Teresa Giudice STILL Does Not Admit To Her Crimes


Teresa is on her book tour, attempting to sell her new book on prison life to Tre-huggers.  In her book, Turning the Tables

Teresa tells GMA in her first sit down interview, which airs tomorrow morning, “We’re not in  foreclosure any longer, thank you, God…and our restitution’s paid off.  So that’s it! We’re in…thank God .. in good shape.”  Well good for them. Who cares about all the other people they fucked over and how they are doing?  Teresa is financially solvent and that is all that matters. Thanks Bravo. #FelonsByBravo It seems that being on TV while committing crimes makes life a lot easier. Especially when you only have to pay off less than half a million to make good on stealing millions.

Here is a reminder of the four charges out of 41 she pled guilty to in her plea deal.

Count One: Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Maximum Sentence 20 years/ $250K Fine
Count 15 : Bankruptcy Fraud- Concealment Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 23 : Bankruptcy  Fraud- False Oaths  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 36: Failure to make a Tax Return  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine

RHONJ teresa table flip gif

According to the bankruptcy lawyer that is being sued, the Giudices were given standard forms which they filled out.  The forms request tax documentation.   Joe and Teresa signed forms stating that the tax forms they submitted to the bankruptcy courts were correct. They were forged.  The standard procedure is for the bankruptcy court to check with the IRS. The IRS reported back with the information that they had not filed for ten years.  CLICK HERE to see all of the IRS documents and W2s they falsified. Teresa was unemployed at this time and gave a variety of false jobs with fake W2s to numerous banks. They did not just “sign the forms they were given” as Joe likes to say. They made up jobs they didn’t have and falsified W2s to show the jobs existed and then signed those forms and gave them to the banks.

Later in the pre-taped GMA interview, Teresa justifies her behavior as follows, ” This is what happened in my eyes. I signed some papers. There was no intent to commit a crime. I didn’t know I was committing a crime. I got indicted. The government saw it differently. I got sentenced. I … served time. I did what I had to do and now I’m moving past it.”

You didn’t know that making up MULTIPLE JOBS YOU NEVER HAD at MULTIPLE banks for MULTIPLE loans and falsifying  W-2 forms to show the bank that you had these MULTIPLE PRETEND JOBS was a crime?  Bear in mind that Teresa had charges unique to her that Joe didn’t have.  One that comes to mind is the rental property income that she failed to disclose in the bankruptcy court along with other hidden assets.


Also in the interview, Teresa was asked if she cried during her strip search and if she was afraid in jail. Tune in to GMA tomorrow morning for those answers. In a teaser today Teresa said, “It wasn’t anything like the Real Housewives of New Jersey”  Oh I hope she talks about how she had inmates doing her hair and sewing her uniforms.

Crime continues to pay Teresa Giudice. I wonder how much she was paid by GMA. She will also be on WWHL with Andy Cohen tomorrow night. You will probably need a strong drink for these interviews. Mimosa in the morning perhaps?


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70 responses to “Teresa Giudice STILL Does Not Admit To Her Crimes

  1. Girlygirl

    Can’t her creditor go after the house? Or even the Furniture? I get hounded over a $5,000 hospital bill which was just for a damn x day and half of it is for late fees.. I don’t understand our system.

    • Minky

      Yep. That makes sense, and that’s what happens to real people, but not TV people. If I had that much debt I would sell off everything to get out of it. But Bravo basically paid her so she could stay in that monstrosity of a house. Where else are they gonna film her being fabulous? In a one room apartment?

      Yeah, hospital bills are a real bitch. One time I owed $10 dollars for a doctors visit, and they sure didn’t waste any time reminding me. It was their error, but they don’t seem to care. Harumph!

    • More Tea Please!

      There’s no equity in the house and if there was I believe the mortgage holder gets first dibs.

