Teresa Giudice’s E! News Interview With Catt Sandler Part I



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This is the second of three interviews with Teresa that I am covering today. Actually, I might cover Andy’s interview tomorrow if I can’t stay awake. I pulled an all night last night doing blog stuff. Along that line I must  say I have never taken Sudafed before and am enjoying it immensely.

It appears that Teresa spent all of her house arrest time in her house giving interviews as this one takes place in another expensively decorated room in her house. Many have pointed out that she will like make more money for the year in jail than she would have made if she had been working on the outside. Ain’t that just some shit?

Teresa is much happier in her home confinement interviews than she was on the live interview on GMA this morning. If you missed that, go here.  It’s part of the reason I was up all night, so I’m going to need everyone to read it. At least twice. :)

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Once again, Teresa’s eyes are bugging out of her head. I don’t know what she was on while on house arrest but she was not on it at GMA this morning. She was on whatever the  opposite course of treatment was.  She tells the interview she is doing great and  is happy to be home. She seems really happy.  Really Happy.

Interviewer Catt Sandler of E! Will be CS, Teresa will be TG I will speak in purple ink.

CS: When you heard the word prison what was going through your mind at that moment. (I like this girl better already)
TG: I was numb.  I was literally numb. Like, I think my nerves got the best of me cuz, cuz like, I couldn’t, my fingers were stuck. I was just like in shock.

CS: Behind closed doors were you crumbling?
TG: I felt like I was dying. I really did. I only had three months left to share every precious moment with my daughters. (And here we go…) I felt like especially with my baby Audriana, I’m like, oh is she going to forget me?

CS:  So when you left in the middle of the night, which daughter was it the hardest for that night?
TG:  Um, I have to say, Gabriella, my second daughter. Yeah, she was just like hysterical. (Teresa starts to tear up). I don’t want to cry, but yeah I think she knew. She’s pretty smart, my daughters are pretty smart. She was crying and hyperventilating and like I never saw her cry like that before. (Nice work getting the daughter story out of the way with some new information, Catt!  Oh and BTW this is a much truer accounting. Tre says she said her goodbyes when they went to bed so there would not be a scene. We all know they stayed up. At least the older ones.)

CS: What was it like with Joe?
TG: It was bad he was crying. Blah blah closer than ever.

And that’s it. Clearly, they are going to drag this shit out all week.


It’s going to be one long book tour. I think Andy has the best shot at getting info because he has half an hour with her and we all know the back story so maybe he will go straight to the good stuff. I’ll try to be there on time, but I’m warning you it will probably take  me at least an hour if I transcribe it.


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9 responses to “Teresa Giudice’s E! News Interview With Catt Sandler Part I

  1. Minky

    Sudafed sometimes helps me get through a long work day AND clears my sinuses. Get the good kind though, with pseudo-ephedrine. You have to show your ID.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I just noticed that this is filed under dumbasses and tagged as morons and idiots. I’m dying.

    I miss the days when Sudafed worked for me. I’m glad that it’s working for you.

  3. Minky

    Re: The interview. When the hell is Jesus gonna whoop Teresa’s ass?! Aka, fix it. And I also hope Andy asks her the “tough” questions too. Like: Did she learn how to make jail house spumoni? Was she afraid of getting sexually assaulted while doing prison yoga? Did she loan shark? Ya know, the hard hitting info that all of her beloved fans really want to know.

  4. Tara

    TT you are the best!
    Hmm Sudafed– I start every morning with a BC powder. I think I am addicted, but it gets me going.

    • Meredo

      Tara, what’s a BC powder? Just curious.

      • Matzah60

        BC Powder is an NSAID like Motrin or Aleve. The powder is a faster acting form. I used to take tons of it before my knee replacement, but it gave me horrible heartburn and stomach pain. It was almost worse than the knee pain.

  5. beth

    “… Andy has the best shot at getting info because he has half an hour with her …”

    He might have 2 hours – “Teresa One-On-One: Part 1”, + the part 1 after-show, + “Teresa One-On-One: Part 2”, + the part 2 after-show.

    • tamaratattles

      Our country’s greatest treasure is under attack by the redcoats, and you expect me to count past PO TA TO? What is wrong with you people?

  6. Mary

    Oh my gosh those eyes!! I could not even look at her!!! Teresa was most differently on some drug!! I can bet the majority of what comes out of her mouth are lies!!! The prison have to be clean or they loose their privileges. She is such a lier I couldn’t stand seeing her I had to change the channel. Disgusting!! Being in prison hasn’t stopped her from living and acting!!

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