So It’s February, How Are Your 2016 Plans Going?



Remember when we made our not exactly resolutions for a happier 2016? Perhaps you should go review yours, I’ll wait.

As for me, mine is sort of a mixed bag, I had a good three weeks or so then life got hard for a minute and I used that as an excuse to hit the alcohol and throw the whole plan out the window. But I got back on the plan after a few days of wallowing and things turning out just fine in the end.  I’m somehow down a pants size even though the new size and the old size of the exact same jeans don’t really fit that differently. I got sick during both my diversions away from the plan. Yeah, there were two. And I am still trying to get back to the good place it took me three weeks to arrive at the first time.


So, if you have lost your way on your 2016 plans, welcome to the club. It’s been about a month since we started, tomorrow, after your Superbowl celebrations is a good time to start again. I’m going to put a football post up next for the Superbowl fans.

In the meantime, let me know how your not exactly resolutions are going!

And we can also treat these comments as a regular “Daily Tea” post where we talk about whatever is on your mind.


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26 responses to “So It’s February, How Are Your 2016 Plans Going?

  1. Good for you, TT. “Down a pants size” in a month is great progress. Recognizing that we are fallible humans and can be expected to go wonky on some of our plans is important. January and February are no fun; seasonal depression spikes. I was going to start over February 1st, but I forgot. You’ve reminded me to pull it together. My plan was to drop my carbs/sugar intake to a much more healthy level, and I forgot. Because, life and Girl Scout Cookies. And vodka. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’ll start again. Thank you, TT.

    • Dee

      Girl Scout cookies?! I am barring my door putting up signs. I’ve been doing,well! Noe, just no!! Little girls stay away! Last year I ate 8 boxes, hid them in the closet l, I was in the closet!! Argh!

  2. Twilly

    I did not drink less and I did not lose any weight yet. Actually starting fresh today after the Superbowl.

  3. I didn’t make any resolutions but I do have something on my mind….does anyone else think Lisa Rinna is giving Yolanda shade through her Instagram account? Also, did anyone else see all of Vicki’s responses to her lips on Instagram last night? She quickly deleted them though so they’re gone now.

  4. cc101

    Better on exercising but useless on eating and drinking. Lent starts Wednesday and I am planning on giving up alcohol. Hope I can do it.

  5. Frosty

    Congratulations on coming down a size TT, that’s great. So far I’ve had mixed success with resolutions — for instance I’m also trying to lose and having a tough time. I’m doing the stationary bike thing, and it does help. One of my other resolutions is to recognize certain traits, such as impatience and irritability. If I can’t “change” that, at least not to act like a jerk. Ha! Not that easy!

  6. SaraK

    Mixed bag. What got me kickstarted last week was a new app I found, face tune. Let’s you photoshop pictures. So I took a selfie (yeah I’m pushing hard at 48 and used that word) from Christmas and worked some magic. Now I have the real SaraK and the goal SaraK. Don’t know why but seeing a picture of the goal has made a real difference. I have already written down the Lentil commitments. Feeling good about it as of today.

  7. Toddy

    Lost nine, gained back 3. Back in the saddle tomorrow! Mardi Gras/Super Bowl were my undoing. Damn those Girl Scouts, lol. Giving all but one box away when they come in.

  8. Megsca67

    REALLY trying the 80-20. During the week I eat good, drink tons of water, exercise, and Get plenty of rest. Then on the weekends if I drink and slip on the diet it isn’t catastrophic.

    My goal is to fit into a pair of pants I own by March 10 – wish me luck!

  9. Walking has kind of been traded in for sleeping, but I am still going to the gym twice a week.

  10. Maggie5

    I am doing better with the exercising but haven’t changed any of my bad eating/drinking habits! It’s the alcohol that makes me say things like, “You know, a few bbq potato chips are FINE! Have 100.”