    • misery chuck

      I’m so damn sorry you have to go through this. Doesn’t the hospital realize that if someone cannot pay a bill that adding late fees will NOT get that bill paid faster? SMDH. I need to believe that good ‘ol KARMA will get the Giudices and their ilk in the end. If I don’t believe this I’ll go truly crazy. Good luck and God bless

  2. redbluegreen

    Is anyone surprised?

    • Matzah60

      Yes, I am surprised. I think Teresa has lost her following of trehuggers. Initially, I felt some pathos for her and Joe and felt that in part, they were victims of the banks who were giving out subprime loans to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. However, I have read the enormous bank of work that Teresa provided on their charges, falsified documents, fake W-2s, etc. The news articles are reporting that Teresa’s book sales aren’t doing too well. In fact, in order to ‘meet’ Teresa at her book signings, one MUST purchase at least one book to attend said signing. There have been rumors that she is requiring cash payments again, but I have only read this and have no way to corroborate this info.

      So, yes, I am surprised with her dwindling ranks of followers why not only Bravo, but Andy himself is providing this waste of protoplasm with millions of dollars to continue to live the life she could never afford to being with and continues to profit from her life of crime (well, at least around 10 years of crime). It is sickening to the extreme the amounts that GMA, Andy, and Bravo continue to pay simply because these entities believe they will Profit from Teresa’s pathetic story which continues to help Teresa profit off of this fraud without an ounce of f……ing remorse. Pathetic!!

      • redbluegreen

        cash only for her books?? omg, if true, that is hilarious!!!! Once a scheming thief, always a scheming thief.

      • Matzah60

        Correction – “I have read the bank of work that Tamara (TT) provided…..”, NOT Teresa. If you haven’t done so already, click on the links in TT’s recap above. She has done a tremendous job explaining the charges to which Teresa ultimately pleaded guilty to in her plea deal, a breakdown of all IRS documents and W2’s that were falsified, and yet another outstanding dissection of the malpractice suit against bankruptcy lawyer Kridel with yet another lawyer, Carlos Cuevas that TT debunks with her great purple pen.

        If you have any doubts whatsoever on the guilt of felons Joe and Teresa Guidice, you should do yourself a favor and read the plethora of corroborated information that TT provided on these two felons!!

  3. I would have to have a least a couple of shots of tequila (morning, noon, night…it wouldn’t matter) in order watch this bullshit.

  4. So she wants to sue the bankruptcy lawyer because the bankruptcy lawyer did not figure out that she was falsifying her entire financial status and stop her from doing so? What an idiot.

  5. Uccch these people are scum. Garbage humans. I’m having a hard time believing that they are totally in the clear financially though. I know Teresa is saying so, but she’s a moron and a lying liar who lies.

    Can’t the creditors to whom they owed that $11 million take steps to recover? Sue and attach future income?

  6. cjbomb

    Of all the housewives Teresa is the LEAST self-aware. And that is saying something.

  7. JDUB

    ABC (and, thus, GMA) does not pay for interviews. They offered her Dancing with the Stars in exchange for her interview. Source: person on the inside.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL Those of us who were around for the Jodi Arias trial know that ABC pays more than any other network for interviews. They were responsible for the largest portion of Jose Baez’ salary. And that was for a MURDER TRIAL. They have ZERO scruples and were very publically called out by all the other networks at that time REPEATEDLY. Your source is clueless. And of course DWTS will take her. That’s exactly how ABC rolls.

      • Dee-AZ @jordan1022

        So True TT and I live hère. You did an incredible job w JA trial. Better than my own local news. Thanks for all you do & all your research.

  8. Spilledperfume

    A mimosa or five should do it.

  9. Xanadude

    Anyone want to lay odds on time/date of Tre’ next arrest? Because it WILL happen – shes going to be under heightened scrutiny and yet still doesn’t think/admit she is doing anything wrong.

    Also on the odds table: the eventual turning on and book publication by FameWhore Lawyer, Esquire.

