Teresa Giudice’s First Interview After Prison Release on GMA

RHONJ Teresa on GMA


At the beginning of GMA this morning at 7 a.m. (the things I do for y’all) Teresa was there live. I checked and she is wearing a different outfit than the one she wore for the taped interview we discussed here yesterday.  TMZ ran one of their weird stories about how Amy Robach somehow beat out George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts in some sort of journalist brawl to get Teresa. In reality George wouldn’t interview Teresa if it was the only way for him to keep his anchor chair. And Robin would get out of it any way she could. ABC has no qualms about paying felons to talk about their crimes, but their morning anchors will not be doing the dirty work.

We begin with some specifics about Teresa’s crimes. They mention 39 counts on her indictment, but in actuality, it was bumped up to 41. They point out that she committed fraud over dozens of bank and the IRA  to obtain over five million dollars.  She points out that she pled guilty to multiple crimes.

Cut to Robach asking Teresa, IN HER HOME FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE FURNITURE,  if she knew she was committing a crime. First of all what kind of dumb question is that?  Teresa’s dumb answer was “No, I didn’t know I was committing a crime, the government saw it differently, I got sentenced, I got served time…”

RHONJ Teresa Christmas


And the cut to more package but before I go there, I’d like to make it clear to the idiots that Teresa Giudice is full of shit and lying out her lying hole. She went into several banks and sat in a chair next to Joe and said, “I work for a real estate company. Here is the W-2 from my employer.”  Then she went to another one and said “I am an interior designer, here is my W-2 from the design company.” She did this at multiple banks live and in person lying out her lying liar hole. She lied to the bankruptcy court about her assets repeatedly under oath. She lied to her own bankruptcy attorney. And she kept on lying right up to the sentencing portion of the trial on the court documents about her assets. The judge who sentenced her was going to give her parole up to the point where TERESA KEPT ON LYING TO THE JUDGES FACE and that is why she did actual time.  How hard is this to understand? She was not some fool that just signed whatever Joe told her to. She absolutely knew she was committing a crime. She is just a fool who didn’t think she would face any consequences. She’s a liar. She lies when her lips are moving. How can any of you believe she just signed some things that Joe told her two and had no idea how she had tens of thousands of dollars in her purse and moved from a house that cost $173,000 to one that cost MILLIONS of dollars or that they were doing anything wrong? How?

deep breathes

Segment One: The Taped Interview from Teresa’s fully furnished house.

Robach:: You went from Teresa Giudice the reality star, the wife, the mother to an inmate number. How did that feel?
Teresa: It broke my heart because, I was always, growing up (airquotes) the good girl (/airquotes) not wait more (airquotes plus super wide eyes) Always did everything right…”

Robach: Do you remember your inmate number? (Seriously? This chick may be worse at this than Andy Cohen)
Teresa:  “Yes. 65703 -050” Fascinating

Robach: Your life was stripped down to the bare minimum, no makeup, purses, fancy clothes what was left when you were there in prison, with all of that removed? (I thought Teresa was going to irritate the piss out of me, but Robach is actually more irritating with these stupid questions.)
Teresa: It was Teresa Giudice (BTW she’s back to JewDice, she could never remember how to say JewDeChay anyway. She also seems very confused by this question)  You know, the person that I am.  Everything that you just said, I don’t need any of it. I was fine just being just who I am.


Robach: Some people would say oh you know you had it easy. You went to Danbury, it’s like being at the country club of jail. How would you describe it?
Teresa: It was no country club, I mean trust me, at all.  I mean there was mold in the bathrooms, there was not running water constantly, the showers were freezing cold, It was hell, you know? It was definitely living in hell. (good)

Robach: What was the worst part of the experience was it the…
Teresa: Just being away from my daughters and jail.

Robach says in a narrative : She says sticking to a routine helped.
Teresa: I worked in the kitchen (I heard this job was in name only and given to her so she could eat with the kitchen help who ate before the rest of the inmates) I wiped tables three days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, that was my job. I got paid 12 cents an hour, I spent it at the commissary. My first paycheck was $1.60. I mean the only thing they give you is toilet paper and maxipads. So I just bought my essentials. But I have to say the girls were amazing there, (cut to photos of Teresa with her fellow felons) anytime anybody new comes we all help each other. You think people are terrible that are in prison which is,  I totally don’t think that way now.

