Child Genius Recap: Good Is Not Gonna Cut It!

Child Genius


This week’s rounds are literature and vocabulary, this is great for the kids who struggle with math, but it’s two pure English categories that could trip kids up who are more mathematical or scientific in focus. I think we will see mostly high scores though because these two rounds should be easy for most. And by most I mean, I’m happy I won’t be doing math in my head while recapping this one because I’m hopped up on sinus meds.

We see Adrian playing his red piano beautifully. He says he tries for ten hours of practice everyday. If he doesn’t stick with his schedule he has to make it up. Oh and he has to fly to NYC every weekend for his Saturday classes at Julliard.

Adrian’s arch rival, Claire is equally dedicated. Yet, her parents don’t think she will do well in these categories. I don’t get it. She studies five or six hours a day and is a voracious reader.

Jaden’s unschooling parents, wait, how am I just now seeing how hot Jaden’s dad is? I miss so much typing while watching! I’d like to retract my desire for this kid to go home. Because, FILF!

Chance’s extended family is in town. Like twenty of them. His parents list all of the family’s resumés. Chance feels the pressure of so many people watching him.

Last season's pretty Asian girl did the same gleeful smiling when boys missed a question.

Last season’s pretty Asian girl did the same gleeful smiling when boys missed a question.


Round One Literature

Sam is currently in the back of the pack. He had a meltdown last week, and now he’s not happy to have to go first. Holy crap his questions are hard, lots of questions about music and Shakespeare and 1th century art. I thought this would be my category and I am struggling. Sam breaks down at the podium crying a bit during some of the questions. He gets an 8/10 and cries on the way back to his seat.

Vivek is up next. He’s a front runner but his mom had to go take care of another child who is sick. His dad doesn’t know how to coach him. This could actually help Vivek, and give him a breather. I was right, he got a 10/10. His first perfect score of the competition.

Jaden got a 10/10 also. I’d like to say that for me Vivek and Jaden’s questions were much easier than Sam’s. I’m just saying. I like how with fewer kids we get more questions read.

Adrian is desperate for a perfect score. This is his category. And he narrowly gets it. 10/10

Last week, flower child Iris who is a Shakespeare expert, began making a move as a dark horse. She should be able to pull a perfect score here. OMG in the package for Iris her mother refers to her as a dark horse. I swear I said that first! :)  Bummer, apparently she’d never read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Oh crap, I was wrong, the question was about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I suck at this category. Despite getting two Shakespeare questions, she only got 7/10 missing most of the fine arts questions.

Arnav has never gotten a perfect score and he wants one.  And he finally gets it. 10/10.

Claire’s parents are worried about her this round. She got a 10/10.

Chance is nervous, but not as nervous as his mother, and their 98 closest family members in the audience. He gets an 8/10 while Claire smiles every time he misses.


Parental Shaming Half Time

Iris, Chance and Sam are in danger. Chance’s dad is the one that utters the title line of the episode, “Good is not gonna cut it.”  The other five kids all got perfect scores.

Sam hides under the table. Sam wants Iris to go home. I do too. The thing is vocabulary should be even easier than the first round. I expect many perfect scores.

Round Two Vocabulary

Claire is up first. She’s nails her 10/10.

Adrian got a 10/10.

Arnav got a 10/10.

Sam got a 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Vivek got a 10/10.

Jaden got an 8/10!  How the hell do you miss reminisce? They didn’t tell us what else he missed.

Chance got 7/10 correct. His only hope is for Iris to bomb. I don’t think she will in this category.

Iris got  7/10 I think one word she missed was tangent. They didn’t show the others. She is going home. Chance does indeed live to see another day.

Adrian, Arnav, Claire and Vivek all tied with two perfect scores.

Iris goes home.


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6 responses to “Child Genius Recap: Good Is Not Gonna Cut It!

  1. Dee

    FILF…Tamara you got me laughing so hard my husband ran in thinking I crying, lol
    Thank You!! Dee

  2. KidsRkids

    Yeah Jaden’s dad is hot.

    Did you catch the ordering of cappuccino and expresso’s for the Palo diet family. Not to mention Vodka, whiskey and valium? Too funny!

  3. Vivek just melts my heart. So glad he got over his stage fright.

  4. Cheychey

    Sam and Adrian crack me up without even trying to be funny. Although the all natural food family is annoying I do like that they don’t put so much pressure on their son. And yes dad is super hot.

    • tamaratattles

      I get it CheyChey. Just when Adrian’s pretentions start to turn me off, he does something adorably funny. I’m really worried about Sam though. He’s cracking under the pressure. Claire subtly throwing shade for a split second using only her face when the boys get things wrong is hilarious. Last season Yeji and Katherine, both very pretty Asian girls who wore the same type of pretty princess dresses, were classmates at the same school. One of them was very sweet and the other one is the one in the gif who would be gleeful for a split second everytime someone, ESPECIALLY Yeji missed a question.

      And did I hear right that the grand prize is 25K this season? Vanya won $100 on the first person and went on to finally win the National Spelling Bee (in a tie) after many attempts. Vanya also had the best relationship with her parents of any of the kids on the show. She was also older than the other kids.

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