    • Minky

      Good question Xanadude. And why the hell are they suing the first bankruptcy lawyer? He could get them into a whole ‘nother heap of trouble. All he has to do is say that they lied to him too and that could begin yet another investigation. I wouldn’t be surprised if he countersued. His license and his career could be at stake because of them. SMH.

    • Is it possible that Tre really doesn’t know she did anything wrong? I can accept that she’s pretty stupid but after all they’ve been through (and I’m certain attorneys and others have tried to explain it to her) is it even possible that she simply doesn’t know what happened?

  10. microop

    When she was in jail they paid some shit off, but that was Joe. The level of irresponsibility and lack of accountability will reach newer higher heights when its only Teresa calling the shots.

    Are you going to recap the interview?

  11. beth

    Seems hard to believe they have paid off everything they owe already; Bravo must have paid them a bundle. I’d love to know how much People magazine (or whichever mag it was) for the first ! exclusive ! photos of Teresa the day she got out of prison.

    • tamaratattles

      To clarify, the 414K I believe was restitution to THE GOVERNMENT. For back taxes and the expense of the bankruptcy proceedings brought under false pretenses.

      The government always gets paid first and then the creditors can get theirs. Or TRY to get theirs. It’s clear from watching the show that Teresa hid a bunch of her jewelry from the FEDS. You know because she didn’t know that was a crime. So I’m going to guess they didn’t know it was a crime to hid cash either.

    • tamaratattles

      To clarify, the 414K I believe was restitution to THE GOVERNMENT. For back taxes and the expense of the bankruptcy proceedings brought under false pretenses.

      The government always gets paid first and then the creditors can get theirs. Or TRY to get theirs. It’s clear from watching the show that Teresa hid a bunch of her jewelry from the FEDS. You know because she didn’t know that was a crime. So I’m going to guess they didn’t know it was a crime to hid cash either.

      The Bravo money went to the mortgage through The Joe Show and that just got them up to date, they still owe more than the monstrosity is worth. Teresa’s checks paid off the IRS/FEDS 414K the other creditors will likely haunt them to their graves.

      • beth

        I see, thanks for the clarification TT. Sounds like the court hasn’t ordered the Giudice’s to pay the creditors on pain of being thrown back in prison; instead, the creditors have to chase after them?

    • Rain

      I’m not sure who I have more contempt for – Tre & Joe or Bravo & Andy. Without the money from Bravo they’d have probably not been able to pay off one dollar of their fines or restitution, but since Andy is so enamored with Tre and has bent over backwards to enable and reward her, they’re sitting pretty comfortable with their financial future.

  12. O.O

    Nope! Can’t do it . I’ll read about it here.

  13. Jen

    I find it disgusting that they are being allowed to keep so much of what they bought with all that fraudulently obtained cash, and making even more of it by lying about what they did.

    • Minky

      I know! What ever happened to the repo man? Where’d he go? That would be a good show for the Giudices to be on. Operacion Repo! The one on Spanish language TV. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Teresa get into it with the big boss lady, Sonia. The one with the bottle blond hair and lots of facial piercings. Tre totally deserves a run-in with Sonia and her tow-truck. Hahahahahaha! :0)

  14. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Great recap, for the reminder to get dvr set for GMA. Can’t imagine how she will handle herself. I’m guessing she’ll stick w promoting the book. I know book tour / release starts tomorrow but shouldn’t she be spending last days w joe & family

    • tamaratattles

      DWTS starts filming right about the time Joe goes to college. I can totally see her taking that gig and leaving the girls to fend for themselves. Well, I bet she’d take Gia with her and leave Gabriella at home to play mom to Milania and isn’t there another one?

      • Queen of the Nile

        Joe goes to college …. LMAO!!

      • Minky

        Awwww! What?! No going-away party for Joe? With some cannolis and Fabellini.

        Her eldest daughter is gonna hate her guts for basically making her the other kids’ nanny. She already cries uncontrollably on camera. Poor kid. Ugh! That awful Teresa!