Robach: Was there ever a moment you feared for your life?
Teresa: I wasn’t scared. It’s not like I was terrified. But you know, I knew I could hold my own. But believe me there was fights that went on. Believe me, they were trying to start drama with me, but, I walked away.
Robach: You’re used to drama.
Teresa: Um yeah, It was nothing like being on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, let me tell ya. And I thought Real Housewives of New Jersey was drama. Let me tell you, when you go to prison, it’s a whole different…there is a lot of drama.

RHONJ Teresa Felon Book

(Taped narrative about her book)

Robach: You write about some of your bad experiences with the paparazzi, with the media, being unfairly targeted. But then why continue with the Real Housewives? Why write a book? Why stay in the spotlight? (Really, Robach. What the hell else is she going to do? Work at McDonalds? She loves the spotlight! )
Teresa: MMMMM, good question. Um, it’s my life now. It’s what I know, and I live in New Jersey, I live in Hollywood, so the paparazzi is not always staked out at my house. During this legal situation, that’s when the paparazzi came around a lot more.

Robach: Joe is facing 41 months. There is also the possibility he could be deported. Would you move to Italy with the girls if that ended up becoming reality?
Teresa: We’re just taking one day at a time. I’m just, you know, happy to be home. We’re just enjoying every moment, like living in the moment. We really are.

You can see more of Teresa’s canned interview tomorrow on Nightline. And Teresa is still standing in the wings waving and waiting to do a live interview in the next hour. It already is well into the next hour now because transcribing is a bitch. I am zipping through and they had Teresa stand in the hallway and wave like a pageant contest for an hour and 15 minutes at every commercial break  before interviewing her. 

Robach: Now that you are off house arrest, how does it feel to really be free?
Teresa: (who actually looks like she is over it before she even starts and is not nearly as fake happy as usual. Maybe all the standing and waving wore her out?)  It feels great. It feels great to be home with my daughters, with my husband ( she had lots of lying tics when it got to the husband part. She didn’t mention him in the taped interview in any of the parts we saw so far)  I mean even though I was on house arrest I was able to do things … I just hadda ..you know…I hadda let my probation officer…you know…let him know what I was doing.

RHONJ Milania funny Tre not

The Live Interview

Robach: Now you can do anything you want.
Teresa: Now there’s no schedule. I can take my kids, you know,  to all their activities. Cause that was my biggest thing. Like, I just wanted to drive them to all their activities.
Robach: You just wanted to be a full-time mom.
Teresa: (perks up) Last night I didn’t get home until like past eight! Driving them all over. Call me Ms. Taxi!

Robach: Part of your sentence was to pay back over $400,000 in restitution. In addition, your house at one point you was in foreclosure, tell me what your financial is right now.
Teresa: Restitution is paid off. My house is not in foreclosure anymore, Thank God! And you know, everythings good.

Robach has view questions: What lesson will you teach your daughters about your experience?
Teresa: Before you sign something, make sure you completely understand it and read everything. OMFG. Seriously? How don’t steal! Don’t lie? Take responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time? SOMETHING.

Shut up, I'm on the phone with my girlfriend!

Shut up, I’m on the phone with my girlfriend!

Robach: Before you left for Danbury, you told your younger girls that you were going away to write a book. You didn’t tell them that you were going too prison? What will you tell them about Joe leaving? Joe is uh, spend the next three and a half years in prison. He leaves next month. Will you tell them that their father is going to jail?
Teresa: (Teresa looks irritated and has since she sat down. She is more irritated now) No. No, we said, “Mommy’s gonna go to work first, and I told them mommy was going to write a book and I had to live at camp, which I call prison, which is prison obviously. And I had to go through the experience and that’s what Mommy was writing about. Then we said, when mommy comes home, then Daddy is going to go to work.  (What is Daddy going to do at work for three years? Does she really think the girls don’t all know she was in prison? Does she really believe they don’t get made fun of at school about this?   What you are teaching them is that mommy and daddy lie. And they both went to prison.)

Robach: I know that, um, Joe is your childhood sweetheart. I’m curious how this experience impacted your marriage. You said “Don’t sign anything that you don’t read first.” Do you in anyway blame Joe for what happened to you?
Teresa: No I don’t (she says half-heartedly). There was, there was legal people around us also when I signed those papers and it’s something that happened. I’m not going to look back, I’m just going to move forward. And look at the future. (Yes, the legal people were your bankruptcy lawyers and the papers you signed swore that the assets and liabilities you listed on your affidavit were true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Your attorney verbally instructed you concerning what you were signing, and again, you felt you would not get caught, so you lied. A lot. To the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Big mistake. HUGE.)
Robach: What impact has this had on your marriage?
Teresa: If anything, I mean really it’s made it stronger. (ya know I almost typed that before she said it. I just didn’t know where to put the “you know” an/or the “like”) It really has. I mean, you know, and we’ve been married 16 years. And it’s going strong.