  11. Queen of the Nile

    Congrats, TT! Any progress – and a pant size DEFINITELY counts – is reason to be proud and motivated. For me, the hardest part of trying to make changes in eating, drinking and exercising is not throwing in the towel when I get off track. (That’s been my problem … I overdo, then say WTF — why even try!)

    I’ve had the same kind of pattern so far. Started off strong in the first 3 weeks and lost 6 pounds (YAY!) but had too many wine evenings after that and I’ve hit a plateau the last 2 weeks. BUT, I’m not giving up and today’s the start of a new week. :-)

    Good luck to everyone trying to make healthier choices this year. Sara K — loved the photoshop idea! I wish I was tech-savvy enough to try that, but I don’t know if I really want a “Before Selfie!”

  12. Dee

    I quit one of the wasteful food groups, no sugar. Now I hear the girl scouts are coming aggh. I don’t want to be addicted to thin mints but I am. I need an intervention!!

  13. swizzle

    How true is it that most of the things we work ourselves into a tizzy about end up being just fine? How many nights have I been unable to sleep because of some anxiety, yet was able to be more rationale in the morning? If only we were better able to talk ourselves down in those moments. I continue to work on that.

  14. Will

    I’m in the same boat as you. Lost momentum after 3 weeks — and the Super Bowl party definitely didn’t help. But thanks for reminding me to be gentle with myself!

    Also: I hope you cover the Countess getting engaged to Ramona’s former man. I’m here for RHONY tea.

  15. loriflack

    Costco has a sale on a Treadmill. I’ve ordered but not received it yet.
    I really hope it won’t be hard to assemble ?

  16. I went back on Atkins and lost 16lbs – plus feel so great when I do low carb. But just like always, it seems to trigger a massive binge-eating-a-thon, so I’ve gained 10 of it back. :(

    I’ve managed to keep a water drinking goal from 1/14 – to date so pretty proud of that – I shudder to think of all the years I obviously was dehydrated, lol.

  17. Cat

    I did the same thing.

    I was doing really well as far as diet goes. I thought I had lost 5 or 6 pounds, because I was able to fit comfortably into pants that previously were too tight. But when I went to the doctor, and got on the scale, it showed that I had only lost a half a pound!

    I know dieting combined with exercise can be frustrating. You lose fat, but you gain muscle, so the scale doesn’t always reflect your progress. That’s why I refuse to buy a scale.

    I fell off the wagon, too. Especially after going to the doctor. The Anxiety Monster got me. But I am back on track now.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m not going to the doctor in 2016.

      I’m adding it to my list of plans.

      Good on you for sticking with it and getting back on track!

      • Cat

        One of my goals this year is to get off medication and say bye bye to the doctors (maybe that’s 2 goals.). I’ve become very anti doctor lately. I’ve had enough. I want my life back!

      • Cat

        They finally acknowledged my anxiety problem. But not unrtil I had a melt down at the doctor’s, and went on a rant about how they all needed to go back to medical school to learn about compassion and patient rights.

        You would have been proud…it was quite the rant. I nearly felt my head spin around like Linda Blair, I was so angry.

        Now, they want me to see a psychiatrist to get anxiety meds. I said “No!” I am NOT going to waste my time and money on some egocentric doctor who will spend 3 weeks teaching me how to breathe. I am OVER it.

        I can do this on my own.

      • tamaratattles

        My anxiety totally goes away when I am off sugar and alcohol (and most processed foods). No pills. No shrink. No problem. I have recently proven this theory when I came home from Trader Joes with too many boxes of their thin cookies. I way over indulged on two separate days. Both times my nightmares returned and so did the anxiety/guilty feelings the next day.

        These are my experiences. I can’t remember the last time I took a Xanax and there may or may not have been a flight or two in there that required no Xanax at all.

        I’m just saying…YMMV

      • Cat

        I totally agree. Since I have cut carbs, I have had less anxiety and more energy. I am also sleeping better.

  18. Sweet T

    I’m starting my resolutions in March. I had too much going down in January. But I am redesigning my whole house whether it’s painting or new furniture, each room is changing

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