  15. Carmen

    Mimosa? Just go for the full blown stron Bloody Mary. I will not watch, but will read your recap

  16. Dracla Dunning

    One sign of a true criminal is not owing up to the crime they committed. You will NEVER get a confession of guilt. I try to avoid acknowledging Teresa. My gestures of not watching RHONJ or purchasing a magazine with her face on the cover are small but give me satisfaction that I don’t support her lying ass. Possibly she would understand the full implication of how disruptive her schemes were to the finances and lives of others if she and Joe were made to pay back the full amount of their fraud including fines, penalties, attorney fees for all involved and the cost of their incarceration. Teresa is much too conceited and waaaay too stupid to understand the hurt she has inflicted on trusting lenders, clients of their businesses and her own family members. She will continue going through life with her head stuck up her ass.

  17. JoJoFLL

    The Guidices still owe millions to their creditors. This crap will catch up to her.

  18. I am no fan of Teresa, but I do believe she is/was ignorant enough to sign whatever Joe handed her.
    Though he is no angel either.
    Bottom line is, she should be taught more than anything; that quality of life does not mean overpriced Nouveau Riche furnishings & bloated hideous show off items.
    There are SO MANY intellectually, culturally lazy minded bourgeois fools in the trip state area who represent Italians.
    It is sad, when there are so many hard working ones.
    She still doesn’t understand what happened, & I believe he husband doesn’t get it either.
    This does not discount the fraud, but just for their disgusting taste alone they should be jailed.
    For making real, hard working Italians look bad.
    Believe me people, she really doesn’t understand.
    This is someone who thinks its cute to “make up her own language.”

    • O.O

      Kind sir if you believe that Theresa didn’t know what she was signing , you didn’t watch the felons by bravo interview before she went to jail , it was then very clear that she knew exactly what She was doing , she’s took over the interview and shut Joe down several times , he couldn’t get a word in .She definitely picked the wrong time not to feign ignorance. It then became clear that although she’s unlearned and daft in understanding of most things, she’s quite proficient in criminal activity / trying to beat the system .

  19. Yamoah Asiedu

    The fact that Teresa doesn’t own up to her crimes is alarming. Can we say deluded, delusional and utterly stupid? Who is going to buy that book? Surely she’s lost all credibility now? She’s a convicted felon who did time. Let’s think about what that means for the ordinary Joe (ordinary Joe) There are usually serious consequences. Not in the Guidice household apparently.
    Actually no, everyone likes a Comeback Kid (isn’t this Kim Richard’s tagline for season 3?) Teresa’s book will probably climb to the top of the New York Times Best Seller’s list and Mrs Guidice will be rewarded with her own reality show and re-acceptance by her adoring Never Say Die fans. Ugh! When Joe is incarcerated the narrative will switch to hard working national treasure, gallantly facing life alone as a single mother of four daughters. Her ‘strength’ will be lauded and Wendy Williams will talk about the show every week in Hot Topics. Double UGH.
    Crime seems to pay for some and not others.
    I used to really like Teresa but her sense of entitlement and arrogance are intolerable in 2016. That said, I will find myself tuning in if she gets her own show!! Yes I’m a hypocrite!!

  20. I cannot nor will I watch ever again anything that Teresa Juduchay (that’s how they are pronouncing it again apparently) shows her face on. I will come here to read the blogs and recaps but I’m so digusted with Bravo, Andrew, and most of the HW franchises that I can’t stomach most of this crap anymore. But Teresa and company are off the list. Forever. I just can’t.

    • Meg

      I agree with you. It makes me so mad to know she will be back on tv, collecting huge checks. She is such an asshat.

    • Me, too. I won’t be watching anything featuring Teresa, but I’ll read TT until I completely can’t with Teresa. I can’t read or watch anything Yolanda. The only HW show I may watch some of is RHONY; I watch when TT’s recaps are so hilarious I can’t resist. Yeah, like an idiot, I made my mortgage payment this month. What was I thinking?