Teresa and Joe Giudice

Robach: So you’ve been home for a little over a month now. After you got home and hugged your family, and did what was important, I want to know what was the first luxury you treated yourself to that you have been denied when you were in prison?
Teresa: Just spending time with my daughters. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to do. (pause) and ….spend time with Joe (It was super early when she got up so maybe she is just sleepy but it seems like she is medicated to me. She was shaking her head no throughout this entire answer. A definite body language sign that she was lying. You know, other than the whole lips moving clue. )
Robach: That makes a lot of sense. I want to know what were the things  OTHER THAN YOUR DAUGHTERS  that you dreaded most when you were in prison that you would have to live without? (She’s asking the convoluted questions trying to get Teresa to say something like “my new Lexxus!)
Teresa: Being there? (the question was too long for Teresa to follow. I’m being serious)  Just my daughters. (long pause) and Joe. I didn’t care about the food, I didn’t care about anything, I didn’t care, I didn’t care about the clothes, and you know, I didn’t care. I was fine. Not wearing makeup everyday, I just missed my daughters.They’re my life. I mean I live for them. It’s amazing, you know, like after you give birth…like…it’s like…you know… you can’t live without them!  ( Shaking her head no through this entire answer. So what she is saying is I wanted better food,  I had some chick tailor my prison uniforms to make them fit me, another chick did my hair and makeup. It was living hell.)
Robach: And yet you had to for 11 1/2 months… How did you pass the time. We heard about in our piece before you sat down that you had a job in the kitchen. But you also had a lot of other freetime on your hands. What did you do?  (Look, Robach, it’s been snowing here for 15 minutes that is about as long as we usually get. I want to take my dog for a walk in it, either wrap this shit show up are start asking some decent questions! I’d like to get this up so other blogs can steal my hours of transcribing like the little cunt satchels they are and enjoy the fucking snow! )
Teresa: I worked out three times a day. I did yoga. Yoga changed my life. I’m going to get certified in Yoga. I just went to my first class. I did a lot of Pilates. I did a lot of running. We had a great track.  Thank God for that. You know, we were able to go outside.

Robach: A lot of this will be detailed in the 7th season of Real Housewives. How much will you show about your experiences?
Teresa: Yes. Um, um, I’m an open book. So I’m so I’m gonna share my whole life. And when you read my book you’ll see. I mean everyone is going to get to know me from my upbringing to you know my twenties, to when I got married to when I gave birth… and you know, how it was when I was away. And being on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Robach: She asks how she is supposed to pronounce her last name. ( I can’t believe this woman went to school and gets paid for this)
Teresa: JEWDICE  (Robach rattles off a couple other options) Teresa says that is the Italian way but know body knows how to say it so Joe and I are fine with JEWDICE. (Translation: I wanted to sound more Italian when I was doing my cookbooks but I could never remember to pronounce it the new way so we just said, “Fuck it” and went back to the real way.)

And it mercifully ends. And I am going to post this right after Banjo and I walk in the snow!  Which we did.

So this was not as bad as I thought because she didn’t get asked anything we did not already know.  What did you guys think?


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51 responses to “Teresa Giudice’s First Interview After Prison Release on GMA

  1. Just Saying

    I think your blog about it was more interesting than the actual interview which was ridiculously dull

  2. One of the comments on the other Teresa post kinda summed it up for me (sorry forget the u/n) that Teresa is the least “self-aware” Housewife. Or what my hub would call “dumber than a box of rocks.” That’s what I like about her, lol.

  3. I still think she’s an idiot. Ya know?

  4. fatgladis

    Deep breathes…. before I choke on my own vomit. People on tv really are sell outs.

  5. Lisanna

    I see that nothing has changed and Teresa has learned nothing from her experience. This woman is dumber than a billy goat if she believes anyone would believe she didn’t know she was breaking the law.

    • Lisanna

      My apologies to billy goats for the insulting comparison to TeresaG……

    • I could see how if, in the beginning, she had the intention of paying the money back, she could minimize the “wrongness” of what she was doing in her own mind. IF she ever had the intention of paying it all back. But not knowing it was against the law? Not buying that.

