Superbowl 50! Who Are You Cheering For?

Carolina Panthers
Alright boys and girls. It’s time for the Superbowl ! Are you watching? Are you eating bean dip and drinking beer? Who is your team?

I am about to finish cleaning out my fridge and then settle in for some binge watching. I’ll check in after my episodes and try to catch a good commercial and note the score. Maybe.

And I picked the Panthers, because I have to choose the southern team! And I hate Peyton Manning. I hope they win.

So keep me informed. What commercials should I check out? What were the best ones? What kinds of goodies are you munching on?


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33 responses to “Superbowl 50! Who Are You Cheering For?

  1. Denver baby!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had food and drinks but just got home from work. Budget is not allowing it this year anyway but I’m psyched for the game and halftime show!!!!

  2. gluedtothepc

    Doritos ultrasound commercial is my favorite so far! Enjoying the game, and don’t care who wins. Thought Gaga sounded amazing, although I was confused as to whether she was lip-synching or not? Am looking forward to the halftime show!!

  3. gluedtothepc

    Oh, and our snacks are guacamole, queso, and homemade hot sauce (I saved up my cheat day)!

  4. Shalleewa Hurst

    The Verizon commercial with Steve Harvey and the Doritos ultra-sound are the best so far!!

  5. vonni

    The Buick commercial”Odelled” funny

  6. Tara

    Panthers!! I am a NC girl
    At my best friends house. We have been BFF since the 8th grade. Which really isn’t that long;)
    Drinking wine
    Killing the cream cheese and pepper jelly

  7. @immelza

    I loved the Heize ketchup commercial and have that song stuck in my head! Have Superbowl on but at 9 it’s PBS time here! New Downton Abbey which I wish was recapped here. Then there’s a new show after that called Mercy Street which is a historical drama based on the civil war and a hospital (that was a hotel pre war) I don’t care who wins I should have never seen the concussion movie now it’s all I obsess about when watching sports.

  8. tamaratattles

    Wow, this post was really late! It’s already half time! I thought it started at 8. Shows how much attention I’ve been paying.

  9. Queen of the Nile

    Popcorn and pinot grigio. Don’t judge me. Waiting for the half-time show!

  10. I’m up in my bedroom watching “Snapped” while listening to my husband and daughter cheer for the Broncos (we live in Colorado). I hate football

  11. marywanna

    I don’t care who wins, but Lady gaga was awesome

  12. gluedtothepc

    Loved Coldplay at halftime (kind of polarized reactions to them as a SB act), and as far as I’m concerned, Bruno Mars should be part of every halftime show from now on!

  13. Victoria Jefferson

    BRONCOS, baby!!!

    Best part of the halftime show…loved Bruno Mars…

  14. Deb in SF

    Patriots fan, rooting for Carolina! Best thing so far was Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem. Let’s go Panthers! Not really watching, but it’s on in the background as I try to get my work done.

  15. Spilledperfume

    I loved the halftime show and Bruno Mars.

  16. Carolina Panthers, of course.

  17. ?How I love that Bruno Mars! ??

    Yup. Sung like Peyton Manning on his commercial.

  18. Twilly

    I’m cheering for Bruno Mars and the Beyonce gifs and memes that are sure to follow. The game itself is a snoozer.

  19. KidsRkids

    Go BRONCOS skin those cats!

  20. Deurdre

    Puppy monkey baby is a little disturbing

    • ryanfoxe3

      The pug/monkey/baby was hilarious.I jumped on the Broncos bandwagon because of my Denver family that was in town and I was watching with. I enjoyed standard superbowl food of beaned layered dip and carne asado quac tacos chased by Mexican beer. Typical fun Day at the beach after ?

  21. BeetsWhy

    Don’t care who wins and I loved the Mountain Dew Puppy Baby Monkey! I laughed so hard when his licks the guy’s nose ?

  22. erikainhb

    The only game I watched today was the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Now that’s the one to watch! No interest in football or having to endure watching it for a few entertaining commercials.

  23. Sequoia

    I’m preying it doesn’t come to San Francisco again anytime soon. It’s been non stop for weeks.

  24. Sequoia

    I’m preying it doesn’t come to San Francisco again anytime soon. It’s been non stop patting ourselves on the back for weeks and I’m over it.

  25. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    It’s just background noise for me. Just not into this year. Good excuse for rereading your post TT. Battling bad sinus infection so even wine & snacks aren’t thrilling me. Can’t find anything worth watching tonight Enjoy game everyone.

  26. cece

    Loved Bruno Mars! Was not feeling Beyonce & I normally love her. Great performance but more suitable for a Beyonce concert vs Super Bowl performance. Enjoyed Coldplay’s energy although could barely hear the singing . Lady Gaga has a beautiful voice.

  27. ZenJen55

    Gaga red sparkle eye shadow and blue nails was perfect.

    Peyton come on to Tennessee and coach at your Alma Mater

    Bruno stole the show, Bae does the same dance moves over and over. Meh Coldplay was out of place

    Worst commercials cept for a couple

    Betty White stole the show doing the dab! The best EVER

  28. I watched Lady Gaga and half time. Both were fantastic!

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