  21. I hate myself because I know I’m going to watch RHoNJ…

  22. Larry

    I have irrational levels of disgust for this woman. I want some mythological and/or divine justice to rain down upon her, or for there to be some weird legal catch since she seems to be admitting she lied when she pled guilty a it seems like that should undo the plea somehow.

    I freely admit that I’m just jealous of her. My parents raised me with morals. I wish I could be the grifter she is.

    Has she been interviewed by Andy yet? If not he should be pissed, once again she’s selling herself to others first.

    • Minky

      Do you really wish you could be a grifter, Larry? Or is that just your anger talking? Perhaps you’re one of those wonderful people who actually ENJOY doing good and helping others? Hmmm?

      When I see people always doing great professionally and financially and I know they haven’t earned it the honest way, I get angry too. I ask “Why can’t I have it so easy too?” But if you think about it for a second you realize that those people maybe don’t have it so easy. Honest people who don’t hurt others can at least sleep soundly at night. We need not fear the authorities nor anybody who’s been bamboozled or hurt by us. We can sleep “clean”. That’s worth something too, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Minky,

        Yes, exactly. That ability to not have to always be looking over your shoulder and sleep soundly at night is something you can’t put a price on.

        I firmly believe that sooner or later, we all get what’s coming to us in one way or another. Call it Karma, or “what goes around comes around” or “you reap what you sow”. I mean, those sayings aren’t clichés for nothing; it’s because they’re true!

        So while the Giudices completely disgust me, I don’t bother getting angry because I think they’ll get their payback. It may take years, and it might not be visible to us, the viewing public, but it’ll happen.

      • From what I can tell – stupid people sleep well too. And Tre is stupid.

  23. More Tea Please!

    She’s in such good shape that the banks are now foreclosing on her third house.

    Maybe she should launch a perfume line called DELUSION. For sure it will stink!

    • Minky

      Remember the wrestler from the 80s with his own signature fragrance? His was named “Arrogance”. Boy, oh boy, Teresa should get herself some of that too.

  24. Stephanie Persephone

    Andy Cohen just posted on his Facebook asking for questions for Teresa. The top comment exchange went like this:

    Commenter: My question is for Andy….why are you still promoting this train wreck, I know she makes you money, somethings are worth more. Hateful people need to be ignored. Garbage TV, Andy you can do better.

    Andy Cohen She did her time. Everybody deserves a second chance

    ….Clearly Andy is as (willfully?) clueless as she is!

  25. claire

    “There was no intent to commit a crime.”

    OH! MY! GOD!!! I have to put down my device and locate some vodka.

    • tamaratattles

      I was in two places yesterday where I stood and looked at the alcohol. I was good. I wish I had gotten mimosa stuff this morning. I never went to bed last night so it is kind of like still night for me. It could have worked. But I’m a pill popper now. #Sudafed

      • More Tea Please!

        Sudafed keeps me awake, what about you?

      • tamaratattles

        I ever went to bed last night and am hardly eating! :) It’s a wonder drug. I’m borderline narcoleptic most of the time and sometimes full blown. I did some dishes at 3am in and put them away a six! I’m not longer a lush, I’m now a pill popper!

  26. Mari

    Please forgive me because I have forgotten basically everything I ever learned about Teresa and her crimes (which wasn’t much to start). But is it this in a nutshell: They obtained loans from the bank(s) through lying about various things with no intention of repaying the loans? And never paid taxes on whatever money they did earn as well as the loans for 10 years? (Do you pay taxes on loans?)

  27. Margarett

    I, personally, wouldn’t accept this book as a “gracious gift”. However, I do think the title is clever. Wonder who thought of it.

  28. Cat

    I sometimes wish I had a criminal mind. Or lack of conscience.

    But, no. I was cursed with a sense of responsibility and accountability.


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