  6. More Tea Please!

    I think I’m grateful that you sacrificed your morning for us so the we did not have to watch this mindless drivel! Enjoy the snow with Banjo.

  7. NYDudette

    I can’t, I just can’t ( Ramona Style). I decided not to watch and give these criminals more ratings, it just perpetuates the enabling. I am just fine with TT’s recap. Thank you, TT.

  8. natalie

    You recounted the event beautifully. I agree it was not an interview more of an opportunity for TJ to talk, she was well rehearsed, blamed her lawyers and all of her children know she went to jail-they visited her.

    George use to be a real journalist.

  9. The proper Italian pronunciation of Guidice is “Gwee-dee-chay”, NOT “JewDice”. I just roll my eyes every time I hear it pronounced that way.

    Only shady people like Joe & Teresa keep changing the pronunciation of their last name. It’s a grifter tactic.

    • tamaratattles

      That’s never even been one of the options! LOL. Their proper Italian pronunciation was Judy Chay. Accent on the Judy. or was it the Chay? :)

      • Minky

        I could have sworn that Caroline Manzo called her Teresa “Judas” once. Maybe I was just hearing things?

    • Sweet T

      I don’t pronounce my Italian name the Italian or Sicilian way. It’s too complicated. I pronounce in an easy American way.

    • beth

      Joe’s parents never taught him how to pronounce Giudice during his childhood ? His parents were both born in Italy, and presumably lived there until after Joe was born; plenty of time for the parents to get it right, I would think.

  10. Sequoia

    I’m so old, I remember when Nightline reported actual news on an election night.

  11. TT you deserve a medal for subjecting yourself to this load of drivel, but thanks anyway. Clearly Teresa is still the same dope that she always was. Prison time has taught her nothing it seems and she will no doubt go forward making the same stupid mistakes and spouting the same crap as she always has. For her childrens sake it is time for Teresa to bow out , keep her head down and concentrate on trying to provide as normal an environment as possible for her daughters, who evidently already exhibit narcissitic traits. There is trouble to come in the Guidice household if those girls are not to be protected from this exposure and parental gross indulgence.

  12. claire

    God bless you, Tamara, for taking one for the team! You know I love you but I’m sending extra XOs for writing this…fantastic!!! There was no fucking way I was going to let this ignorant, lying, fame whoring felon into my home via GMA…which, by the way, has officially sunk to the lowest depths of journalism for ratings.

    As I commented in yesterday’s post I will need vodka for breakfast after ingesting the bullshit that comes from this woman’s LIAR HOLE. ?

  13. claire

    By the way, if this interviewer (who I refuse to call a journalist because my brother is a real, 2x Emmy award-winning journalist…sorry, proud sis!) knew what in the actual fuck she was doing she would’ve countered the “we’re all paid up” answers with actual facts! How about “…and don’t you still owe about $15M to other creditors due to fraudulent, discharged bankruptcy filing?” as well as “…then you paid off your back mortgage payments only to be hit the very next day with a tax lien totalling more than $500K?”

    I know, I know…these shitty interview are always scripted and limited by the idiot being interviewed. A girl can dream, right? LoL

    • Matzah60

      As others stated, this interview wasn’t meant to disclose any more than we already knew. It was the quest by ABC to get to be the first interview of Teresa post prison for ratings. I’m sure her new lawyer, Leonard negotiated the terms of the interview and possibly pre-screened the questions. Her answers to every question were answered with the same catch phrases, “I just missed my girls so much”, “We are just living in the moment, taking it day by day.”, and the biggest bullshit response, “I don’t care about the clothes, material things, the makeup or anything. I just missed my daughters. They are my life.”

      Teresa used Bravo to upgrade her life and they complied by giving her obscene amounts of money to propagate her lifestyle.

      The interview was dull, but your recap, TT, was hilarious. Your purple pen said it all!

  14. JoJoFLL

    She’s a crook. She thinks we are too stupid to see what really happened.

    She reminds me of the irresponsible 20 year old that gets their car repossessed by the loan company and makes up lies about why it happened when we all know they were really too irresponsible to make the loan payment.

    Quite frankly it’s insulting.

  15. Spilledperfume

    Thanks for the recap.

    I’m glad Banjo got to enjoy the snow.

  16. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks, TT, for sparing us the misery of starting our day with a glimpse into the cesspool that is Teresa’s tiny dinosaur brain. I used to like her. I did. But she epitomizes the collective trash that is scooped up and put on display for us – dumb, amoral, no talent and a huge hunger for the spotlight and validation of a phony life.
    The only reason I can fathom that these shows have been so popular is that human nature loves a freak show, a roadside accident, a serial killer.
    And I am right there with them. Sigh.

