Exclusive Breaking News: Fire Department Returns to PUMP! This Time for Possible OD

Pump od watermark


EXCLUSIVE: Just two days after a small kitchen fire brought the fire department to PUMP, the firemen have returned again.  My sources on the scene have informed that Fire and Rescue arrived just a short time ago. They are reporting that they heard someone inside of PUMP has apparently overdosed.

The above photo was taken moments ago by a Tamaratattle.com spy just outside PUMP. It is unclear whether the person receiving aid is an employee or a customer.  No word yet on the condition of the apparent overdose victim.

Story developing… Updating as more information is received.


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17 responses to “Exclusive Breaking News: Fire Department Returns to PUMP! This Time for Possible OD

  1. Yikes! I hope they are okay…unless it’s Jax.

  2. CoBe

    Not sure Jax could die anyhow.

    I think he feeds on the blood of young innocents.

    Hope whoever it is is okay.

  3. Dee

    We’re they filming?

  4. loriflack

    ….maybe it’s just food poisoning…

  5. FrostyTheOG

    On a Sunday night? People need to slow down.
    Regardless, I do hope it turns out for the person. Sad.

  6. Nicole

    Superbowl party there last night. Was planning on having dinner there today…

  7. Lindsay

    Was it Jax? I knew his nose was gonna collapse.

  8. liberalinla

    So sad, especially since PUMP/SUR are literally feet across the street from ‘the Cabin’ a good and solid place for people from all walks of life to together trudge the road of Happy Destiny.

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