son figuring his fame and connections etc would get him off and with the ex wife doing this interview and saying OJ was never violent and it was all daisies it’d help his case and keep her son out of jail. The son had a record for threatening his lawyer with a knife before the whole murder episode.

    Also if you look at the courtroom when the verdict was read out (make sure you find a video where you can see all of the family’s reactions) the ONLY one to have a overly HUGE reaction to the not guilty verdict and immediately breakdown was the son. Everyone else was more composed compared to him.

    I think the son did it using daddy’s gloves and in an impulse rage. OJ might’ve thought he was a big enough man to get away with the Las Vegas deal, but he spent too many years in the limelight to kill Nicole on her front doorstep. If he was going to do it he was big enough to man handle her and do it inside the house thank Ron Goldman for returning the glasses as Nicole was in the ‘ shower’ and cover this up. The way it was done and the frenzy speaks of someone who is more immature and impulsive, not planned.

    • I’m horrified that anyone would post such an accusation based on…nothing. I don’t believe for one minute that O.J. Simpson would “take the rap” for his son or anybody else since he has consistently refused to take responsibility for his own crimes. Adults, particularly those insulated by fame and money, can indeed be immature and impulsive.

      • Parents do illogical things to protect their kids sometimes. Just an opinion not an accusation as I’m not the law. The law spoke, wrongly as most believe, but spoke nonetheless.

      • claire

        @Kimoe you hit the nail on the head with “frenzy”. However, stabbings such as these come from a very personal place. I believe almost decapitating someone is very calculated; the attack maybe not pre-meditated but slitting someones throat in the commission of said attack seems very purposeful. I don’t know what to think of this idea his son was involved, let alone performed the gruesome attack. I could see the son being angry with the “new” family but to me just isn’t enough to stir gutteral feeling of murder. I do know that the doctor who examined OJ the next day at Kardashian’s place said he “looked like someone who’d been in a fight for their life.” Of course non of that made it to the jury. *sigh*

  23. CoBe

    Cuba is just awful in this series. I mean really, really bad. I can only assume he is thoroughly embarrassed.

    As someone else posted, it is essential to the story that OJ’s personality came through as that had a lot to do with his treatment. It’s also important to remember that he had financially supported and was friends with the LAPD. That plays a big role as well.

    Nobody at the time knew for sure if he was guilty or not.

    Most reasonable people have concluded that he was at least heavily involved. I really do wonder if the son played a part though.

  24. captivagrl

    The A&E special – O. J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes (2015), is fascinating. There’s a lot of info about the civil trial. I had watched the criminal trial, read the top books after the verdict, and I was surprised with the detail and additional facts included in this program. The Goldman family has done a wonderful job in keeping Ron’s memory alive.
    That said, I’m really enjoying the current mini series because it’s so terrible. I can’t miss a minute of the re-written history and horrible acting :) It’s like a Lifetime movie gone batshit crazy! Travolta must have owed someone a huge favor to get involved with this mess.

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