  17. WestCoastFeed

    Thanks, TT, for the excellent recap and the telling purple prose commentary. The benighted Tre Toadies will accept that excuse that she didn’t know she was breaking the law. Wait for it.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh I forgot to mention in my three thousand word “summary” that I went into the TMZ comments on their weird Teresa story yesterday to actually in the wee hours of this morning, I’ve yet to go to bed… Anyway, went in to research. I was fully expecting to find THRONGS of Tre Huggers and feel smug over the fact we have so few here and the ones that are don’t dare at admit it. To my surprise, Teresa was being DRAGGED in comments with each new commenting professing more hatred than the last. There was nary a Tre Hugger in the batch!

      Never fear though. They are out there right now buying the book.

  18. Cheychey

    I like how she just changes the subject past are you gonna go with your husband if he gets deported. That would be a no. Because then you could not be living your ‘famous’ life.

  19. Jaded

    THANK YOU TT! Why does anyone believe her crimes are up for debate?

  20. Lolagyrl

    That was one of the most absurd puff piece interviews I’ve ever seen! Andy’s tougher!

  21. iloveearlgrey

    If you simply must have the book, just check it out from the library.

  22. Minky

    Shit! That was an interview?! Are they serious? Just curious, did anybody take a shot every time Teresa said “ya know”? Or every time she said she missed her “fambly”?

  23. Queen of the Nile

    Love, love the purple pen!! Thank you, TT — I couldn’t stomach her so early in the morning. Hell, actually anytime of the day or night. I’m surprised that she got critiqued on TMZ … I wonder how her book sales are doing?

  24. Cat

    There must be something really wrong with me. These people lie like a rug and steal millions.

    And here I am, worrying about paying taxes on my pension. All $600 of it.

  25. cjbomb

    A Yoga Teacher??????????

  26. Dracla Dunning

    All in all Teresa has to know that the small amount of time in prison for the financial return is not a bad gig at all. She is just not admitting to it. I wonder how much money she was paid or promised during that year? It was certainly enough to clear up a good portion of their debt. Their scam was actually a pretty clever way of getting rich and, to this day even though their asses were busted, richer. The money keeps rolling in. I am willing to bet that when all is said and done she will have gained more money through her fraud by having gone to camp to do research on a book than if her life had remained at the status quo. Much like the Grinch, Teresa is nauseatingly nauseous.

  27. JoJoFLL

    TT, if we chip in and buy you the book of ebay, will you purple pen it? I’d pay good money for that!

  28. Jane

    The government also saw it differently when they said I had to pay my taxes, get a drivers license and pay for stuff I buy.

  29. Margarett

    I think that you and Banjo might as well have gone outside and made snow angels.

  30. Xanadude

    Anyone else wanna play the lottery, using Tre’s inmate numbers?

    • @immelza

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I’ll get a ticket tomorrow if it hits we’ll split it 3 ways with TT. She’s going to need a lot of purple pen refills!

  31. Gapeachinsc

    She’s the type of person who will go to the grave denying responsibility for her wrong doings. I’m thinking she’s got some sort of agent or something behind the scenes pulling all the strings and she’s just continuing on like it’s all normal. Shaking her head “no” and saying something else… writing her book… she doesn’t miss a beat. This cannot be all her…ain’t no way cause I don’t believe she’s that bright. It’s insanity. But damn!! She keeps making it all work it seems but I think she has lost some support since she came home. Like, I wonder what changed with some of her supporters, like all of the sudden. Sorry for my long post.

  32. Ugh, I’m already sick of this circus. But that’s not going to stop me from reading about the next interview…

  33. swizzle

    Interview sounds like a waste of time. I’m most fascinated by her book cover photo. Who’s the publisher? How did that horrible Photoshop job get past review? She appears to have an additional joint in the middle of her left thigh that allows her to bend her femur…it’s amazing.

    • claire

      KC Baker is a staff writer at People. Pretty sure they coughed up a big chunk of cash for this bird cage liner. Just remember: there was no intention of committing a crime. ?

    • Dracla Dunning

      I have looked at that photo countless times and felt it was off but could never figure out what didn’t add up. Now that you pointed out the additional joint mid-thigh in the left leg, I get it! That’s funny.

  34. Jen

    Those pictures remind me of that pathetic and awkward scene with the two of them. It was so embarrassing to watch. She is such a stupid moron.

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