Paris Jackson Responds To Social Media Trolls, Talks About Going to AA Meetings


Paris Jackson is frustrated with social media where she for some reason feels the need to respond to all of her followers (and non-followers) comments whether positive or negative.  It seems to be consuming all of her time.  Paris recently went on Instagram and ranted about the pressures of being constantly scrutinized by the public.  In those comments that are now deleted, Paris says she has better things to do, like go to her AA meetings.

Paris also mentioned her attempted suicide at age 14 and suggests it was because of all the online hate thrown her way. She seems to acknowledge that she is the only one who responds to online haters and is upset because, “apparently that is not enough.”


Ultimately, it seems that Paris has decided to take her social media private and stop responding at all.  That seems like a wise choice to me. There are a lot of people who spend their days tweeting  mean things to celebrities. When they include my twitter account while tweeting to housewives or actual celebrities, I immediately block them. I’ve never understood this behavior.  I also have my share of haters online and I simply laugh and hit the block button. But I’m an adult. Paris is a 17 year old girl with all the angst that 17 year old girls have. This must be a huge burden to endure on top of an already difficult life stage.

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Here is hoping that her family and true friends surround her with support through this very difficult time.


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7 responses to “Paris Jackson Responds To Social Media Trolls, Talks About Going to AA Meetings

  1. Good on her for going private. I hope she can find peace and joy. She didn’t ask for any of this.

  2. Dam, she is a beauty. Those eyes…

  3. Rose

    What…she’s in AA? I pray she finds her way in life. I’m not on twitter and can only imagine the contents she gets.

  4. Oh, honey, it will never be enough for a certain type of person.

  5. Erica

    A “Bless you, baby girl” and you keep doing AA shout out to Paris. For all Michael’s weirdness – he had the right idea in keeping his children’s faces hidden in their early years.

  6. Wanda

    Like most teens, she probably enjoyed getting so much attention from her Youtube videos, etc., but things can turn when some people start to say harsh, mean things. And even though it must have been flattering to get all that attention, false adulation can be confusing for a teenager. However I think her problems go much deeper than that. I hope she is getting a lot of support.

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